Booklet on Refugee Resettlement in Europe

Just came across mention of a booklet published by the International Catholic Migration Commission about refugee resettlement in Europe.   We’ve had several readers asking about how this “durable solution” works in Europe and we didn’t know.  This booklet sounds like it might be a place to start.  I’m betting there is no mention of Raispail’s novel, The Camp of the Saints.

The International Catholic Migration Commission recently published Welcome to Europe: A Guide to Resettlement, which contains a comparative review of partnerships between governments and non-governmental organizations involved in resettlement of refugees in Europe.


The resettlement of refugees is perhaps the least known and most misunderstood of the durable solutions that offer protection to people who have fled persecution in their countries and who can neither return nor stay in the country to which they’ve fled. In fact the actual number resettled in Europe every year is limited; some 5,500 only in 2007.


The Guide assembles on a comparative basis and for the first time most of the information on resettlement as it is practiced in Europe.

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  1. Infinicat, I was just trying to be funny—you know Catholic booklet, Camp of the Saints! Ha! Ha!

    Hey, thanks for that link—everyone check it out! Royal swans being eaten by illegal immigrants in London.


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