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Somalis having landlord problems in Nebraska–no you are kidding!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 20, 2008

Yesterday a reader alerted us to another hot spot for Somalis and Tyson’s Food.  According to our reader, about 1200 Somalis have migrated to South Sioux City, NE to follow Tyson’s, presumably many of those had previously worked in the recently closed Emporia, KS meatpacking plant.   Read all about the Emporia, KS Somali problem here.

Although I will remind readers that we admitted 6958 new Somali refugees to the US in 2007 alone, so these South Sioux City people could be new Somalis and not Emporia’s.  That has to bring the total number of Somalis resettled in recent years to over 80,000.

In South Sioux City the Somalis claim they were evicted from apartments due to race. 

Imagine moving to another place thousands of miles away from where you came and feeling like you don’t belong once you get to there. About 25 African Refugees say that’s exactly what happened to them in South Sioux City, Nebraska.

News Channel Four caught up with one of many refugees who say they allegedly got terminated or wrongfully evicted from the apartment complex they were living in not because of money but because of their race.

The owner of the apartment complex says the allegations are false and it never happened but the director of Fair Housing in Omaha Nebraska says their investigation indicates something different.


The director of Fair Housing in Omaha Nebraska says they’ve obtained documented stories from 25 refugees.


Eventually it could be turned over to the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office.
They are the ones that would determine if these allegations are in fact true and if any charges would be filed.

Note to this landlord.  You need to compare notes with landlords in Manchester, NH and Shelbyville, TN because we have heard similar stories from those cities.    In Manchester there were lawsuits by refugees, and reports of Somali refugees destroying apartments.  In Shelbyville, the Somali residents of an apartment complex drove away other tenants because of their rude and disruptive behavior.   Check out a landlord problem closer to home in Lexington, NE where landlords reported Somalis burning wood on top of the kitchen stove.

It is not about race, it is about culture and the apparent unwillingness of the Somalis to assimilate to America.  Or, possibly they were never taught to assimilate by the volags contracted by the US State Department to resettle them here.

BTW,  Somalis have landlord problems in Finland too. 

11 Responses to “Somalis having landlord problems in Nebraska–no you are kidding!”

  1. ingrafted said

    The Somali “invasion”, a crisis of our own making (visa vi the businesses that bring them in with the aid of our government) is but one phalanx in the Islamisation of America. The Turks are utilizing education and political ‘schmoozing’ to gain access to upcoming generations and our lawmakers, and public officials at every level. See my 3 part series “Turkish Connection” at

    Great work! I have added a link to your site.


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  3. nhlady said

    Hi Ann
    I’m glad you’re following this story. Until the refugees arrived we NEVER had bedbugs in any apartments (cockroaches yes but bedbugs – no). I was a landlord in Manchester for 15 years and my ex-husband has been a landlord there for 35 years. I’m not familiar with Langdon Mills but I suspect the apartments were just fine before the refugees’ arrival. Speaking from a first hand experience with Somali refugees, I can tell you that they lived in some of my ex-husband’s apartments and after three months the apartment was so infested with cockroaches and bedbugs that it took several attempts to defumigate the places. My 20 year old son works with his father on the apartments and he said the apartments were the filthiest mess he had ever seen. They even used closets as toilets and ate their food off the floor. Anyway, after only three months their lead levels were higher than any American child’s has been. The City of Manchester had to put them up (8 kids under the age of 10) in a hotel for 6 months, my ex-husband had a lien placed on his property for $30,000 even though their apartment was lead free. The lead was on the exterior of the building. Personally I think word got out that a Sudanese refugee was awarded almost $1 million in her lead poisoning case and these people wanted to cash in.

    Some landlords have even had warrants out for their arrest by the EPA for not allowing the EPA entry to the apartments.
    Now the Manchester taxpayers are also paying $4 million to teach English in their schools. The entire situation is a disaster and should never have happened. I read that Manchester received over 210 refugee children and over 200 adults in one summer. I even saw a 90 year old and her 72 year old daughter who arrived as refugees. There is a 4 year waiting list for Section 8 housing in Manchester as a result of the out-of-control mass immigration of refugees into Manchester. In fact, I have a disabled daughter who has been waiting for 2 years already and I am having to pay half of her rent because otherwise she would be homeless. She was told last month that she will have to wait another 2 years. Unfortunately, my husband has been unemployed for 6 months now and I am getting to the point where I can’t afford to help her.

    I contacted Sen Judd Gregg who did try to help my daughter but the bureaucracy doesn’t allow any preference for disabled or elderly residents. In other words, the majority of people in Section 8 housing today aren’t even citizens. What a joke! I know of an elderly couple who had to sleep on their daughter’s sofa for several months before getting into housing (the woman had breast cancer). Once they moved in, the rest of the residents were all immigrants who told them they didn’t belong there because they were rich. It’s no wonder this country has no money. Of course we both expected this would be the outcome, didn’t we? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.


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  7. acorcoran said

    Hello again Gregorymc, Sorry, have been swamped and forgot to answer your comment when it came in. Personally I am not teaching ESL or otherwise volunteering with refugees. I have loads of other charitable work I do and I am raising two immigrant children of my own.

    I encourage people who feel it is their calling to work with immigrants because frankly the volags are not getting enough help for the number of refugees being resettled. As a matter of fact, for unexplained reasons some volags are turning away volunteers from the community as we saw in Waterbury, CT.

    Additionally, when some agency is paid to do the work there tends to be an assumption that they have it covered. Or, should have it covered. It is one of the problems with how we are now resettling refugees.


  8. gregorymc said

    Thank you for checking your numbers. I see the error in mine due to bad calculation. The 53000+ I figured was Somali resettlements between FY 2000 and 2007. My apologies.

    Regarding your other comments, the desire to assimilate/integrate works both ways. The desire on the part of the immigrant/refugee has to be there, but also a willingness on the part of the established citizens to reach out to the newcomers. Part of the problem with the current tone of the entire immigration debate is the unwarranted rise of fear and suspicion on both sides.

    I am new to your blog. May I ask if you and your circle are involved in any activities such as volunteering to teach ESL or lead citizenship classes? What are you doing to reach out and help demonstrate the great character of this country to those refugees/asylees/immigrants who do appreciate the opportunity they have been given by resettlement to the US?


  9. acorcoran said

    Thanks Gregory, I did go back and check my numbers and the total is 82,230. We resettled 64,942 from 1983-2005 according to this database at the Office of Refugee Resettlement

    I then went to your data base links for 2006 (10,330) and 2007 (6958), added them together and got 82,230.

    I am sure there are terrible human rights violations in every part of the world, but we can’t save them all, and frankly if we wish to save some, my preference is for those who are eager to assimilate and become Americans. I am sure there are individual Somalis who are doing great in America, but, so far,the Somalis as a group have not done so. As a result they are helping give a very bad name to the refugee resettlement program.

    If you are a part of that program I urge you to do more work to get the Somalis to fit in to our culture.

    P.S. Many Somalis willingly participate in female genital mutilation and polygamy right here in the US.


  10. gregorymc said

    Official U.S. government data shows that 53328 Somalis have been resettled in the US between fiscal years 1983-2007, not the “80000 in recent years” that you indicate. Please check your facts and correct your numbers or indicate the source of your quoted data.

    We provide refuge for Somalis in the number that we do because for years certain groups of Somali civilians have suffered horrible and widespread abuses at the hands of gangs and unregulated militias. The central government has failed to protect them and often looked the other way.

    The 2007 Country Report on Human Rights In Somali from the US State Dept. says it well-

    Human rights abuses included unlawful and politically motivated killings; kidnapping, torture, rape, and beatings; official impunity; harsh and life-threatening prison conditions; and arbitrary arrest and detention…the perpetrators of human rights abuses were rarely punished. Discrimination and violence against women, including rapes; female genital mutilation; child abuse; recruitment of child soldiers; trafficking in persons; abuse and discrimination against clan and religious minorities…were also problems.

    (Source: numbers from Office of Refugee Resettlement at and State Dept. reports at


  11. Eric said

    Posted this over on GoV under the latest MN story.


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