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Bishops suck-up to the media at US border to promote amnesty

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 2, 2014

Cardinal Sean O’Malley offers communion to people on the Mexican side of the international border, Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in Nogales, Ariz. Matt York / AP

Brenda Walker writing at VDARE gives us a thorough report on the US Catholic Bishops’ publicity stunt at the Mexican border yesterday.

Calling Rush Limbaugh, read this!  The only issues where Catholic leaders are on the supposed ‘conservative’ side are abortion and gay marriage, for everything else they are the far Left! Obama does not need to win them over!

Walker (Conspirators in Cassocks) begins (emphasis mine):

Catholic bishops have accelerated their anti-American Open Borders crusade to fluff up their scandal-scarred morality cred in the Main Stream Media and to nudge “immigrants” (legality immaterial) to attend the church that supports ethnic separatism and disdains assimilation. Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley and several bishops celebrated a photo-op Mass near the border today (April 1) to underline their dedication to “immigrants.” These conspirators in cassocks were also scheduled to tour a local shelter and visit with the Border Patrol.

Then she asks the questions MOST Americans ask:

They emphasized the suffering of the illegal invaders—with no recognition that successful invaders steal jobs that should by law go to Americans; and no mention of America’s 20+ million unemployed.

O’Malley et al.’s deeply selfish and solipsistic view of morality: Hispanic foreigners (Catholic) should be cut extra slack—even though their law-breaking hurts innocent Americans.

Why is the American taxpayer*** supposed to support law-breaking just because the perps are poor foreigners? We have plenty of homegrown folks in poverty.

Read it all, it is a very complete accounting of the Bishops’ key role in opening US borders to legal and illegal migrants.  Walker also mentions the sad story in Syracuse (25,784 people saw this post on our facebook page—wow!).

Rush read this, conservatives do not suck from the government teat!

***American taxpayers are footing the bill for almost the entire Bishops’ migration fund (here).

This is where the USCCB Migration and Refugee Services gets its money—mostly from the US taxpayer!  From their most recent published annual report, here (p.11).  The USCCB is effectively a federal agency!  They are the largest of the nine major federal refugee contractors.

Revenue (in rounded numbers)

Federal grants/contracts:  $66 million

Refugee travel loans (your tax dollars too):  $3.6 million

Total revenue:  $71 million (which leaves less than $1.5 million from private charitable giving)

If  ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ should get through Congress, the Bishops federal take will quadruple as they become the “service provider” for the millions of newly amnestied.

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Syrians unhappy in Sweden, not what they expected

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 29, 2014

You can’t make this up!

First we have Sweden welcoming any Syrians to their country who can get there—-thousands have arrived so far.

Then Sweden whines that they can’t carry the whole load and other European countries must step up and share the burden.

And, now we have Newsweek doing a photo spread showcasing 12 unhappy Syrians in Sweden!  What happened to being grateful they are alive!

…one of the unhappy men who wants to go home to Syria.

And, what is the use of being “welcoming” then?

Newsweek thanks to ‘pungentpeppers’ for spotting it:

Once they were respected and successful, they had money and power. Now they’re broke, roaming like ghosts in a foreign land.

These are the stories of 12 young Syrian men who used to be rich businessmen, global professionals and members of prominent families. They sacrificed everything to escape war and reach Sweden, the only country granting them permanent residence.

Far from discovering the paradise they dreamed about, some now lead an invisible life in bleak suburbs and remote villages, isolated and unable to find work. Cut off from their loved ones, they are stuck in a limbo between a comfortable life they cannot forget and a tough, new reality.

Check out the photos and sob stories (are they all true?).

It would be cheaper for the Swedish taxpayer to buy a plane ticket back to Syria for those who ‘found their way to Sweden’ only to discover there is no “paradise.”

As a matter of fact, the US State Department never mentions it, but some refugees to the US find there are no streets paved with gold here either.  The most unhappy ones scrape together the money needed to fly ‘home.’  I’ve recommended that it would be less costly for the US taxpayer to fly them home for free (at our expense) and save us the even greater welfare costs involved with keeping them.

See our dozens of posts on Sweden by clicking here.

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Seattle Mayor: refugees and immigrants need more taxpayer supplied services

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 28, 2014

Get that Wyoming!  There is not enough federal money flowing to refugee resettlement hotspots, so Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is calling on the city’s taxpayers to pony-up more cash.

Seattle Mayor Murray: the City needs to find more money for our refugee overload.

And, the best part of this article in the Seattle Times comes near the end!

Calling the city’s efforts to help immigrants and refugees “understaffed and underfunded,” Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said Wednesday he’ll expand city services, with a goal of strengthening help for those communities.

Murray called on the City Council to approve $409,000 in new funding to double the size of the small Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs and begin work on an action plan that includes expanded access to English-language programs, support for immigrant-owned small businesses, improved relations with the Seattle Police Department and enhanced citizenship programs.

Local ethnic community organizers salivating for more $$$!

Murray said that Washington is the eighth-largest refugee-resettlement state in the nation and that almost 1 in 5 residents were born in another country.

And he said that while many think of refugees and immigrants as living primarily in Southeast Seattle, as many as 25 percent of residents in Northgate and Maple Leaf speak a language other than English.

The morning news conference was attended by many representatives of immigrant communities who said they welcomed increased city attention and resources.

Best part of a very informative article Immigrant entrepreneur myth busted!  This made me laugh out loud:

Aaliyah Gupta, interim director of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, said the city knows that immigrant businesses close at a high rate but doesn’t know all the reasons why.

She said that between 2007 and 2013, 3,950 small businesses opened in Rainier Valley, while over the same period 2,390 closed. Many of those were owned by immigrants, she said.

David Lubell and his “Welcoming America” cohorts have been out peddling this notion that refugees/immigrants open more businesses than Americans do, but LOL!, I guess he is not reporting how many are closing!   The reality here for Ms. Gupta is that refugees get special deals from the federal government (via the contractors) when financing new businesses and simply can’t sustain the trinket shops etc. that they open.   The survivors are the convenience store owners tapping into the lucrative food stamp fraud racket.

Lubell is a contractor for the Office of Refugee Resettlement and he was hired to get your minds right about refugees!

The article ends with a discussion about getting the large number of single, poor, Muslim women together with women police officers to establish trust and cooperation.  Guess there is a problem that we are not being told. Of course, the ‘M’ word is not mentioned.

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San Jose refugee workshop: depression keeps refugees from getting/keeping jobs

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 26, 2014

And, that makes their kids ashamed of them.  A psychiatrist will facilitate workshop to help parents cope.

Where is psychiatrist Song? Search the photo—she is crouching among the kids.

From the San Francisco Examiner (Hat tip: Joanne):

The Immigrant/Refugee Parent Project, a collaborative effort by several immigrant groups, will host a workshop in San Jose later this month to allow parents from various immigrant communities to share their challenges raising children in the United States.

The parents, many of whom have fled wars and persecution in their home countries, will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences, ask questions, meet new people and sample each other’s cooking.

Launched last year, the program is facilitated by adult/child psychiatrist Suzan Song…

No job=no respect:

Although the parents come from diverse cultures, Song noted their concerns are often remarkably similar. One common challenge is how children tend to more easily adjust to local cultures and learn English faster than their parents. This can lead to kids shaming their parents for not being more American, Song noted, adding that some parents say being unemployed makes it hard to command their children’s respect.

Song said while the parents are generally eager to find work, many refugees suffer from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, which can make it difficult to get and keep a job. Conflicting social behaviors can be another source of friction.  [Like girls not wanting to wear the hijab!---ed]

At least these kids are ashamed (so far) with non-working parents living off the US taxpayer, unlike generations of inner-city kids who go on to lifelong dependence on welfare themselves—and pass it down to their offspring!

Keeping these refugee kids ashamed might in fact be their ticket to upward mobility!


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Canada has refugee overload too! Vancouver school system struggling

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 25, 2014

It’s not just the US where ‘do-gooder-itis’ is overwhelming common sense.  Obviously Canada is taking more refugees than it can adequately care for too!  And, a school system is attempting to fill the gaps.   (See Amarillo and Buffalo).

And, when Somali kids grow up like those described here (in poverty, no father), does anyone really believe that they will contribute to Canadian society in any significant way when they grow up!

Indeed! is importing poverty wise?

Somali women learning English in Surrey (Vancouver suburb). Have you noticed we rarely see photos of Somali men bothering to learn English.

From The Vancouver Sun thanks again to ‘pungentpeppers’ (emphasis is mine):

It was only reluctantly that Batula Ali Ekow tells her story, prompted by Somali interpreter Deqa Mohamed who had a part to play in what, unfortunately, appears to be a commonplace drama of poverty overwhelming a refugee family in North Surrey.

Ekow, along with other Somali women — all clothed in the flowing robes and headdresses of their homeland — attend the Surrey school district’s English Language Learner Welcome Centre at 7525 King George Blvd., which offers services to help integrate immigrant and refugee families into Canadian society.

It was here — with Mohamed acting as interpreter — that Ekow and other Somali mothers were interviewed.

Her friend, Hawo Hussein Adbi, spoke of the sense of hopelessness as her older children, still at school, apply for jobs each week but never hear back, and of the struggle to feed them all while living on social assistance.

At first, Ekow will only speak generally about how she and her three school-aged children have fared.

Like the other women, she is saying how overwhelmingly grateful she is to be in Canada when Mohamed interrupts and says, “Let me speak to her in the Somali language” and a conversation ensues, at the end of which a different story emerges:

Ekow, her husband and children arrived in Canada in June 2010 as refugees, and began living on $1,600 a month. Her husband left shortly after their arrival, and so her benefits were cut to $1,025.

Rent was $900, so for seven months, until she began receiving the federal child tax credit, she had $125 a month with which to feed, clothe and care for herself and three children — what a middle-class couple might spend on dinner out without really trying.

She spoke no English, had no idea of Canadian customs, and asked no one for help. The children’s teachers, however, realized something was wrong and called Mohamed.


Surrey counsellor Judy Villeneuve agrees it is a crisis and that services available for the poor in the area and refugees who arrive there destitute are inadequate. But the city does all it can to help, she says.

It is a long article but well worth reading especially if you are one of our many Canadian readers.

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Amarillo, TX: Refugee kids living in poverty, homeless, sleep in cars

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 24, 2014

A few weeks ago we reported that Amarillo, once a “welcoming” community, is now in refugee-overload and asking the federal government to give them a break and slow the flow of refugees.  Amarillo is a ‘pocket of resistance.’

Now, here is a story that all Wyomingites should note, poverty is increasing in Potter County with the increase in refugees arriving there and there is a cost to the local taxpayer and a social cost to the community.

From ABC News Amarillo (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

AMARILLO, TEXAS — Over the years, Amarillo Independent School District has seen an influx of students who live in poverty, many refugees. Studies show when a child is food insecure and tired, they can’t learn. That’s why the district has employed social workers to make sure their students have basic necessities.

Sabre McLean was hired by AISD 12-years ago to work at San Jacinto and Margaret Wills Elementary when the principals at the time noticed they were spending a lot of time working on social issues with struggling families instead of educating their students.

“Amarillo has a lot of homeless families, families that sleep in cars, families that stay in shelters. And every night we have kiddos that are in those situations,” said social worker, Sabre McLean.

In fact, more than 23% of Potter County families are living in poverty, that’s according to the Census Bureau. A number that’s growing along with the refugee population. Studies show when kids are food insecure, tired, and embarrassed over worn out clothes, they’re not learning.

“When kids come in and they’re dirty, they haven’t had a good nights sleep and they’re hungry. My job is to provide those services so they can be in their chair doing their job and learning,” said McLean.

She works with the students and their families making sure they’re fed, clothed, and getting help with basic needs. But the only dollars spent AISD is on these social workers salary, everything else is donation based.

Does your community have a taxpayer-funded social worker to help poor refugee kids get through a school day?

Check this out!

I visited Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle, one of the primary contractors resettling refugees in Amarillo and they have this handy flow chart entitled, ‘Report on Refugee Resettlement in Amarillo’, which shows exactly what we have been saying for years—the program is so complex (they need a flow chart!) that the average concerned citizen of Amarillo could not possibly sort this out without spending many long hours in research.

LOL! Of course the UN is at the top of the flow chart!

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The feds and contractors need to find more resettlement towns and cities

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 17, 2014

The ones they have are at the saturation point and so the hunt is on!  (Get it Wyoming!)

It’s been on actually for some time, but last summer the State Department (PRM) and the Dept. of Health and Human Services (ORR) began to spell out what they are looking for in a “welcoming” community.  They published their ‘guidance’  in a boring-sounding report entitled, ‘Key Indicators for Refugee Placement in FY 2014.’  

I had the report, but had filed it away for a slow day, which didn’t come until last week.

Bottomline is that they want to find out where they can get the best goodies for refugees in a welcoming atmosphere!  They have compiled state data for “stakeholders:”

…including state-by-state employment rates, health insurance access, average housing costs and state minimum wages.

They have had eleven meetings since 2011, some are conference calls, but others are site visits like one they described in Minnesota:

ORR and PRM staff conducted a joint site visit to Minnesota and engaged with representatives of a resettlement agency, area service providers and the state and local government to discuss resettlement needs and gauge local support and capacity for new resettlement possibilities.  [They love that word capacity!----ed]

See the full report, we will have more to say about it in coming days.

See our ‘where to find information’ category for more on reports like this one, statistics etc. that you will need to educate your communities.

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Hate crime investigation underway in “welcoming” Ft. Morgan, CO

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 3, 2014

Somalis congregate in Somali cafe in Ft. Morgan where 1/3 of the labor force at Cargill is from East Africa according to Aljazeera.

We’ve been following the ups and downs of the Somali migration to Ft. Morgan for several years.  The mass migration to the town began in 2008 right after the big blow up in Greeley when Somalis demanded special prayer times at a Swift meatpacking plant there.  A lot of the Somalis were fired and moved on to Ft. Morgan to work for Cargill.  Here is one post on the move.

We have a whole category about the conflict starting in 2008, here.

Ft. Morgan political leaders have knocked themselves out trying to send the politically correct message that diversity brings strength, but every once in awhile they have a flareup by some who don’t want the ‘change’ being brought to their community by BIG MEAT.

Senator Sessions says we need to slow down that change for everyone’s sake.  By the way, it was Senator Sessions who called out the meatpackers as major lobbyists behind the so-called ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ bill as it passed the Senate.

From KUSA:

KUSA – They left Somalia and other parts of eastern Africa to escape unpredictable violence, but now Fort Morgan police say the town’s refugee community is being victimized because of their race and heritage.

In the past week and a half, multiple cars have been vandalized, left with broken windows and spray painted with racial slurs.

“Get out of town. Go back to your country,” said Khadar Ducaale, of what was written. “It’s been very frustrating, at the same time, it’s been scary. We don’t know who is responsible.”

“We left our home country back in Africa for lack of security and instability, “said Abdi Wahab, whose car windows were broken. “It feels like we might be having the same problem we left our countries for now.”

There are hundreds of east Africans who’ve been given refuge by the U.S. government to live and work in Fort Morgan. Many work at the Cargill meat plant. They said vandalism to their vehicles has happened several times in the past. 9News reported on eight cars hit in 2011.


Fort Morgan Police said they believe the car windows were shot out by a BB gun. A town spokesperson said a hate crime investigation is underway, but there are no suspects.

Click here for our complete archive on Ft. Morgan.  They likely even had an honor killing there a few years ago.

Time to call in David Lubell and the mind police?

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Sensible Senator Sessions: Slow down immigration and give people time to assimilate

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 3, 2014

The US Census Bureau is reporting that the US is on the cusp of the Second Great Wave of Immigration where the immigrant population of America is at or near the historically high level of 15%.    Most people, especially the youngsters in the Open Borders movement assume we have been pouring immigrants into America at high levels forever.  Not so!  We dramatically reduced immigration levels around 1920 because the nation needed to catch its breath and immigrants needed to assimilate.  The public demanded the slowdown.

That all changed in 1965 when Senator Ted Kennedy was among those pushing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (a bill signed by Lyndon Johnson).  Previously most immigrants to America were Europeans, this law opened our doors to Latin Americans, Africans and Asians and so the cultural leap they would have to make to assimilate became even greater.

Today assimilation is a dirty word and the motives of the immigration lobby are frankly to push America toward more socialism (Dems want the voters), more diversity (frankly less whiteness) and for others (some Republicans/big business) it’s all about a cheap labor force.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) gave the Keynote address at the 5th anniversary celebration of the Tea Party in Washington DC.

So for those of us who think Senator Sessions makes enormous sense, I fear that common sense is not in vogue these days.

Before you read this, check out the Migration Policy Institute graph (to get to the graph click on ‘Number and share total US population 1850-2012′) which puts us much closer to the 15% mark than does this Census Bureau report.

From The Hill (hat tip: Robin):

If Congress passes immigration reform legislation this year, it will dramatically add to what the Census Bureau is calling the “Second Great Wave” of immigration in U.S. history.

Opponents of the legislation have seized on the Census Bureau’s analysis of migration patterns to warn of an explosion of foreign-born population over the next few decades.

“Once again, the country is approaching a percentage of foreign-born not seen since the late 1800s and early 1900s,” the Census Bureau wrote on its blog this week. “Will this proportion continue to increase, perhaps exceeding the high of nearly 15 percent achieved in both 1890 and 1910?”

The agency estimates that 40 million people living in the United States in 2010 were born elsewhere, approximately 12.9 percent of the population. That is the highest population of immigrants, percentage-wise, since the 1920s, according to the Census Bureau.

Opponents of granting citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants and expanding legal immigration flows have pounced on the study.

“After 40 years of large-scale immigration, rising joblessness, failing schools and a growing welfare state, would not the sensible, conservative thing to do be to slow down for a bit, allow wages to rise, assimilation to occur, and to help those struggling here today?” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said Thursday, when he delivered the keynote address to commemorate the Tea Party Patriots’ fifth anniversary.

An aide to Sessions estimated the number of foreign-born people living in the United States has now reached 45 million.

Sessions’s office estimates that number could swell by at least 30 million over the next decade if Congress passes the Senate immigration bill.

For readers reaching retirement age, look back to the early 1970′s and see that things have really changed in the last 40 years (you aren’t wrong to have suspected it).

The immigrant population reached a low in 1970 when 9.6 million people — 4.7 percent of the total population — residing in the United States were born in another country.

If you missed it, check out our post last week about MENA (Middle Eastern/North African) immigrant populations in the US, a group that will resist assimilation more than some others.  That post went off the charts for some reason with 1,000 readers in one day.

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Poll: Majority of Evangelical Christians want LEGAL immigration numbers reduced

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 24, 2014

NumbersUSA is reporting on a poll released in Nashville today at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. (Hat tip: Robin)

A brand new national poll of only evangelical Christians finds that they are deeply compassionate when it comes to immigration policy but not in the way the news media have been reporting because of a well-funded public relations campaign by a few dozen pro-amnesty religious leaders.  [Some of those pro-amnesty religious leaders are included in this list of refugee contractors.---ed]

Released today here in Nashville at the National Religious Broadcasters giant annual convention, the poll found that most evangelicals are deeply concerned about unemployed and struggling low-paid American workers, particularly Black and Hispanic Americans who have the highest jobless and poverty rates.  And most evangelicals want an immigration system that protects their ability to work and support themselves.

Read the results on illegal immigration, and then this is what interested me the most.

The poll [Pulse Opinion Survey] found even less support for increasing legal immigration:

* only 8% of evangelicals supported doubling legal immigration and 14% favored keeping it at the current 1 million a year,

* 64% said immigration should be cut at least to 500,000 a year, with half of all evangelicals supporting a limit of no more than 100,000 a year,

* 29% said legal immigration should be reduced to zero.

If you have never watched NumbersUSA’s youtube presentation —Immigration by the numbers—take ten minutes and watch it now by clicking here.

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