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Australia may take 4,000 Christian Iraqi and Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 14, 2014

The Abbott government, which is constantly beaten-up by those who want Australia to take in the world, is considering resettling persecuted Christians, but that isn’t enough for the no-borders pushers.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The Abbott government is considering offering refuge to as many as 4000 Iraqis and Syrians after the new Anglican Primate of Australia, Philip Freier, called for asylum in Australia for Christians facing slaughter in northern Iraq.

Dr Freier, Anglican Archbishop of Melbourne, said he had written to Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison asking that they emulate France in offering refuge to Christians facing forced conversion to Islam or death.

By the way, has anyone seen anything from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service or any of the other US “religious” resettlement contractors saying we should be taking CHRISTIANS into the US now?  Or, are they so politically-correct and fearful of saying anything against Islam that they keep their mouths shut?

(New readers of RRW probably don’t know that Catholics and Lutherans are responsible for much of the Muslim refugee resettlement happening in the US right now.)

Adam Bandt wants to know why Abbott treats those in detention differently than persecuted Christians from Iraq. Could it be that those in detention have broken the law and won’t make good citizens.

Greens call out Abbott

The text of the Sydney Morning Herald story does not include anything from the Green Party, but there is a clip of Green Party leader Adam Bandt criticizing Tony Abbott for what he calls hypocrisy because while perhaps agreeing to take 4,000 refugees now, the government is holding hundreds of Iraqis in detention.  He wonders why the disparity in treatment.

It is pretty obvious to me!   Those in detention are mostly Muslims who broke into Australia illegally—not persecuted Christians running for their lives at the moment.

Here is the caption under the film clip:

PM needs to decide if he’s a humanitarian or a hypocrite: Greens

Granting extra places to refugees fleeing Iraq is a good start, but it would be hypocritical of the government to send refugees already in detention back to Iraq says Adam Bandt.

See all of our coverage of the migrant problem in Australia by clicking here (141 previous posts!).  See especially Australia’s Muslim migrants call for Caliphate.  What does Bandt not see about the difference between Muslims and Christians as prospective new Aussies?

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Austria to take 1,000 Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 23, 2014

That number seems rather high to me and I sure hope they aren’t passing through Austria to the US as some Muslim refugees have done this past year.    See our earlier post on Austria, here.

A reader explained to me privately at that time that we were using Austria as a conduit for “refugees” on the way to America.

‘Asylum seekers’ protesting in Vienna in 2012. They were demanding better living conditions.

From   But, check this out, the Austrians actually have the courage to say they are focusing their attention on persecuted Christians!

Austria will receive an extra 1000 Syrian refugees in addition to the quota of 500 announced in August 2013, according to Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner.

In a Sunday interview for Austrian newspaper Kurier, she explained that the country would receive an additional 1000 refugees apart from the initially announced quota of 500, adding that priority treatment would be granted to women, children and persecuted Christians. She said that the number of asylum applicants had not been taken into account in the measure.

Austria has been swamped by Muslim asylum seekers, see our earlier posts on a country that repelled the invaders at the Gates of Vienna in 1683.

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Abrams and Schwartz want further relaxation of security screening for Syrian refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 3, 2014

In a highly criticized move, the Obama Administration already relaxed security screening aimed at bringing in thousands of Syrians.  Now Elliott Abrams and Eric Schwartz have penned an op-ed saying it wasn’t enough.

Elliott Abrams

Frankly, some serious wrangling must be going on within the Administration because as far as I can tell, Obama has not YET opened the floodgates to Syrian refugees and thus we are seeing the public relations push—as we mentioned in the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society story the other day.  (Incidentally, that story was viewed by 33,328 readers via our facebook page!)

Who are Abrams and Schwartz?   According to the USA Today op-ed:

Elliott Abrams, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, was a deputy national security adviser in the George W. Bush administration. Eric P. Schwartz, dean of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, was assistant secretary of State for population, refugees and migration in the Obama administration. They are members of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.

We have a lot on Eric P. Schwartz, a Soros protege and one-worlder, on our pages, here.

Eric P. Schwartz

Abrams and Schwartz at USA Today:

Last month, as Syria’s civil war entered its fourth year, bloodshed continued without pause and the number of refugees continued to swell. Those are among the reasons that the Obama administration took an important step to sustain a U.S. tradition of protecting refugees, including Syrians fleeing their country. But the administration can do more.

The United States has long provided haven and resettlement to those escaping tyranny.

They then go on to describe the waiver from terrorism bars the Obama Administration has already put in place and say it isn’t enough:

There are other categories of refugees who still fall afoul of current law, such as former combatants who never acted against U.S. interests and have laid down their arms, and individuals who provided “insignificant” support for groups that the U.S. has designated as terrorist groups. The administration should consider expanding its waiver to include these groups.

Abrams and Schwartz say they only want a few thousand Syrians to be admitted, but therein lies the rub.  The US State Department had bandied about the possible resettlement of 2,000 this fiscal year, but the resettlement contractors are pushing for from 12,000-15,000 this year (to be repeated again next year and the year after…).

BTW, we are already 6 months into the 2014 fiscal year which began on Oct. 1, 2013.  And, just a reminder: the contractors are paid by the head for each refugee they resettle.

In case you are wondering, Abrams and Schwartz never mention the persecuted Syrian Christians.

This is how you snooker the low-information Americans who read USA Today:

We are not suggesting that the United States admit waves of new refugees. While there are more than 2 million Syrians outside their homeland, the U.S. resettlement program for Syrians is focused only on several thousand of the most vulnerable.

LOL! It is only a few thousand and only the “vulnerable” they say.  What is “several thousand?”

As I said the contractors and the open borders lobby must be running into some resistance on the Syrian refugee resettlement issue or Abrams and Schwartz wouldn’t be penning this piece.

Just as Americans are weary of war, I believe they are weary of taking in the world and putting the masses on US taxpayer-funded welfare, not to mention putting our security at risk!

You need to be letting your Representative in Congress or US Senators know, you have had enough!

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My favorite refugees, German homeschoolers, get asylum

Posted by Judy K. Warner on March 13, 2014

Uwe and Hannelore Romeike and their children left their native Germany in 2008, fleeing persecution by the government because they wanted to homeschool their children.   Lynda Altman reports in the Examiner

The family applied for asylum based on religious persecution. Asylum was granted. However, the Obama administration overturned that decision and the Romeike family faced deportation.

HSLDA stepped in and fought the deportation. They lost the battle at every turn. Even when Glenn Beck stepped in with a sizable donation, the family still could not catch a break in court. Then, a petition was filed with thousands of signatures requesting that the U.S. Government answer a final request. On that, the family won.

The Romeike family. Six and counting.

The U.S. Supreme Court was supposed to hear the case on Monday, March 3, 2014. Instead of hearing the case, the court decided against it. That left the Romeike family with no more options. They were out of time and legal recourse. It looked like deportation was inevitable.

After public outcry, the Department of Homeland Security gave the Romeike family permission to remain in the United States. This happened on Tuesday, March 4, 2014.

Blogger Ben Swann has these further details (as well as some details about what happened to them in Germany):

The Romeike’s received help from the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). The HSLDA requested a rehearing with the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The request was denied. The case caught the attention of the homeschooling community, as well as a number of Christian groups. An online petition asking President Obama to grant the family asylum was signed by more than 127,000 people. Eventually the Romeike’s and the HSLDA decided to request a hearing with the Supreme Court.

Michael Farris, founder of the HSLDA, commented, “The Attorney General and Sixth Circuit are ignoring critical evidence and are trying to send back this family who is trying to stay in our country legally. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will go the other way and see what the original immigration judge saw: that this family and other religious homeschoolers in Germany are being persecuted for what they believe is the right way to raise their children.”

Both writers give the petition and public outcry credit for the outcome.  I wonder; I’ve never heard of a petition to the federal government having any effect.  It’s great if that’s true.  I do remember that more than 20 years ago Rep. George Miller of California introduced a bill in Congress that homeschoolers interpreted as threatening to their right to educate their children.  (I should say “we homeschoolers” as I was one at the time.)  They jammed the Capitol switchboard — it was reported to be the most calls ever — and the bill was withdrawn.  Today there are many more homeschoolers.

I posted on the case here in 2010 and Ann posted here in 2013 when the Romeikes were denied asylum.  Note that they were initially granted asylum and then that was overturned at the federal level.  We can imagine how much the Obama administration would love a Christian family educating its children outside the state’s control. (Not!)  I’d love to know the inside story of the judicial and government actions in this case.

As Ann commented in her post when the Romeikes lost their asylum case: We will take Chechens, Somalis and Rohingya Muslims, but not persecuted Christians from Germany who pose no threat to America.  Go figure!

Addendum: Here a great piece by Michael Farris, Dangerous Policy Lurks behind Romeike Triumph.  I don’t have time to write about it, but if you are interested in homeschooling, parental rights, religious freedom, or oppressive government, there’s a lot here for you.

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Thousands of Syrian Muslim refugees becoming Christians?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 3, 2014

Here is the report I saw first at Catholic Culture:

Christian Aid Mission, a Protestant organization based in Virginia, is reporting that thousands of Syrian refugees are converting to Christianity in Turkey, Lebanon, and Iraq.

“Literally thousands of Syrians from traditional Muslim backgrounds are turning to Jesus Christ,” the organization stated. “It’s not an inflating of the numbers, nor is it an optimistic estimate.”

And, here is the full story at Christian Aid Mission, let’s hope their conversion is legitimate.  Christian groups like this one—doing the hard work around the world rather than advocating for the third world to come to America—are to be encouraged in my view.

For new readers, those advocating (lobbying!) to bring the third world here are the federal refugee contractors representing some mainstream churches in America.

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Catholic Patriarch: Don’t move all Christians out of Syria to the West!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 29, 2014

Expressed misgivings about refugee resettlement of Christians from throughout the Middle East to the West.

From Catholic Culture:

Syria’s leading Catholic prelate has voiced misgivings about refugee programs that are helping Christian families from Syria resettle in the West, saying that it is better if they remain in the Middle East.

Melkite Catholic Patriarch Gregory III Laham, who doubles as president of the Syrian bishops’ conference, said that the flight of Syrian refugees threatens to aggravate the overall exodus of Christians from the Middle East. “The danger is that if they leave the Middle East, they will never go back,” he said.

The Melkite Patriarch said that he could readily sympathize with the Christians who choose to leave the region. “Of course, we cannot decide for ourselves what response our people should make,” he acknowledged, adding that “the suffering is great.”

However, Patriarch Gregory suggested that aid programs should concentrate on helping people to remain near their homes. “It is better to help the people within the country or the region, and not invite them to go outside,” he said. “There is more that can be done locally,” he said.

Agreed!  But, unfortunately then the US refugee resettlement contractors who are being paid by the head and doing the UN’s business will be happy to bring more Muslims to America and that includes among them the US Conference of Catholic Bishops!

Addendum: Check out this useful world map of countries where Christians are being persecuted.

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Christian Science Monitor editorial: Obama must bring in the Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 19, 2014

It would be so much less confusing if they would just drop the word “Christian” from their masthead don’t you think!

The mainstream media drumbeat is well underway!

Noticeably absent from this editorial from last week, however, is any mention of “Christians!”   The publication also suggests that Obama relax security screening that had been put in place after 911.

Demonstrating a complete misunderstanding of refugee resettlement in America (or is it an effort to mislead us) the CSM says this:

“It is time for Europe and the United States to be a safety valve and accept many more Syrians for temporary asylum.”

There is NO temporary asylum in America.  Refugees are permanently resettled in the US.  As a matter of fact, we received a comment recently where a reader assumed that refugees come here temporarily until their homeland is secure again.  NO!

Longtime readers know we have another immigration loophole called ‘Temporary Protected Status (TPS)‘ which is for those from certain designated countries who were in the US (visiting, on student visas, etc) when the problem happened back home—a civil war or natural disaster—who are supposedly allowed to stay only until the status is removed.  Syrians already in the US are now eligible for that program.  However, even when the trouble back home is solved, most of those on TPS NEVER leave, just ask the Salvadorans!  There are NO temporary refugees, so why the CSM editor says such a thing is beyond me!

Here is more of what the CSM says—to show our gratitude to certain Middle Eastern countries we need to take twelve thousand or so chosen by the UN! (and skip the security screening!):

The UN wants 30,000 of Syria’s most vulnerable refugees – mainly women and children – to be taken in by the US and Europe. About 20 countries in Europe plan to accept 18,000 Syrians. For now, however, the Obama administration has committed to resettling only “several thousand” Syrians.

One problem for the US is that post-9/11 laws make it difficult to screen asylum seekers from Muslim countries. The laws were designed to make sure terrorists don’t slip through. More than 135,000 Syrian refugees have applied for asylum. Last year, only a few dozen were allowed into the US. The Obama administration has legal ways to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles and begin granting far more temporary visas.  [There are no temporary refugees!---ed]

The US has called on Jordan, Turkey, and Lebanon to keep their borders open. For both humanitarian and security reasons – and out of gratitude to those countries – the US must now also open its border to the huddled masses of Syrian refugees.

For security reasons?  Now what the heck does that mean?  Surely they don’t mean we have to take them to keep them from becoming terrorists!

The talking points have gone out!   The UN wants the US to take 12,000 this year, the contractors want it too.  Will Obama do it—legally he can!

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Utah murder trial ends with guilty verdict for Burmese Muslim refugee

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 18, 2014

It was a trial that riveted readers of The Salt Lake Tribune for the last couple of weeks, but barely made news outside of Utah.  Esar Met, a Burmese Muslim man, was arrested in 2008 for the brutal sexual assault and murder of a 7-year-old Burmese girl in their Salt Lake City apartment building.   A jury found him guilty yesterday.

Met had only been in the US one month and had been assigned to live in a building filled with fellow Burmese, but they were all Christians and roommates described the tension that created among them.  They had lived in separate parts of the camp in Thailand.

Hser Ner Moo’s father Cartoon Wah (right) said after the verdict: “My only daughter is still no more.”

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

He lured the child with games and treats. He made her laugh, helped her feel safe and welcome in the depths of his basement home.

But on March 31, 2008, a jury ruled Friday, kindness turned to violence as Esar Met sexually assaulted, beat and killed 7-year-old Hser Ner Moo.

Jurors entered the courtroom Friday after more than five hours of deliberation looking haggard and spent. They had sat through nine days of testimony, 41 witnesses and more than two hours of closing arguments that morning.

Two female jurors held tissues at the ready. Their eyes looked as if they had already been crying.

In the gallery, packed with friends and family of the young victim, a tense silence filled the air, punctuated only by the quiet sobs of Pearlly Wa — the mother who lost her only daughter nearly six years ago.

Met was convicted of child kidnapping and aggravated murder, both first-degree felonies that could land the 27-year-old Burmese refugee in prison for the rest of his life.


He had been in the country just one month, and would spend the next six years behind bars awaiting trial.

He could get 20 years to life when he is sentenced in May.  Scary thought that he could ever be released.  And, too bad for Utah taxpayers, maybe they should appeal to Congress for an extra stipend to pay for his trial and for the next 20 years of his life since it was the federal government—the US State Department and its contractors (Catholic Charities?)—that dumped him in Utah.

By the way, over the years The Salt Lake Tribune has acted like a real investigative news outlet, even sending a reporter to Thailand back in 2008.  One thing reporter Julia Lyon learned is that Met was considered “not right” in the camp, so who decided he would be a good citizen of America?

For new readers, all of our previous coverage of the case, going back years, may be found by clicking here.

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Britain’s celebrities “demand” that UK open doors to Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 14, 2014

They say in their letter that they are “ashamed” of the UK for not doing it sooner!

Hollywood actor Colin Firth and wife: we demand that David Cameron let in the Syrians!

From the Huffington Post (emphasis mine):

Syria’s growing number of refugees have found some unlikely champions in the form of British actors Emma Thompson and Colin Firth. The British Hollywood stars have demanded David Cameron offers a safe haven for those fleeing from the civil war that has engulfed the country for almost three years.

Other celebrities to sign a letter demanding action from Number 10 include Monty Python star Michael Palin, fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, Firth’s wife Livia, artist Grayson Perry and actress Juliet Stevenson.


“We’re ashamed that Britain isn’t one of them [countries "welcoming" Syrians].

Actress Emma Thompson “ashamed” of the UK

They clearly don’t understand that there is nothing temporary about refugee resettlement via the UN.

“We’ve done it before, offering temporary resettlement places to Kosovan, Bosnian and Vietnamese people in their hour of greatest need.

As for “vulnerable” Syrians, as far as I can tell they don’t mention the word Christian.

One commenter tells us what the average citizen of the UK (or USA) is thinking—-how about if you rich celebrities take care of them yourselves!

Dibber D:

I doubt they will let them live in their own properties, pay for their clothes, bills and food, until they’re ready to put THEIR own money and properties where their mouths are i would suggest they stop flapping their gums.

Read it all.

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Utah medical examiner: Little girl suffered “excruciating pain” before dying from tear to heart

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 14, 2014

For new readers, visit our previous post on the case of a Burmese Muslim (Rohingya?) refugee, Esar Met, who is charged with the 2008 murder of a 7-year-old Christian (Karen) refugee girl in their Salt Lake City apartment building.

Esar Met in 2012 when he was ordered to stand trial.

This is the latest on the trial that is expected to run until January 24th.  From The Salt Lake Tribune:

Hser Ner Moo suffered more than a dozen painful injuries in the hour before she died, an autopsy revealed, but it was a tear to her heart that sealed the girl’s fate, the state’s chief medical examiner testified Monday.

Dr. Todd Grey took the stand on the fifth day of the trial of Esar Met, a Burmese refugee accused of kidnapping, assaulting and killing the 7-year-old girl in 2008.

He walked the 11-person jury through the child’s injuries, several of which he described as “excruciating.”

Grey ruled that the sum of these injuries caused the child’s death, but noted the wound to the girl’s heart — a tear in the right atrium — was the most lethal.

“This would have been excruciating pain,” Grey said. “This was a homicide, a death due to an intentional action by another person.”

Met, 27, who calmly sat through the graphic testimony Monday morning, is charged in 3rd District Court with first-degree felony child kidnapping and aggravated murder. If convicted, he could spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Read the rest of the graphic details yourself.

Met had only been placed in the apartment building a month before the murder presumably as a newly arrived refugee from the camps in Thailand.   This murder did not have to happen.

If he is found guilty the cost of his incarceration for life will fall on the taxpayers of Utah.  Every “welcoming” city should be demanding that the US State Department and its contractors—in this case Catholic Charities or the International Rescue Committee (which just last week was begging for the US to admit 12,000 Syrians)—be sure they screen very well the ‘refugees’ they drop-off in your city!

Imagine also what this trial is costing the taxpayers.

Maybe some Member of Congress or Senate could introduce legislation that says when refugees commit crimes the cost is not borne by the local jurisdiction, but by the feds.  Of course that is taxpayer dollars too, but at least it would send a message!

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