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Palestinian Iraqi refugees going to Chile

Posted by Judy K. Warner on April 6, 2008

This is a somewhat defective news story from the AP, headlined “Palestinian refugees fleeing Iraq fly to Chile.” It begins:

DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) – More than three dozen Palestinian refugees who fled violence in Iraq and have been stranded on the border with Syria for nearly two years flew Saturday to Chile, where the government has agreed to host them.

The flight left the Syrian capital of Damascus carrying 38 Palestinians, including 23 children, the first batch of a total of 117 refugees from 29 families that the South American nation has agreed to host. Two more trips are planned for later this month.

Who are these Palestinians? All we are told is this:

Hundreds of Palestinian refugees fleeing violence in Iraq have been living for nearly two years in tents at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Why were there Palestinians in Iraq? We don’t know; the article doesn’t tell us. But here’s an interesting bit:

Ahmad Abdullah Izzeddine, who is scheduled to leave later this month, said he agreed to emigrate to Chile because the suffering in Iraq was unbearable.
«We had wished that an Arab country would host us, but regretfully, none has ever done that,» said Izzeddine. «Chile is now our only salvation from the desert.»

No, Arab countries don’t seem to like to take in other Arabs. Do they know something we don’t or are they just selfish? As we’ve said here a thousand times, it’s better for refugees to to to a culturally similar place.

Another one of the refugees says he wants to go back:

Haitham Mahmoud, a 35-year-old father of two who left Baghdad in June 2006 and is waiting to travel to Chile, said he hopes to return to Iraq at some point.
«I have agreed to go to Chile due to the tragic circumstances in the desert and to ensure a better and secure life for my children,» said Mahmoud. «I will return to Iraq once there is security and stability.

When? When other Iraqis have built the stable society he wants? Maybe there’s a connection between Iraq’s problems and the fact that so many Iraqis don’t seem to want to take any responsibility for their society. 


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