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The UN is ignoring Christian Iraqi refugees

Posted by Judy K. Warner on October 25, 2007

Newsmax has a stunning expose by Ken Timmerman on how Christian Iraqi refugees in Jordan are being treated by the UN refugee agency there, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

The problems begin once predominantly Muslim UN aid workers learn that the refugees are Christian.

“They treat us like dogs,” was a complaint heard frequently from the refugees, whom Newsmax interviewed separately and in groups over a four-day period in Amman, Jordan, along with members of a U.S. Christian fact-finding delegation led by former South Carolina Gov. David Beasely.

Many had brought letters and certificates of appreciation from U.S. contractors or the military to prove that they had worked for the coalition, but were unable to present them.

The Muslim case workers at the UN agency simply refuse to look at the refugees’ papers once they discover they are Christian.

In one case, a Christian Iraqi woman had relatives in the U.S. and was eligible to apply for immigration, but no one told her that.  This woman applied for refugee status at the UN office and was told to leave and she would be called.

Five months went by, and the UNHCR never called, so [the refugee] went back to their offices in Amman and asked to see the case worker again. “Hannan refused to talk to me,” she said. “But I saw Muslims get approval to relocate to the United States on the first day.”

UN officials denied any discrimination, or simply avoided meeting with Gov. Beasley and his delegation. William Murray of the Religious Freedom Coalition, a member of the delegation, said he had come to realize that the UN office’s mindset is that Christians need less help than other people because churches help them.

But churches can’t get them into the U.S. None of these refugees can come here unless they go through UNHCR, whose employees are Muslims who do not want to help Christians.

The U.S. is supposed to be bringing in 7,000 political refugees this year, and another 500 translators and embassy workers whose lives were threatened because they helped us. We’ve read many complaints about the slowness of the process, as if it is our fault. Perhaps it is, in a way. Our State Department contracts with the UN agency to do the preliminary screening. But they don’t seem to be keeping much of an eye on UNHCR to see that they do their job, and are turning a blind eye to the blatant discrimination against Christians.

6 Responses to “The UN is ignoring Christian Iraqi refugees”

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  5. Gary Rice said

    It is quite clear Islam is going the bully route and the fact is most people are either scared of their oil money power combined with their pagan threats and deeds or these same people if they are not scared are eliminated as a threat – one way or the other.
    We all now know Muslims are animals but we allow this because we are already defeated. I am not happy about this but until the men and women in the Titanic opened their minds to the fact that they just might be being lied to and were sinking – they never left the boat — the people who waited far outnumbered those who were fortunate enough to get off the ship in the beginning.
    Americans like me are awake and aware – we just see the life boats far away – filled with those that are ahead of us. Not only are these Christian Iraq’ not getting to America – the American homeland has lost 47 million Americans since Roe V Wade in 1973 — lets do the math – – 47 million Dead American babies – along with their babies – – hummmmmmmmm – these shoes have been filled by muslims and mexicans who have an axe to grind – so there you sit – -screwed


  6. boakai ngombu said

    surely there is an office, small though it may be, at the Dept of State, that can look into this. the UNHCR is not supposed to be functioning under the Muslim version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


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