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RRW had a great last twelve months!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 31, 2014

I don’t know what changed, but in April 2013 something happened and our readership jumped by from 10,000-20,000 a month since then.

Just now I was checking the stats to see how we’ve been doing and noticed that remarkable trend upward.  At the same time, I checked to see from where readers were coming.  Of course the largest number comes from the US, but checking the last month I see we had readers in 148 countries in March (officially there are 196 countries in the world, give or take a few).

The top countries represented by our visitors, after the US, are (in descending order):  UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Thailand, India, South Africa, Malta and the Netherlands.  Right behind those top ten are Sweden and Norway.  LOL!  We even had 103 visitors from Saudi Arabia in March!

We are most pleased by having added 48 new followers in the past month.  We have a modest goal of adding one new follower a day, so we beat that by a mile in March.  You can follow us by signing up here (upper left hand sidebar), or follow us on facebook (here).    Yikes! 47,532 people saw our facebook page in the last week.  Half of those facebook numbers can be attributed to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society post—bring in the Syrians.

We tweet out all of our posts here.   For a narrowly focused blog, we are overjoyed with the numbers!

If you are a new reader, we have a great search function, type in a word or two and see what we have written since 2007 about your interests.  I use it all the time to search our 5,473 previous posts!   And, if you are visiting daily you might be interested in our Top Posts (in the right hand sidebar) to see what other readers are interested in.

My deepest apologies for being so awful about checking your e-mails.  I must dump that yahoo e-mail address and get something better.  It is so filled with spam that I have to force myself to look at it and clean it up (mostly because there are only so many hours in a day and there is so much interesting news on which to post).

And, a reminder, as always, that RRW is a completely charitable project by its authors.  And, if the Catholics, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Jews, and atheists would do their work without digging into the taxpayers’ pockets, giving their own personal money and time to the poor they claim to care about, we could quit!

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Going away!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 11, 2014

Readers, I will be away for a few days and possibly without any internet service.

Things are hopping on the refugee front, so I surely will return with a lot of hot topics needing to be posted.

However, if you are a new reader, or a daily visitor, let me point out what we have on these pages that could keep you busy reading for days!

First, you should check out our Fact Sheet (it is linked right under the banner above).  It is daily one of our top posts.

Speaking of Top Posts (see the right hand sidebar ) which will guide you to stories that have interested readers the most in recent days.  Right now the Wyoming posts are bringing readers in in droves.

And, I can’t emphasize enough that our search function works really well.  But, don’t just type in ‘Somalis’ for instance, or you will get 800 plus posts!  Perhaps narrow your search to ‘Somalis’ and your city.  Or, type in your city or state and find everything we have written about it and refugees in general.

Likewise for our readers from around the world.  Type in your country first and see if we’ve written about it.  I can assure you that if you’ve got a refugee or asylum problem we’ve mentioned it over the years.

Also, if you are looking for facts and statistics, try our ‘where to find information’ category, here.  Browse down the list of categories in the left hand sidebar for other topics of interest.


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A reminder: check those “Top Posts” daily!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 18, 2014

We’ve had a lot of new readers and more interest lately in Refugee Resettlement issues facing first world countries.   In some cases a story catches fire on facebook and our numbers soar.  If you check the “Top Posts” (right hand sidebar) every day, you can get an idea of what stories are interesting our readers around the world.

Yesterday, the Lewiston, Maine post from last week took off.    And, our fact sheet (US), is a hit every day!

Although the majority of our readers are from the US, we have thousands upon thousands visiting from around the world.  Looking back over the last two years (when wordpress began giving us stats from other countries), these are the top ten countries from which we host visitors to RRW (the order switches around slightly from month to month but the list below is the approximate order) with the UK topping the list:

S. Africa

Not far behind France is Malta!

We bring you stories from around the world just so you know that the refugee/asylum issue is plaguing industrialized countries everywhere and your concern here in America, that excessively high numbers of migrants are attempting to get into America, is shared by others who fear for their country, their culture, and the potentially disastrous impact on Western civilization as a result of demographic change.

Some countries are taking action to stem the tide—front and center right now is Australia!

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A new facebook page: Diversity’s Dark Side (Like it!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 2, 2014

Longtime readers know that I’ve been looking for years for a way to highlight stories that involve immigrant crimes and cultural clashes that don’t necessarily involve refugees.  This has been especially so with the food stamp fraud stories we’ve posted here as a ‘hobby’ of sorts.

Now, thanks to the help of a reader from Kentucky, there is such a place to gather those news stories.  It is a facebook page entitled appropriately, Diversity’s Dark Side.   By posting news stories that demonstrate the destructive element more uncontrolled immigration is bringing to America, it is a way to balance the usual multicultural mumbo-jumbo, parroted by the mainstream media and the Open borders lobby, about immigrants supposedly bringing strength to communities by bringing “ethnic” diversity.

Here is the “about” at DDS:

Our goal is to gather in one central place reports of crimes, hardships and examples of cultural tension brought to our towns and cities by people who should never have been allowed entrance into our country. We encourage people to question if there really is ‘strength in diversity’.

If you have never read it, this might be a good time to visit our ‘Diversity’ page here at RRW and read this 2007 article about a Harvard study which questioned the whole notion of diversity bringing strength to communities.

If you are on facebook, visit Diversity’s Dark Side and ‘Like it.’  Tell your friends where they can get a daily dose of reality about some of the crooks, criminals and generally those from cultures unwilling to assimilate which we have allowed to enter the US!

Also, some have asked about a twitter account for DDS, until we can figure out how to link the two, you can follow me on twitter.  I am AnnC@refugeewatcher.

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Minneapolis Somali apartment explosion: a blogger unravels some of the reports

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 4, 2014

Readers, if you have been following the coverage of the deadly explosion and fire that ripped through a Somali apartment building and grocery store on New Year’s Day, you are not alone.  A Minnesota follower of RRW has alerted us to a blog that has gone one step further and contacted some of those quoted or misquoted by the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

For new readers looking for background, our most recent post is here with links to previous posts.

Now, check out the blog Lee Stranahan (Untangling the facts….) which begins with this:

I’ve been covering the story of the explosion and fire that took place in the Cedar-Riveraide neighborhood on Minneapolis, Minnesota on New Year’s Day. There’s been a fair but [bit] of misinformation and confusion. This post is designed to clear up some of that with unfiltered facts from spokespeople for the gas company CenterPoint and the Minneapolis Police Department.

Read it all!

Come back tomorrow because surely there will be another installment of this puzzling case.

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Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2014

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 1, 2014

Mid-year 2014, RRW will be 7 years old.  Time does fly!  Thanks to all of our readers new and old for continuing to visit.

We are happy to report that we surpassed our goal of 1000 subscribers/followers by today!  At this moment we are at 1007 and for a small, narrowly focused blog we think that is great.

Since our inception we have had over 1.7 million visitors and this past year those visitors came from 202 countries.

2013 was our top year so far for readers with 377,228 viewers. We are growing every year!  The average number of visitors per day was 1,522 for 2013.

The top posts were our Fact Sheets, followed by ‘They are fighting back in Sweden,’ and ‘Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis.’  Just a reminder that in our right hand sidebar is a list of ‘Top Posts’ every day.  I find it very useful to see what readers are most interested in and you might too.

Please subscribe, follow us on facebook, or on twitter.  Tell your friends!

My apologies for setting up that Yahoo e-mail address to write to us (in the right hand sidebar).  It turns out I can barely drag myself there to look for reader e-mails because the junk mail is so out of control at Yahoo.  But, I promise to go there today to begin cleaning it out.  Sorry if I’ve missed something important.   You can always send a link via a comment to a recent post (even if it’s off-topic) and we will see those as we still monitor our comments before posting.

One more thing.  I think wordpress is placing ads on our posts, but we want you to know that this project—Refugee Resettlement Watch—is a charitable endeavor by its writers.  No one pays us for our opinions!

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Thanks for making November our top month ever!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 1, 2013

As always I preface a report from RRW with the caveat that we are a small blog with a very narrow focus, so we continue to be amazed by how many people are interested in this rather arcane subject.

November 2013 is our top month for visitors in our 6 year history (5,155 posts).  We had 45,661 views this month (1,522 daily average) and that puts our total views at 1.6 million.   But there is more than that!  We reached 28,985 facebook users in the last week of November alone!

We also added 77 followers when our goal each month is to add a modest 30 new followers.

The top home country for visitors is obviously the US, but we have readers in 157 countries!  The nine (after the US) in descending order in the month of November were:  UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, France, Thailand and India.

If you would like to follow us, you can subscribe to the blog, follow us on facebook (here), or follow on twitter (here).

If this is your first visit to RRW, be sure to see our fact sheet on the US Refugee Resettlement Program, here.  It is daily one of our top most visited features.  See our Top Posts list in the right hand side bar to see what people are reading on any given day.

Remember RRW is a charitable enterprise, we are paid by no one for our work and we write (and post comments) when we have a few minutes.

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RRW has best month since our debut in 2007!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 30, 2013

Gradually, ever so gradually, people are beginning to ‘wake-up’ to refugee resettlement (other legal immigration) and what it means for taxpayers and for the health and social structure of communities and countries.  September 30th isn’t over yet, but this is already the top month since July 2007 for the number of visitors reading our blog!   That also makes September 2013 the month with the highest daily average of viewers.

On September first, we set a goal to add 30 new subscribers in the month.  We have far exceeded that goal by adding 75 (before today is even over!).  We will keep expectations low and aim for 31 more in October.

Of course the largest number of our readers come from the US, but here are the next nine countries in descending order:  Australia, Canada, U.K., Sweden, Germany, Thailand, South Africa, India, and the Netherlands.

New e-mail address is on the right-hand side-bar.  If you happen to have my personal e-mail address, please feel free to continue to use it!

And, for those of you who prefer not to subscribe, know that I post everything at twitter and posts automatically go to our facebook page.

I am AnnC@RefugeeWatcher.

Facebook page is here.  My apologies in advance for being terrible about chatting on facebook.

Also, apologies for any advertisements on our posts.  They are automatically generated by wordpress, our work here is completely a charitable enterprise—call it a labor of love!

Addendum:  Oops, I should have mentioned our fact sheet, a hot read lately too!  It is linked above under the header.

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What Somalis are doing for RRW (not to mention the image of Islam and “refugees”)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 25, 2013

Our readership at RRW is going through the roof and it’s almost exclusively because the public is finally beginning to search for information, and understand better, how so many Somalis have “found their way” to America.  Of course we know they didn’t find their way here, but were brought here over more than three decades now through the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement program with the help of nine major federal contractors.  The mall massacre in Kenya with speculation (no official confirmation yet that I know of) that some of the killers are Americans (former refugees) has prompted this latest round of interest.

See the disturbing images from Nairobi in the UK Daily Mail (hat tip: Ed).

Thousands of new readers visited RRW in the last few days.  And, I’m happy to report that we have exceeded our goal of adding 30 new subscribers in the month of September.  We have 43 new subscribers with five days left in the month!

Almost every search term yesterday related to Somalis.  Here (below) is what people are searching (I took out about 5 searches that didn’t involve Somalis).

somalis in minneapolis
why are there so many somalis in minnesota
maine somalis catholic charities
lutheran brotherhood and somali refugees
how many somalis in kansas city
where in minneapolis the somalias lived
somalis in minnesota
louisville somalians
how many somalis in america
number of somalis in minneapolis
which administration brought somalies to minnesota?
clarkston ga ann somalis
somalis minneapolis
somali maine mn clinton
how did all the somalis get to minnesota?
why so many somalis in minneapolis
somalias in wisconsin
bed bugs shelbyville,tn

To answer the question, which administration brought Somalis to Minnesota?—the answer is all of them since the 1980′s.  George W. Bush had some really big years following 9/11!   Check out our numbers here.

Our most-read post yesterday was this one from 2011:  ‘Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?

To learn more about the Refugee Resettlement program be sure to visit our fact sheet, here.

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New e-mail address for RRW

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 19, 2013

I mentioned here a few days ago that we were changing our e-mail address.  Make a note, the new address is   It’s not ‘hot’ because I am told that will discourage junk mail.  Copy and paste it into an e-mail and send story tips to that address!  Thank you to all who send us tips and private comments!

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