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Human Rights First: Bring them over from Libya ASAP

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 12, 2011

It was just a matter of time for the drums to begin beating—bring the North African refugees to America by expediting the resettlement process!

Human Rights First in a press release yesterday stressed the “urgent need” to begin resettling refugees from Libya to the United States.

Don’t be taken in by this, this is what the refugee industry loves—an emergency that allows them to bring more of the third world to America and skip the normal resettlement process.  I warned here a few weeks ago to be on the look-out for the PR lobbying campaign to begin.   Next thing you know they will be demanding an airlift as the Center for American Progress did here with Iraqis in 2009.  Thank goodness, even Obama didn’t fall for that outrageous demand.

From Human Rights First (emphasis mine):

As the international community responds to migrants and refugees fleeing Libya, the particular resettlement needs of refugees in Libya must also be prioritized through emergency resettlement to third countries including the United States.


To make resettlement an effective solution for this population, the United States should immediately remove unnecessary processing delays in the resettlement program that continue to hinder the resettlement of refugees from different parts of the world to the United States.

So what do they have in mind for removing processing delays?

Improve the timeliness of resettlement processing, including through reducing unnecessary delays in the security clearance process.


Develop and implement an emergency resettlement procedure for refugees facing imminent danger.  [airlift?]

Speed up the security process and haul them in here fast!   I’ll bet at this very moment refugee industry insiders are plotting with our Ambassador to Malta to get as many as they can to Malta and make that the springboard to the US.

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10 Responses to “Human Rights First: Bring them over from Libya ASAP”

  1. […] a final decision has been made, but we reported exactly one month ago that Human Rights First was calling for an emergency action by the US government to get Libyans to America ASAP (and expedite the security […]

  2. […] a final decision has been made, but we reported exactly one month ago that Human Rights First was calling for an emergency action by the US government to get Libyans to America […]

  3. […] Here is one interesting bit in this article that caught my eye.   Just like Human Rights First, here, the Canadian Council for Refugees wants an expedited process to get African refugees to […]

  4. Warfaa said

    Muslims haters love attention and they dont make a sense.

  5. Rmntn said

    “Demanding the Muslim laws.”

    Who is? Be specific. Not “the Muslims” or “the terrors” (?), but an actual person or entity who has successfully advocated for the application of “the Muslim laws” in the US.

    • BL said

      Rmntn is just another mindless leftist zombie who thinks she/he is so morally superior to us “racists”. As an ethnic or colored person myself, I have always resented these wannabe do gooders who are often white with a middle class upbringing. I’m not going to lose my temperament or waste much time with a long response and just say, come live in Europe or Australia where there are large populations of Muslims and then maybe, just maybe, you can understand where us straight shooters are coming from with our truth about Muslims. Also, you may want to go here and read up:

      One thing that is consistent with people from your group is the habit of condemning others who oppose your twisted ideals as bad or evil because it suits your selfish, moral superiority which ironically contradicts your self righteous view of tolerance. If you’re truly good then shut up and continue doing good deeds and let us supposedly “bad people” continue being bad instead of trying to seek attention to gratify your self righteousness.

      Just another fake do gooder doing what they do best – “Hey, look at me! I’m so good and righteous! Praise me and recognize me!” LOL.

      • Rmntn said

        I was asking Nellie to clarify the vague statements she made in her comment.

      • Nellie said

        BL Great web page. sultanknish! The east coast has more problems with Muslims, especially New York area and Dearborn, Cleveland. Tyson has had problems with Muslims demanding religion in the work place. No religion should be in the work place or schools If you want you child too have a religious education then the should go too a church school. My grandkids went too a religious school and they were two grades ahead of the public schools. My friends home school and their daughter had a 4.2 grade av. for a Christian college. My daugher is a teacher and many problems in public schools.

    • Nellie said

      The U.S.A laws are based on our constitution, each state has their own laws but follow our federal costitution. The Muslims want to make their own laws and not follow the laws of our country. If they want to have their own religion that is great but they can’t make other people follow their religion. We are suppose too be free to have the religion we want. thatg is what is so great about the U.S.A and now we have Muslims who are trying too change our laws too suit themselves and for others too follow. Not going too happen! If the Muslim people want too follow their laws then they should go back too where they came from. I am not against anyone of color or religion but don’t try and shove your religion down my throat. I am a free person, I would not allow anyone too tell me other wise. Not all Muslims are terrors just like not all people are murders. I have people I don’t want too socalize with, that doesn’t mean I treat them with no respect. Our country is becoming a Welfare country and our government is allowing orginations too bring people into the country that shouldn’t be here. We are going too suffer for this and it has too be stopped. Our police have no rights too stop people and find out if they are illegals or not. Illegal is still a felony and why are we not using the law? why is Obama suing AZ when they are trying too protect their state and our country? I live close too the Mexican borders, look up the web page on Border Patrol and see what is going on at our borders and Obama don’t care and our Congressman don’t care. We are not safe!

  6. Nellie said

    What about the human rights of the American people when the gov is not screening these people for terrors. We already have this problem with terrors her with the Muslims. Now they are crying discrimination. Demanding the Muslim laws. Our country was based on our laws, If these people want too live here they must follow our laws. If they don’t want too do this they can go back too their home country.

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