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Austria to take 1,000 Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 23, 2014

That number seems rather high to me and I sure hope they aren’t passing through Austria to the US as some Muslim refugees have done this past year.    See our earlier post on Austria, here.

A reader explained to me privately at that time that we were using Austria as a conduit for “refugees” on the way to America.

‘Asylum seekers’ protesting in Vienna in 2012. They were demanding better living conditions.

From   But, check this out, the Austrians actually have the courage to say they are focusing their attention on persecuted Christians!

Austria will receive an extra 1000 Syrian refugees in addition to the quota of 500 announced in August 2013, according to Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner.

In a Sunday interview for Austrian newspaper Kurier, she explained that the country would receive an additional 1000 refugees apart from the initially announced quota of 500, adding that priority treatment would be granted to women, children and persecuted Christians. She said that the number of asylum applicants had not been taken into account in the measure.

Austria has been swamped by Muslim asylum seekers, see our earlier posts on a country that repelled the invaders at the Gates of Vienna in 1683.

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UN says other EU countries can now send ‘em back to Bulgaria

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 16, 2014

I bet the Bulgarians are thrilled!  (Not!)


This is just a short news item to keep our Bulgaria archive up-to-date.  Bulgaria, on the border with Turkey, has been a gateway for Syrians and Africans to slip through the border from Turkey and get a foothold in Europe.  They really do not want to stay in Bulgaria, wanting instead to get to the countries with more goodies to give away, like Germany.

Should they slip through their country of entry, the EU has a policy that says “asylum seekers” must be returned to the first country in which they arrived to be processed there, thus placing the largest ‘refugee’ burden on border countries, like Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Malta.

According to the UN, Bulgaria had been doing such a rotten job taking care of refugees, that previously the so-called refugees were not returned there.  Now that has changed.  Notice that the UN is calling the shots, the EU isn’t even in charge.

From the Global Post:

The UN’s refugee agency said Tuesday it was partially lifting a call to stop returning asylum seekers to Bulgaria because conditions there had improved.

Under current rules, European countries must return asylum seekers to the first country on the continent they arrive in.

But in January the United Nations urged European nations to suspend all returns to Bulgaria, citing “systematic deficiencies in reception conditions and asylum procedures” after the country was swamped with refugees from war-ravaged Syria.

See all of our recent posts on the ‘invasion of Europe’ here.

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Norway: Muslim migrants sending their kids “home” for schooling

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 13, 2014

Well, so much for these migrants to Norway being there for asylum, for protection from persecution, if they think it’s perfectly fine to return kids (alone!) to Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia for a proper education.

A politically-correct Institute for Social Research says it’s because the kids aren’t doing well in Norway because they don’t speak Norwegian well enough.  Give me a break!  Toward the end of the story we learn the real reason—no Muslim schools in Norway and so the kiddies aren’t getting their Islamic training!

This is the photo accompanying the story. Check out the kid’s face as the Moms try to look away!

So, are the Muslim immigrants wanting to become part of Norwegian society or are they invaders?  See Al-Hijra.

From The Norway Post (emphasis mine):

Several hundred Somali-Norwegian children are sent to schools in Somalia, Kenya, Egypt and the UK, according to a recent report. The main reason is that their parents are unhappy with the Norwegian school system.


“Parents often experience that their children are regarded as weak students, mostly because they do not speak Norwegian as well as other kids their age. It worries these parents that their children are not challenged enough in Norway,” says Hilde Lidén at the Norwegian Institute for Social Research (ISF).

Lidén is one of several researchers that have looked at the phenomenon that many children with a minority backgorund are sent abroad to attend school. It is most common among children with a background from Pakistan and Iraq, she reports.

13% of Somali kids in Norway (in one year!) have left the country and authorities don’t really know where they are!  Could they be on the US border claiming to be “unaccompanied minors?”

Just under 1900 children, or 13 percent of all children with a Somali background, emigrated in 2012. Around 60 percent of these children are likely to have moved out of Norway alone. However, this is only an indication of how many that may have moved abroad to attend to school, as there are no exact figures available.

Finally, the OTHER reason they may have left—to get a STRONG cultural and religious indoctrination into Islamic supremacist thinking.

Lidén points out that there may also be other reasons for why a family chooses to send their children abroad temporarily. To ensure that the children receive a strong cultural and religious foundation from their home country is one of them.

Aftenposten writes that several parents have reported that if there was a Muslim school option in Norway they would be more likely to let their children stay at home. Their mothers, however, are worried that the children do not learn enough about Islamic culture and values in Norway without attending an Islamic school.

Hey, here is an idea!  The whole family could stay in the home country and they wouldn’t have to live with the dilemma!

Norway has problems, see our previous posts.

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Italy rescues 4,000 illegal migrants in two days as invasion of Europe ramps up

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 10, 2014

This is essentially a companion piece to our previous post on Spain.

The “spring migration offensive” is apparently in full swing.


Migrants rescued in February on their way to Italian island of Lampedusa.

Again, from the UK Daily Mail (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

More than 4,000 migrants have arrived on Europe’s shores by boat in the past two days, with the Italian government calling the crisis ‘increasingly glaring’.  

The emergency comes days after Italy’s Home Secretary Angelino Alfano warned that more than half a million migrants were ready to set sail from Northern Africa for Europe.

Italy’s southernmost island, Lampedusa, is the gateway for illegal immigrants to enter Europe. [And the Pope went there last summer to welcome them!---ed]

More than 40,000 people made the journey to Italy last year, often on unseaworthy boats.

So far this year 15,000 migrants have landed on the Italian coastline, a ten-fold increase on the first three months of 2013.

British experts believe one in five of them continue on to the UK.

The economic migrants (NOT refugees) will move on throughout Europe if not detained.

Illegal migrants landing in the EU have to remain in the country where they first seek asylum.

But many hope to pass through Italy undetected to northern Europe, which has better job prospects and generous benefits.

Read it all.

Europe is in deep trouble if leaders there keep dithering about getting tough—tow the boats back to Libya and send a message!  Take a lesson from Australia!

Of course, European leaders and Obama are to blame for the lawlessness that now is out of control in Libya.  And, Gaddafi was right when he predicted that the invasion of Europe could be done without swords—the Muslim population of Europe would eventually bring Europe’s (western civilizations!) downfall.

Recent ‘Invasion of Europe’ posts are here.

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Invasion of Europe: Spring migration offensive is on

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 10, 2014

They are attempting to break into Spain via Morocco where they would claim asylum:

On the fence between Morocco and Spanish territory (4/3). This group was ultimately returned to Morocco.

You can read the story here in the UK Daily Mail:

MELILLA, Spain (AP) — They perched atop a barbed-wire laced fence for more than seven hours, hands and feet bloodied, buffeted by chill winds whipping the cliffs of Africa’s Mediterranean coast.

The 27 sub-Saharan African migrants were literally on the edge between Africa’s economic misery and the long-dreamt riches of Europe: On one side of the fence was Morocco, on the other the Spanish enclave of Melilla.


The men are part of a spring migration offensive from Africa to Europe, with record numbers of desperate people risking death in their quest for a better life. They use perilous routes such as Mediterranean Sea crossings on rickety boats to the Italian island of Lampedusa or treks through desert, jungle and mountain that culminate in attempts to scale fences erected to keep them out of Melilla and Spain’s other North African enclave, Ceuta.

If they succeed and get into Spain, they will move northward to more desirable countries like Germany and the UK.

Recent ‘Invasion of Europe’ posts are here.


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France “black Sunday” as National Front party gains power

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 31, 2014

Marine Le Pen’s National Front party shocked French socialists yesterday with wins in local elections.


French voters have dealt a severe blow to Francois Hollande’s Socialist government in local elections.

The anti-immigration far right, which claims that France’s large Muslim population is “Islamicising” the nation, made solid advances, fulfilling National Front promises to begin building a grass-roots base.

Socialist leaders conceded defeat in the final round of the voting seen as a referendum on unpopular President Hollande, who was expected to reshuffle the cabinet in an effort to give his government a boost.

Vive la France !


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Syrians unhappy in Sweden, not what they expected

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 29, 2014

You can’t make this up!

First we have Sweden welcoming any Syrians to their country who can get there—-thousands have arrived so far.

Then Sweden whines that they can’t carry the whole load and other European countries must step up and share the burden.

And, now we have Newsweek doing a photo spread showcasing 12 unhappy Syrians in Sweden!  What happened to being grateful they are alive!

…one of the unhappy men who wants to go home to Syria.

And, what is the use of being “welcoming” then?

Newsweek thanks to ‘pungentpeppers’ for spotting it:

Once they were respected and successful, they had money and power. Now they’re broke, roaming like ghosts in a foreign land.

These are the stories of 12 young Syrian men who used to be rich businessmen, global professionals and members of prominent families. They sacrificed everything to escape war and reach Sweden, the only country granting them permanent residence.

Far from discovering the paradise they dreamed about, some now lead an invisible life in bleak suburbs and remote villages, isolated and unable to find work. Cut off from their loved ones, they are stuck in a limbo between a comfortable life they cannot forget and a tough, new reality.

Check out the photos and sob stories (are they all true?).

It would be cheaper for the Swedish taxpayer to buy a plane ticket back to Syria for those who ‘found their way to Sweden’ only to discover there is no “paradise.”

As a matter of fact, the US State Department never mentions it, but some refugees to the US find there are no streets paved with gold here either.  The most unhappy ones scrape together the money needed to fly ‘home.’  I’ve recommended that it would be less costly for the US taxpayer to fly them home for free (at our expense) and save us the even greater welfare costs involved with keeping them.

See our dozens of posts on Sweden by clicking here.

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Sweden: Billstrom (again) telling other European countries to take in Syrians

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 27, 2014

He says if they don’t, Jordan and Lebanon will collapse.

Truth-be-told, Sweden will collapse if it keeps “welcoming” the world to take advantage of their generous socialist welfare system.

Immigration Minister Tobias Billström allowed himself to be photographed in front of nude statues! What was he thinking? Many of those he is welcoming to Sweden would like to chop his head off for just this infidel atrocity.

See our earlier post where Billström whines about how other countries must do their share.  I hope the Swedish government is getting hell from its own citizens for its open door immigration policy.

From The Local:

Sweden has said its EU neighbors’ failure to help more refugees could prove disastrous, with Migration Minister Tobias Billström on Tuesday urging European nations to take in more people fleeing for their lives, especially from Syria.

“We have a situation where member states like Sweden, France and Germany are doing more and more of the job,” he told AFP, commenting on new EU asylum figures. The three countries account for more than half of all applications, according to the EU statistics.


The EU received almost 435,000 applications in 2013, up nearly a third from the previous year, largely due to the conflict in Syria. Germany accounted for half of the increase, while Sweden received more than any country per head of population at 54,000. Sweden also received the largest number of applications from Syria, partly due to a decision in September 2013 to grant automatic residency to all.

We need to bring more Muslim migrants to Europe to save Jordan and Lebanon!

“If all the 28 member states took as many (UN) quota refugees as Sweden does… the EU could offer 100,000 places annually to the UN Refugee Agency,” said Billström, repeating an earlier Swedish demand for a common European resettlement system.

“That would be a real asset to relieve countries like Lebanon and Jordan… who, if we don’t do something about it, may collapse, which would create even larger secondary waves over the EU.”

These Leftwingers like Billström apparently never had a mom who said, ‘you made your bed, sleep in it!’

See our extensive Sweden archive, here.

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First Syrian refugees arrived in the UK today

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 25, 2014

For the longest time the Brits held out, but finally succumbed to the pressure from the humanitarian industrial complex.

Women and children will come first, the men will follow. Photo:

Supposedly the first group is made up of “vulnerable” women and children, but this will just be the beginning.  The open borders crowd and the UN will never be satisfied.  And, if the conflict should end tomorrow, the flow westward will not.

From The Guardian:

The first group of Syrian refugees has arrived in the UK under the government’s scheme to take in some of the most vulnerable victims of the conflict.

Several hundred Syrian arrivals are expected to come to the UK over the next three years under the vulnerable persons relocation (VPR) scheme.

Home Office officials refused to confirm how many refugees had arrived in the UK but the first group is reportedly about 10 to 20 individuals.

Following pressure from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and some Tory backbenchers, the government dropped its previous opposition to admitting refugees directly from the region.

Immigration minister James Brokenshire said: “I am pleased to confirm that the first group of Syrians have now arrived in the UK. We believe this VPR scheme will make a real difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable Syrians by giving them protection and support in the UK.”

The first arrivals come eight weeks after the home secretary announced details of the VPR scheme, which is operating in conjunction with the UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR).

Syrian refugees admitted under the scheme will have all the rights and benefits that go with “humanitarian protection” status, including access to public funds, access to the labour market and possibility of family reunion.

Family reunion=hubbies to follow!

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Malta is target for invasion of Europe, Bush Administration added a sweetener

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 23, 2014

Since we have been talking about the invasion of Europe this morning, here and here, here is one more article that tells us which countries are getting the brunt of it.  Per capita Malta is getting the most migrants claiming asylum.

The invasion of Malta!  Note the Muslim women in this group.

Poor Malta!  Back in the Bush Administration, the US began taking some of Malta’s illegal aliens (don’t ask me why!), but in so doing the State Department broke international refugee law and set a precedent.  Legitimate asylum seekers are to apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach, it is not supposed to be a shopping trip for a plane ticket to America.  This is a European Union problem, not ours!

As I reported here in a post about Austria (why are we taking refugees from Austria?), we had flown to America 136 supposed refugees from Malta in this fiscal year alone.

Malta is now a magnet for migrants!  (We have an extensive archive on Malta, and the US and Catholic Church involvement there,  click here to learn more).

From the Times of Malta:

Malta last year received, on average, the highest number of asylum-seekers compared to its national population, a report by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) shows.

Malta received 20.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants. Sweden ranked second (19.2 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), followed by Liechtenstein (17.3 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), Luxembourg (11.9 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants), and Switzerland (11.5 applicants per 1,000 inhabitants).

The refugee agency’s report shows a sharp rise in asylum claims in 44 industrialised countries over the course of last year, driven primarily by the crisis in Syria.  [Syria is an excuse, they are coming from throughout Africa and the Middle East!---ed]

The most ‘asylum seekers’ overall are going to Germany, France and Sweden!

With around 109,000 new asylum claims, Germany was the largest recipient of asylum seekers. France received the second highest number in Europe with around 60,000 claims. Sweden was the main destination country in Northern Europe, receiving around 53 000 applications.

The Swedish government is whining (no sympathy here, they asked for it!), the Germans are protesting and in France the “far right” is expected to surge in local elections.

And then there is Italy:

The increase in Italy was mainly due to the many boat arrivals during last year. This trend is continuing in 2014 as almost 10,000 people have arrived in Italy since the beginning of January.

Why do we post so much from Europe?  First, we have a lot of readers in Europe (we had 100 from Malta alone in the last week), and secondly Europe is ‘ahead’ of the US in the demographic chaos that will determine whether western civilization survives for our children and grandchildren—so pay attention!

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