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Mohammad D. Mohammad food stamp fraud case, tip of iceberg says Heritage researcher

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 22, 2013

Last week we told you (here) about the bust on a convenience store in culturally-diverse Cleveland where chief perp Mohammad D. Mohammad and partners ripped-off the US taxpayer for $780,000 in a long-running food stamp trafficking scheme.

Cleveland ‘Mom & Pop’ store where Mohammad ripped off taxpayers (aka infidels) to the tune of $780,000!

The case was used in a story posted at MediaTrackers to give a lead-in to a new report on how widespread the fraud is.

The Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector called cases like Mohammad’s—the “tip of the iceberg.”

A recently released USDA study found that the payoff for food-stamp traffickers has increased by over 256 percent since 2002. The nation’s food stamp rolls have increased dramatically in the past several years.

According to the study, the absolute dollar value of food-stamp fraud has increased, but government researchers found that more businesses were participating in such fraud — especially grocery stores in low-income neighborhoods, such as the Mount Pleasant neighborhood where Mohammad and Damra ran his scam for nearly a decade.

In an interview with Media Trackers, Heritage Foundation senior research fellow and domestic-policy expert Robert Rector indicated the Mohammad case was likely “just the tip of the iceberg.”

You can find the August 2013 study here. One finding of the report, using data from 2009-2011, is this:

A variety of store characteristics and settings were associated to the level of trafficking. Small stores—largely composed of smaller and medium sized groceries, and convenience stores—accounted for about 15 per cent of all redemptions, but were estimated to account for 85 percent of all trafficking redemptions.

I didn’t read the study, but I doubt they did any research on how many of these stores are run by immigrants.

For dozens of similar cases, click here for our entire ‘food stamp fraud’ archive.

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11 Responses to “Mohammad D. Mohammad food stamp fraud case, tip of iceberg says Heritage researcher”

  1. pungentpeppers said

    More on the ‘dark side’ and the additional court costs involved –

    In Charlotte, NC, Muruts Hailu, 57, from Ethiopia needs a court translator. He faces charges in connection with a knife and axe attack on his wife and sons early in the morning of August 5. One of the sons escaped and banged on a neighbor’s door to summon police. I don’t know if the perpetrator is a refugee, but Ethiopians have been settled in Charlotte by resettlement businesses. What far too often happens in such cases – even when the victims require hospitalization, as happened here – is that the attacks are not coded as “domestic violence”, and the criminal bargains down the charges to the misdemeanor assault level. The domestic abuser is then allowed to remain in the U.S., free to continue harassing, threatening and terrorizing his wife and children. We’ll see what happens in this case.






  3. pungentpeppers said

    Retailers that have been banned for life from the SNAP program are still on the program! This news story also contains a link to a new report by the USDA’s Office of the Inspector General finding that the program has not been policing rogue merchants.

  4. pungentpeppers said

    In a nutshell, this report identifies small grocery stores and convenience stores as the primary culprits in food stamp trafficking, with 18% of them having engaged in trafficking of SNAP benefits. Privately-owned stores redeem 55.7% of SNAP dollars, but account for 99.9% of all benefit dollars trafficked. Most of the trafficking occurs in high poverty areas located in the most urban and the most rural communities.

    It also goes on to say that trafficking seems to have increased because (1) more people are collecting benefits, (2) there has been a “dramatic increase in the number of small retailers authorized to redeem benefits”, and (3) the already high tendency of small retailers to engage in trafficking has increased.

    No, the report does not identify the demographic characteristics of store owners who are most likely to engage in SNAP benefit trafficking.

  5. pungentpeppers said

    You’ll be interested in this rape case involving a Rwandan refugee. Jean Paul Mpanurwa, 26, a refugee from Rwanda, is accused of raping a 90-year-old woman on a bike path in Dayton, Ohio. Mpanurwa already had a misdemeanor conviction for sexual assault in Utah, and was put on probation there, but he was allowed to move to Ohio.

    • pungentpeppers said

      The news had previously reported that he was Congolese and had a student visa. He has another misdemeanor conviction in Riverside, Ohio – and failed to pay related court fines. Thus he was found guilty in two criminal cases already, but there was no follow up. Maybe we ought to lower the threshold for deportation, since in many cases offenders plea down to avoid felony convictions.

      • Ann Corcoran said

        I’ll tell you what, for years the feds didn’t want to deport criminal Somalis because they didn’t want to send them back to hellholes. The Supreme Court at one point ruled that they could deport them. I suspect there is a great reluctance by the “humanitarian industrial complex” to admit they made a mistake with a refugee by having brought us a criminal or a terrorist.

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Where do you get all these interesting stories? Obviously my google alerts are missing a bunch. Come to think of it, maybe google avoids these stories on purpose!

      • pungentpeppers said

        Make sure your google isn’t on “safe search”. I found the story through google. I typed the words, “refugee” and “police”, and searched the web, selecting the “past week” option. It showed up on the first page for me.

        On that case, you have to read through a bunch of reports to piece together the story. I’m still not sure whether the family is from the Congo or Rwanda.

        • Ann Corcoran said

          I thought I could eliminate one or the other by checking at WRAPS for who went to the Utah in the last ten years. Seems Utah took 20-30 of each (from Rwanda and from the Congo) in the last ten years. Only the creep’s contractor knows for sure! Well, and the US State Department. An investigative reporter could check the resettlement agencies in Utah and ask if anyone remembers him.

    • Ann Corcoran said

      Just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten this. Started writing a post this a.m then got distracted by a phone call, now have to dash for doc. appt…. Will post this p.m…. So if anything new popped up today, please send it my way!

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