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Australia: “most multicultural society on earth” wants more immigrants! Who knew!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 18, 2014

That’s what a recent article in The Australian reports as it tells us that 20% of respondents want more migrants to come to Australia in an article titled, Two-Thirds Majority Back Current or Higher Immigration Intake.


Here are the charming 20% who want higher levels of immigration to Australia as the Abbott government turns back asylum seekers.


I had to read this article a couple of times to figure out what the point of it all might be and am still not sure, except to use a “news” story to sway public opinion.

Remember, readers, as we know so well, Tony Abbott, Australia’s present Prime Minister was elected only last year because of his platform (which he apparently is working on daily to hear the squealing out of the UN) to slow the flow of boat people (faux asylim seekers) breaking into Australia.  The citizens there were completely fed up!

We frequently cite Australia, Israel and Bulgaria as three countries seriously attempting to close their borders.

Check out the article yourself (here is a bit of it) posted at American Renaissance (with some good commentary).   One thing seems clear, the pollsters polled heavily in immigrant neighborhoods and among young, rich, city dwellers.

Higher migration levels are favoured by a fifth of Australians, in an exclusive Newspoll survey revealing robust support for the most multicultural society on earth.

Nearly half the people ­surveyed support Australia’s ­existing immigration intake, which settled 190,000 immigrants last year in the world’s largest per capita intake. Two-thirds were skilled migrants.

Twenty-two per cent favour an even higher intake, with support strongest among the young, those on high incomes and capital city-dwellers.

European, African and Asian migration enjoys the strongest public support, with 26 per cent of Australians desiring more ­migrants from Europe. Another 18 per cent want to see more Asian migrants, and 20 per cent support more immigration from Africa.

In contrast, just 14 per cent of Australians want to see more Muslim migrants, and 37 per cent favour a cut.

Read it all.

By the way, about the same number (20%) of respondents who want higher immigration levels also say that Australians are racists.

LOL! This article could just as well have been titled:  86% of Australians polled want less Muslim migrants admitted to Australia.  I guess that would mean that some of the immigrants polled and some of the young, rich, city dwellers are Islamophobic.   Gee, I wonder why?

For new readers, see our Australia category with over 100 previous posts.  We especially want American readers to know that the invasion by the third world is happening in every advanced society and you need to know how others are handling the demographic upheaval.  Western society is under siege.


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Here is a good idea! Pay them to go home as Australia is doing

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 22, 2014

It is infinitely cheaper than putting them on the welfare rolls for decades!

Of course the UN will scream like a stuck pig if the US should try such a thing!  But, after all, most are economic migrants and not legitimate refugees.

As we have reported previously on many occasions, Australia, Israel and Bulgaria are three countries (international pockets of resistance!) willing to take the heat from “humanitarian” scolds in order to save their countries from invasion.

Abbott and Morrison: We are paying them off to go home! Alas, if only we had leaders like these!

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The Abbott government is offering asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru detention centres up to $10,000 to abandon their hope of resettlement in Australia and voluntarily return to the country they fled from.

The revelation comes as the High Court on Friday issued a stunning rebuke to the Abbott government’s border protection policy, striking down its decision to to refuse to issue permanent protection visas to boat arrivals found to be refugees.

In two unanimous decisions, with implications for thousands of boat arrivals, the court ruled that Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s decision to impose a cap on the number of places in Australia’s refugee intake for boat arrivals was invalid.

The sudden boost in payments is the latest tactic being used by the Abbott government to cement its hardline stance against asylum seekers who come to Australia without a visa.

UN:  Australia slipping!  (so what!)

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees on Friday showed Australia’s efforts to help alleviate the crisis have stagnated or worsened, with the country sliding backwards in the global rankings, according to some measures.

Australia now ranks 17th in the world to resettle refugees, according to the Refugee Council of Australia.

See our Australia category for many more posts on clever Australian solutions.

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Australia is raising fresh Jihadists in its immigrant/refugee population too!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 19, 2014

Yesterday we reported that Jihadists are continuing to recruit in the Somali refugee neighborhoods of Minneapolis.

In response, reader FatherJon from Australia brought a similar story to us from Down Under.  It is from late last year but well worth having a look at again now, especially as the American media may be on the cusp of ‘getting it’ about the Islamic imperative as the nightmare in Iraq continues to unfold.

One young “Australian” who joined the rebels in Syria.

The story is about Australian citizens (previously granted refuge there) going to join the rebels in Syria.

From the Sydney Morning Herald (I’ve taken snips not necessarily in order):

”They don’t consider themselves restricted to a particular country; they see themselves as part of the global ummah [Islamic nation],” he ( University of Western Sydney’s Dr Jan Alisaid). ‘‘Islam brings them together, not Syria.”


Since the conflict began, about 100 Australians, mostly Lebanese-Australian dual citizens, have travelled to fight, and many more have become embroiled in sectarian violence at home.

Lebanon and Syria have a history of hostility but social media and the emergence of extremist groups in Sydney have led many young Australians to view it as a cause to die for.


The emergence of controversial and conservative Muslim groups in Sydney, such as Bankstown’s Al Risalah community centre, the pan-Islamic political organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir and the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah Association, which runs several mosques and the Bukhari House bookstore and prayer hall in Auburn, has created fear that young people are being indoctrinated.

Will they bring their new skills “home” to Australia?

Police have described Australians travelling to Syria as a ”game-changer” for national security because of the risk of bringing skills, knowledge and radicalised views back home.

The 100 believed to have fought in Syria far exceeds the highest estimates of Australian jihadists involved in previous overseas conflicts, Monash University terrorism researcher, Andrew Zammit, said.

Naive western governments and their NGO enablers offer them the “American Dream”  (or Australian Dream!) and what do they do, raise up young healthy warriors for Allah.

Since this article is nearly 6 months old, we can only hope that most of the 100 “Australian”  Jihadists are dead already.

LOL! At the moment I’m thinking of all the people, dissatisfied with America’s direction, who have said to me over the last few years—I’m going to escape to Australia!  Good luck with that!

Although I must say, Australia, Israel and Bulgaria are the three non-Muslim countries we have identified which are actively attempting to close their borders and save themselves from mostly Muslim invaders.  We have written 137 previous posts on Australia. Ambitious readers! click here, to view those reports.


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Where is America’s Sense of Self-Preservation?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 9, 2014

That is the title of a provocative piece at American Thinker brought to my attention by Judy this morning.

Migrants coming across US border in such high numbers now, Border agents cannot process them fast enough.

Author John Bennett begins with these opening paragraphs (below) and then proceeds to make his case about each country mentioned.

But, having followed issues relating to the ‘invasion of Europe, Israel and Australia’ over the last few years, I disagree with Mr. Bennett on one thing.

Here is how he begins (emphasis is mine):

Many Western nations are restricting immigration because of popular anger at the unwelcome changes brought about by mass immigration. America seems to be the rare country with the misfortune of having politicians who won’t stand up for citizens.

How many nations around the world have to be thrown into crisis and division for us to learn that mass immigration is not always [not always? NEVER!---ed] a positive? Israel, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Norway are just a few of the Western nations that energetically guard their territorial integrity, and some party leaders in those countries openly explain why they do so.

Read it all!

Here is where I disagree, in my opinion there are only two major first world countries that have (or more correctly are in the process of) “energetically” guarding their territorial integrity—Israel and Australia  which did not make Bennett’s list!

The other countries Bennett lists all have popular anti-mass immigration political movements and in fact some have political parties built on an anti-immigration platform which have had some electoral success, however, one could never say that the country itself (implying the government) has such a policy at all.   See our ‘invasion of Europe’ series and see what I mean.

But, I sure am not going to challenge Bennett’s primary question—where the hell is America’s sense of self-preservation!  Heck, we don’t even have a defined popular movement/leader let alone a political party or two that seems at all concerned about mass immigration and territorial integrity!    The Dems want open borders (more welfare recipients=more voters!) and the Republicans are chickens who look out for greedy businesses looking for cheap labor!

Photo is one more of the Breitbart release last week.



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Australia/Cambodia ‘refugee’ deal still in the works

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 21, 2014

A heated debate continues over the Australian government’s offer of funding to Cambodia if that country agrees to take some of Australia’s ‘refugee’ overflow.

The Abbott government came into office promising to reduce the illegal migration to Australia and they are working tirelessly to follow up on the pledge.

And, frankly, moves like this one—sending asylum seekers to Cambodia—will surely have a chilling affect on those human traffickers and would-be migrants to not try to get to Australia in the future.

Australian migration minister, Scott Morrison, even had the audacity to suggest that “refugees” are not necessarily entitled to the right to a first world country to escape persecution.  If safety is what they say they want, why not Cambodia?

From ABC News:

The Cambodian government is in the final stages of considering a refugee resettlement agreement with Australia and wants to sign a memorandum of understanding as soon as possible.


“So far the working group already finished [its] studying on the draft proposed by Australia and I think that maybe soon, maybe a few days, maybe next week … we’ll send our counter-proposal to the Australian side.”

The human rights industrial complex is understandably having a cow over this plan and also blasted Cambodia for returning Muslim Uighurs to China.   So I assume this would also mean that Cambodia wouldn’t want to take too many Muslim potential jihadists from Australia either.

Do these do-gooders really believe that Cambodia could stand up to China which surely must have demanded the Uigur’s return.

Cambodia is a signatory to the refugee convention but in 2009 it forcibly deported 20 ethnic Uighur back to China.

However, Mr Borith said any refugees resettled under a deal struck between Cambodia and Australia would be safe.

“Different story, different from the refugees that we have discussed with our Australian friends to … settle here,” he said.

“The Uighur come here illegally. Far away from China to Cambodia, how many thousand miles is Cambodia?

“They come here illegally. We can say that they [are] all illegal immigrants. That is different from the refugees that we discussed today with Australia.

We will be watching this story because honestly a get-tough strategy is the only thing that could possibly deter the invasion of western countries (do you hear that Europe!  America!).

This is our 137th post in our Australia category, here.


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Australian Muslims give up good life to fight in Syrian civil war

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 5, 2014

Just one more reason to slow the flow of so-called asylum seekers into Australia.   Are they there for a better life, or just to rest and propagate before heading off to some Muslim war zone?

From the Sydney Daily Telegraph (attempting to not sound Islamophobic in the opening paragraph):

SUCCESSIVE waves of immigrants to Australia largely abandoned disputes in their homelands after reaching our shores. Indeed, many immigrants from Europe, Asia and elsewhere specifically came to Australia so that they could escape violence and conflict.

Unfortunately, this inclination to leave troubles behind is not universal. Australia’s Muslim community features a small but troubling minority who actively seek out opportunities to take up arms. It is estimated that more than 100 Australian Muslims, many from NSW, have so far travelled to Syria and joined in the civil war.

Mother of four arrested on terrorism charges taken to police station where Islamic demonstrators rallied for her release.

Another reminder of local links to the Syrian war came on the weekend with the arrest of a young woman at Sydney International Airport. The 29-year-old, who allegedly was caught attempting to ferry cash and equipment to her husband in Syria, was charged with supporting incursions into a foreign state with the intention of engaging in hostile activities.

These developments are deeply worrying on a number of levels. It is bad enough that Australian citizens are joining, in relatively large numbers, a foreign conflict. Worse still is that they are becoming members of radical Islamic groups, whose extreme doctrines of hatred and intolerance therefore gain a greater hold within Australia’s Muslim community.

They will be baaacck! with their newly-acquired jihadist skills!

There is a much more detailed story here at which is also where the photo and protest report was found.

See our Australia category for all of our posts especially recent ones where the Abbott government has taken serious steps to stem the tide of illegal boat people.

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EEEK! Turkey deporting illegal aliens, UN silent

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 25, 2014

I don’t see the UNHCR squawking about Turkey deporting illegal aliens (most likely Muslim aliens to boot) as they wail and moan over Australia.

World Bulletin photo

From World Bulletin:

135 immigrants suspected of entering Turkey illegally were arrested in Turkey’s eastern province of Igdir, according to Igdir city police department.

Last week, the city’s security forces began operations to prevent human trafficking by checking highways to catch illegal immigrants.

During the operations, Turkish police officers revealed that they plan to deport the 135 illegal immigrants caught, including 120 Pakistanis, 11 Afghanis, three Somalis, and one Iranian national.

The migrants attempting to get into Australia are largely from those same countries, so why the double standard?

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Australia turning back illegal aliens and the UN is hopping mad

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 25, 2014

It is working for Australia and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is not happy.

If you have been following our reports on Australia (here) you know that after decades of boat people arriving on their shores and demanding asylum, the Abbott government is actively turning them back at sea (most are from faraway Muslim countries).

This is the caption published with the photo: “Somali immigrants gather at a hotel where Indonesian authorities have billeted asylum seekers hoping to reach Australia. (AFP/JEMS)”

Just a reminder, a legitimate asylum seeker asks for refugee status in the first safe country he or she arrives in.  These ‘boat people’ have traveled through many safe countries before embarking on a sea voyage to Australia.  They are mostly ECONOMIC MIGRANTS, not legal refugees, who want to live in a first world country.  Most are also Muslims (Al-Hijra).

Remember this photo from earlier this year. These are Somalis in Indonesia planning their next move to get to Australia.  Indonesia is a safe country, why didn’t they ask for asylum there?

From ABC News Australia:

The United Nations refugee agency has asked Australia to prove it is not breaching the Refugee Convention with its policy of turning back asylum seeker boats.

Speaking in Jakarta, the UNHCR’s regional representative says the Australian Government has not responded to the UN’s concerns about the policies.

The request for information was made in January.

UNHCR regional representative James Lynch says people from seven boats that have been returned to Indonesia recently told the UN agency they made it to Australian land or at least its territorial waters.

He says if that is true, Australia’s responsibility is to allow them to be processed as asylum seekers.

Mr Lynch says it is significant that thousands of asylum seekers arrived in Australia until late last year but it is not a crisis by world standards.

Lynch goes on to compare Australia to the countries immediately surrounding Syria and says those countries have a crisis.  Well, they are also Muslim countries and we are told by the UNHCR that Muslims are the world’s inspiration for taking care of the stranger—-remember that in 2009 the UNHCR was sucking up to the promoters of Shariah Law.  I’m o.k. with giving those countries the credit as long as they keep the “refugees.”

Waahhhh!  Australia not following international law!

Mr Lynch has been attending a two-day meeting about protecting asylum seekers at sea. It attracted delegates from 13 countries, including Australia, and was co-hosted by Indonesia and the United Nations refugee agency.

He says the UNHCR understands Australia wants to stop people-smuggling networks and prevent deaths at sea but it needs to comply with its international obligations.

“There are obligations as a signatory to the 1951 Convention and the 1967 protocol, which say: if you intercept in your territorial waters, you should allow those in need of protection to have access to the asylum system,” he said.

Australian immigration minister:  so what else is new, they have always opposed our policy, and besides these aren’t refugees!

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says he disagrees with the UNHCR’s criticism of the Federal Government’s policy.

“They’ve always opposed our turn-back policy,” Mr Morrison told Sky News.

“We’re talking about a secondary movement of [those] who are coming from halfway around the world.

“We’re not talking about people just walking straight across one border.

Ah, if only America had this kind of leadership!

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Australia “closed” so fake asylum seekers will try to break into New Zealand

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 14, 2014

The asylum seekers in detention in Jayapura: (From left) Mohammad Saiful Islam Tanu and Mohammad Shohidul Islam and, both from Bangladesh; and Ahmad Fahim Naziri and Mahmood, both from Afghanistan. Photo: SMH


In the best demonstration there is that Australia’s policy of towing boats full of mostly Muslim illegal aliens back to Indonesia is working is a story like this one—human traffickers are now setting their sights on New Zealand.

See our Australia category for all the news on the Abbott government’s tough policy.

To American and European readers, we want you to know that some first world countries are taking steps to stop the illegal alien flow!

From the Sydney Morning Herald last week (Hat tip: the ever-vigilant ‘pungentpeppers’).  Emphasis is mine:

Jakarta: People smugglers in Indonesia are mounting their first credible attempt to ship asylum seekers on the hazardous voyage to New Zealand and circumvent the Abbott government’s Operation Sovereign Borders.

Four men – two from Bangladesh and two from Afghanistan – were caught last month by the Indonesian immigration department in Jayapura, West Papua, on their way to get a boat to New Zealand.

Their capture appears to have stalled, for the time being, a plot to send up to 100 people, but sources in West Java say people smugglers in the town of Cisarua are still advertising for places on a New Zealand-bound boat.

Easier to get into New Zealand than Australia?

One of the men in custody, Bangladeshi Mohammad Saiful Islam Tanu told Fairfax Media that when he had arrived earlier this year from Malaysia to Cisarua – where many asylum seekers wait as they try to get to Australia – he had been told by others that the Abbott government had “closed the way”.

“The Australian government already is closed [the way] because every boat going to Australia comes back to Indonesia. So many people say it’s impossible. Now we not try to go to Australia,” Mr Saiful said. “What can I do? And [a people smuggler] Mr Jafar told me, ‘You can go to New Zealand from Papua’.”

Mr Saiful said the smugglers had told them that it was easier to be accepted in New Zealand than Australia.

New Zealand has taken steps to deter the migrants in advance!  They will be detained!

A spokeswoman for the New Zealand embassy in Jakarta said New Zealand had never had a “mass arrival” (defined as 30 or more), but that “we are aware that people smugglers continue to express interest in targeting New Zealand through a variety of avenues, including both air and sea routes”.


Though New Zealand has been protected from the rash of asylum seekers by its distance, it has passed relatively tough new laws in case of this development. Anyone coming as part of a mass arrival can be detained until their circumstances are assessed. Even for those found eligible, there is no guarantee of permanent residence.

Read it all.

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Who says a “refugee” has a right to a life in a first world country?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 8, 2014

Hmmm!  Good question!  We’ve been so beaten over the head with this concept—refugees and asylum seekers ask for/demand entry into an advanced society—we assume somehow it’s the law.

Israel’s MK Michal Rosin : “Israel is responsible for the fate of the asylum seekers …”

Two countries are challenging the premise—Australia and Israel.

If the refugees and asylum seekers are looking only for an escape from persecution, why not let other smaller, less-developed countries give them a home?

Readers remember this—migration for economic reasons does not make one a refugee.

Here is Immigration Minister Scott Morrison in Australia on Monday. The Leftists must be screaming in Canberra!

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

In his strongest indication yet that he is looking to send refugees to Cambodia, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has warned that the right to resettlement is not a ticket to a better life in a first world country.

His warning has followed recent visits by Mr Morrison and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop to Cambodia, and has fuelled speculation the Abbott government is in negotiations to send asylum seekers on Nauru who are found to be refugees, to the developing country.

Mr Morrison said resettlement was about sending people to places where they would be free from persecution.

“I just don’t buy into this argument that only first world countries are able to participate in resettlement,” he told Sky News.

And in Israel, the Leftists are spitting mad as they learn some African asylum seekers (from Israel) are going willingly to Rwanda.   By the way, we learned previously that they are going with money in their pockets which this article does not mention.

From Haaretz via EastAfro (Israel Slammed for Sending Asylum Seekers to Rwanda without Status, Rights):

The government is facing criticism after Haaretz discovered that African asylum seekers from Eritrea and Sudan who agree to leave Israel voluntarily are being sent to Rwanda and Uganda without the benefit of official documentation or any guarantees of basic rights.

Asylum seekers who have been sent to these African countries have said that they do not receive any support from any government upon arrival, and that no one is doing anything to look after them.

About 10 days ago, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said 81 asylum seekers have voluntarily left Israel for African states. The government has refused to say which countries are taking in the asylum seekers or to disclose other details of its agreements with these states.

MK Michal Rosin (Meretz) will convene an extraordinary session of the Knesset Committee on Foreign Workers, which she chairs, to discuss the agreements.

This is worth watching!  The UN High Commissioner for Refugees must be having a heart attack over this idea!  But, why not spread the refugee burden to less-developed countries?

By the way, I expect both Cambodia and Rwanda are receiving generous foreign aid from Australia and Israel, so now they are getting something in return!

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