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Canada way ahead of the US with its ‘diversity is beautiful’ program

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 15, 2011

We have a whole category here at RRW about Canada and its “welcoming” refugee and immigrant policies.  Here then is a shocking column by Mark Steyn to serve as a warning to America.   You must open the link to see the photograph because this text does not do it justice.

From Steyn (How Clean was my Valley?):

Take a look at this photograph. It appeared in The Toronto Star’s education section on Saturday:

It’s the scene every Friday at the cafeteria of Valley Park Middle School in Toronto. That’s not a private academy, it’s a public school funded by taxpayers. And yet, oddly enough, what’s going on is a prayer service – oh, relax, it’s not Anglican or anything improper like that; it’s Muslim Friday prayers, and the Toronto District School Board says don’t worry, it’s just for convenience: They put the cafeteria at the local imams’ disposal because otherwise the kids would have to troop off to the local mosque and then they’d be late for Lesbian History class or whatever subject is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

The picture is taken from the back of the cafeteria. In the distance are the boys. They’re male, so they get to sit up front at prayers. Behind them are the girls. They’re female, so they have to sit behind the boys because they’re second-class citizens – not in the whole of Canada, not formally, not yet, but in the cafeteria of a middle school run by the Toronto District School Board they most certainly are.

And the third row? The ones with their backs to us in the foreground of the picture? Well, let the Star’s caption writer explain:

At Valley Park Middle School, Muslim students participate in the Friday prayer service. Menstruating girls, at the very back, do not take part.

Indeed, have we returned to the Middle ages?  And, where is the women’s liberation movement?

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26 Responses to “Canada way ahead of the US with its ‘diversity is beautiful’ program”

  1. K. aka Kel said

    Welcome, Warfaa.

    And thanks for the insight regarding the Sudan. Yes, we know the Sudanese Peoples aren’t Arabs. But “white folks” in the West will never align themselves with Arabs – we despise them as much as you. (They’re racist slave traders and practice Shari’a Law.)

  2. warfaa said

    thanks for correcting me unlike other tea partiers who haven’t acknowledged their wrongdoing and mistakes.
    sudanese are NOT arabs …sudanese are blacks but western media is causing a lot of tension between darfurians and sudanese by calling “darfurians black slaves and sudanese army arabs…it is punch of crap and hollywood propaganda machine lead by actor/activist george “clown” clooney.
    we are black muslims and we have right to pray in schools, we do care what is happening in darfur! by the way let me say this:
    arabs are worse than white folks, they call themselves “muslims” but they are NOT following the principles of islam…sad!

  3. warfaa said

    first of all mr porky! let me make some corrections cuz you need a lot of help of NOT understanding Islam and how it is practice it.
    22 countries you mentioned it is called OIC (organisation islamic counsel)
    muslims are living all over the world, and islam is practiced it all over the world..
    I wish you had the power to pass constitutional amendment prohibiting muslims Not to practice their faith freely… are a AWM man (angry white man) who lost his job and blame the immigrants and muslims for your failure and misery.
    muslims are the majority of more than 60 countries,so good luck with your fantasy thinking and tea party mentality.

    • K. aka Kel said

      (Actually, it’s “Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” Warfaa).

      But, why would you care what us “angry WHITE men/women” think? Your brethren is slowly but surely co-operating on a global scale, yes?

      Arabs are Caucasian and are still treating Black Christians like slaves (in N. Africa), killing them, turning the kids into forced child soldiers, raping and burning entire villages. Can you square that, please?

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  5. K. aka Kel said

    If Canada is “way ahead” of the US with its “diversity is beautiful” program, it’s because we’ve been stuck under 40 years of liberal government. Pierre Elliot Trudreau, our #1 socialist Prime Minister from way back when changed our Constitution to reflect multiculturalism.

    This was his last little dig at Canada, which he despised, the Quebecois traitor.

    We have a Conservative government now. This is the REAL Canadian sentiment of TODAY:

    • acorcoran said

      Thanks for the article, I’ll post it shortly—I am so impressed that an immigrant from Pakistan gets it!

      • PorkChopsforIslam said

        I would like to ask the Pakistani immigrant opinion on what Canada can do about its muslim immigrants now that
        they are inside Canada? It seems that there is slight change in Canadian awareness about the implications of MultiCulturalism.
        It seems that Canada has second thoughts. GUESS WHAT???ITS TOO LATE. Like a virus once it gains admittance to the body nothing can be done. Can Canada ban the reading of the Koran that commands Muslims to obey Sharia? Can Canada
        ever build a big enough security system to monitor its exploding muslim population..tracking down every
        appearance of Jihadist sentiment? Can if afford that? Can it afford to do it for the next thousand years as
        it tries to keep Muslims from reading and doing what their religion says? So Canada traded its security, its sanity,
        its identity, its culture, its future…FOR WHAT? FOR WHAT? What could possibly compensate Canada for what
        it has to go through now. All the west every had to do was say…NO!. Now all the West CAN DO is beg, hope and pray.
        Nice trade off eh?
        The fact that there are a few nice muslims in the mix? What is “nice” today will turn out quite differently tommorrow.
        We have seen this over and over. A “nice muslim” is found with bomb materials, or supporting jihad..and everyone
        is “shocked”. A “nice muslim” wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, loses his job, or is insulted, or becomes
        religious..and VOILA..the whole cycle begins again. There is only one answer and that is polite and complete repatriation.
        A nice cash settlement to GO HOME and stay there. Now lets all go turn on the TV and read about todays
        Islamic terror activity…

      • K. aka Kel said

        PorkChop, you are my new best friend.

        Actually, the gentleman is an INDO-Pakistani whose family underwent forced conversion after 1947 when the Commonwealth partitioned India to accommodate a newly formed Pakistan, so there’s no taqiyaa in his statements.

        And, if Pierre Trudea can mess around with the Canadian Constitution like he did in the late 1970s, so can our newly minted Conservative majority government.

        And, there’s a Conservative Mayor, Rob Ford, in a reputed liberal city in Canada – Toronto.

        We are also heading into a Provincial election in Ontario, where the Conservative Party is way ahead in the Polls.

        No, it’s not too late for Canada – the People are speaking up – and we’ve had it with this muliCULT business. There are many groups who are being paid homage:

        No more – we’re not going down the road of Europe.

  6. PorkChopsforIslam said

    First what the website you are posting on represents no one. It is mostly eye wash for the West. The fact that you are taken in by it suggests to me you need delusion and wil go searching for it. No protest in Islam against the tenets of Islam has ever succeeded
    in 1500 years. The reason for this is that Islam means “submit”..the very core of the religion is the dissolution of the self in service
    to Allah. Now you want us to believe that some womens group is going to modify the core principles of Islam? It is laughable.
    You remind me of Germaine Greer the radical feminist who flew to Teheran in 1980 during the Iranian Revolution. She thougt
    the Iranian Revolution..meant what SHE understod “Revolution” to American Revolution..French Revolution etc.
    Germaine was arrested at the airport, put in Evan Prison and gang raped to teach her just what Iranians meant by Revolution. Only the American Embassy paying a ransom got her free….By the way Germaine had spent her radical feminist career screaming about “oppressive” America..but went crying to the USA to save herself from her own naivete.

  7. Mills said

    This is also relevant –

    Criticism and calls for change from within the practice are valid, and point to the variety of beliefs and approaches in any world religion (ie, Islam nor Christianity nor Judaism are practiced exactly the same way by all followers of each). Equally valid are the desires of female practitioners who want to pray separately. Ultimately, lecturing while simultaneously demeaning their religion is not the way to support Muslim women, if that’s what you actually care about.

    • PorkChopsforIslam said

      I guess those demands for the feform of Islam will be successful, much like those demands for change during
      the Egyptian Revolution way back in March 2011. Remember that? Gee what ever happened to the Egyptian
      Revolution? Bwaahaahaahaahaa.

  8. warfaa said

    woow~ i don’t know how many times I heard women are treated as second class citizen in islam…it is bunch of crap, as matter fact islam gives more rights to muslim women than western women.
    women can inherit, women can vote, women can divorce, women can become prime minister in muslim countries for example …indonesia, pakistan,etc.
    second point i would like to make is the koran is our constitution we have to follow whether you agree or disagree. MILLS IS right about that.
    female mutilations is common practice in some part of world and in some cases in rural africa NOT urban cities…Islam prohibits that practice please do some research before you open your mouth.
    forced marriage same thing is cultural beliefs NOT islam.
    honor killings same thing is cultural NOT religious beliefs. honor killings happens when a father feels his daughter is pregrant by unlawful marriage or as we call it here “hanky panky, one night stand, prom night>
    they have the right to pray in school just like before meal prayer.

    • PorkChopsforIslam said

      Thank you Warfaa..the Koran IS YOUR Constitution. And you MUST by commandments of Islam have no other law
      but the Koran and nothing can be above what the Koran dictates.

      For this reason Islam has NO PLACE IN AMERICA. Our Constitution demands no other law above the Constitution.
      Our two cultures are completely incompatible. Muslims MUST be kept out of the West by force if necessary.
      or else everything in our culture will be eroded and undermined by the subversion that is Sharia.
      There are 22 Islamic Countries. You and all muslims must be kept there. Trust me when I say no
      Americans will EVER..EVER want to emigrate to a muslim country. In this way we can have peace.
      The USA must immediately pass a Constitutional Amendment prohibitting the practice of Islam inside the USA
      just as we forbade slavery in 1863.

      In this way we can have peace.

      • newsome said

        Do you have PTSD?

      • PorkChopsforIslam said

        I sure do have PTSD..the endless bombardment of lies and sheer imbecility from the Left..and the dissolving
        of all culture, and intelligence in the mindless swamp of MultiCulturalism is getting to me.
        Please help. Cure my PTSD by referring to the facts I get wrong and set me straight. Please dont
        scream “hate speech”! or “racism” it just makes my depression at the sight of generalized human idiocy

    • PorkChopsforIslam said

      Females are treated fine in Islam..good and Islamic law protects them. Great..that means we dont have to hear
      any whiney refugee racketeers trying to get asylum for muslim women in the USA. Perfect.
      And since Islamic law is what muslims are pledged to follow, and since Muslims are so happy under Islam


      Sounds like a WIN WIN if you ask me.

      • acorcoran said

        Pork Chop, you do make a good point. If there are 22 Muslim countries and Muslims (esp. Muslim women) are happy with Islam then why are we taking so many into the US? And, why are we there—in places like Afghanistan and Somalia and now Obama has us in Libya. Wouldn’t we be a whole lot better off taking care of our part of North America and letting them have all their Sharia in those 22 countries?

  9. Mills said

    The reason that Muslim women pray behind men is because 1) that is how it is depicted in the Koran and 2) due to the position of the body assumed during prayer, women feel more comfortable with their backsides to one another and the building’s back wall. I think most women of any culture, who have a desire for modesty and especially in a center of worship, can understand the desire to not bend down in front of men.

    • acorcoran said

      I have never heard such an outrageous excuse for discrimination against women (the Koran says it is so, and butts in the air are provacative)… you know and I know, women are second class citizens in Islam. And, what the hell are you talking about regarding modesty when those poor girls are identified as menstruating for all the boys to titter about. If you and others who wish to hide reality from the public would just be honest and say, Yes, there are some Islamic practices (female genital mutilation, forced underage marriages, honor killings for example) that do not square with our treatment of women in the West and suggest maybe Muslims modify their behavior when they come and live in our countries, then I would have some respect for your arguments about about why we should welcome them.

      But frankly when there are views like the one you have just expressed, I for one will continue to point out outrages like this ” prayer” service in a public school in a western country.

      • Mills said

        Ann, there are practices that many activists within Islam are working to change. Hawa Abdi and her daughters (all doctors) in Somalia are some of the leaders working to end FGM abroad and there are other individuals in the diaspora doing similar work. They certainly don’t need you or I to lecture them on how or why to do this. However, based on your writings, I am seriously doubting that you have much direct experience with Islam, have ever been in the presence of Islamic worship, and perhaps have never even spoken directly to a Muslim (especially a Muslim woman and asked her about her faith and practice). I have been in the presence of Islamic worship (as a female non-practioner) and the women were not isolated, estranged, or subjugated. As with the men in these situations, some chose to pray and others didn’t (this was during non-mosque community events with breaks for prayer, but most folks chose to socialize during those times while a smaller group chose to pray).

        YOU may think that Muslim women should want to prostrate themselves in front of men, but I’d rather go with the opinions of the women practitioners themselves and respect that they prefer worshipping according to their tradition, similar to adherents of other faiths (the above mentioned Amish, and I’d add Orthodox and Hasidic Jews as well). I very much doubt that you would want a person of another faith coming into your house of worship and telling you that you should alter certain things about how you do it.

        Also, you should check out this lady’s blog:

        • acorcoran said

          I have no problem doing whatever they want in their houses of worship (as long as they don’t break the law) but for their own sake they should keep it all in-house and not in public schools and with photos in the newspaper.

      • Mills said

        If the Toronto Public Schools allow student groups to pray on campus (ages ago in my US public highschool, students were permitted to form prayer groups and pray during lunch in the cafeteria), then the law would require that they allow students of any faith to do so. That’s the thing about “equality”, which you seem to be such a staunch champion of, right?

  10. C.Mills said

    Are you also angry that the Amish worship separately according to gender?

  11. warfaa said

    what is wrong with this picture? i don’t see anything wrong other than they are being treated as second class citizens….these children are canadian born and raised…
    so as far mark styen story we all know where he stands on muslims and immigration I am not surprised by his side of story compare to what he wrote on his best seller books….

    • PorkChopsforIslam said

      More of that famous MultiCulturalist “Its all relative” smokescreen.
      Sure sure..the Amish and Islam are the same because they both segregate the sexes. That settles it. Yep.
      Now lets work just a teensy bit more and erase 1500 years of Islamic history in the West.
      Lets erase the history of Islams non stop warfare against Europe and the West.
      Lets forget he Battles of Tours, the Conquest of Spain the Seige of Vienna, the conquest of the Balkans,
      lets forget the Crusaders fighting to stop Christian slaughter…lets forget the endless terror attatcks of our
      own modern age..the bombings, the stabbings the hijackings, the planes exploding the 10,000 car bombs.
      the suicide bombers..right. Now try to tell us the Amish do all that too. Good luck.

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