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Two other LEGAL immigration programs of concern

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 14, 2014

We wish there were more hours in a day to write about other legal immigration programs that are changing the demographics of America and swamping our culture besides refugee resettlement, but alas there are not.

Here are reports on two Visa programs for you to watch.  Both offer opportunities for massive immigration fraud.

CA Rep. Mike Honda wants to make Visas for “religious workers” a permanent program.

The first is the Investor Visa, as described in this article from Michigan Live (Hat tip: Dianne):

Michigan luring “entrepreneur aliens” from Asia and the Middle East!

LANSING, MI — Michigan’s new status as a federally designated center for an increasingly popular investor visa program — just the second of its kind in the nation — will uniquely position the state to attract foreign capital and create local jobs, according to experts and stakeholders.

United States Customs and Immigration expedited and approved Michigan’s application to run its own EB-5 Regional Center, the Snyder administration announced this week, citing support from the governor, the state’s entire Congressional delegation and Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan.

The federal EB-5 visa program is designed to attract “entrepreneur aliens” by offering them a green card in exchange for domestic investments that produce at least 10 new jobs in the U.S.

Read it all.  The Center for Immigration Studies has done a lot of reporting on problems with this program, here.   Michelle Malkin calls it the “cash-for-visas racket,” here.

Religious workers Visa

This isn’t just for the Imams, Priests, Ministers, but for “religious workers” supposedly needed to back-up the leaders. Rep. Honda wants to make the program permanent so Congress doesn’t have to revisit it every few years with the possibility each time of killing it!

From ZeeNewsIndia:

Washington: Aimed at facilitating immigration of religious workers including those of Hindu and Sikh faith, a US lawmaker has introduced a legislation in the House of Representatives.

Introduced yesterday by Congressman Mike Honda, the Freedom of Faith Act (HR 4460), will make permanent the special immigrant provision for non-minister religious workers.

The current religious workers programme is set to expire in 2015.

When passed by the Congress, the Act would cover religious workers, who provide a variety of services, such as translating for Korean Presbyterian churches, singing as cantors in Jewish temples, delivering sermons as mullahs (clerics) in Muslim mosques, and helping with Hindu pujas during Dussehra, Naimittika, Shivaratri, and Sikh ceremonies such as Akhandpath.  [What! We don't have enough religious workers here already?  If not, how about training some right here---ed]

Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Jain, Mormon, Catholic, Hindu, Sikh, and Muslim workers would benefit from this.

“For over two decades, Congress has reauthorised this programme time and time again,” Honda said.

Can you just imagine how broadly the “workers” definition is being interpreted!

The next time you hear someone say:  ‘I don’t like illegal immigration, but we welcome legal immigration!’  Think about these kinds of LEGAL immigration and give them a bop over the head!


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Lutherans lobby in Washington for amnesty; limited detention of illegal aliens

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 10, 2014

And, to top it off—you, the US taxpayer, most likely footed a large portion of the bill!

Take a minute and go to a post we wrote last spring (Don’t break our rice bowls! see their lavish Baltimore office building) about the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (one of the nine major federal refugee contractors***) which was the ring leader of the event in Washington last week.  Out of approximately $31.5 million in annual income, $30 million is from government grants and contracts, in other words, from you.  Their CEO (photo below) makes over $200,000 in salary and benefits.

Linda Hartke, LIRS CEO: ‘We honor the gifts new Americans bring to the country.’ (and we get paid by US taxpayers to push that line!)

I have it from a good source that the average Lutheran in America has no clue about what their leaders are doing.

Here is the story from Religion News Service:

WASHINGTON, DC April. 4, 2014 – 42 Lutheran leaders visited lawmakers Wednesday on Capitol Hill and at the White House, calling for virtuous and compassionate immigration reform. From the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and Lutheran ministry organizations, they emphasized that as people of faith, they are called to welcome the sojourner and walk alongside migrants and refugees as they rebuild their lives in the United States.

The leaders had face-to-face conversations with more than 20 members of Congress, including House and Senate leadership and members of Congress who are themselves Lutheran. They also met with staff at nearly 70 congressional offices, sharing stories of how our nation’s broken immigration system affects their congregations and communities by creating a culture of fear and leaving children without parents. The meetings were part of the annual Lutheran Immigration Leadership Summit, hosted by Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS).

The US has an “unjust immigration system,” they told the White House:

A group of ten leaders also met with the President’s Domestic Policy Council and the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships at the White House. A letter was delivered to President Obama after the meeting, signed by 37 of the leaders. The letter thanked President Obama for his leadership on immigration reform and for reviewing immigration enforcement. However, it also called on President Obama to “ease the pain caused by unnecessarily high rates of detention and deportation.” They wrote: “we urge you to alleviate the hardships and separation experienced by families caught up in our unjust immigration system.”

Here (and below) is the text of the letter they delivered to the White House.  If you are a Lutheran who disagrees with your church leadership for pushing amnesty and advocating for no detention for most illegal migrants, click here to see which leaders of your church signed the letter.

April 2, 2014

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama:

As people of faith, we pray and call for immigration policies that keep families together, protect individuals forced from their homelands or fleeing persecution, and value the great gift immigrants are to our churches, communities and nation.

On behalf of Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) and the undersigned leaders from the Lutheran Immigration Leadership Summit and the communities we represent, thank you for today’s meeting with staff from your Domestic Policy Council and the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and for your willingness to hear our concerns.

We join the cry of the prophet Amos: “…let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.”

We lift our voices in speaking to members of the House and Senate, and to your Administration. Compassionate immigration reform must become the law of the land. Every day without action does harm to families, to communities, and to our nation.

We were encouraged by your announcement that you will review immigration enforcement practices. We believe that such a review is long overdue. While we await legislative action on just, compassionate and comprehensive immigration reform, we are counting on your Administration to exercise its authority to bring about an end to the excessive detention and deportation of immigrants by providing for:

*Broader and increased use of prosecutorial discretion at all points of law enforcement decision-making to reduce harmful enforcement practices and family separation.

*An end to the arbitrary use of detention and to the detention of vulnerable migrants such as asylum seekers and survivors of torture, and true access to justice.

*Increased availability of community-based alternatives to detention that do not unnecessarily deprive individuals of their freedom and for migrants who are neither a danger to the community nor a flight risk.

Today, we and fellow Lutheran leaders are meeting with Congressional leaders to call for swift immigration reform that reflects our American values and the calling of our faith to love and serve our neighbors. We yearn for a nation that honors the contributions that new and aspiring Americans make to our society and economy, and we long for immigration policies that strengthen families within our borders.

You, as President, can ease the pain caused by unnecessarily high rates of detention and deportation. While we appreciate your leadership on comprehensive immigration reform, we urge you to alleviate the hardships and separation experienced by families caught up in our unjust immigration system. We pray that you follow this way of justice, and by doing so, show the positive impact that stabilizing migrant communities can have of all of us.

Yours in faith,

Here is an article about one of the Lutheran leaders excellent adventure in Washington.

*** The federal gravy train steams on!   If the Senate version of Comprehensive Immigration Reform should become law, the contractors, including LIRS, will be in line for MORE federal grants to provide “services” to the millions of newly amnestied.  They will be contracted to get the “new Americans” set up on welfare, help them find jobs, get them micro-loans to start businesses, teach them English etc.  There are even federal grants to teach the immigrants how to have healthy marriages!

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Portland, OR: Lebanese family ripped-off US taxpayers, while some lived in Lebanon

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 28, 2014

These are apparently not “refugees” but some legal program allowed this family of crooks to live among us for years and steal from the taxpayers through social security, food stamp and healthcare fraud.

I’m bringing you this story for two reasons:  first the complexity of this immigrant ‘entrepreneur’ scam once again confirms that some immigrants are skilled (trained?) in how to tap into our welfare system, and secondly, every American should watch for such frauds in your home town and report them!  In this case, local pharmacy employees smelled a rat while the crooks made some dumb moves.

If an unemployed immigrant on welfare is driving a Mercedes like this one, it is a good tip-off for investigators!

From The Oregonian.  He applied for home health care for a mother who lived in Lebanon!    Hat tip: crime sleuth ‘pungentpeppers.’

Emphasis is mine:

An unemployed Southeast Portland man who reportedly wore lots of jewelry, flashed pictures of trips to Lebanon and owned a Mercedes was sentenced to six months of prison Wednesday for cashing disability checks for a sister who was living outside the United States.  [Only six months!---ed]

Jason I. Boutros, 49, must also pay nearly $221,000 in restitution to the Social Security Administration and the Oregon Department of Human Services, U.S. District Judge Michael Simon ordered.

Boutros was one of four family members who, prosecutors said, bilked federal and state agencies of disability, Medicaid and food-stamp benefits over several years, collecting payments even as some lived in Lebanon for long stretches, making them ineligible.

Investigators began looking into Boutros’ payments in 2009 when he submitted a request to DHS seeking payment for providing home-care services for his mother in March of that year, court filings say. But the state learned his mother had been out of the country in March 2009.

Pharmacy employees blew the whistle!

The lifestyle of the Boutros family had raised questions by employees at the pharmacy where the family would pick up prescriptions, a sentencing memorandum states. One said Boutros wore “lots of jewelry” and showed photos of trips to Lebanon and another said she had reported him to a fraud hotline.

And when agents searched Boutros’ Southeast Portland home in April 2013, they found a Mercedes in the garage and a tanning bed in another building on the property, according to Cooper’s sentencing memorandum.

Read it all!

This and many other stories like it may be found every day at the facebook page ‘Diversity’s Dark Side.’   Check it out!  Like it!

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Senator Jeff Sessions: Amnesty is a done deal!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 27, 2014

Sessions: The Administration’s actions are breathtaking and without precedent.

The US Senate’s chief critic of efforts by both the Obama Administration and the majority of the US Senate to give amnesty to the 12 million (or more) aliens who are in the US illegally, released a stunning statement yesterday in which he said basically—it is over!

Obama immigration enforcement is virtually non-existent—they are here, they are staying, they are working, they are getting benefits, and more are being welcomed.

Of course he says it’s up to the Republicans to reverse the tidal wave, but I, for one, haven’t much hope of that since Republican leaders (and their campaign funders!) either want amnesty, or want the issue to go away before the 2014 and 2016 election cycles.

Here is what the Senator released yesterday—‘Dramatic nullification of immigration law‘  (Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum has sounded the alarm via twitter):

WASHINGTON—U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement today after releasing a statistical analysis of Department of Homeland Security data documenting the Administration’s vast and far-reaching defiance of federal immigration law:

“The evidence reveals that the Administration has carried out a dramatic nullification of federal law. Under the guise of setting ‘priorities’, the Administration has determined that almost anyone in the world who can enter the United States is free to illegally live, work and claim benefits here as long as they are not caught committing a felony or other serious crime. This applies not only to illegal immigrants who entered through the border, but those who enter on a visa and overstay.

American workers and taxpayers are entitled to the protections our immigration laws afford, yet the Administration has suspended these protections, producing lower wages and higher unemployment.

Congressional Democrats have empowered this state of lawlessness. It falls on the shoulders of Republicans to reverse it—and to rescue the rule of law for the American people of today and tomorrow. More information will be shared in the coming days, in light of the administration’s call to expand these unlawful directives even further.”

See the Senator’s chilling report hereThis is the final paragraph:

The Administration’s actions are breathtaking and without precedent. American citizens have both a legal and moral right to the protection our immigration laws afford; those rights have been systematically ignored, resulting in a massive loss of income and wages for the most vulnerable Americans. The Administration has abandoned its duty to faithfully execute the law and protect US sovereignty, resulting not only in a collapse of immigration enforcement but a grave jeopardy to the American system of law and justice itself.

Photo is here at the Heritage Foundation.  Senator Sessions’ lonely crusade!

For new readers of RRW, the Senate-passed so-called ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill’ (if it should become law) will give federal refugee contractors a greatly expanded ‘client’ base and thus the federal grants to “provide services” to the newly amnestied including helping them to sign up for their welfare goodies, just as they do today for refugees and asylees.

The contractors have been busy lobbying Congress to pass amnesty, and surely using some of your tax dollars in their lobbying efforts (most have very little money besides your money!).

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Washington state: Couple faces extradition for ripping off Romanian government

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 22, 2014

These aren’t refugees, far from it! 

Radu and Diana Nemes, nice immigrant couple next door!

They are a super-rich Romanian couple with most of their millions stashed away in Dubai, but they had somehow gotten into America, overstayed, and were already on a detainer from ICE when it was learned they were wanted in Romania.  They are now being held in detention while their lawyers fight the detention.*

So, if they aren’t “refugees” why am I writing about this?

As a hobby at RRW, we have followed probably a hundred food stamp fraud cases perpetrated by immigrant owners of ‘Mom & Pop’ convenience stores and gas stations and I’ve contended that many of those immigrant ‘entrepreneurs’ got in here on an E-2 Investor Visa.  Reader ‘pungentpeppers’ read this long news story to the end and reports that they were trying to get an E-2 visa when they bought into a winery.

With an E-2 visa, the immigrant ‘entrepreneur’ with minor children can stay in America for 5 years at a time, and then must renew the visa.  The Nemeses expected to be staying for a long time because authorities found illegal guns and an underground bunker in the expensive new home they were building.

The next time you hear the Open Borders lobby bragging about how immigrants are opening businesses, remember the Nemeses.

Just a reminder to you, mostly politically-correct Republicans, when you are tempted to say, ‘I don’t like illegal immigration, but LEGAL is what America is all about!’ think about people like this Romanian pair who got in here through some legal means.

From the Nisqually Valley News:

A U.S. Magistrate judge on Thursday ordered Radu and Diana Nemes to remain detained pending the resolution of their extradition case.

The Nemeses’ lawyer said she would appeal the decision.

The bunker!

Court documents reveal that agents found an underground bunker at the couple’s property where they were building a “luxury home,” and found more than a half dozen firearms, including an AR-15 “assault rifle,” in the residence where the couple was living.

Radu Nemes, 39, and his wife Diana Nemes, 38, who were arrested on Tuesday under an extradition treaty with Romania, are accused of defrauding the Romanian government of the equivalent of about $73 million, according to court documents. The Nemeses are also accused of laundering money, and allegedly used the funds to purchase vehicles, business interests and living expenses, and to construct a luxury home. Court documents also state they purchased a 67 percent interest in Eagleview Hill, LLC, the corporation that owns Eagleview Hill Winery in Rainier and Salida Wine Bar in Yelm.


Diana Nemes initially expressed she wanted to invest in the company to obtain an E-2 visa, McCrea (winery owner) said. Such a visa allows a non-citizen to stay in the United States predicated on their being the majority owner of a business.

Amazing story, read it all.

Come on mainstream media!  Why can’t some real investigative reporter dig into this Investor visa scam which definitely involves some American immigration lawyers and help expose this immigrant ‘entrepreneur’ mythology.

* Did you know that the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, a federal refugee contractor, opposes detention for immigrants.

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Sensible Senator Sessions: Slow down immigration and give people time to assimilate

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 3, 2014

The US Census Bureau is reporting that the US is on the cusp of the Second Great Wave of Immigration where the immigrant population of America is at or near the historically high level of 15%.    Most people, especially the youngsters in the Open Borders movement assume we have been pouring immigrants into America at high levels forever.  Not so!  We dramatically reduced immigration levels around 1920 because the nation needed to catch its breath and immigrants needed to assimilate.  The public demanded the slowdown.

That all changed in 1965 when Senator Ted Kennedy was among those pushing the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (a bill signed by Lyndon Johnson).  Previously most immigrants to America were Europeans, this law opened our doors to Latin Americans, Africans and Asians and so the cultural leap they would have to make to assimilate became even greater.

Today assimilation is a dirty word and the motives of the immigration lobby are frankly to push America toward more socialism (Dems want the voters), more diversity (frankly less whiteness) and for others (some Republicans/big business) it’s all about a cheap labor force.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) gave the Keynote address at the 5th anniversary celebration of the Tea Party in Washington DC.

So for those of us who think Senator Sessions makes enormous sense, I fear that common sense is not in vogue these days.

Before you read this, check out the Migration Policy Institute graph (to get to the graph click on ‘Number and share total US population 1850-2012′) which puts us much closer to the 15% mark than does this Census Bureau report.

From The Hill (hat tip: Robin):

If Congress passes immigration reform legislation this year, it will dramatically add to what the Census Bureau is calling the “Second Great Wave” of immigration in U.S. history.

Opponents of the legislation have seized on the Census Bureau’s analysis of migration patterns to warn of an explosion of foreign-born population over the next few decades.

“Once again, the country is approaching a percentage of foreign-born not seen since the late 1800s and early 1900s,” the Census Bureau wrote on its blog this week. “Will this proportion continue to increase, perhaps exceeding the high of nearly 15 percent achieved in both 1890 and 1910?”

The agency estimates that 40 million people living in the United States in 2010 were born elsewhere, approximately 12.9 percent of the population. That is the highest population of immigrants, percentage-wise, since the 1920s, according to the Census Bureau.

Opponents of granting citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants and expanding legal immigration flows have pounced on the study.

“After 40 years of large-scale immigration, rising joblessness, failing schools and a growing welfare state, would not the sensible, conservative thing to do be to slow down for a bit, allow wages to rise, assimilation to occur, and to help those struggling here today?” Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said Thursday, when he delivered the keynote address to commemorate the Tea Party Patriots’ fifth anniversary.

An aide to Sessions estimated the number of foreign-born people living in the United States has now reached 45 million.

Sessions’s office estimates that number could swell by at least 30 million over the next decade if Congress passes the Senate immigration bill.

For readers reaching retirement age, look back to the early 1970′s and see that things have really changed in the last 40 years (you aren’t wrong to have suspected it).

The immigrant population reached a low in 1970 when 9.6 million people — 4.7 percent of the total population — residing in the United States were born in another country.

If you missed it, check out our post last week about MENA (Middle Eastern/North African) immigrant populations in the US, a group that will resist assimilation more than some others.  That post went off the charts for some reason with 1,000 readers in one day.

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Largest Medicaid fraud bust in DC history involves immigrants from Africa

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 21, 2014

Great!  More immigrant “entrepreneurs” for ‘Welcoming America’ to brag about!

We just mentioned yesterday in our widely read post on St. Cloud, MN that Somalis are busy setting up ‘home health care’ businesses and we have seen previous news accounts about how easy it is for such businesses to defraud the US taxpayer.

From Cameroon to DC: Here we come to rip-off some American taxpayers!

In this DC case, it appears that most of the fraudsters nabbed were from Cameroon according to (not surprisingly!) the last line in the story at CBS.DC.  (It is very rare for the nationalities of immigrant law-breakers to be mentioned at all, so for this we are grateful.)

Many of those charged are immigrants from Cameroon in west Africa, but authorities did not go into detail about their nationalities.

Don’t you think there should be a law requiring that the public be informed about what LEGAL immigration program allowed these aliens to enter the US in the first place?  It is always my first question!

Few of these crooks would be refugees because we don’t take many refugees from Cameroon.  Nor does DC resettle many refugees although Maryland surely does.  So how did they get here?

From CBS.DC.   Hat tip:  Bob.  Emphasis is mine:

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — Federal authorities say 25 people have been charged in a wide-ranging scheme to obtain millions of dollars in fraudulent Medicaid payments from the District of Columbia government.

U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen calls it the largest health-care fraud case in the city’s history. It involved bogus claims for home care services, a category of Medicaid claim that has grown dramatically in the city over the past eight years. Machen says fraud is largely responsible for the increase in those claims. The uptick in billings for home care — from $40 million in 2006 to $280 million last year — was part of what tipped off authorities to illegal activity, U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen said.

“We concluded that much of the growth was due to aggressive networks of fraudsters paying kickbacks to beneficiaries to manufacture false claims for nonexistent services,” Machen said, later adding: “Medicaid fraud in the District of Columbia is at epidemic levels.”

Among those charged Thursday was Florence Bikundi, 51, of Bowie, Md., the owner of a home care agency in suburban Maryland who had lost her nursing license and was ineligible to receive Medicaid payments. Authorities say that by using different names, she was able to bill the city for $75 million in Medicaid payments.

Prosecutors say many of the defendants persuaded patients to fake illness or injury so they could bill Medicaid for home care they didn’t receive. Some of those patients received kickbacks, authorities said, although no patients have been charged.


Machen said it wasn’t clear whether any of those payments went to legitimate home care services, but Bikundi was able to amass significant personal wealth, authorities said. Among the property seized from her were millions of dollars from 46 bank accounts, a 7,300-square-foot home valued at $927,000 and five luxury vehicles.

Sometimes I think there are fraud training programs abroad before the immigrant even gets here—maybe a Scams 101, or Fraud-planning for Dummies—-because some of the ones we’ve written about on these pages require a level of sophistication and an infusion of seed money that one wouldn’t expect your average migrant to be blessed with.

Just a reminder!  We are posting stories like this one at a new facebook page entitled ‘Diversity’s Dark Side.’  Check it out and “Like” it, here.

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Thomas Sowell: Republicans snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 4, 2014

Thomas Sowell writing at National Review Online today likens the Republicans’ push for so-called ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ to something out of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’


Listening to discussions of immigration laws and proposals to reform them is like listening to something out of Alice in Wonderland.

Immigration laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them. One of the big problems that those who are pushing “comprehensive immigration reform” want solved is how to help people who came here illegally and are now “living in the shadows” as a result.

What about embezzlers or burglars who are “living in the shadows” in fear that someone will discover their crimes? Why not “reform” the laws against embezzlement or burglary so that such people can also come out of the shadows?

Read more from the brilliant Dr. Sowell.

Reminder to readers!  The Senate-passed version of ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ will send more of your money to Refugee resettlement contractors whose job will be expanded.  They will be contracted to hook the newly legalized aliens up with jobs and social services that they do now  (and not very well!) for refugees.  And, that is why the contractors have been lobbying hard for amnesty—it is all about the money and Democrat voters!

There was a story on Sunday by Reuters that indicated Rep.Paul Ryan might be getting cold feet.  What! Finger in the wind perhaps?

See also Ann Coulter.

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Filipinos lobby hard for ‘temporary’ refugee status

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 4, 2014

Meeting in NYC to plan strategy to lobby US State Department. DENNIS CLEMENTE/ US Bureau

It just takes one big storm, like Typhoon Haiyan, to get the engines going in the open borders lobby to seek Temporary Protected Status for anyone from that country who happened to have a foot in the US door already—a legal or an illegal foot.

The problem with TPS is that the “temporary” refugees never go home!  How do you think we happen to have a couple hundred thousand Salvadorans here!   And, they are all waiting for Comprehensive Immigration Reform to become law!

After a two hour panel session on the topic in NYC, the ‘advocates’ for TPS designation for Filipinos set their sites on a letter writing campaign to Secretary of State John Kerry and Asst. Sec. of State for Population, Refugees and Migration Anne Richard.  They don’t seem to know that it is the Dept. of Homeland Security that makes the final call.

From Global Nation Inquirer:

NEW YORK—Getting Temporary Protected Status (TPS) granted for the Philippines now depends on a letter-writing campaign addressed to the US Secretary of State John Kerry or his assistant, Anne Richard, supporters concluded during a two-hour long panel discussion on Jan. 28 at the Philippine Consulate.

The Filipino American Legal Defense & Education Fund, Inc. (Faldef) is encouraging people to ask as many prominent individuals and organizations to sign letters that will be sent to the Secretary of State’s office.

Consul General Mariano de Leon and City Council member Dr. Eugene Matthieu called on Filipinos to work together and spread the word through Filipino-friendly messages about the need for TPS.

There is more, read it all!

Why does the Philippine government care so much?  Because they will reap the windfall as Filipinos working legally in America will send “home” millions in remittances.  

For more information, our archive on TPS is here.  And, check out the TPS website for the countries that have TPS now:  El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Syria.

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Ann Coulter: GOP crafts immigration plan to wreck the country

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 30, 2014

Coulter: Will they bundle contributions for Eric Cantor’s re-election, as well-heeled donors will?

Author and columnist Ann Coulter has long maintained that immigration both legal and illegal is the most critical issue facing America today.  Yesterday she penned this column blasting Republicans (this includes elected officials like Sanderson in Tennessee) who can’t see that what they are doing will kill America as we know it with the Republican Party as the first casualty.

Coulter (hat tip: Ed):

As House Republicans prepare to sell out the country on immigration this week, Phyllis Schlafly has produced a stunning report on how immigration is changing the country. The report is still embargoed, but someone slipped me a copy, and it’s too important to wait.

Leave aside the harm cheap labor being dumped on the country does to the millions of unemployed Americans. What does it mean for the Republican Party?

Citing surveys from the Pew Research Center, the Pew Hispanic Center, Gallup, NBC News, Harris polling, the Annenberg Policy Center, Latino Decisions, the Center for Immigration Studies and the Hudson Institute, Schlafly’s report overwhelmingly demonstrates that merely continuing our current immigration policies spells doom for the Republican Party.

Immigrants — all immigrants — have always been the bulwark of the Democratic Party. For one thing, recent arrivals tend to be poor and in need of government assistance. Also, they’re coming from societies that are far more left-wing than our own. History shows that, rather than fleeing those policies, they bring their cultures with them. (Look at what New Yorkers did to Vermont.)

This is not a secret. For at least a century, there’s never been a period when a majority of immigrants weren’t Democrats.

At the current accelerated rate of immigration — 1.1 million new immigrants every year — Republicans will be a fringe party in about a decade.

Ruling class Republicans like the cheap labor too!

Republicans have no obligation to assist the Democrats as they change the country in a way that favors them electorally, particularly when it does great harm to the people already here.

Yes, it’s great for the most powerful Americans to have lots of cheap, unskilled labor. Immigration definitely solves the rich’s “servant problem.”

You lose!

It’s terrific for ethnic lobbyists whose political clout will skyrocket the more foreign-born Americans we have.

And it’s fantastic for the Democrats, who are well on their way to a permanent majority, so they can completely destroy the last remnants of what was once known as “the land of the free.”

The only ones opposed to our current immigration policies are the people.

There is much more! Read the whole column here.

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