US legal system standing against Sharia (so far!)

Here are a couple of posts to cheer about from Women Against Sharia blog.   The first is a case involving Muslim polygamy and abuse of women and children (we are not cheering over the abuse, just the part about it finally going to court), and the other from Maryland (Yes! for a change MD is not fawning over immigrants) where a Pakastani man sought to divorce his wife by the Islamic method.   He said he divorced her three times and that was that.  Well, or so he thought.

If you haven’t read Women Against Sharia, put it on your list of daily must-reads. 

We have covered Muslim polygamy in many previous posts.

The UN is blocking a solution to the Palestinian refugees

We’ve often written about the UN’s refugee agency, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR. But there is another refugee agency, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), that exists solely to deal with the Palestinian refugees, the Arabs who left Israel at its founding, and their descendants.

In a new report from the GLORIA Center (Global Research in International Affairs), Barry Rubin, Asaf Romirowsky and Jonathan Spyer show how dysfunctional and destructive this agency is.

On the surface, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) seems a humanitarian group helping Palestinian refugees. In reality, it actually helps destroy the chance of Arab-Israeli peace, promotes terrorism, and holds Palestainians back from rebuilding their lives.

Unique in history, UNRWA’s job is to keep Palestinian refugees in suspended animation–and at low living standards–until they achieve the goal set for them by the PLO and Hamas: Israel’s extinction. In the meantime, their suffering and anger is maintained as a weapon to encourage them toward violence and intransigence.

UNRWA schools become hotbeds of anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Semitic indoctrination, recruiting offices for terrorist groups. UNRWA’s services are dominated by radicals who staff and subsidize radical groups while potentially intimidating anyone from voicing a different line. UNWRA facilities are used to store and transport weapons, actually serving as military bases.

In this process, UNRWA has broken all the rules that are supposed to govern humanitarian enterprises. Consequently, UNRWA is the exact opposite of other refugee relief operations. They seek to resettle refugees; UNRWA is dedicated to blocking resettlement. They help refugees to live normal lives so that they can move on with their existence; UNRWA’s role is to ensure their lives remain abnormal so they are filled with anger and a thirst for revenge that inspires violence and can only be quenched by a victorious return. They try to create stable conditions for refugees; UNRWA’s mission is to enable radical political activity and indoctrination by armed groups which ensures a continual state of near chaos.

The Palestinians are the only group of refugees that were not resettled after World War II. UNRWA was set up in such a way that it discouraged the refugees from building new lives, unlike the UNHCR, which seeks resettlement if repatriation is not an option. The authors go into the historical reasons that this happened, and a great deal more.  They have three recommendations:

First, UNRWA should be dissolved.

Second, all services it provides should be transferred to other agencies within the UN, notably the UNHCR, which has a long and productive experience in this area.

Third, responsibility for normal social services should be turned over to the Palestinian Authority. Most UNRWA staff should be transferred to it. Donors should use the maximum amount of oversight to ensure this be done effectively.

People often wonder why violence and instability persists and why the Arab-Israeli conflict is so seemingly impossible to resolve. One important part of the answer is that UNRWA perpetuates the problem. All those seeking real progress toward peace between Israelis and Palestinians need to take a close look at this unacceptable situation. All those with responsibility for the management of these issues need to work for a change of course.

I agree wholeheartedly.

More on Europe’s illegal immigrants: spring migration has begun

We’ve reported to you on several occasions that when April arrives African migrants who have been staging on the northern coast of Africa attempt to reach Europe by sailing across the Mediterranean Sea.  The migration has begun and with it the deaths of many.

Here is the story out of Rome this week: 

Rome, 7 May (AKI) – A total of 101 illegal immigrants died in the Mediterranean Sea last month as they attempted to reach Europe from North Africa, according to an Italian watchdog.

The Fortress Europe watchdog claims the migrants died in Moroccan, Spanish, Tunisian and Egyptian waters. 

A delay in starting coastal patrols coordinated by the European border agency,Frontex, has also contributed to the surge in illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean this year, Fortress Europe said

Did you know that the European Union had this organization (Frontex) to patrol Europe’s borders?

And, here is the way some Muslim countries handle illegal aliens: 

The watchdog said in Egypt police continued to shoot and kill migrants at the border, while in Turkey, four Iranians drowned when Turkish police threw them in a river.

And all our border agents Ramos and Compean did was shoot a drug smuggler in the butt (who lived to smuggle another day) and they are doing more than 10 years in prison.

Our interest in this stems from the fact that if these illegals reach Malta they are magically transformed to refugee status and flown off to the United States compliments of the American taxpayer.   See our earlier posts on Malta. 


Office of Refugee Resettlement entangled in TX lawsuit

I meant to report this to our readers some weeks ago when I first heard about it,  but there is so much going on it slipped by me at the time.    In a nutshell, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) contracts for unacompanied illegal immigrant minors to be cared for in a facility in TX.   Some of those minors have filed a suit alleging abuse by employees of the facility and local police officers.  

Eight immigrant youths from the Hector Garza Treatment Center, a facility for unaccompanied minors, have filed a lawsuit against a number of agencies, including the Houston-based Cornell Companies, a private company that runs the treatment center.

Cornell Companies entered in a contract with the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement in September to use the Garza facility to house and treat immigrant minors who are determined to be mentally ill. According to Watson [attorney who filed the lawsuit], most of the children traveling across the border suffer from some level of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

If there is abuse those responsible must be found out and punished. 

However, this issue is not a simple one, there have been stories that illegal immigrants coming across the Mexican border purposely separate from their children so that the children are assured residency in the US even if the parents are caught and returned to their home country.   I find it interesting that ORR runs these facilities since these are young illegal aliens not refugees.

Read the whole article here.

Somali refugees in Amarillo, TX, Tyson’s too, what a coincidence

This is one of those chicken and egg stories, you know, which came first?    Did Somali refugees just happen to be resettled in Amarillo and conveniently a nearby Tyson’s Food meatpacking plant needed employees, or did Tyson’s bring the refugees to Amarillo with the help of friends in the US State Department and Catholic charitable organizations?     I don’t know, but I do know that wherever you find Tyson’s Food you find Somali refugees. 

“This is completely legal. The president sets a number of refugees who are invited to the country every year. They are given travel loans. So, the state pays for their travel, but they are expected to pay that loan,” Benita Medlock, with Refugee Services of Texas, said. “After they’ve been here a year, they get their green card and when they’ve been here for five years, they can become U.S citizens. “

Yup, travel loans to get to the US (which are rarely repaid) and on a fast track to citizenship.

Refugee Services of Texas and Catholic Family Service make sure they have their vaccinations, housing, ESL (English as a Second Language) classes and make sure they are able to enroll their kids in school. Most of them have adjusted, but others have hit some roadblocks. 

Yup, vaccinations, housing, and ESL lessons paid for by the taxpayer (while Tyson’s benefits with cheap “legal” labor).

“The biggest problems have been some of the children adjusting in school because a lot of children come in and they have never sat in a classroom. They have no idea what going to school is like,” Medlock said. “Most of the refugees are working with Tyson and the Cactus Swift plant. They like that because it’s a place that they can work and don’t have to speak English. They can make good money too.” 

Yup, good money and they don’t have to learn English.  Wait?  Then why are we paying for ESL lessons?

For regular readers of RRW, you know all about the Somali refugee issues that have plagued other US cities.  For new readers check out Emporia, KS and Shelbyville, TN posts.