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Athens, Georgia! Do you know you will soon be receiving hundreds of third-worlders?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 21, 2014

Athens, Georgia: Here we come!


They are not talking about the border crashers from Central America (yet!).

The International Rescue Committee, one of the top ten*** federal refugee resettlement contractors has selected Athens as its next target site to be a new refugee resettlement city.

IRC’s Ellen Beattie: small cities are more “navigable,” so we will bring hundreds of third-world refugees to Athens. Or, should it be, small cities are more naive! Photo:

Readers, this article is full of the usual phony baloney gushy language about how Athens has so many amenities to make it desirable, welcoming, and open to receiving impoverished people from Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

They need fresh territory!

The bottom line, however,  is that they are all (the US State Department, ORR and their contractors) out scouting new locations because they have worn out, or are in the process of wearing out, their welcome in theirpreferred resettlement sites.”

You need to know a little about the International Rescue Committee headquartered in New York City and led by former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband (with his $400,000 plus a year salary).  Click here and follow links.

Below is the story on Athens, they say they will bring Congolese and Burmese, but the top refugees being resettled in the US right now include also Iraqis, Bhutanese and Somalis.  They will get a smattering of all of them.

Georgia readers need to especially note that the IRC implies that they have cleared it with local officials.  Does the governor know?

Truth-be-told, the Atlanta area has become a pocket of resistance to more resettlement which is why they are now spreading out throughout the state and into small cities.

From the Athens Banner-Herald (hat tip: Joanne):

Athens-Clarke County this year will begin welcoming an increasing number of refugees fleeing conflict in their native lands for a new home in the U.S.

The Atlanta office of the International Rescue Committee plans to open a sub-office in Athens by end of the year, and hopes to begin resettling refugee families in Athens as soon as October.

Opening an Athens outpost has been in the works for five years, said IRC Atlantic regional director Ellen Beattie. The organization has opened similar sub-offices in cities like Charlottesville, Va., and Lincoln, Neb.

College towns like Athens have an “international flavor” because of their worldly academic staff, and universities possess strong language resources that new refugee arrivals rely on, Beattie said.

For newly-arrived refugees, whose journey to the U.S. has been long and stressful, a smaller town makes for an easier transition.

“Small towns are more navigable,” Beattie said.

LOL! More “navigable” or more naive?  Smaller towns don’t usually ‘get it’ about what it means for them until the seed community is well-established, then the contractor begins bringing in the relatives and it becomes too late to turn off the spigot.

Beattie said IRC staff has already met with county, school and health department officials to prepare Athens for the refugees’ needs.

The Athens office, at first, will have one full-time staff member, soon increasing to two, and will bring in necessary support.

Beattie said between 120 and 150 people, roughly 40 families, will resettle in Athens in the first year. Most of these refugees will come from Myanmar [Burma--ed] and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Once the office is established, Beattie estimates a city of Athens size can handle up to 250 refugees, about 60 families, a year.

Not mentioned here, but I suspect industries in the Athens area are looking for cheap immigrant laborers.  This article says that Athens is doing well economically.

For new readers from the Athens area, see our fact sheet on refugee resettlement.  And, be sure to visit a Georgia website—Refugee Resettlement Relief—-to learn more about what is happening with refugees in your state.

Georgia has received 1,968 refugees so far this fiscal year (the 8th largest resettlement state) from 40 different locations around the world.  Go to here and click on Arrivals by State and Country to see from where refugees are arriving.   By the way, they previously made public which city refugees were going to but now keep that secret from the general public.

The chart (Arrivals by State and Country) is a little deceptive because, for example, when they say Kenya, that doesn’t mean those are Kenyans, it means they are probably Somalis located in Kenya.  Likewise, we don’t take Malaysians, but hundreds arrived in Georgia from Malaysia this year—they were certainly illegal aliens caught in Malaysia, probably Afghans or Somalis trying to reach Australia.   They could just as easily have a chart for State and Nationality, but this is just one more way to keep you in the dark about who is coming to your state.

***The contractors (we may have to start adding grant recipient big dogs Baptist Children and Family Services to our list):

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History lesson on “nation of immigrants” mumbo-jumbo

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 16, 2014

In the middle of a piece by Patrick Buchanan yesterday, here at World Net Daily.  He gives a brief timeline that you need to know when someone in your community tries to shut you up with that tired old declaration that “we are a nation of immigrants,” and therefore we are expected to take in the world forever.

Below is Buchanan after explaining that our founders were all of similar background, religion, culture and language.

Later, in our history we abruptly slowed immigration for 40 years because we were overloaded (graph at right shows the dramatic slowdown). 

We were not a nation of immigrants in 1789.

They came later. From 1845-1849, the Irish fleeing the famine. From 1890-1920, the Germans. Then the Italians, Poles, Jews and other Eastern Europeans. Then, immigration was suspended in 1924.

From 1925 to 1965, the children and grandchildren of those immigrants were assimilated, Americanized. In strong public schools, they were taught our language, literature and history, and celebrated our holidays and heroes. We endured together through the Depression and sacrificed together in World War II and the Cold War.

By 1960, we had become truly one nation and one people.

So where are all the Leftist environmentalists?

Along comes Senator Ted (don’t bring any to Hyannis) Kennedy:

Then, of course, in 1965, the Immigration and Nationality Act was championed by Ted Kennedy, who would 15 years later push through the Senate his Refugee Act of 1980 (signed into law by Jimmy Carter) and we were on our way to a borderless Nation.

Here we are again today flooded with millions of migrants who are not assimilating, will have little chance of assimilating even if they want to (are they going to assimilate when resettled into ghetto hell holes?), and others who have no plans to become Americans in any sense of the word.

But, they, impoverished masses, are not to blame for why we are no longer one Nation, one people, as Buchanan says.  The blame falls directly on the “progressives” and one-worlders who are tearing down America’s gates (and the gates of every first-world country), for what?   Do they really think a glorious one-world utopia awaits?  Or, do they just  want every country leveled to third-world squalor status.

Invitation to tell us what you want!

Over the years I have asked critics of this blog to write a guest post that explains to us what they want, do they want a borderless America?  If not, how many people do they want to let in?  Tell us how and when they would stop the flow. Then tell us where the millions who would come here from every corner of the world would work and how they would all be fed and housed.  I especially would like to hear from an avowed environmentalist who is also an advocate for more immigration.  And, the guest writer must write the piece without any emotional guilt-driven “nation of immigrants” B.S.

I’ve been waiting for years!


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Iowa: Number of languages/illiterate refugees making fire and rescue work difficult

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 11, 2014

News of the surge of illegal aliens swamping Texas and being driven and flown to other states, has pushed most of our other “refugee” news to the side, but here is one bit of news from a week ago that must be mentioned.

This is a problem we have written about off and on for seven years—by federal executive order (Clinton) local governments/courts are required to have interpreters available for the myriad languages being spoken by immigrants in their communities, but most can’t afford it.

Cough? (Got TB?) COURTNEY COLLINS / Courier Staff Photographer

From WCF Courier (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’).  By the way, note that here we go again with Catholic Charities and meatpackers needing cheap labor!

WATERLOO | Emergency dispatchers and response teams are struggling with a widening language divide as they attempt to service Waterloo’s growing population of non-English speakers.

The communication barrier creates problems for all parties involved, from the dispatcher deciphering a 911 call to the officer trying to put together an accurate police report to the concerned resident trying to communicate a problem with little to no knowledge of the English language.

Over recent years, Waterloo Police have dealt with a slew of languages including Bosnian, Spanish, Serbian, Croatian, Burmese, French and Vietnamese.

In 2006, Burmese refugees began settling in Waterloo for the employment opportunities at Tyson’s meat plant, and the community has been growing ever since.

Dispatchers at the Black Hawk Consolidated Communications Center receive about a half-dozen calls a day in foreign languages.

But resources for interpretation are slim, a Courier investigation shows.

And as refugees from Burma continue to move to the area at a steady pace, bringing with them five vastly different languages, it has quickly become a complex problem to solve.

Nearly 1,500 Burmese refugees have planted roots in the Waterloo area, according to local estimates. That population is expected to reach 2,000 in the next year. In summer months, about two to four households migrate to the area each week.

Stephen Schmitz, who resettles new refugees through Catholic Charities in Cedar Rapids, estimates that more than half of these incoming refugees are illiterate.

There is more, read it all.   Be sure to check out the comments!

I don’t have time to do all the linking but know that BIG MEAT (and its head hunters at the State Department and contractors like Catholic Charities) is responsible for changing the demographics of many small cities in the Mid West and South.  It is a win-win for them—cheap captive “illiterate” labor (refugees cannot go home) that you subsidize them (housing, food stamps, education).  They get to wear the do-gooder white hat and you pay the price! 

How about if the meatpackers, like Tysons, pay for the extra costs to the community—like interpreters!

About the photo:  We are not suggesting that the woman in the photo was asking refugees if they have TB, but readers should know that Burmese especially have higher rates of TB than some other refugee groups.  See our health issues category for more on TB in the refugee population, but here is one post generally making the point.

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Bloomberg writer: solve Mid East crisis by bringing more refugees to America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 20, 2014

I’m tempted to say that Chris Farrell is nuts!  But, we’ve made it a policy here to not make personal attacks, rather to point out that what our opposition says or does is wrong-headed (or misguided, or self-serving, or well, nutty).

It should be no surprise that a writer at Bloomberg Businessweek would be recommending bringing in more low-skilled workers to supply cheap labor to big businesses.  Legal “refugee” labor comes with a benefit—those doing the hiring can feel good about themselves (while going off to their summer place in The Hamptons) as taxpayers supplement the low wages with welfare goodies to the legal “new Americans”.

The Somali example!

Where Farrell really went off track here is when he says that the Somalis in Minnesota have brought economic benefits to Minnesota!  So how does that jive with the recent statistics from Minnesota that 63% of the Somalis in the state live below the poverty level (compared to 12% of all Minnesotans)?

Farrell at Bloomberg Businessweek (emphasis is mine):

The world is a mess, isn’t it?  [So since it's a mess, let's mess up America too!---ed] Everywhere you look, it seems another crisis is brewing. Violence in the Middle East is rampant, most appallingly in Syria but also in Iraq as the militant Sunni group ISIS is bent on conquering the whole country.


Why not admit many more of the millions displaced from their homes by war and violence?


American foreign policy should put a greater emphasis on welcoming more refugees. The American experience is that the policy is a win-win investment for the U.S. and the newcomers, an approach that allows for doing good and doing well during a particularly trying geopolitical moment[Doing good while doing well---translation, we make money off these poor people!---ed]


Why not welcome many more refugees, at least in the thousands?

What the heck, “at least in the thousands!”   We take about 143,000 refugees and asylees every year and that number will soon be doubling when you count the illegal alien kids the open borders agitators are now calling refugees.

Farrell:  The Somali migration to Minnesota has “contributed to the dynamism of the local economy!”  

What?  By spreading welfare bucks around the state?  And, what about the Somali “refugee” kids going off to fight in Somalia with al-Shabaab and in Syria with the rebels, how does that fit into the economic benefit for America?

And, by bringing in Syrians, does Farrell want to import the Sunni-Shiite civil war right here to American towns and cities, not to mention importing the general anti-Jew/anti-Christian views that drive Islam today, all for some cheap laborers?

Farrell continues:

The Somali migration to Minnesota began in the late 1990s, with about a third coming directly from refugee camps. Most of these newcomers weren’t the kind of highly educated, English-fluent immigrants that populate Silicon Valley and other high-tech hot spots. Yet since arriving in Minnesota, these newcomers have contributed to the dynamism of the local economy (PDF). The effect has been cumulative, growing over time.

See ‘State Department importing poverty to America‘ for a clearer view of the graphic.

So, I won’t call Farrell a nut, but in my opinion, his column is self-serving, deceptive and flat-out wrong!

Addendum:  I apologize in advance if the graphic showing 63% of Minnesota Somalis living below the poverty level disappears, because it just did so briefly as I was writing.    It is a pretty damning graph, so I expect it to disappear!

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Lancaster Lutherans run job placement service for African refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 10, 2014

But, of course they are paid by you, the federal taxpayer, to provide the service.

I guess the Lancaster, PA area has run out of Americans looking for work and so Sudanese “refugees” who traveled through Libya, Egypt and the Ukraine are now working at an egg processing plant there.

There are some interesting nuggets in this story that obviously riled up local commenters (check out the comments before they disappear!).  I was struck again about how we (the US) have picked up “refugees” that have traveled through safe countries (not including Libya) and didn’t ask for asylum in say the Ukraine and wherever else they must have passed through.


Be sure to check out the part of the story where the three Arabic-speaking men were dropped off by a driver in the wrong PA community and didn’t exactly receive a warm welcome.

From the Republican Herald (thanks to several readers for sending it):

SPRING GLEN – R.W. Sauder Inc., a fourth-generation family company, has returned to the Hegins Valley.

As of Jan. 1, R.W. Sauder Inc. has taken over Hegins Valley Farms and have all eight bird houses filled and fully operational. Unfortunately, the business was having difficulty filling all the positions in order to have the Hubley Township plant fully operational.

A trip to a Lancaster gym by Paul Sauder paid off in more ways than one both for both himself and his company.

“My dad was working out at the gym and got talking to this man who works with Lutheran Refugee Services in Lancaster,” Mark Sauder said. “He learned of refugees that are here from various places in the world and who need employment.”

Sauder met with Lutheran Refugee Services in Lancaster and was introduced to a program that works with companies to find gainful employment for refugees and help them to get established here in the states.

Lutheran Refugee Services resettles approximately 180 refugees to the United States [they must mean to Lancaster because the Lutherans actually resettle thousands to America every year---ed]. Refugees are individuals who are forced to leave their country because of war or persecution. In order to gain admittance to the United States, refugees must prove that they have not fought or aided in military action, but rather are victims of the conflict.

According to LRS, refugees arrive in the U.S. with a status that allows them to work. After five years, they will be eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship.

Currently, LRS is resettling refugees from Iraq, Burma and Sudan. LRS assists them for their first 90 days in the country. The goal is for all refugees to be self-sufficient at the end of that time. Because some refugees need time to learn the language and culture enough to gain employment on their own, LRS is also funded to provide assistance with their job search beyond that time. Refugees can come back to the agency for the assistance any time within their first five years in the country.

Three men from Sudan – Alhadi Gouma, Norreldin Ali and Ismaeil Shrif – are now gainfully employed at R.W. Sauder Inc.’s Hubley Township plant.

Sorry, it never rings true to me that these ‘frightened’ men are willing to leave wives and children behind in the supposedly dangerous area they came from.   No, I should rephrase that, what kind of man leaves his wife and children in danger?

“We have been in the United States for the past eight months,” said Shrif, who left his wife and other family members in order to seek a better life. “It was very scary in the Sudan. There was much killing and burning, the men in the area were constantly in danger.”

Shrif said the men traveled to Libya, Egypt and Ukraine in order to finally escape.

“I still have contact with my wife in Sudan and hope to bring her to the states,” Shrif said.

Don’t forget to read the commentary!

We have a lot on Lancaster here at RRW, click here for our complete archive on the preferred resettlement site.

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Survey: 37% of Germans want Muslim immigration to Germany halted

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 8, 2014

Invasion of Europe series continued….

Photo at ‘World Bulletin’ has no connection to this news, it is being used to denigrate German citizens and link those opposed to more Muslim immigration to the extreme political right (even though Nazis of the 1930′s and 40′s were really on the political left).


Perhaps what interested me most is that although the article tries really hard to link the dissatisfaction with the ‘Rightwingers’ and uses this photo (above) to illustrate the article and cause readers to recoil, the dissatisfaction (55% think asylum seekers are liars) cuts across all political parties.  These are mainstream Germans.

World Bulletin:

The study concluded that a large number of Germans with xenophobic, chauvinist or anti-Semitic tendencies did not only vote for right-wing parties, but also center-right or center–left parties.

Meanwhile, Germany has offered to take 10,000 Syrians this year and most of those are Muslims.

Here is more of the story from World Bulletin (emphasis is mine):

Muslim immigrants, Roma people and asylum seekers face growing discrimination in German society, a recent study by Leipzig University has revealed.

Almost 37 percent of those surveyed said that they are in support of the prohibition of immigration of Muslims to Germany, while 43 percent of Germans said that they “sometimes feel like a foreigner in their own country due to so many Muslims living here,” according to the research conducted by Leipzig University scholars Professor Elmar Braehler and Dr. Oliver Decker.


A total of 24.1 percent argued that foreigners should be sent back to their home countries, should there be a scarcity of jobs in Germany.

The research has revealed a significant increase in negative views towards Muslim immigrants in the last five years.

Those who argued for a ban against the immigration of Muslims to Germany has increased from 21.4 percent in 2009 to 36.6 percent in 2014.

A total of 18 percent of those surveyed approved xenophobic statements, while five percent agreed with anti-Semitic statements.


The survey showed that there is a widespread negative perception of asylum seekers in society.

A total of 55.3 percent said they did not believe that asylum seekers really flee from prosecution or pressure in their home countries, while 76 percent opposed the simplification of processes for granting asylum to refugees.

Achtung! German politicians:

… for right-wing extremism has decreased to 5.6 percent this year, compared with 9.7 percent in 2002.

The study concluded that a large number of Germans with xenophobic, chauvinist or anti-Semitic [only 5% expressed anti-Semitic statements!---ed] tendencies did not only vote for right-wing parties, but also center-right or center–left parties.

More in our ‘invasion of Europe’ series may be found by clicking here.


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More on meatpackers (and their political friends) driving immigration policy

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 25, 2014

Judy brought my attention to a good piece by Byron York this week in the Washington Examiner in which York describes a pro-immigration forum in DC, with both parties represented.  The majority of the participants were overwhelmingly in support of more cheap migrant labor.

They were discussing visas for low-skilled workers, but they might as well have been discussing refugee resettlement as well.

Follow the money!

Haley Barbour speaking for ‘big meat’: We need those un-skilled laborers in our Mississippi chicken plants so the companies can keep the wages low.

If you are a long-time reader, you know that years ago we established that meatpackers are one of the principle drivers of refugee resettlement in this country.   They get cheap captive legal laborers (captive because they can’t easily go home) and then you, the taxpayer, supply many of their other needs through generous welfare!

Type ‘meatpacker’ or ‘meat packer’ into our search function for at least 50 posts on the topic.   One of my all-time favorites is Bill Clinton supplying Bosnian laborers to his benefactors in Iowa, here.

And, here, Senator Jeff Sessions calls out the meatpackers as a driving force for amnesty.

Here is Byron York telling us about the lopsided forum.

One of two critics of mass immigration in attendance, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, pointed out that chicken plants, which Republican poobah Haley Barbour said needed cheap migrant labor in his home state of Mississippi, could use mechanization as in some other states and thus have less need for low-wage workers.   Of course, one other option is for meat packers to PAY MORE and get American workers.

Frankly, it isn’t cheap chicken if we are paying for the ‘social services’ to supplement the low-income workers’ families.

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Somali refugees have discovered Cheyenne, Wyoming

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 6, 2014

Somali overload in Greeley and Fort Morgan, Colorado is sending Somalis on a northward migration to settle in Wyoming according to good reporting from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle which I blasted the other day here for a careless hate-filled editorial accusing critics of Gov. Matt Mead’s plan “bigots”.  This is the type of reporting (sans maudlin sob stories) and the facts they should be gathering before spewing out ill-informed editorials.

One fact that they need to pursue, however, in light of this article which I was sure was going to lead to—this is why we need to have a refugee resettlement program in Wyoming—is that if Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, sets up shop in Wyoming, they will be bringing new refugees from Africa, Iraq, Iran and countries in Asia directly to Wyoming.   The federal contractors do not take care of secondary migrants, like these Somalis in Cheyenne, who have been here for months or years.  They are like anyone else who moves from one state to another and should not require special “services.”

Ask the folks in St. Cloud, Minnesota how the Somali population expanded there at the same time the Lutheran’s opened their federally-funded office.  Be sure to talk to the Mayor of Lewiston, Maine(the Somali capital of New England) too about what happened to them when the Somalis, resettled originally in Georgia, discovered the “services” Maine had to offer.   The word “services” is, of course, the sanitized word for “welfare goodies.”

Keep in mind as you read this article that the meat packers (often foreign-owned companies) get cheap captive laborers and you, the American taxpayer, supports the rest of the refugee family’s life!

By the way, US Senator Jeff Sessions called out the meat packers as being among the chief lobbyists for amnesty, here.

Now to the story with an attractive and apparently likeable Somali refugee (with an African sob story history,why is that our problem?) as the star of the article (LOL! this must be J-school 101—start out with a sympathetic character to warm-up readers).

Tribune Eagle (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’) Emphasis mine:

Abdirashid Noor has moved from Colorado to Cheyenne, Wyoming

CHEYENNE — While Wyoming might be the only state in the country without an official refugee resettlement program, that doesn’t mean there aren’t former refugees living in the Cowboy State.

There are dozens, perhaps even several hundred, former refugees living in the Capital City alone.

Many of these people, like Abdirashid Noor, are from the war-torn east African nation of Somalia.

Read the many paragraphs about the hell hole that is East Africa.

Noor’s life changed forever in 2007 when he was accepted into the University of Northern Colorado.

Be sure to go back and read the interesting history I posted just a few weeks ago about Greeley, CO and the Univ. of Northern Colorado’s role in the history of modern day Islamic extremism.

The Tribune Eagle story continues! The migration is on……

Greeley connection

Noor came to Greeley, Colorado, to study accounting at UNC. As fate would have it, when he arrived, he found that the city was home to a growing Somali community.

Unlike Noor, the majority of Somalis in Greeley did not come to attend the university -n they came to work in a nearby meat packing facility operated by the Brazilian meat-processing company JBS.

“When people come into this country and they don’t know the language, they have a lot of issues getting jobs,” Noor said.

“If you can’t communicate with other people and you can’t understand what other people are saying, they aren’t going to hire you.

“So the only area where people from east Africa or Somalia get hired is JBS or another meat plant. They don’t require communication skills as long as you can do the work,” he said.

Because jobs at the meat plant are typically low-paying, many of the Somali employees in Greeley rely on government subsidized housing programs like Section 8.

As the Somali population in Greeley grew, so did the waiting lists for programs like Section 8.

Colette West, co-executive director of the Global Refugee Center in Greeley, said the waiting list for housing subsidies in Colorado can be as long as three years.  [That means needy Americans wait too!---ed]

Noor and many others in Greeley’s Somali community began looking north to Cheyenne for affordable housing options.

Mike Stanfield, executive director of the Cheyenne Housing Authority, said, “Some folks (in Colorado) found out the waiting list (for subsidized housing programs) was still open (in Cheyenne) and they came up here and applied.”

According to Noor, many of the people in Cheyenne’s Somali community commute to Greeley to work in the meat plant. Others, he said, have taken jobs here in places like the Wal-Mart Distribution Center west of town.

“Navigating through the system” means they need people in-the-know to direct them to all of the available social services—housing, healthcare, food stamps, interpreters, education for the kids and other GOVERNMENT assistance!

In places like Greeley, where Somali communities have existed for years, there is a system in place to help new immigrants gain access to services and educational programs. But because the Somali community here is newer, those services are sometimes harder to find in Cheyenne.

“They are going to need help navigating all the systems,” West said. “It’s very hard when you don’t speak the language.”


And as the city’s Somali population grows, so will the need for services.

So, someone like Noor will be paid with taxpayer dollars to be sure to get his fellow countrymen on the taxpayer- funded “social services” roster in Laramie County, Wyoming!

For ambitious readers, we have 90 previous posts in a category entitled ‘Greeley/Swift/Somali controversy’ going back at least 5 years.

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Bishops suck-up to the media at US border to promote amnesty

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 2, 2014

Cardinal Sean O’Malley offers communion to people on the Mexican side of the international border, Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in Nogales, Ariz. Matt York / AP

Brenda Walker writing at VDARE gives us a thorough report on the US Catholic Bishops’ publicity stunt at the Mexican border yesterday.

Calling Rush Limbaugh, read this!  The only issues where Catholic leaders are on the supposed ‘conservative’ side are abortion and gay marriage, for everything else they are the far Left! Obama does not need to win them over!

Walker (Conspirators in Cassocks) begins (emphasis mine):

Catholic bishops have accelerated their anti-American Open Borders crusade to fluff up their scandal-scarred morality cred in the Main Stream Media and to nudge “immigrants” (legality immaterial) to attend the church that supports ethnic separatism and disdains assimilation. Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley and several bishops celebrated a photo-op Mass near the border today (April 1) to underline their dedication to “immigrants.” These conspirators in cassocks were also scheduled to tour a local shelter and visit with the Border Patrol.

Then she asks the questions MOST Americans ask:

They emphasized the suffering of the illegal invaders—with no recognition that successful invaders steal jobs that should by law go to Americans; and no mention of America’s 20+ million unemployed.

O’Malley et al.’s deeply selfish and solipsistic view of morality: Hispanic foreigners (Catholic) should be cut extra slack—even though their law-breaking hurts innocent Americans.

Why is the American taxpayer*** supposed to support law-breaking just because the perps are poor foreigners? We have plenty of homegrown folks in poverty.

Read it all, it is a very complete accounting of the Bishops’ key role in opening US borders to legal and illegal migrants.  Walker also mentions the sad story in Syracuse (25,784 people saw this post on our facebook page—wow!).

Rush read this, conservatives do not suck from the government teat!

***American taxpayers are footing the bill for almost the entire Bishops’ migration fund (here).

This is where the USCCB Migration and Refugee Services gets its money—mostly from the US taxpayer!  From their most recent published annual report, here (p.11).  The USCCB is effectively a federal agency!  They are the largest of the nine major federal refugee contractors.

Revenue (in rounded numbers)

Federal grants/contracts:  $66 million

Refugee travel loans (your tax dollars too):  $3.6 million

Total revenue:  $71 million (which leaves less than $1.5 million from private charitable giving)

If  ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ should get through Congress, the Bishops federal take will quadruple as they become the “service provider” for the millions of newly amnestied.

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Syrians unhappy in Sweden, not what they expected

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 29, 2014

You can’t make this up!

First we have Sweden welcoming any Syrians to their country who can get there—-thousands have arrived so far.

Then Sweden whines that they can’t carry the whole load and other European countries must step up and share the burden.

And, now we have Newsweek doing a photo spread showcasing 12 unhappy Syrians in Sweden!  What happened to being grateful they are alive!

…one of the unhappy men who wants to go home to Syria.

And, what is the use of being “welcoming” then?

Newsweek thanks to ‘pungentpeppers’ for spotting it:

Once they were respected and successful, they had money and power. Now they’re broke, roaming like ghosts in a foreign land.

These are the stories of 12 young Syrian men who used to be rich businessmen, global professionals and members of prominent families. They sacrificed everything to escape war and reach Sweden, the only country granting them permanent residence.

Far from discovering the paradise they dreamed about, some now lead an invisible life in bleak suburbs and remote villages, isolated and unable to find work. Cut off from their loved ones, they are stuck in a limbo between a comfortable life they cannot forget and a tough, new reality.

Check out the photos and sob stories (are they all true?).

It would be cheaper for the Swedish taxpayer to buy a plane ticket back to Syria for those who ‘found their way to Sweden’ only to discover there is no “paradise.”

As a matter of fact, the US State Department never mentions it, but some refugees to the US find there are no streets paved with gold here either.  The most unhappy ones scrape together the money needed to fly ‘home.’  I’ve recommended that it would be less costly for the US taxpayer to fly them home for free (at our expense) and save us the even greater welfare costs involved with keeping them.

See our dozens of posts on Sweden by clicking here.

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