Laughing out Loud over Food Stamp fraud comments

I know the Food Stamp fraud going on in the US is no laughing matter, but comments by a spokesperson for the Michigan Attorney Generals Office are just too funny to believe.    We have written a few times on Food Stamp fraud always with the disclaimer that as far as we know it doesn’t involve refugees, but since it’s allegedly occuring in Hagerstown, MD, it’s of interest to us.

I’ve also told you before that we can see what people are searching for that brings them to RRW and lately there have been a spate of searches for the Food Stamp fraud issue.    I decided then to see what all the interest is and came upon this article from The Arab American News in mid-March.   They are referring to this case that Debbie Schlussel posted on in February.

Read this amazingly hilarious demonstration of political correctness:

DEARBORN — Twenty seven people arrested by state police in February for alleged food card fraud all seem to be of Arab descent, judging by their names—all recognizable Arab family names.

But a spokesperson for Attorney General Mike Cox’s office said that doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem specific to the Arab American community.

“Folks who commit crimes together usually have a common link,” said spokesman Matt Frendewey.

Sometimes that link, he said, is a common ethnicity. He compared it to biker gangs, often made up entirely of white males, who might commit crimes together.

“It would be very inaccurate to say that it speaks to the Arab American community.”

Frendewey said it was never even apparent to the attorney general’s office that that all those involved were Arab Americans until pointed out by The Arab American News.

The 27 suspects — owners and employees of eight Detroit party stores and gas stations — are accused of engaging in more than $1.5 million worth of illegal dealing in food card benefits

To the person who asked me last night why our government is so obtuse to the Muslim problem, this demonstrates one reason.

I will say it isn’t all Arab names, in some cases the names are Pakistani.  Now, going back to the biker gang analogy, what would Arabs and Pakistanis have in common?

12 thoughts on “Laughing out Loud over Food Stamp fraud comments

  1. The whole system is “FRAUD”. In my area the green card workers just got a raise “Obama’s” fault this time, The illegals and some legals work for cash and the family is on Welfare. Welfare is not just food stamps.
    Another situation with Mexico is the amount of kids who come here for education. My daughter is a teacher and more than half of the 35 students are illegal. How they get away with this is, they say they are living with a grandparent or relative, the person where they live gets state aid for the kids, this includes medical and free education, if they have a baby in junior high or as soon as they can the baby becomes a citizen and they just stay on Welfare. It is not just the Muslims that are ripping off the government in Welfare and food stamps.
    The government should make it a felony for this crime and they should be deported and everything taken away from them. A gas station owner, Mexican “who was flying a Mexican flag over his house”. was caught selling Mexican drugs. He was closed down! I am not sure what is happening but I will keep you posted. He has been given low interest rate for a business. He should be deported!


  2. Guys,

    the one in Tulsa were Pakistani origin with refugee status in the US.
    Shame on these people who want to get shelter in the US and at the same time try to crew up American society…

    I met Zobair Enwar Baig the owner of the store in Tulsa on a US board plance and now saw this blog..

    i hope this helps..



  3. Seems to me the individual states could get back some cash if they wanted.How many refugees pay child support in all the states we talk about? In Kansas there are laws to get assistance paid out “repaid” at a higher rate by a non-custodial parent.That person pays more into the system than the support level set by the court.Also Federal tax refunds can be assigned to the parent owed(I’m owed 15 yrs worth of refunds-haven’t seen a dime!LOL)There are plenty of laws covering this subject,and it makes me wonder if there are two sets of rules.Bet a sharp State A.G. could find a lot of cash to recover for his or her state coffers!
    Might shed some light on fraud,multiple “wives/sisters/cousins” supporting one man,and the like.


  4. I’m going to connect this with my post yesterday, Are we bringing Sharia law into the U.S.?. When Muslims believe they are destined to rule the world, and that infidels are less than human, why shouldn’t they commit fraud and steal what they can from the enemy? Further, lying to infidels is sanctioned, even encouraged, in Islam.


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