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Riots that began in London are about race

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 10, 2011

Update August 13th:  British Degeneracy on Parade, here.

Update:  Oh, geez, now it’s “Afro-Caribbeans” suspected of killing “Asians” (that is the word they use to describe Pakistani Muslims in the UK), here.  Thank goodness, no evil rich white Christian guy is involved!

For days I couldn’t figure out who were the rioters in London (and now spread to other cities across the UK and Europe).  Truth be told, I wasn’t following it all very closely at first.   Then I saw this piece by Katherine Birbalsingh in The Telegraph that confirmed what I had been guessing—most of the rioters and looters were black, but no one wanted to say it—the politically correct media could not be honest.

From The Telegraph:

What colour is Mark Duggan? Mark Duggan is the man who was shot dead by the police on Thursday in Tottenham. The Tottenham riots last night were sparked when people protested his death. This morning, I first heard of the riots on the radio, then on the television. I read articles on the internet. But oddly, no one would say what colour Mark Duggan was. No one would say the unsayable, that the rioters were, I suspect on the whole, black. Then, finally, Toby Young’s Telegraph blog post on the riots was published. Is Toby Young the only journalist out there who will dare say that these riots are about race?

Still, one paper did carry a photo of Mr Duggan. When I saw the photo, it confirmed what I knew instinctively: black youths once again have set London alight.

If you follow the link above to Toby Young’s blog post, he says the African-Caribbean population is responsible.

Birbalsingh goes on to conclude:

Problems cannot be addressed unless people are willing to tell the truth. As with so many other things in this country, we stick our heads in the sand and refuse to speak out about it.

No fear here of talking about it!

This might be a good time to re-read this June post on how Africans (esp. Somalis) get into the UK.

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29 Responses to “Riots that began in London are about race”

  1. Meddidy said

    LIAR, Liar, pants on fire. I have gay family, gay co-workers, gay classmates, gay roommates and 1 best friend Bi.
    Thank you K AKA Kel. He’s a she though. LOL
    Someone tell FallenSoldier that PlayBoy is not a gay man hangout. That’s why they don’t answer the door when he knocks… Someone is obsessed with porno. Come to America and do what your not allowed to at home huh? Someones going to helllllll. One of us is in a gay-hating religion too. tata

  2. allahsoldier said

    I don’t hate gay folks but I disagree their choice of behaviour.
    And I know the fact that now you acting like you support gay folks but deep in your heart you despise them!
    and also you find scapegoat a muslim brother who is against you and against the gay community yeaah! nice combinations.

  3. allahsoldier said

    bravo~! thank you teacher medd for explaining to me the meaning of tea bagger word.
    I didn’t asked for it nor I care what you think.
    you are trying so hard to be funny but you aint a funny DUde! that comment was as racist as you look and sound.
    please! don’t be a jack___.
    I can’t believe this blog is allowing you to use this kind of language….dips balls, mouth to mouth….if you want to experience that Go to playboy mansion.

    • Meddidy said

      Not being FUNNY ! It is what it is and you are racist to call us that!
      SO STOP CALLING PEOPLE THAT. Don’t believe me??? Ask a gay person. I like them I do not like YOU! You CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH Fallen Soldier……… baby baby.
      She let me post it because unlike you she also knows what it means. What’s the matter? Can’t handle the visual because you hate gays like all good Muslims?

    • K. aka Kel said

      Meddidy’s comment wasn’t racist at all – he was explaining a derogatory term used against gay men. YOU’RE the bigot for using it, Allah. Like Meddidy said – do some research before throwing out labels you either don’t understand or merely use as insults.

      Please continue to hang yourself on your own petard.

  4. I am a pet and you are tea bagger!

    • Meddidy said

      Allahsoldier, do you know what a Tea-Bagger is? I put my money on, YOU DON’T.
      Well here’s your lesson for today. The phrase is from gay people. Anderson Cooper put it on TV first and then it was picked up by the Liberal fools out there in crazyland.

      Tea Bagging is when A nekked guy hovers over another nekked guys mouth and dips his balls in and out of this mouth repetatively. So why do you use such racist terms? Are you a racist? Do Muslims do this a lot? Why do you use that racist term Allahsoldier? I await your spellbounding answer……………

  5. what is “antifas? huh.
    outlaws quote:these whites hate us worse than many of the blacks do? do you think black folks hate white folks? you are a such ——-.
    and please don’t call people names specially those people that disagree with you……anarchists and communists words are attack words from a right wing groups such as tea party and republican party.

    • K. aka Kel said

      Oh, that’s rich AS: “…and please don’t call people names specially (sic) those people that disagree with you…”

      You called us who disagreed with YOU “crackers” on another thread! Oh, you are such a pet :)

  6. Faboutlaws said

    There were plenty of whites involved in the rioting. Undoubtedly they were the ANTIFAS. These whites hate us worse than many of the blacks do. They are far left anarchists/communists whose violence in Europe almost rivals that of the muslims. They have been behind almost every violent occurrance in Europe in the last 10 years. And they do occasionally pair up with the muslims. These are the guys who false flag the EDL with Nazi salutes.

  7. Faboutlaws said

    Newsome gets tiresome.

  8. most of the looting victims were from bangladesh, somalia, iraq, and other africans.
    what have they done to deserve that?
    can we call it a “redistrubution of wealth” by young white english men.

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  10. newsome said

    Ann, it’s patently transparent that your flimsy platitudes about “no calls to violence” are just a cover for when someone like Breivik sites RRW as an inspiration, as you time and again allow commenters to leave incendiary comments about non-white people.

    • acorcoran said

      The main reason there is a Breivik at all is that in such politically correct Leftist countries where differing opinions are silenced by people like you, there are some crazy people who unfortunately express their pent up anger as he did. I suggest you stop being so sensitive to what you call “hateful” language and start listening to people with views other than your obviously superior ones. And truth be told some of the meanest most hateful people I have ever met in my life were Leftwingers who went around talking about hate while their own hate toward anyone different from them (eg conservatives) spewed like bile from their mouths. In fact, they sounded downright bigoted toward conservative country class people.

      • TMIEvents said

        What about “country class” people who aren’t conservative? Or do you believe in this “real America” nonsense fantasy?

      • Victor said

        It’s pretty interesting that you, as a back-to-the-lander ex-lobbyist from NJ running a gentleman’s farm with your former DC bureaucrat husband, feel in a position to lecture others about rural “realness”.

        • acorcoran said

          You left out former liberal who woke up! Or, as some would say a ‘liberal who got mugged.’

          Hey Victor and Newsome, I got a challenge for you. How about you write an opinion piece for me to post tomorrow and tell me why my neighbors (farmers, fire fighters, truck drivers and hairdressers) should have their federal tax dollars used to support third world refugees like the family that went to Memphis last week (posted this morning).

          I am serious, instead of attacking me and people like me (its prejudiced you know), tell our readers in a thoughtful piece why federal/state tax dollars should go for refugee resettlement. Tell us why it’s a good thing to take money from regular folks for this purpose when in fact those people are giving to all sorts of charities of their own choice (church, Red Cross, Boys and Girls Club, etc.)..

          There are a couple of rules, first you can’t call anyone names (you know all that “racist” crap) and attack people personally. And, secondly, you can’t use some religious argument because we all know that any church, synagogue or mosque can sponsor a family and fully care for them on their own dime (also individuals like you can sponsor a family and take care of their needs as your personal charity).

          I don’t believe the founding fathers ever intended for the US government to redistribute hard earned money from one group to another with the money passing through the federal treasury. Do you?

          So, write a serious piece and explain to our readers your view on the issue of refugee resettlement…. but you gotta write it tonight or early tomorrow so I can post it before I go away.

          Mail it in the body of an e-mail to

      • K. aka Kel said

        Oh, ROFL at Victor! Trust a Liberal to drag out the personal attacks. I seriously think they’re afflicted with something… Should ad homonyms be a required tag included in their political portfolio?

  11. Meddidy said

    Innocent Allahsoldier???
    I guess anyone with darker skin than mine is innocent huh???
    P L E A S E.
    You need to know when to stick up for your people and when to admit their failings in individual incidents and not say they are all innocent. Where’s your credibility?


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  13. he was an innocent man and black man! an immigrant from the caribean…..end of story…that shows police brutality is everywhere…the city got what it deserved.

    • Gary Henderson said

      “An innocent black man” indeed. Maybe drug-dealing is an innocent pasttime in the country of his birth, but not in England. Pointing a gun at a policeman will get you killed in virtually every law abiding country in the world. This fellow is no more innocent than the looting, burning, stealing thugs who are rioting “is his behalf”.

      There is some isolated police brutality in just about every major city police force, it is unforgivable and the perpetrators should be rooted out and fired.

      This incident does not rise to that level, and the rioting was the typical “bite the hand” response to the efforts of civilized people to deal with low-level humans.

  14. PorkChopsforIslam said

    We need some clarification on how these riots are “about race”. What does that mean? A mindless liberal would apply his
    usual formulas and say that these blacks suffer horrible persecution and are demanding their civil rights. The truth is
    that these blacks are the beneficiaries of endless liberal welfare benefits. The are given houses they could never earn
    jobs they cant do and do not show up for, education that makes no dent in their ignorance and barbarity. And the more they
    are given..the more despicable these blacks become. The truth is that NOTHING can reach these blacks. You would think
    after 50 years of failed “outreach” programs…failed attempts to educate them liberals and conservatives
    would finally realize that the problem isnt whites.and their treatment of blacks..the problem is blacks..and who they are and what
    they choose for themselves. The failures of black education are so dismal that the correct conclusion is that
    blacks lack the basic IQ necessary for anything. And the longer they remain in proximity to white European civilization the
    more their own sense of failure is. And out of this failure comes anger..and more attempts to intimidate and blackmail white liberals for the things that blacks can never achieve for themselves. Blacks do not belong in white society and whites have no business
    in black countries.

    • newsome said

      RRW/Ann, if you do not condone “violence” against anyone on your blog, why do you permit such hateful and inciting language?

      • acorcoran said

        Newsome, you sound like such a wussy, didn’t your mother ever tell you about sticks and stones? Are your tender sensibilities that offended? All of your little strategies to silence people do not work here—get it!

    • newsome said

      Oh, it cracks me up to think of you angrily communicating via your computer, which wouldn’t be possible hadn’t it been for an African American scientist; and I imagine that nice cut of meat or cold beer transported to your local grocery in cold storage, which wouldn’t be possible hadn’t it been for an African American inventor…..

      • K. aka Kel said

        Dr. Mark Dean never considered himself an “African-American,” Newsome. In fact he took offence to it. He was an American scientist. Pass go – no $200. for you.

  15. Meddidy said

    Not to mention he was a gangbanger.

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