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US State Department: UN has chosen several thousand Syrians for resettlement to America

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 6, 2014

And so it begins!

Marie Harf at the US State Department sending out the first signals! The Syrians are coming!

As I predicted yesterday, it is coming—the announcement that we will be taking several thousand Syrian permanent refugees starting in a few weeks.  The new fiscal year begins on October 1.

I’m using the word “permanent” for a reason.  Some of the Syrians going to Europe are only going to be allowed to stay until the conflict is resolved, but our refugees are permanent.

From Middle East Monitor.  State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said this apparently in response to a question:

The United States has resettled 166 Syrians since the outbreak of the Syrian Revolution in 2011, a State Department official said on Thursday.

Marie Harf, US state department deputy spokeswoman, said during her daily press briefing, “The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) began in mid-2014 to refer Syrian refugees in large numbers to the United States.”

She pointed out that there are several thousands of Syrian refugees waiting to gain entry into the US, noting that the number will continue to increase.

And, we are expected to pony-up another $2 billion for the Syrian refugee crisis by the end of the year.

Don’t forget!  Back in February, the Obama Administration bowed to pressure from “human rights” lobbyists/federal contractors to relax security screening so as to accommodate a Syrian migration to America, to your towns and cities.  I can assure you that most of the Syrians admitted to the US will be Sunni Muslims.

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Human Rights Watch: US must take Syrian refugees in order to help out Syria’s neighbors

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 5, 2014

Why should we? They are all Muslim countries and should take care of their own kind of people! Right?

Every day I look for the news that will come inevitably—the news that the US has opened its doors to Syrians in a big way.

Bring in the Syrians! Bill Frelick of Human Rights Watch is getting impatient with the Obama Administration.

And, every day for months I’ve noticed that not a word of complaint has come from the “humanitarian industrial complex” after a PR flurry earlier in the year where the contractors made it clear (and here) that they want 12,000-15,000 Syrians sent to your towns and cities each year going forward.

This Human Rights Watch writer is voicing the first complaint I’ve seen in awhile.

(I have a theory that the US State Department told its contractors to shut up or else they would stir up even more opposition to the resettlement of what will be mostly Sunni Syrians.)

Bill Frelick in a piece entitled, ‘US to Syrian Refugees: We’ll Give You Money But Stay Away, Please,’ at the Huffington Post says:

With the number of Syrian refugees in the Middle East hitting 3 million, it’s worth examining how the United States and other countries not on the frontline of the conflict have stepped in to help countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. These countries have the misfortune to be neighbors not only of Syria, but of Iraq and Israel/Palestine as well, other places that have been the source of millions of refugees.

Consider this: Lebanon is hosting 1.14 million refugees from Syria, the equivalent of 83 million refugees in the United States — or the combined population of California, Texas, and New York. And what has the United States done to relieve the human burden on Lebanon and Syria’s other neighbors? In the first 10 months of fiscal year 2014, the US admitted a grand total of 63 Syrian refugees.

Obama will make an announcement soon! 

Or, at least the US State Department will.  The annual Presidential Determination letter will be sent to Capitol Hill sometime in the coming weeks (it has to because the new fiscal year begins October 1), and in it the Administration will spell out its refugee wishlist for the coming year.  There is no way they aren’t going to bring in thousands of Syrians, it is just a question of how many thousands.

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The Economist: The ‘melting pot’ works! American Muslims assimilating beautifully

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 5, 2014

Yet, using The Economist’s own supporting numbers….

Approximately 12% of US Muslims believe suicide bombings of civilians can be justified—that means 360,000 American Muslims can justify suicide bombings of innocent men, women and children!

Boy did this unnamed reporter from The Economist drink the Kool-Aid.   In attempting to tell us why the US was better off than Europe with its “integration” of Muslims he/she sure revealed some scarey numbers.

Obviously The Economist attended the Islamic Society of North America’s annual shindig and although admitted we had a few “bad apples,” America’s Muslims are just like you and me, peace-loving people who want to attend liberal arts colleges, have their kids join the Boy Scouts and build mosques.

Before you proceed, be sure to see this post from last year where we reported that Pew (Forum on Religion and Public Life) says there were 2.75 million Muslims in the US in 2011.  That would jibe with this Economist report which puts the number at 1% of the US population (around 3 million Muslims).  Although looking around we see there are estimates ranging from 2 million to 7 million.

The Economist (opinion piece!) sets the stage to show how we are better off than Europe:

THE State Department estimates that up to 100 American jihadists are fighting in Iraq and Syria. A video appearing to show a second American journalist being beheaded by the Islamic State is circulating. You might think this would be a difficult time to hold the annual conference of America’s largest Muslim organisation.

Yet the Islamic Society of North America’s gathering, which took place in Detroit over the Labour Day weekend, served as a reminder of how well America is assimilating a religious minority that has often struggled to feel at home in Europe.

The Economist gushes about how well American Muslims are integrating, but admits that the US is at 1% with its Muslim population, while some European countries have reached 4-5% in Muslim population.  So, what will the US Muslims be like when there are five times as many of them?  More aggressive?

O.K. so using The Economist’s own estimate of 1% (let’s round that to 3 million Muslims in the US).

Now look at this chart The Economist has published! 

Granted Europe is worse off, but something stinks in America’s “melting pot.”

Clarifying numbers!

38% (est. from the graph) of America’s Muslims think life is not worse for women in Muslim countries:  so that is 1,140,000 who believe women are just fine in Muslim countries?

Approximately 49% of America’s Muslims are not concerned about Islamic Extremism:  1,470,000

48% feel they are Muslim not American: 1,440,000 are Muslims first!

60% do not believe Arabs carried out 9/11 attack:

Approximately 1.8 million American Muslims believe Arabs did not carry out 9/11 attack.

And the stunner!

Only! approximately 12% admitted that they believe suicide bombings of civilians can be justified:  360,000 American Muslims believe this?

If 360,000 American Muslims right now believe that suicide bombings of civilians can be justified, how are we going to feel when the Muslim population reaches 5% in America–-when 1.8 million Muslims believe in such violence?

Time for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to America!

Someone check my math please!

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Come on Gateway Pundit, you should know about refugee resettlement by now!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 4, 2014

This plan by a local Catholic group is NOT a plan to accommodate “illegal aliens!”   (See Gateway Pundit here)


Jim Hoft in a post entitled: Update: Officials Discuss Housing Syrian & Iraqi Refugees in South St. Louis.

“A local St. Louis Catholic church closed it’s school last year and now wants to use it to house illegal aliens.”

(hat tip: Julia)

Iraqis and Syrians are/will be LEGAL immigrants.

This is all legal and has been going on for over three decades. I can’t recreate all of Refugee Resettlement Watch for Gateway Pundit, so someone please tell some of the big conservative bloggers that it’s time they paid attention to LEGAL immigration especially as this is all being paid for out of the federal treasury!

It is not charitable Catholics passing the collection plate!  Catholic groups are federal contractors!

Iraqis are the largest group of refugees we are bringing to the US this year and in fiscal year 2015 (which begins in 4 weeks), Syrians will be pouring into your cities!   16,159 Iraqis have been brought to the US in the first ten months of this fiscal year.  A large percentage of them have been resettled by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (as the largest contractor) and its subcontractors.

The feds and their refugee contractors*** are scouting out new locations as we speak.

*** The federal migrant resettlement contractors which we have followed for years (Grant recipient big dogs (devouring federal cash) Baptist Child and Family Services and Southwest Key Programs  are new on the scene in recent years.):

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Minnesota leads the Nation in number of refugee ‘secondary migrants’

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 4, 2014

Secondary migrants are the refugees who were resettled in one state and decided within a few months that they want to move on to another more attractive state—the attraction is usually that they want to live with their kind of people (and have heard that jobs and welfare are good).  That is something ethnic minorities can do and no one says boo—they can live with their people!  But just imagine some white ethnic European saying ‘I want to live with my kind of people’ and all hell will break loose!

Minneapolis Somali neighbors listen to police statement on that mysterious New Years Day explosion and fire. So whatever happened with that investigation?

Anyway, as part of that Key Indicators for refugee placement that the ORR is now spearheading (we mentioned the latest report here), they have a section on ‘secondary migrants’ and by a wide margin Minnesota leads the nation in attracting refugees who didn’t want to be where they were initially placed by the US State Department and its contractors.

These numbers are somewhat useful, but I doubt the feds can track the movements of the over 100,000 refugees/asylees etc. arriving in America each year.

They don’t give nationalities, but I will bet a buck that most of those heading to Minnesota are Somalis. (page 9)

Minnesota:  2,496

Ohio:  881

Florida:  603

Iowa:  381

Oklahoma: 235

So what states are refugees leaving?  Arizona, Texas, New York, California and Georgia top the list.  (page 9)

Minnesota topped the list last year as well, here.

Could Minnesota one day be the first Muslim-majority state in America?

New Somalis on the way from Africa:  In ten months of fiscal year 2014 we have resettled another 7,326 Somalis to your towns and cities.

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Dead Somali ISIS fighter worked for Delta at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 3, 2014

That is what Breitbart is reporting (posted at Drudge).   This news does not surprise us because we know that Somali refugees, in addition to the taxi business, are employed at airports nationwide.  A few years ago a reader from Washington State expressed concern to us about the number of Somalis employed at Seattle’s Sea-Tak Airport.

So if the avowed Jihadist Muhumed worked for Delta, why the whining from apologists about “vulnerable kids”?

Abdirahmaan Muhumed, one of the refugees we welcomed to America recently died as an ISIS fighter. Photo:

From Breitbart:

According to a report from Minnesota Twin Cities FOX affiliate KMSP that aired Tuesday night, Abdirahmaan Muhumed, the second known American killed while fighting for ISIS in Syria, previously worked for Delta Global Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.

KMSP noted that according to sources, Muhumed’s position with Delta Global Services required a security clearance at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in order gain access to the tarmac and unfettered access to planes.

Muhumed’s employment with Delta Global Services was confirmed by two former employees that acknowledged working with Muhumed.

Muhumed died in the same battle as Douglas McCain, an ISIS fighter also from Minnesota.

See our first report on Muhumed here.  See also this morning’s post on Minneapolis (aka Little Mogadishu).

What is it about the Islamic imperative to wage Jihad that most Westerners don’t get?

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Office of Refugee Resettlement Key indicators for FY 2015 available

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 3, 2014

Or, in layman’s terms, does your town or city have the amenities required (social service goodies, jobs, healthcare, etc.) to become a refugee resettlement site?

A couple of years ago the US State Department (Population Refugees and Migration) and the Office of Refugee Resettlement in HHS decided they better have a more organized way of determining if your town or city has what it takes to “welcome” refugees (as opposed to a previous method that sure looked like throwing darts at a US map!).

For awhile they just kept overloading the established resettlement cities (and they still do), but now they are scouting for fresh territory as well!

Below is what they say at ORR (you might want to contact the lead person listed below and ask to be a ‘stakeholder‘) about their “Coordinated Placement” plan.

Here is what we said about Key Indicators for 2014.  We have not yet even opened this 2015 report but remember in a few weeks Obama will announce his plans for how many refugees we will bring to America in 2015 (which begins October 1 of this year). Hat tip: Joanne.

By the way, they talk big about “capacity” but when a community screams that they are over capacity, they close their ears!

To facilitate the FY 2015 Refugee consolidated placement planning, ORR provides the attached “Statistical Abstract for Refugee Resettlement Stakeholders” document. This document contains critical information on the domestic refugee landscape for resettlement stakeholders to consider when making placement decisions, including a compilation of resources historically available to states for determination of the capacity of communities to serve the diverse needs of refugees.

This document is an additional key mechanism for ORR to share data and other critical information with PRM and resettlement stakeholders nationwide. The overall goal is to more effectively meet the needs of refugees while promoting their self-sufficiency and successful integration in the United States after their arrival.

Contact Information

Pierrot Rugaba
Program Analyst/Placement Liaison
Office of Refugee Resettlement
Administration for Children and Families
901 D Street SW – 8th Floor West
Washington DC 20447
Phone: 202-401-6891
Fax: 202-401-5772



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WND reports on Somali Jihad recruitment in “Little Mogadishu” Minnesota

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 3, 2014

As I mentioned the other day, we probably have at least 500 posts here at RRW on the Somali migration to America, and surely a hundred or more on the ‘Somali youths’ we welcomed to our cities who have said, s**** the good life, we are Jihadists. (See ISIS fighters just yesterday, here.)

Important to remember!  Almost all Somalis (or their parents) now in the US got here through our LEGAL immigration programs, largely through the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement initiative (State Dept takes refugees that the UN tells them to take).  Smaller numbers are here because they came illegally or over-stayed visas and were granted asylum and others got in and then were afforded the benefits of another legal program—Temporary Protected Status.  It is impossible to know how many are here illegally, but we do know Somalis have been apprehended at our southern border (how many others got through?).

World Net Daily reporter Leo Hohmann does a good job of summarizing how we got to this place:

Amina Farah who was eventually convicted and sent to prison refused to stand for the Judge as her terror support trial opened in Minneapolis in 2011.

Even as President Obama launched air strikes Tuesday against the al-Shabab terrorist group in Somalia, a pipeline for potential new Somali terrorists continues to fester right here in the United States.

It’s called the Refugee Resettlement Program, and it continues unabated under the leadership of the U.S. State Department and with the help of several Christian charities.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, sits at the heart of the controversial program. Known as “Little Mogadishu” to some critics, the city has since 1983 welcomed thousands of Somali refugees, most of whom are practicing Muslims and attend a local mosque or Islamic center.

While the Minneapolis-St. Paul area plays host to the largest Somali refugee population, it’s not the only American city that is taking in refugees from the war-torn African nation. Columbus, Ohio, and San Diego, California, have also served as refugee resettlement hot spots.

The State Department, working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, chooses the communities largely because they are viewed as welcoming of foreign refugees and also because they have well-developed social welfare programs.

“Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and World Relief, which is an evangelical group, resettled them there because the welfare is so good in Minnesota. That was the main reason,” says Ann Corcoran, an activist who has written hundreds of articles about the Somali resettlement program for Refugee Resettlement Watch. “That’s also the case with Maine. A lot of the Somalis are going there for the same reason.”

The Christian charities have worked quietly behind the scenes, using millions of dollars in federal grants, to resettle the refugees in the chosen cities.

There is much more, continue reading here.

* About the photo:  Amina Farah (Ali) also told the court that we ‘infidels’ were going to hell, here.

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ISIS fighter had limited opportunities in America (give me a break!)

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 2, 2014

And, look who is back—our old standby, the Jesse Jackson of Somali America Omar Jamal—ready with an excuse for an obvious case of Islamic radicalization.

This poor “vunerable kid” (who died in Syria) with limited opportunities apparently grew up here in America, was 29-years-old and had plenty of opportunity to find himself a whole bunch of wives to produce nine children!

From My Fox 9 (hat tip: Megan who tells us that there are plenty of jobs in Minnesota for people who want to work).

And, if there aren’t enough jobs then STOP bringing more Somalis!***

More details about the second Minnesota man who is believed to have died fighting in Syria with the terror group ISIS are emerging, and Twin Cities leaders say his story is an example of a big obstacle for the Somali community.

Those who knew Abdirahmaan Muhumed describe him as an outgoing, gregarious man who was involved in the local politics of the Twin Cities Somali community; however, he was also an angry and frustrated father trying to support 9 children from several different mothers. He did not have a job, and local leaders say that may have led him to seek a different life away from the city of Minneapolis, where he grew up.

Omar Jamal is on the case!

Here comes “community organizer” Omar (the Somali mouthpiece) Jamal to tell us that Muhumed’s radicalization has nothing to do with Islam!   For new readers, we have dozens of posts going back to probably 2008 in which Jamal (an illegal alien originally) jumps in with his two cents worth any time any Somali gets in trouble anywhere in America!  (Search RRW for ‘Omar Jamal’ and see what I mean!).

At one point, Jamal moved on up and became Somalia’s representative at the UN (Is he a US citizen or a citizen of Somalia?).  Wonder what happened to that gig?

They are all “vulnerable” you know!

Somali community organizer Omar Jamal told Fox 9 News that Muhumed’s death brings back painful memories of the young men who disappeared from the Twin Cities and turned up fighting for al-Shabaab in Somalia a few years ago. According to Jamal, ISIS appears to be using the same playbook — recruiting vulnerable young people using videos and social media. So far, he says community leaders haven’t come up with a long-term strategy to compete.

“You have the same combination of vulnerable kids susceptible to crazy ideas, dissolution, giving up hope on achieving the American Dream,” Jamal said. “What’s the alternative to fight against these people? We have to come together and do something about this.”

We can do something if they have given up on the American Dream, let them do their dreaming in Africa!

For background, see ‘Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?’

***In ten months of fiscal year 2014 we have resettled another 7,326 “vulnerable” Somalis to your towns and cities.

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North Carolina: Immigrants getting all the jobs!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 2, 2014

Update September 6th:  Black unemployment at over 11%, here.

Recently we told you about the busy beaver federal refugee contractors who are working hard to bring MORE cheap immigrant labor to North Carolina while native North Carolinians are going without work at an unprecedented rate.

See two recent posts here and here about North Carolina.

Then see the proof from the Center for Immigration Studies which analyzed the statistics to confirm what we suspected.

Previously CIS reported on similar numbers for the states of Florida and Tennessee.

Natives accounted for most of the growth in population, but all employment growth went to immigrants

The Gang of Eight immigration bill (S.744) passed by the Senate last June would have roughly doubled the number of new foreign workers allowed into the country, as well as legalized illegal immigrants already here. North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagen (D) voted for it. An analysis of government data by the Center for Immigration Studies shows that, since 2000, all of the net increase in the number of working-age (16 to 65) people holding a job in North Carolina has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). This is the case even though the native-born accounted for 61 percent of growth in the state’s total working-age population.

Read it all, it is shocking!

I wonder if the same thing holds for Pennsylvania?

For more posts like this one, see our category ‘legal immigration and jobs’ by clicking here.

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