The Statistics are coming in!

    Here are some numbers we have been waiting for!     From fiscal year 1988 through fiscal year 2003 (15 years) the US State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration has admitted 208,702 Muslims from 77 differant countries into the US, that averages 15% of the refugee population over those years.

      Some years were biggies though.   In 1999 for instance we permitted 37,479 Muslim refugees to enter the US,  which represented 44% of that year’s total refugee numbers.

      The top Muslim countries of origin over that time span are Bosnia and Herzegovina (103,107 refugees),  Somalia, (41,626), and coming in at number three, Iraq (21,760).  

      BTW, these numbers are just for refugees,  not for immigration generally.  Imagine what the numbers must be.

            The source for this info. is the Refugee Processing Center Report prepared in 2003.  Since I don’t have a link yet, please e-mail me for more info.


One thought on “The Statistics are coming in!

  1. During this time span I saw my Muslim Bosnian refugee neighbors (and I had a lot of them) come and go. They didn’t like it here and went back home as soon as they could. Perhaps this was a trend?


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