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New Democrats want 20,000 Syrians brought to Canada ASAP

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 20, 2014

This is your typical Leftist ploy—start spreading a number around (like 20,000) and then 5,000 will sound like a reasonable compromise to the gullible!

From the Toronto Sun:

OTTAWA — The New Democrats and Liberals are pushing the federal government to swing open the doors and let in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees to Canada.

The Commons foreign affairs committee released a new report Friday with 14 recommendations for Canada’s response to the ongoing Syria crisis, including a call the Conservative government to “examine” its commitment to take in 1,300 Syrian refugees by the end of the year.

However, the two main opposition parties say Canada should go a lot further.

“The Government of Canada should significantly increase its commitment to Syrian refugee resettlement beyond the current pledge of up to 1,300, accelerate processing of Syrian refugees coming to Canada, and expedite family reunification for Syrian refugees who have relatives in Canada,” said the NDP in its comments.

The Liberals went even further in their supplementary report, quoting one witness who said “20,000 is very reasonable” as the total number of Syrian refugees that Canada could accept.

A report in March, here, says Canada had only taken 10 (ten) Syrians at that point.  Like the US, something is holding up the flow—-is it because of security concerns?  Most of the “refugees” are Muslims.

Interesting!  Is the NDP Party trying to divert attention away from its own problems, here.  They must be following the Obama play book—when scandals emerge, change the subject!

Addendum:  This is our 132nd post in our Canada category, here.

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Somali man walks into Canada; wanted by FBI for questioning asks for refugee status

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 9, 2014

Thanks to several readers for sending me this news yesterday, sorry I didn’t get to it when it was hot.  Somalis arrested near Emerson, Manitoba.

Another RRW geography lesson! Emerson, Manitoba is directly north of Minnesota, but also affords easy access from North Dakota.,_Manitoba

From the National Post:

A Somali described as a “person-of-interest” to the FBI is being held in Manitoba after he and another man walked across the border from Minnesota and were captured by RCMP officers.

Ahmed Abdi Ismail and his travelling companion got 15 kilometres inland before they were picked up by members of the RCMP Integrated Border Enforcement Team on March 20.

Three days later, FBI agents flew to Winnipeg to interview Mr. Ismail, who is described in court documents only as “the subject of an FBI investigation for matters of security.”

Although he has been detained almost two months now, the reasons for the FBI probe remain a mystery. “All we know is that the FBI is interested in him and has asked for him to be held,” Anthony Navaneelan, his Toronto lawyer, said Wednesday.

The Canada Border Services Agency is conducting its own investigation into whether he should be deported under a section of the immigration law that applies to those engaged in terrorism, espionage and subversion.

Mr. Ismail has claimed refugee status in Canada.   [Wants protection from America!---ed]

Yesterday we had a report on Canada’s first Somali terror trial.

For new readers, we have a lot of posts over the years about problems with Somali refugees in “welcoming” Canada.

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Canada: Roma refugee sentenced in apartment building arson

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 6, 2014

Diversity is strength alert!

Looks like Canada got a vibrant ‘new Canadian’ when they gave this one citizenship!

Bad boy won’t be allowed matches when he gets out in 8 months!

From (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

A 62-year-old man has been sentenced to two years in jail for dousing his Bold Street high-rise apartment with gasoline and setting it on fire.

The December 2011 fire triggered an emergency rescue of tenants, including seniors, that sent four Hamilton police officers to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation.

Rudolf Balogh was sentenced Friday within hours of pleading guilty to arson endangering life.


The fire caused an explosion that knocked out windows and sent shattered glass across the street, Reid said, adding damage was in excess of $100,000.

He came to Canada in 1999 and had his last job in 2000!  So he worked for a year until he figured out how to get on disability!  Yet, they say he has poor “coping skills.”

Balogh came to Canada as a refugee claimant in 1999 and was granted Canadian citizenship in 2010. He was married twice and has five children.

His last job was in 2000 and he has received government assistance since 2001 under the Ontario Disability Support Program because of health issues including heart problems, diabetes, colon cancer, a leg injury and mental health.

The psychiatrist report said Balogh attempted suicide many times, suffers from depression and has poor coping skills. The fire, the report said, was a result of a major depressive episode and a cry for help.

He only has 8 months left on his sentence before he is out in public again!  Take comfort though—he has been forbidden matches!  This is not a joke, but it is an idea for a comedy skit!

Balogh, who appeared in court in a wheelchair and with a Hungarian interpreter, has been in custody off and on since arrested in Jan. 2012 because he twice breached his bail conditions.

Charges on the breaches were yet to be dealt with and there was no information on what the breaches were.

Carpenter-Gunn sentenced him to two years, but gave him credit for 16 months for his time in custody — leaving him eight months to still serve. This will be followed by three years of probation.  [Here is a novel idea---how about deportation!---ed]

He was also ordered to provide a DNA sample, ordered not to possess any matches, lighters or incendiary devices, or firearms, and to stay away from the apartment building property manager and the taxi driver.

For more news on Canada’s refugee problems, see our Canada category here.

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Canada has refugee overload too! Vancouver school system struggling

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 25, 2014

It’s not just the US where ‘do-gooder-itis’ is overwhelming common sense.  Obviously Canada is taking more refugees than it can adequately care for too!  And, a school system is attempting to fill the gaps.   (See Amarillo and Buffalo).

And, when Somali kids grow up like those described here (in poverty, no father), does anyone really believe that they will contribute to Canadian society in any significant way when they grow up!

Indeed! is importing poverty wise?

Somali women learning English in Surrey (Vancouver suburb). Have you noticed we rarely see photos of Somali men bothering to learn English.

From The Vancouver Sun thanks again to ‘pungentpeppers’ (emphasis is mine):

It was only reluctantly that Batula Ali Ekow tells her story, prompted by Somali interpreter Deqa Mohamed who had a part to play in what, unfortunately, appears to be a commonplace drama of poverty overwhelming a refugee family in North Surrey.

Ekow, along with other Somali women — all clothed in the flowing robes and headdresses of their homeland — attend the Surrey school district’s English Language Learner Welcome Centre at 7525 King George Blvd., which offers services to help integrate immigrant and refugee families into Canadian society.

It was here — with Mohamed acting as interpreter — that Ekow and other Somali mothers were interviewed.

Her friend, Hawo Hussein Adbi, spoke of the sense of hopelessness as her older children, still at school, apply for jobs each week but never hear back, and of the struggle to feed them all while living on social assistance.

At first, Ekow will only speak generally about how she and her three school-aged children have fared.

Like the other women, she is saying how overwhelmingly grateful she is to be in Canada when Mohamed interrupts and says, “Let me speak to her in the Somali language” and a conversation ensues, at the end of which a different story emerges:

Ekow, her husband and children arrived in Canada in June 2010 as refugees, and began living on $1,600 a month. Her husband left shortly after their arrival, and so her benefits were cut to $1,025.

Rent was $900, so for seven months, until she began receiving the federal child tax credit, she had $125 a month with which to feed, clothe and care for herself and three children — what a middle-class couple might spend on dinner out without really trying.

She spoke no English, had no idea of Canadian customs, and asked no one for help. The children’s teachers, however, realized something was wrong and called Mohamed.


Surrey counsellor Judy Villeneuve agrees it is a crisis and that services available for the poor in the area and refugees who arrive there destitute are inadequate. But the city does all it can to help, she says.

It is a long article but well worth reading especially if you are one of our many Canadian readers.

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UK: Muslim immigrants make their move to take over public schools

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 8, 2014

Since we are on the subject of the stealth jihad this morning, I found it amusing that staunch defender of Muslim immigration to Canada, Doug Saunders, says it is illogical that people would make the difficult move to a faraway land while hating the place they moved to and wishing to change it.

Doug Sanders: they just want to be like us!

See our Canada post earlier today.  I didn’t give you anything from Muslim apologist Saunders, but this is what he said in a recent debate with Dr. Salim Mansur.

The Globe and Mail columnist also addressed concerns that Muslim immigrants will eventually attempt to impose Sharia law in Canada, enacting edicts that oppose secular values, oppress women’s rights, and discriminate against homosexuals.


“This narrative is built on a basic fallacy,” Saunders stated. “Why would any family endure the trouble and expense of immigrating to a faraway country because they hate its ways? People generally immigrate to places whose values and institutions they find agreeable.”

Saunders needs to tell that to the Muslims in the UK who are now making a move to take over some public schools according to The Mail (Islamist plot dubbed ‘Trojan Horse’ to replace teachers in Birmingham schools with radicals).  Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers.’

Muslim fundamentalists are plotting to take over state schools, according to leaked documents.

Activists have launched a campaign to oust headteachers using dirty tricks such as spreading false allegations and packing governing bodies with their supporters.

The plot, which ringleaders have named Operation Trojan Horse, has emerged in documents drawn up by the group and leaked to a local newspaper.

The dossier names several schools in the Birmingham area as targets of alleged plots.

The authors of the documents discuss extending the ‘jihad’ operation to Bradford and Manchester – cities with rapidly growing Muslim populations.

Read it all.

So, I would ask Mr. Saunders what is the difference between Canada’s Muslims and those in the UK?  Only one difference as far as I can see, the numbers are not yet great enough in Canada, but they will be one day.

Where is the Muslim population in the US distributed most heavily, see our much-visited post here.  Some states may surprise you!

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Canadian (Muslim!) professor: Canada has disarmed itself by swallowing the toxin of multiculturalism

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 8, 2014

…..and, if Canada has, surely the US is worse because a debate like this one (hosted in part by a mainstream news outlet) would never even happen in America!  Frankly, even our major immigration control groups don’t have the nerve to address this issue publicly!

Dr. Salim Mansur has called for a moratorium on immigration to Canada from Muslim countries.

Here is the story from Israel National News.   Isn’t that funny that this account of what happened is published in Israel.  The only other report I saw in Canada was one blasting the professor for his “Islamophobia!”

Emphasis below is mine:

The MacDonald-Laurier Institute and the Globe and Mail held a public conference recently on the phenomenon of Muslim immigration to the West, which debated whether or not the influx is bringing a culture of violence to Canada and other Western countries.

The debate was conducted between Doug Saunders, journalist for Foreign Affairs for the Globe and Mail, and Salim Mansur, a Political Science professor at the University of Western Ontario, reports Shalom Toronto.

The two addressed the following questions: Are immigrants from Muslim countries bringing violence and values ​​that are inconsistent with Western values​​? Are Muslim immigrants integrating into Western society in the same ways that other ethnic minorities do? And, is Muslim immigration a threat to Canada or West?

Interestingly, it was the political science professor – who is, himself, Muslim – who maintained that Islam remains a threat to Canadian society.

You can read what Saunders had to say and then this is what Dr. Mansur warns us about:

“Canadians’ mistaken notion that all cultures are equal has disarmed this nation in the confrontation with the illiberal demands of radical Islam,” he fired, noting he was “drawing upon – as an immigrant, as a person of color and as a Muslim – inside knowledge of and lived experience in the cultures of both liberal democracy and Islam.”

“A liberal-democratic society based on individual rights, freedom, and the rule of law cannot indefinitely accommodate non-liberal or illiberal demands from immigrant groups without subverting its own culture,” Mansur noted. He then identified three risk factors: the rise in birthrates among the Muslim community, the nature of Muslim culture and its relationship to non-Muslim cultures, and the West’s multiculturalism.

Statistics cited by the professor include proof that the foreign-born population in Canada has become predominantly non-Western since 1967, especially in major city centers, and that the Muslim immigrant population is growing four times faster than other immigrant populations.

As a culture, Mansur stressed, Islam became a “rigid, closed system” during the 14th century, as a result of a heavy Bedouin influence. Mansur maintains that early Islam found Bedouin culture “savage” – but it nonetheless prevailed.

“The full face of this Bedouin-ized Islamic culture that has wrecked the diversity of the Muslim world from within is to be seen in the bigotry, violence, vulgarity and misogyny of Al Qaeda, the Taliban, the Khomeini followers,” Mansur noted. “It is the nature of mainstream contemporary Muslim politics – or Islamism – to conform to the Bedouin disposition.”

This disposition, Mansur claimed, characterizes contemporary Islamic values – even in immigrant communities. The things heard in Canadian mosques are “intractably opposed to liberal democracy,” and aim to “ruin from within” Canadian and Western values, according to the Professor.

Multiculturalism, meanwhile, threatens to allow this attitude to rear its ugly head in the political sphere, according to Mansur.

“In having swallowed the toxin of official multiculturalism, Canada has disarmed itself of the ability to discriminate between immigrant groups which are importing cultural baggage that is harmless, and those that are toxic to the values of liberal democracy,” Mansur concludes.

Time for a little more debate in America about the forbidden ‘M’ words—-Muslims, multiculturalism, and moratorium!

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Canada officially acknowledges that after 1948 Jews were expelled from their homes throughout the Middle East

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 5, 2014

Next time you hear the Palestinians and their supporters whining, remember hundreds of thousands of Jews lost their ancestral homes when forced to leave Arab countries and they aren’t demanding any ‘right of return!’

Yemenite Jews en route from Aden to Israel, during the Magic Carpet operation (1949–1950).

By the way, has the US (the Obama Administration) officially recognized this report? From the Jerusalem Post (hat tip: Jeff):

Canada, early on Tuesday, accepted the recommendation of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development that “Canada officially recognizes the experience of Jewish refugees who were displaced from states in the Middle East and North Africa after 1948.”

The recognition came following the committee’s November 2013 report on Recognizing Jewish Refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.

The committee “learned of the discrimination and hardship faced by Jewish people living in the Middle East and North Africa in the 20th century,” according to the report.

Further, said the report, “almost all of the Jews in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen eventually left their homes and communities, which had existed in the Middle East and North Africa for centuries.”


Next, the report said that the countries in question had 856,000 Jews before 1948, 76,000 in 1968 and only 4,315 in 2012.


CIJA chairman David Koschitzky responded to the news, saying, “Today’s decision brings Canada one step closer to recognizing the otherwise forgotten persecution of Jewish minorities across the Middle East.”

He continued, “This is not only a matter of ensuring historical accuracy. Once implemented, it will correct a fundamental imbalance in a Canadian policy that acknowledges Arab refugees, but makes no mention of Jewish refugees resulting from the Arab- Israeli conflict.”

This is our 149th post in our Israel and refugees category.  It is our 125th on Canada.

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A reminder: check those “Top Posts” daily!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 18, 2014

We’ve had a lot of new readers and more interest lately in Refugee Resettlement issues facing first world countries.   In some cases a story catches fire on facebook and our numbers soar.  If you check the “Top Posts” (right hand sidebar) every day, you can get an idea of what stories are interesting our readers around the world.

Yesterday, the Lewiston, Maine post from last week took off.    And, our fact sheet (US), is a hit every day!

Although the majority of our readers are from the US, we have thousands upon thousands visiting from around the world.  Looking back over the last two years (when wordpress began giving us stats from other countries), these are the top ten countries from which we host visitors to RRW (the order switches around slightly from month to month but the list below is the approximate order) with the UK topping the list:

S. Africa

Not far behind France is Malta!

We bring you stories from around the world just so you know that the refugee/asylum issue is plaguing industrialized countries everywhere and your concern here in America, that excessively high numbers of migrants are attempting to get into America, is shared by others who fear for their country, their culture, and the potentially disastrous impact on Western civilization as a result of demographic change.

Some countries are taking action to stem the tide—front and center right now is Australia!

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No meds for ill Canadian child as demands rise for refugee applicants to receive health care

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 12, 2013

One of the most troubling questions for community members in a city or town where large numbers of refugees are arriving is—why are we doing this when we have our own needy people not being cared for?

I hear it all the time.  It goes something like this: ‘we have people (Americans/our neighbors) going hungry, homeless in the streets, or the elderly in need of attention and care and yet we can bring in tens of thousands of impoverished people from elsewhere in the world?  Why are our own needy so much less attractive?’

That is the question being asked in Ontario, Canada as Canadian health care can not afford Madi Vanstone, but are being pressured to care for refugee “claimants” who may or may not even be granted asylum.

Madi Vanstone’s meds vs. refugees’ meds?

Can you say “death panels” in Canada’s health care system?

Thanks to reader Joanne, here is the story at the Toronto Sun (emphasis mine):

TORONTO – Little Madi Vanstone is one beautiful child — with a major health problem.

The 12-year-old has a rare form of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and requires a life-saving drug, Kalydeco, to keep her breathing.

The big problem is the drug costs $348,000 a year — and it’s not covered by OHIP.


Madi’s dad, Glen, a pipefitter, has insurance benefits that pay for 50% of her drug bill. The drug manufacturer picks up 30% — but that leaves the family paying $5,770 a month to keep their daughter alive.


They [the community raised money---ed] did what Canadians have done for generations — pulled together to help a child in need.

That’s what makes Monday’s announcement by the provincial health ministry so galling.

This province is trying to shame the feds into reinstating care for refugee claimants.


We can’t even afford life-saving drugs for a child who has lived in this province all her life. Whose family has paid taxes for generations.

But in a foot-stamping, blame-the-feds act of cynicism, apparently we have enough money to pay for health care for refugee claimants.


….the province adamantly won’t pay [for Madi---ed].

But we do have enough money to pay the very generous Ontario Drug Benefit Plan (ODBP) for people here as refugee claimants and those awaiting deportation.

Are we nuts?

And, here it is—one more sensible question from citizens regarding pressure from Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care. If these doctors care so much for the refugees why can’t they treat them for free!

Let refugee claimants hold bake sales for their health care, as Madi’s family has done.

….. Dr. Phillip Berger, of St. Michael’s Hospital and a member of Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, said sick children and pregnant women can’t get care and cancer patients are denied chemotherapy.

If doctors care that much, they can treat refugees for free.

There is more, read it all (click here).

Update!  Doctors for Refugee Care win in Ontario—refugee healthcare reinstated.

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Saskatchewan, Canada: not in my cab!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 8, 2013

Canadian radio talk show personality John Gormley recently discussed a troubling issue in the rapidly growing multicultural mecca of Saskatchewan—cab drivers who will not allow the blind with guide dogs to ride in their cabs.

Here’s what I don’t get, why does some radio talk show guy, described as a rightwinger who says provocative things, have to begin his opinion piece with a paean to multiculturalism and how wonderful the immigrant transformation is for Saskatchewan?  Is it what he believes, or a nod to political correctness?  Frankly, it sounds rather mealy-mouthed!  Is that how one must speak in Canada?

John Gormley at the Leader-Post (emphasis mine):

Radio host Gormley a proponent of immigration to Saskatchewan where a transformation is underway!
Photo: Michelle Berg , The StarPhoenix

As a proponent of immigration to Saskatchewan – a great place too long undiscovered by the rest of the world – a transformation has been underway, as people from here and newcomers alike, discover and develop immense opportunities.

Beyond record population growth, we are also experiencing an evolution in culture, the arts and the ethnic makeup of our communities.

But, but, but….

And with a large influx of people, particularly from varied ethnic groups, come some challenges of tolerance.

There’s the story of Saskatonian Mike Simmonds, who encounters problems trying to take taxicabs with his guide dog.

Simmonds, known as the blind comedian, is a gentle and polite guy loathe to point fingers, but he alludes to “certain taxi drivers” reluctant to transport dogs in their cabs – guide dogs or otherwise.

On my radio show, after speaking with Simmonds, we heard from Gerry Nelson of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), who makes the point bluntly: more than ever lately, he’s been experiencing refusals of service for having a guide dog.

But, surely if Canadian law is explained to the drivers they will want to respect those laws!


This is easily fixable by informing new employees and explaining the law and policy.

Oops!  Not so fast!

The second scenario is more troublesome: certain new immigrants, for religious or cultural reasons, have decided that the law doesn’t apply to them.  [Surprise!---ed]

The CNIB’s Nelson spoke of taxi company managers trying to assist, but admitting that some of their drivers were openly refusing to accommodate guide dogs and their blind owners.

These taxi drivers are of the Muslim faith and strictly adhere to Hadith, the translations of the deeds and sayings of the prophet Muhammad, some of which are interpreted as decreeing that dogs are unclean and should be killed.

Gormley goes on to discuss an interview with a ‘moderate’ Muslim I suppose in order to hold out hope to readers  that the little  misunderstanding of the Hadiths will soon be cleared-up so they can go on with diversifying the Canadian heartland.

Click here to read our previous 121 posts about problems Canada is having with immigration.

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