Muslims practicing polygamy in America too!

Seems like every time we turn around these days there is an article about Muslims practicing polygamy somewhere in the world.  Here is one from DhimmiWatch a couple of days ago about polygamists receiving welfare benefits for the extra wives in Canada.  

But people in the refugee community have reported to us that it is happening here too!  Apparently African Muslim refugees, especially Somalis, are managing to get several wives into the country and are often resettled in the same communities in the US, literally down the street from each other.  The extra wives come as “sisters” and other close relatives and, because as far as the government is concerned they are single women with children, receive welfare benefits as such.

Apparently volag (voluntary agency) workers stay silent presumably because they assume that if the public knew this, it would shed negative light on the program of refugee resettlement generally.   Others who stay silent, I assume, do so because they have muddled morals due to the concept of cultural relativism we have written about before when we discussed female genital mutilation.

We have been told that Somalis tend not to be promiscuous, so if a ‘single’ Somali woman with children continues to have babies chances are she has a ‘husband’ nearby. 

Reform needed:  Refugee resettlement workers need to speak up!   Leaders in the refugee resettlement industry need to start reform now to stop this practice before it blows up as a media story.

4 thoughts on “Muslims practicing polygamy in America too!

  1. This is an outrage,

    And it only means one thing. Muslims involved in multiple marriages will have more children than Western couples. More kids means more votes, more votes mean a bigger power block (politically), and this means tha Muslims will begin populating entire city areas and even entire towns where they will have the power to enact changes.

    Islam has proven for too long that it is not an integrator, but a coloniser. Canada ignores the problem of Islamic fundamentalism now englufing Europe (Eurabia?) at its peril.


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