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Kentucky: Could the invasion on the border result in fewer refugees admitted to US?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 3, 2014

Update July 4th:  They are crying for more money in Arizona now too! (Hat tip: Joanne).  Too many ‘unaccompanied minors’ siphoning off money for other refugees.  Someone commented to me yesterday, that the open borders pushers (including the Catholic Bishops!) may have over-played their hand this time.

That (fewer refugees) is what a spokesman for Kentucky Refugee Ministries told WFPL News in Louisville earlier this week (Influx of Young Refugees Pinches Kentucky Refugee Services’ Budget).

Or, more likely this is the opening salvo in a lobbying campaign in Congress (by the contractors) to get more of your taxpayer dollars to keep the thousands of Iraqis, Burmese, and Somalis, etc. flowing to middle America.   Thanks to all who sent this article.

Muslim refugee Mustafa allegedly embezzled money from Kentucky Refugee Ministries—is this what they mean by balancing the city?

WFPL News:

An increase of undocumented children coming into America is expected to reduce the funding for services available to displaced people living in Kentucky and across the U.S.

Kentucky Office for Refugees officials expect to see a $2.28 million cut in federal funding to provide refugees in Kentucky with services such as English language learning, career development and housing placement.

The reduction in funding stems from an influx of children coming to the U.S. to escape violence and economic struggle in Central America, refugee services officials said. To better serve these children, the Office for Refugee Resettlement is transferring nearly $94 million to the Unaccompanied Alien Children program. The $2.28 million Kentucky officials expect to lose is a part of the $94 million transfer.

Because of the cuts, thousands of newly arrived refugees would receive a limited amount of these services that aid in creating a seamless transfer to life in America, according to a statement released by Catholic Charities of Louisville.

There is nothing to stop these contractors from RAISING PRIVATE MONEY to do their supposedly charitable work!  They could ask their parishioners for money and hold bake sales!

When the original 1980 Refugee Act was pushed through Congress by Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden and signed into law by Jimmy Carter, there was no discussion of making these ‘religious’ charities quasi-government agencies as they have now become with the majority of their funding coming from you—the US taxpayers.

WFPL continued:

But if the cuts create such a problem that services cannot be provided, a smaller number of refugees may be brought to the United States, Koehlinger [Director of Kentucky Refugee Ministries] added.


More than 2,100 refugees relocated to Louisville in the 2013 fiscal year, according to data provided by Catholic Charities of Louisville. In 2014, the number is expected to remain about the same.


Koehlinger said the strong refugee population in Louisville is vital for a productive, balanced metropolitan area.

What the heck is a “balanced” metropolitan area?  Is that like in Rochester where resettlement contractors dropped off the docile Bhutanese into an African American neighborhood (see our post yesterday on the consequences for the refugees when the do-gooders do their multi-culty mixing experiments)?

See our extensive archive on Kentucky ( here).  They have had some humdinger problems with refugees there.  Mustafa was just the latest most visible problem!  (BTW, he took down his facebook photo and other juicy tidbits about where he has been for the last number of years right after we published the information).

One last thing!  Don’t cry for the contractors, most have largely been responsible for encouraging the invasion of the border because they are being paid to take care of the “children” too!

See all of our posts on ‘unaccompanied minors’ by clicking here.  The list is extremely long now and extends back several years.

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Rochester, NY: Bhutanese refugees fear violence from African Americans

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 2, 2014

The US State Department, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) and whichever resettlement contractor they used in Rochester, NY to resettle these Bhutanese (Nepalese) are a bunch of nincompoops!

They must think that if they plunk down some new minority into an African American neighborhood that all of those people of different colors will somehow sympathize with each other and magically melt into a sort of blissful multicultural co-existence.

From the Democrat and Chronicle:

Locked inside their house in northwest Rochester, the Nepalese family felt under siege.

Outside, a crowd of young men — 20 to 25 in number — broke windows to the home and threatened to storm inside, according to members of the family. Moments before, several young men had followed and jumped a Nepalese teen. That scuffle then escalated into the menacing gang.

It wasn’t until the police came that the crowd scattered. This incident, in daylight hours Thursday, is another in a growing list of attacks against South Asian refugee families who have been settled in areas of northwest Rochester near Jones Square.


As law enforcement officials decide how to curb the intimidation and violence, the refugees themselves say they feel ignored and left to fend for themselves.


Many of the refugees are hesitant to talk to police, and, when they do, they have not been able to provide much information about their attackers. Typically, the offenders have been young African-American men, creating a volatile situation in which the refugees feel at risk in the very neighborhoods where they have been resettled.

Think that’s bad, just wait until potentially thousands of Central American teenage “refugee” boys arrive in upstate New York (resettled there by some of the same nincompoops!). 

They couldn’t create more chaos and strife if they tried (or, scary thought, maybe they are trying?).

For new readers (and we have many lately), here is just one post with a little history (Bush legacy also) about how we have resettled 75,000 Bhutanese/Nepalese in the last 6 years or so.

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Sigh of relief in Sweden (NY): Illegal alien kids not coming to town after all!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 1, 2014

But, are they coming to yours?

An old Walmart store was apparently under consideration by the Office of Refugee Resettlement to house a large number of so-called ‘unaccompanied minors.’

Upstate NY Walmart ruled out as home for the Central American (mostly teenaged) boys crashing the US border.

From the Democrat and Chronicle (hat tip: Joanne):

Federal officials are no longer considering a former Walmart building in the town of Sweden as temporary housing for children who fled violence in Central America and are in the United States illegally.

Assemblyman Steve Hawley, R-Batavia, said in a news release Monday that after he raised concerns, the federal Department of Health and Human Services informed him that the site, which is near Brockport, no longer is on the table.

Hawley’s statement called the decision “the right one.”

“Brockport residents and upstate New York taxpayers can’t afford to be paying for the housing, health care and education of illegal immigrant children,” the statement said. “It’s important that we do everything to help these children, but Brockport is ill-equipped for such an undertaking long-term.”

Sweden Deputy Supervisor Robert Muesebeck said Town Hall received many phone calls from residents about the idea after it became public — most of them negative.

Muesebeck said Monday evening he had not been informed of federal officials’ decision.

“That would make a lot of our taxpayers and citizens happy,” he said.

Find out if the “kids” by the hundreds are coming to your town!

Here is the list of state refugee coordinators.  Call yours and ask!

Click here for our complete archive on “unaccompanied alien minors” seeking asylum.

By the way, New York state is a favorite (welcoming!) refugee resettlement state for the contractors.  Go here for our dozens of posts on New York.

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Somali voter fraud alleged in Minnesota House race

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 1, 2014

One hundred and forty Somalis registered to vote using the same address (where no one lives).

From KSTP news:

Absentee voting started Friday, six weeks ahead of primary elections. Already there are strong allegations of voter fraud.

The attorney for Phyllis Kahn says he got word Thursday night; there might be hundreds of people who are registering and voting using an address that’s not their home.

Absentee voting kicked-off Friday morning in a hotly contested democratic primary race for the state house between incumbent Phyllis Kahn and Mohamud Noor.

Brian Rice, attorney for the Phyllis Kahn Volunteer Committee, claims there’s voter fraud.

“I think there is a coordinated effort to use this address to bring voters into the DFL primary election on August 12, that’s what I think is going on,” Rice said. “It’s wrong, it violates Minnesota Law, it’s a crime.”

According to voter registration records from the Secretary of State’s office and the DFL Voter Activation Network more than 140 people used 419 Cedar Avenue South in Minneapolis as their home address, when they registered to vote.

The address is for what’s called Cedar Mailbox Center. The building manager and mail center’s employees weren’t comfortable speaking on camera, but they said they were surprised by the allegations.

They say nobody put the wrong address on purpose. For 13 years, many Somali-Americans from all across the state have been getting their mail there. They say nobody lives there.

This is the same Leftie political campaign/squabble that ended in fisticuffs back in February and the police had to be called in.

Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?

I think that every day for over the last three years, this post (Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?) has remained in our Top Posts.

Al-Hijra helpers!

Thank the US State Department and three federal contractors— Lutheran Social Services, Catholic Charities, and World Relief Minnesota—attracted to the state by generous welfare goodies gratis Minnesota taxpayers.  And, I would bet a buck that Phyliss Kahn and the DFL have been cheering the flood of Muslim migrants to the state for decades.

That reminds me, I wonder if Minnesota will be “welcoming” the unaccompanied minors from south of the border?  Do you live in Minnesota?  If so, call your state refugee coordinator and ask if the “kids are coming?”  Here is the list of all state refugee coordinators.

Related:  Sorry no time to write about it, but this was in my alerts today too—Minneapolis offers sharia-compliant loans to Somali and other Muslim business owners.  Special government-funded deals for special people!

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Brigitte Gabriel: Peaceful Muslims are irrelevant

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 1, 2014

You hear it all the time—most of the world’s Muslims are peaceful.

Brigitte Gabriel: “On September 11th in the United States we had 2.3 million Arab Muslims living in the United States. It took 19 hijackers – 19 radicals – to bring America to its knees.”

I’m sure it’s what the bureaucrats working in the US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (and their contractors) tell themselves all the time as they import more and more “refugees” from the Muslim world to America.

I wonder do any of them (do any of you!), in a quiet moment, have any second thoughts about what they (you) are doing to America?

A couple of weeks ago the Heritage Foundation held a panel discussion on the Benghazi terror attack.  Watch Brigitte Gabriel of ACT bring down the house when a Muslim law student brought up the issue of peaceful Muslims and the ideology driving the violence.

You can read about what happened (below are just a few words of Gabriel’s response).  However, I suggest you watch Gabriel’s forceful retort to the self-identified peaceful Muslim law student.   Click here!  Hat tip: Paul.

“There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world today. Of course not all of them are radicals. The majority of them are peaceful people. The radicals are estimated to be between 15-25% according to all intelligence services around the world.

“That leaves 75% of [Muslims being] peaceful people. But when you look at 15-25% of the world’s Muslim population, you’re looking at 180 million to 300 million people dedicated to the destruction of Western civilization. That is as big as the United States,” said Gabriel.

It follows that 15-25% of Muslims resettled in America will arrive with a radical ideology because you can bet that during security screening, radicals will lie like hell to get in here.  And, another large percentage will be interested in a peaceful conquest known as al-Hijra.

When you visit the ACT website, note that their annual conference this year will be in Washington, DC from September 10th-12th.

***Update*** Be sure to see Frontpage magazines expose’ on the peaceful Muslim “law student” who prompted Brigitte Gabriel’s forceful response. (Hat tip: Joanne)



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Senators McCain and Graham want new special refugee admissions program for the “children”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 30, 2014

The leading military hawks in the US Senate—McCain and Graham—lecturing us about how we must control borders in the Middle East with bombs and guns, are virtually welcoming an invading army to America!

And, they are on the same page with the open borders refugee lobbyists in DC.

Here is a story (making my head explode!) that you have probably seen already over the weekend.  From Reuters (hat tip: Robin):

 WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Some leading members of the U.S. Congress are calling on the Obama administration to consider launching an emergency refugee program for Central American children as one way to address a rapidly escalating humanitarian crisis at the southern border with Mexico.

The US refugee program was never intended to give permanent shelter to people fearful of crime in their home country just because that country wasn’t capable of protecting its citizens from domestic abuse and gang violence.

For years (we have been writing about it), the open borders lobbyists and the contractors have been attempting to expand the definition of “refugee” to include just about anyone who wants to get to America.  Legitimate do-gooders who care about legitimate refugees should be incensed!

Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, told Reuters on Thursday that establishing refugee application programs in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, where domestic abuse, gang violence and poverty are rampant, is the “key” to defusing the growing U.S. border crisis.


McCain and other members of Congress – both Republicans and Democrats – say that a refugee program could help discourage minors from making the perilous journey north alone. At the same time, it would give some of them a legal way to flee the three nations, which rank among the top five countries with the highest murder rates in the world.

Lobbyists for the refugee contractors approve of the McCain/Graham proposal!

The lobbying arm for the humanitarian industrial complex and the refugee resettlement contractors*** thinks McCain and Graham are on the right track!  Be sure to see our report on the Refugee Council USA which was primarily set up to lobby and help protect the 501(c)3 status (and government grants) of the resettlement contractors.

“Some sort of in-country or regional processing (of refugee children) is one of the suggestions we have been making,” said Kristen Aster, associate director of the Refugee Council USA.

She said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees could get involved in the coordination, given that children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras might have to flee their native countries quickly and travel to a neighboring one once they apply for refugee status. The United States or other Central American countries could be their final destinations.

See also the Daily Caller, which reports that Graham (generally joined at the hip with McCain) is in on the concept:

South Carolina U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham – who, like McCain, backs immigration reform – is considering the idea of an emergency program as well.


There is only one sure-fire way to stop the invasion—airlift them (3/4th are teenaged boys!) back immediately to their respective capitals and tell the governments to find their families while threatening to cut off all foreign aid (not dump more of our taxpayer dollars into dysfunctional hell-holes where it will be squandered by corrupt politicians!).

So what about the Chinese kids???

Do McCain and Graham want a special program for the Chinese “children” also invading our border through Central America, Cuba and Mexico?

See our entire archive (spanning several years) on the ‘unaccompanied minors’ nightmare for our nation.   And, see Diana West last week—‘Saving the border when the cavalry isn’t coming’ here.

***The contractors (remember some are being paid by you to take care of the illegal alien “children!”)

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Sweden: whole school class of girls had genitals mutilated

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 25, 2014

Diversity is strength alert!


Oh my God!


As long-time readers know, Sweden is my bet for the first European country to fall to Islamic dominance.  We have an extensive archive, click here, on the insane Swedish Leftists who have opened their doors wide to any Muslim migrants who can get there!

Here is a story from last week (posted on World Refugee Propaganda Day no less) about a shocking discovery in Sweden!   All the girls in one school class were mutilated!

From Breitbart (hat tip: Judy).  Emphasis is mine:

School health services in the small Swedish city of Norrköping have found 60 cases of female genital mutilation (FGM) among schoolgirls since March, with evidence of mutilation found in all 30 girls in one class, 28 of the most severe form.

In Sweden, where the EU’s Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) says that FGM “is considered to be a serious problem,” the law enables genital examination of children to be carried out without parents’ consent.

FGM has been a crime in Sweden since 1982 and can be punished by up to four years in prison, increased to 10 years if judged to be an aggravated offence.

According to EIGE, concerns about FGM became widespread in Sweden in the early and mid-1990s with the influx of Somali migrants: “The first national action taken in the field…was initiated after alarming testimonies from the healthcare sector indicating the existence of FGM among many — if not all — women that originated from FGM-practising countries.”

If they are “refugees” who fear for their lives, what the hell are they doing going back to their “home country?”

Now the daughters of immigrants are in danger of undergoing FGM. According to the Local, the risk of becoming a victim of the procedure increases in the summer when many schoolgirls visit their parents’ home country: “We’re working to inform parents that they could face prison if they come back and their children have undergone female genital mutilation,” said Petra Blom Andersson, student health coordinator in Norrköping.

Mutilation carried out abroad has been a crime in Sweden since 1999.

In 2013, Somalis were the third largest group granted asylum in the EU countries, according to a Eurostat figures reported yesterday by Breitbart London, with almost 10,000 granted protection. Sweden gave refugee status to 26,400 people last year, more than any other EU country.

You know this is happening in America too!  The silence is deafening!

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Somali stowaway miracle boy update (soap opera resumed after short interlude)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 23, 2014

I don’t even know why they are bothering to publish a story like this one—-boy cries when talking to Mom in Africa (Mom cries too).  Incredible news!

The tearful Mom: I’ll be there soon honey!

See our previous posts here.

So why does the Dad need CAIR to speak for him?

However, we do learn that Mom is still trying to get to the US on an asylum claim.  Miracle boy does not live at home with Dad and wicked step mom.  Miracle boy hopes to live with aunt in Minnesota (yeh, Minnesota here comes one more!)  And, CAIR is speaking for miracle boy’s Dad.

From AP at the Sioux City Journal:

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A Somali immigrant who survived an arduous flight to Hawaii stowed away in a jet’s wheel well says he was trying to reach his mom, a refugee in Ethiopia who says her teenage son broke down in tears this week during their first call since his ordeal.

Mother Ubah Mohammed Abdule, who is seeking U.S. asylum, told The Associated Press Wednesday her son, who she hasn’t seen in eight years, cried on the phone Tuesday and told her he thought she was dead.


A family spokeswoman forwarded questions on Wednesday from AP to father Abdilahi Yusuf, a Santa Clara taxi driver, about why his son is not living with him. As with past requests, Yusuf has not responded. The spokeswoman, Zahra Billoo with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, says the family wants to maintain their privacy.

Here we had one teenaged “refugee” who wanted to go back to where he came from, and we won’t even let one go.

And, whatever happened to all of the talk of criminally charging the boy?

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Will the “unaccompanied children” be coming to your town? Feds are shopping for sites!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 23, 2014

The people of Virginia say NO to Obama bureaucrats last week!

You surely haven’t missed this news, it is popping up everywhere as the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) shops for locations in which to place hundreds of mostly teenaged illegal alien boys (dubbed “asylum seekers” and “refugees”) around the country, rather than returning them to their homes in Central America!

See the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s (in HHS) own stats at right.  Most of the “children” are males over 14 years old.

And, you thought this was a problem for Texas and Arizona!

More “pockets of resistance” to refugees?

The first story brought to our attention by several readers is the one from Lawrenceville, Virginia.  Here at Breitbart (emphasis mine):

LAWRENCEVILLE, Virginia—Over 1,000 angry residents of the small, rural town here gathered at Brunswick High School on Thursday and reamed out local, state, and federal government officials for offering the St. Paul’s College building as temporary emergency shelter for 500 unaccompanied alien children (UACs) coming from Texas. St. Paul’s, a historically black college, shut down five years ago after losing its accreditation.

Lawrenceville resident Arron Smith said firmly, “The people here don’t want to ask you any questions. We really don’t want to hear your selling points. We don’t want to hear your politically correct terms. We talk slow around here. We got a little twang, but talk direct. Let me say this to you as I look square in your eyes. We do not want you here.”


Although the UAC’s were scheduled to arrive on Thursday, the plan was put on hold following a severe backlash from the community. In the meantime, the panel of government officials continued to promise that if Lawrenceville residents did not want the UAC facility in operation, the plan would be scrapped.

See another story on the confrontation at The Blaze and here.

New York state?

In a hurry to establish refugee camps, the feds make a boo-boo in New York State, also from The Blaze (hat tip: Erich):

Searching for places to house the “overwhelm[ing]” influx of Mexican and Central American children crossing the U.S. southern border without parents or guardians, government officials scouted out an abandoned hotel in Grand Island, New York on Friday.

Or at least the government thought the hotel was abandoned.

As it turned out, the 263-room Byblos Niagara Resort and Spa was fully booked.

“It looks like there’s been a mistake,” federal agents with the Homeland Security Department and the Border Patrol told the hotel manager, according to the Buffalo News.


A simple Google search could have saved the agents the trip the the hotel.

What is clear is that the feds were moving quickly, without giving local authorities much notice.

This article also says a location being considered is in Rochester, NY.


No way says Illinois Congressman!  Send them home!  From Illinois Review (hat tip: Cathy):

OLYMPIA FIELDS – Thousands of children from Central America are entering the United States through the nation’s southern border, overburdening local facilities and resources. The crisis has the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on the search for lodging facilities elsewhere in the states.

One facility being considered is in Chicago’s far southern suburbs – the quiet community of Olympia Fields.

Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) released a statement Saturday morning announcing this week the HHS will be conducting an inspection of a former monastery at 203rd and Governors Highway to be used to house some of the children that were illegally sent to America unaccompanied by their parents.

Hultgren called for the effort to halt, saying moving the children to Olympia Fields will only make matters worse for the children.

“We should immediately halt this effort. It is an ill-conceived stop gap solution that will only exacerbate the terrible situation for these children,” Hultgren said. “Moving these children further away from the border unnecessarily elongates their legal limbo at orphanage-style federal facilities while they undergo removal proceedings.”

Looking for more “pockets of resistance!”  Send us stories about the Obama Administration scouting your neighborhood for refugee camp sites to house the teenaged illegal aliens!

See our complete archive on ‘unaccompanied minors’ going back several years by clicking here.



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Who is to blame for the crisis on the border with so-called “unaccompanied minors” invading by the thousands?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 22, 2014

The list is long!  And, Obama surely tops it!  But, here are some others who have brought us to this awful place in our Nation’s history:  Senator Dianne Feinstein, Former Senator Sam Brownback (now governor of Kansas), the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops,  and Edwin Larios Muñoz (a convicted murderer)!  Huh?

Edwin Larios Munoz, an “unaccompanied alien child” who was convicted twice of murdering a woman in whose home he was placed for foster care by a refugee contractor.

Editor:  See also our post yesterday, here, for additional historical background and why the soft treatment of illegal alien teenagers by the Office of Refugee Resettlement has served as a magnet for more to break into America.

Last night a reader directed us to this 2006 article at VDARE by Thomas Allen which spells out the early history of how the illegal alien “children” first came under the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Allen tells us about Edwin Larios Muñoz the poster-boy who tearfully testified in Congress about his supposedly brutal treatment at the hands of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and was featured on the cover of an August 2002 issue of Parade magazine (I could not find the cover—ed)

Only three years later (2005) Honduran cover-boy Munoz was arrested and convicted of murdering Silvia Sanchez-Parada and her unborn child.

Read the VDARE article and then see some news prior to 2006.

First, from the San Diego Union Tribune from August 2, 2002 (amazing the story is still available!):

Each year thousands of children under 18 try to sneak into the United States. While many make it, many are caught and turned over to the Immigration and Naturalization Service as “unaccompanied minors.” In San Diego alone, the INS processed 390 children last year. This year, the pace has quickened, with 234 arrested through July 31.

As the numbers rise, the INS is increasingly under fire for the way it handles the children.

One of the chief critics is California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who has sponsored a bill that would remove the children from INS jurisdiction and transfer their care to a new office in the Department of Health and Human Services.

Feinstein and others have highlighted the San Diego case of Honduran immigrant Edwin Larios Muñoz, who was arrested Aug. 19, 2000, at the San Ysidro border crossing. Edwin is featured in an article in today’s issue of Parade magazine, and he testified in front of a Senate committee in February about his experiences at Juvenile Hall, where the INS housed him.

In his tearful testimony, Edwin said that at age 14 he was surrounded by violent juveniles facing serious charges such as murder and rape, witnessed numerous fights and was hit with sticks by probation officers.

Munoz not subjected to any cruel punishment!

Alan Crogan, the head of the Probation Department, disputed Edwin’s claims of mistreatment at Juvenile Hall, where he was held from Aug. 29, 2000 until Feb. 27, 2001.

Crogan said Edwin was kept in a special unit with other non-citizen Latinos and allowed the same privileges as other detainees. He attended school and was allowed the standard recreation time of two hours a day.

“He was not subjected to any kinds of cruel and unusual punishment,” Crogan said.

Nonetheless, Feinstein’s bill then became part of the Bush reorganization of Homeland Security.

In the meantime, however, Feinstein’s bill is moving forward. Last week, it was moved out of the Senate Government Affairs Committee as part of legislation to form the Department of Homeland Security.

So who was meting out “cruel and unusual punishment?”

Feinstein’s star witness was later tried and convicted (again), and here, of brutally murdering a woman and her unborn baby in a home where he rented a room.   Munoz was under the care at the time of Bethany Christian Services a subcontractor of one of the top nine federal contractors—Church World Service.

Attorney for Munoz said:

….his client had been here only a month through a Bethany Christian Services refugee program.

There are a lot of reports on the case, google them, if you want to spend another minute on this horrible story.

See all of our coverage for several years on the so-called “unaccompanied alien minors” here.

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