“Zero tolerance against female genital mutilation” day

I’m glad to see that some small part of the tax money we send to the UN is being spent on something worthwhile.

In its resolution 2003/28, the UN Subcommission on the promotion and protection of human rights called upon the UN General Assembly to declare 6 February “the International Day on the elimination of female genital mutilation and all other harmful traditional practices affecting the health of women and girls.”

Actually, this day was initiated by a non-governmental network called the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting the Health of Women and Children. The incidence of FGM is decreasing, as local groups as well as international ones focus on the problem. We’ve been told there are groups in America, too, working with refugees from Somalia and other countries where FGM is common. I hope they’re effective. Europe is on board too, with funding.

FGM is one of the inter-related human rights and sexual and reproductive health problems the European Union is committed to address as part of its policy for providing support in developing countries.

It’s nice to see there’s an international consensus about this. The high-minded EU bureaucracy has managed to overcome its guilt about imperialism and imposing western standards enough to take on this horrible practice. I can’t help wondering what the other inter-related problems are. Too many babies? Abortion not freely available? Sorry, I can’t help being cynical when it comes to liberals and sex.

I wonder how many college campuses and feminist groups recognized this international day on February 6. Or were they too busy getting ready for their Valentine’s Day performances of the Vagina Monologues? It’s easier to focus on your own parts than to help other women keep theirs.

One thought on ““Zero tolerance against female genital mutilation” day

  1. These are real kids who are here now,and all over our cities and towns.If you’re a cop,teacher,attorney,para,nurse,EMT,doctor,judge,or a coach,you WILL deal with this sooner or later.Will you treat this the same as welts and bruises on a kid’s back? Or think maybe it’s easier if you just don’t say anything.What if a family takes a trip out of town,or out of the country.A child doesn’t come back to school for 3 weeks-maybe not at all.In any other circumstances,there’s a lot of questions raised.This is one of the times where kids can fall through the cracks and nobody knows.It could also partly explain the “nomadic nature” of some refugee groups.I’d leave town,too,if the local EMT’s and Health Department found out that I had my daughter butchered in a botched operation with a tin can lid.


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