Are we doomed to repeat history?

I know that is an entirely overused question, but when I read this article by Patrick Buchanan a couple of days ago I couldn’t help wondering, no matter how many times we hear it, we don’t ever seem to learn from it.

Here is how Buchanan begins in this week after the ethnic flare-ups in the Balkans (again!):

According to a compelling lead article in the new Foreign Affairs, “Us and Them: The Enduring Power of Ethnic Nationalism,” we may be witnessing in the Third World a re-enactment of the ethnic wars that tore Europe to pieces in the 20th century.


“Ethnonationalism,” writes history professor Jerry Z. Muller of Catholic University, “has played a more profound role in modern history than is commonly understood, and the processes that led to the dominance of the ethnonational state and the separation of ethnic groups in Europe are likely to recur elsewhere.”


Western Man has mis-taught himself his own history.

But, despite the fact that we know this is happening we are encouraging the very same thing to someday happen right here in America.  Our government is actively encouraging, through the Department of State and Health and Human Services, and with the help of taxpayer funded non-profits, the creation of ethnic enclaves through the Refugee Resettlement program.

Earlier this month I reported on a federally funded conference in DC whose main purpose is to create separatist type of organizations called Ethnic Community Based Organizations.  What are we thinking?   Other than cursory little training sessions I have never seen a concerted effort by the government and volags to teach immigrants and refugees how to be Americans, instead there is an effort to honor and enhance separateness.

Right on cue last night I read yet another article where an ethnic group is separating itself, this time Burmese Karen are setting up their own separate Karen language church (it’s not always the Muslims doing this!).

Read the entire Buchanan article, it is just plain commonsense and we need to heed it.   Here is how he wraps up:

And we should look to our own land. According to Pew Research, there will be 127 million Hispanics here by mid-century, tripling today’s 45 million — and almost 100 million new immigrants. No nation faces a graver threat from this resurgence of ethnonationalism than does our own.


Look homeward, America.

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  1. It’s also true that you can throw lit cigarettes into dry brush many times before you start a fire. I commented on that article, and I don’t think he overstated the case for seeing polyglot proposition empires as lacking in durability. The reason the power-greedy would be pro-diversity to the point of making the nation incapable of coherence, would be not to break it up, but to justify holding it together by completely ruthless despotic methods. There were lasting empires of the polyglot, ‘cosmopolitan’ kind, but they were vicious autocracies by our standards, and they could not have been otherwise. As soon as the ruling family relaxes its tyrannical grip, the propositional empires dedicated to emperor-worship, break up into feasible loyalty units. the nation means the people whho are loyal to each other over against the foreigner, and where the foreigner enters in a manner causing increase of aggression. No other basis for a sovereign polity is known to be feasible long-term.


  2. To the writer above, Infantsat, #1 do you read your own postings? What you have just written is reason enough to support this web site for years!

    #2Forget it. I lived in PA for years, from Pittsburgh to Reading, to King of Prussia, and you are wrong; they are magnificently assimilated there.

    #3 Patrick Buchanan is on the very top of his game now. This is evidenced by his reviews and number of paid appearances…Read his lates book, a masterpiece and totally on-topic here called “Day of Reckoning.” Next time you leave a comment, do some research first and save yourself the embarassment. Obviously you have not read this.


  3. Buchanan’s still alive? I love his smile & sense of humor, wish he was on TV more often. A delightful dinosaur.

    [ A moment’s silence for WF Buckley’s passing. ]

    Do any of you get out much? I mean travel? I always have, for duty, business and pleasure.

    Until a few decades ago, you could go places in Pennsylvania where they still spoke German in public places. No wars there.

    Norwegians and their descendants in Wisconsin still speak the native tongue in cafe’s and shops. No ethnic conflicts there.

    The South is full of Scots descendants. No wars, save for the Un-Civil one.

    Been to Miami lately? There you can see the future that you so dread today, and in action.

    Dade County is predominantly Hispanic. The now elderly first generation Cubans still play dominos on Calle Ocho, dresses in the native Guayaberas and smokes smuggled-in Cohibas. Two generations later, their descendants, those who followed, — and the Anglos — have become a vibrant, hybrid culture.

    War has yet to break out, crime is down, people from all over the world visit, the economy is one of the strongest of any city its size in the US.
    In Belize, there’s a sizable American community. No war there, nor in Mexico, in the several US retiree enclaves.

    These places seem to disprove the thesis. Maybe it needs to be refined?

    Don’t get me wrong: As I’ve said before, I fully expect multiple attacks which will be linked to Muslim refugees in the US in less than a year.

    — Infinicat


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