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Somalis definitely leaving Emporia, KS

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 30, 2008

According to the Emporia-Gazette, news was received today that the Somali refugees who have been the center of much controversy are leaving Emporia.  They are among the 1500 workers who will be unemployed shortly.

City Manager Matt Zimmerman told city commissioners at today’s work session that the Somali community had decided to leave Emporia following Tyson Foods’ decision to shut down its Emporia slaughter operation, according to a refugee coordinator from the state.

You need to go and read the citizen comments at this article to know how much this Kansas city was disrupted first by the secretive arrival of hundreds of Somalis presumably lured by Tyson’s to Emporia, and now their abrupt departure with the plant closure.    The Tyson’s Food company and its quest to keep wages low  is primarily to blame for all the hard feelings and upheaval among the long time residents. 

And, a share of the blame goes to resettlement agencies like Catholic Charities who seem to latch onto any employer no matter how unscrupulous their business practices.   The bottomline is that if they don’t get these refugees employed quickly someone might just suggest we are bringing too many low skilled workers to the US and their gravy train and ‘good’ works would be halted.

Although we have sympathy for unemployed people whoever they are, the Somalis compounded their problems in Emporia by making no apparent effort to assimilate.  And, I will bet they were never seriously told they must assimilate by whatever agency resettled them in the first place. 

Residents asking questions from the get-go are now subject to comments like this one from Joe_Strummer:

Just wonder what all these poor Klansmen are gonna do on their Saturday nights now that there’s no one to whine about.

But, then JayJazz has a comeback:

Damn! I just washed my hood again with my red underwear… I hate it when that happens.

That’s right Jay, keep your sense of humor and laugh at those claiming this is all about racism in a so-called “unwelcoming” city.   They will throw the blame for bad government policies, mismanagement by volags and ruthless business practices by a large corporation back on citizens.  Resist! 

If you are new to this controversy and have the stamina, visit our category called  Emporia, Ks controversy and start at the beginning.  We have written 25 posts on this topic.

6 Responses to “Somalis definitely leaving Emporia, KS”

  1. blulitespecial said

    David Hineline- Those aren’t the only plants to close.From another post here on RRW-
    “here’s where I stopped looking for Tyson plant closings after ‘02- Bentonville AR,Jackson MS,Detroit MI,Grand Rapids IA,Norfolk NE,West Point NE,Stillwell OK,Jackson FL,Portland ME,Manchester NH,Augusta ME,Pine Bluff AR,Oeilwin IA,Independence IA,Berlin MD,Bloomer AR,Boise ID,Pasco WA,and ‘most’ of Emporia KS.”
    So now maybe it’s Tyson policy”No Irish(insert American here)need apply”.A local director of the Emporia Lyon County Health Department said that they had gotten some money to help pay for the increased costs of treating refugees.I could find no record of it,or how much.We are raising property taxes,sales tax,and local fees.Mowing your nuisance grass and weeds is now a $500 administrative fee plus $150-$250 contractor fee.AND-this is now a depressed,low income city and county.
    Good luck to you and your local government.


  2. David Hineline said

    These folks are now showing up here in South Sioux City, NE 1200 of them comming to a town of 12,000 total population, so now we become 10% Somali, our TB rate will soar, I am glad my daughter is out of the school system and moved onto other things/places.

    Thanks to Tyson for closing the plant in Norfolk, NE and Emporia, KS and moving 2400jobs to my town.


  3. blulitespecial said

    All of second shift has ended at Tyson Emporia-There is some outreach from Western Kansas to make this a little easier for those that are going to relocate there.Over time there may be more refugee resettlement activity in the Western half of the state. States surrounding Kansas have toughened laws concerning those who are here illegally.Until the laws are beefed up here,it’s possible that they might see more in the way of “overstayed work visas” and illegals from the surrounding states.RRW-Wouldn’t it be interesting to spot a Greyhound bus layover in Emporia with 30 Nepalese on work visas heading to Western Kansas?
    The Hays Daily News


  4. […] Somalis definitely leaving Emporia, KS […]


  5. blulitespecial said

    Correction-Second shift slaughter ended today.


  6. blulitespecial said

    Many will be leaving sooner,so will many long term residents.Tyson moved the schedule up- TODAY is the last day of slaughter operations in Emporia.


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