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Get ready for it! Hollywood making a refugee resettlement movie

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 2, 2014

It will be a heartwarming story about a white girl (Reese Witherspoon) helping Sudanese refugee ‘Lost Boys’ making it in America.

The plucky white girl—-Reese Witherspoon

You gotta laugh sometimes!

Here one commenter (of several) sums it up this way!  (Hat tip: whuptdue)

J: White people helping po’ black people! Ain’t those white people got great big hearts?!

Thanks Hollywood.

Watch for the refugee contractors using the film for star-studded galas (fundraisers!).  “The Good Lie” will be out in theaters on October 3rd.

‘The Lie’ will surely get an Oscar nomination because turning it down would make Hollywood look racist!

See the trailer by clicking here.

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Vote for Malala Yousafzai for Time Person of the Year!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 5, 2012

Go here and vote for the young Pakistani girl who stood up to Shariah Law thugs who want women to be second class citizens wherever and in whatever country they can get control of.

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Remembering 9/11

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 11, 2012

In 2010, Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs posted a heart wrenching Remembrance of 9/11.  I urge all of you to take a few minutes to remember those who lost their lives that day and pray for America now.   Click here (the presentation will take a few seconds to load).

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State Department to hold Muslim “diversity” and “inclusion” shindig tomorrow

Posted by Ann Corcoran on June 6, 2012

I wanted to give you the link, but can you believe it—it’s dead.  Anyway, here is the e-mail Press Announcement.  Don’t rush down there though because bloggers aren’t legitimate media and it sure doesn’t look like it’s open to the general public.  Guess who is giving the opening remarks—-Maryland US Senator Ben Cardin!

The Office of the Special Representative to Muslim Communities together with the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor and the Office of Civil Rights, will host the first ever strategy session on Diversity, Inclusion and U.S. Foreign Policy. The U.S. Department of State will convene 100 top diversity leaders from the public and private sectors to focus on the impact of diverse professional environments and the way in which the diversity and inclusion agenda informs U.S. foreign policy.

The program opens promptly at 8:30 a.m. on June 7 in the Marshall Center with opening remarks from Senator Ben Cardin (D/MD), Special Representative to Muslim Communities, Farah Pandith, and Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department of State. Presentations and working groups continue throughout the day until 4:30 p.m. Dr. Ernest Wilson III, Dean of the Annenberg School of Public Diplomacy, will offer the keynote address at 8:45 a.m. on “Why Diversity is ‘Mission Critical’ for the U.S.” Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs Robert D. Hormats will address the session at 2:35 p.m.

[Be sure to check out the big businesses concerned with "diversity" and labor---ed]

Participants will include U.S. government leaders from the White House, Congress, USAID, the Department of State, Peace Corps, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Navy, and Chief Diversity Officers from leading U.S. corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofit and other organizations, including Merck, Citigroup, Wal-Mart, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, McDonald’s, Abercrombie & Fitch, GlaxoSmithKline, American Red Cross, United Way Worldwide, Harvard University, Cornell University, and many others. The International Society of Diversity and Inclusion Professionals and the Society for Human Resource Management are partners in this event.

The event is open to credentialed members of the media. Pre set for Cameras: 7:15 a.m. from the 21st Street entrance lobby.

Final access for writers and still photographers: 8:00 a.m. from the 21st Street entrance lobby.

Media representatives may attend this event upon presentation of one of the following: (1) A U.S. Government-issued identification card (Department of State, White House, Congress, Department of Defense or Foreign Press Center), (2) a media-issued photo identification card, or (3) a letter from their employer on letterhead verifying their employment as a journalist, accompanied by an official photo identification card (driver’s license, passport).

Lora Berg
Office of the Special Representative to Muslim Communities
Evan Owen
Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights & Labor
Office of Press Relations

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Leaving you smiling!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on October 1, 2011

Now, after all the stories in the last week about Somali terrorism and murders, schools over-loaded with immigrants, and horrific cultural practices from Africa and the Middle East, I leave you with an example of some immigrants who are loving their American freedom.  Watch Trang and Nam here.

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A day to remember for as long as we live

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 11, 2011

In addition to whatever else you have planned today to remember that awful day, September 11, 2001, watch this moving powerpoint presentation that Pamela Geller posted some years ago at Atlas ShrugsClick here (it takes a few seconds to load).

God bless our great country and all those who were so brutally murdered that day.

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Merry Christmas!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 25, 2010

Have a wonderful day with friends and family!   See you back here tomorrow!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 25, 2010

Have a wonderful day with friends and family, and thank God we live in this beautiful country—The United States of America!

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Book about refugees is Maryland “one book”

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 21, 2010

Your tax dollars

Yesterday I learned from Cindy that “Outcasts United” had been chosen earlier this year as the “One Maryland, One book” being promoted by the Maryland Humanities Council.

The book by author Warren St. John is billed as an “inspirational” story about how refugee boys in Clarkston, Georgia overcome the odds (which includes a town unhappy with the arrival of large numbers of refugees) to play soccer under a strict coach.  If you don’t want to read the book, you can get the gist of it from reviews at Amazon, but I warn you that virtually all the reviewers are thrilled with what sounds like just another sports underdog story with a multiculturalism is beautiful message.

More importantly though, at least for me, is the question of what is up with this “one book” thing where everyone in the state is supposed to be reading a book of the year chosen by those with a leftwing view of the world….and then we pay for what is clearly indoctrination with our tax dollars.  It kind of gives me the creeps!

Note to all those claiming we need to cut the budget at both the state and federal level—I got about a million and a half dollars right here to start with!

Check out the most recent Form 990 for the Maryland Humanities Council, here.  Note that $1.3 million of the funds for this program come from government grants.  Tracing that back further, the source of most of that government money (your tax dollars) comes from the National Endowment for the Humanities, here.  Maryland taxpayers add to the kitty through the Department of Education.

By the way, the Maryland Humanities Council spent $9000 to influence legislators into awarding them more funding.   Imagine what the Founding Fathers would say about a federal role in all of this.

The One Maryland, One Book  indoctrination project only cost taxpayers $198,143 last year.   Since you paid for this, maybe some of you should attend the upcoming schedule of community discussions about Maryland’s “one book.”

Update:  Here is more about the Maryland book tour.

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Watch and weep….

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 7, 2010

…. and never forget. 

Every American should watch this powerful presentation as we approach the 9th anniversary of that tragic day we call simply 9/11.   I don’t know what else to say but thank God for Pamela Geller.

Update September 12th:  Be sure to see Pamela’s post about the rally yesterday here.   I recommend scrolling back to all her posts over the last day, especially note the hit job Fox’s Geraldo did on the 75% of Americans that think the mosque should be elsewhere.

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