More on the friction between Black Americans and Black African refugees

Update August 20th:  More on this subject here.

A few weeks ago I told you about how tensions are building in black communities between immigrants and American blacks.    Sometimes the tension is between Black American Muslims (BAMs) and IMMs (Immigrant Muslims who are not black).  Sometimes it’s just Black Americans (BAs) and African immigrants no matter what religion, but now comes the revelation that BAMs and BAs generally have some resentment toward Somalis (Muslims of course).   Did you get that?     Maybe not, but read on!

If this is a topic that interests you, and frankly I found it fascinating, read this blog entitled Jamerican Muslimah:  Talking it plain.   I’m not sure what the bloggers name is, maybe Jamerican, but I like her a lot.  She does ‘talk it plain’ and so well I didn’t know where to start to give you some excerpts.  Here is how she opens Part I

I recently read Sherri Williams’ article entitled “Uncommon Ground” in Ebony Magazine’s July 2008 issue. This article discusses the tension between Somali immigrants/refugees and African-Americans (BAs) in Columbus, Ohio. I felt compelled to share my own thoughts and experience on the subject. After all, I live in the Twin Cities which boasts the largest Somali population in the country. I can forewarn you that what I have to say is not going to be politically correct. I can admit that I’m biased on this subject. Most of the experiences I’ve had with Somalis have not been so great. Needless to say, my perspective on this subject has been tainted by the negative experiences I’ve had. But Alhamdulillah, I’m currently working on it. This is my story. 

In Part II, she says this and a whole lot more: 

It is clear to me that many BAs in the Twin Cities are affected by the anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric floating around the country. On one hand, I feel like they are capitalizing on the sentiment in order to garner favor or acceptance from White conservatives (even if they don’t know that, that’s where the rhetoric originated.) On the other hand, they are upset because they believe that Somalis have been given money and other perks by the government. They see Somalis, who are for the most part refugees, driving new cars, opening businesses, and receiving some of the best housing MPHA has to offer.[Editor: refugees do get special perks and this causes resentment from Americans who are poor whether the American is white or black.]  They see Somalis taking over sectors of the job market which had been previously occupied by BAs. (Think of my cousin’s comment about Somalis at the airport). They see yet another group of immigrants coming in and gaining acceptance as the “model minority.” They see how White people in the Twin Cities often work hard to understand the predicament of Somalis, sometimes excusing their behavior or sympathizing with them because of their experience back home or in refugee camps. Meanwhile, the country and the world has dismissed BAs as being criminal, lazy, constantly crying victim and doing nothing to change their circumstances. There is no sympathy for us or our history. But should that be taken out on Somalis?

I believe that some BAs have a bias against Somalis because they are abashedly and unashamedly Muslim. (I find this to be especially true when the BA has a Christian base). They see Islam as a foreign religion with strange, primitive, stifling customs. The fact that female circumcision is practiced by Somalis- the dominant Muslim group in the Twin Cities- serves as further proof of the primitive nature of Islam and of Muslims…  [Editor:  we had heard that Somalis are practicing FGM in America]

What a revelation all this is, I bet a lot of you white folks in Emporia, KS and Shelbyville, TN have been thinking it’s just you.    Have you wondered if you are racist?  Is that why the Somalis were so hard to deal with?   You can rest easy now, you knew deep down you weren’t a racist.  It is not you!   Black Americans are being put off by Somali refugees too and because of the cancer of cultural relativism rampant in the volag resettlement agencies, no one tells the Somalis they need to fit in to America.

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  1. Sorry, I forgot to link the page with our posts on FGM. It’s here. It’s a listing of all the posts with the words “genital mutilation” so some contain more specific content on FGM than others — you can tell by the titles.


  2. Jewels, thanks for your excellent comment. We couldn’t agree more. You’ll note that the term “female circumcision” is quoted from someone else’s article, not Ann’s own words. We always use the term “female genital mutilation” or FGM, for the reasons you cite. You can see our posts on it here. Don’t worry about grossing us out — we’ve been pretty graphic about it, because we want people to realize the seriousness and horror of it, both physically and emotionally, for the victims, as well as what it says about the societies in which it is practiced.


  3. Thanks for the interesting feedback. It’s always good to clear the air so to speak.

    I do want to speak to the aforementioned “female circumcision” phrase however. Circumcision means to “cut around” such as in males, but the women (usually young girls) they actually cut “it” off… sorry to gross anyone out. The purposes are also quite different. We all know about the reasoning for males but for the girls it’s to supress them by preventing them from enjoying anything so they can control them better(not kidding). I’ve actually seen interviews on this from the very people involved sharing their views. It is often done by the local butcher (again, not kidding) in their home country and disinfecting is not heard of. This is why there are a tremendous amount of infections and complications that occur leading to deaths. But since women are often second or even third class citizens in these countries – nothing is done about it.

    So you can see why it is properly referred to as “female genital mutilation” (again sorry if I’m grossing you out)and the state of Minnesota has told all incoming immigrants that it is considered “child abuse” and they will be prosecuted. Often the families send them “back home” to get the “procedure” done, although more and more young girls are refusing it and it’s caused quite a stir.

    It all sounds very hard to believe I know, but we spoke about it extensively in my human sexuality class in Graduate School, men from africa in the class agreed that this is how/why it’s all happening in their home countries and CNN ran a story on it also confirming it and even interviewing people such as “the local butcher”. Local doctors here in the Twin Cities are struggling with how to respond when woman ask to have the “sewing shut” undone, especially when they get married and/or want to have a baby. I won’t go on, but my point is, as unreal as it sounds, my facts are true and disturbing. As a result I feel an obligation to correct the word “circumcision” when reasonably possible. And since you are all clearly smart educated people, I thought you’d understand and could even spread the truth a bit.

    🙂 Thanks.


  4. I didn’t know that there was such friction with the Somalis in so many places. I have spent a lot of time generally had a pretty good experience with them


  5. “Combine that with refugees refusing to try to be Americans and you have a recipe for more conflict.”
    Good point-We’ve all seen or heard the stories and rumors about these incidents.But I’m not against open public pressure on a group of people and their “leaders” – The people that want to turn the US into another stoneage muslim third world country.If refugees and immigrants want to avoid the backlash that may happen,they can darn well become Americans or leave.
    There will always be a fringe element in any group of people.Like the story of the teenagers harassing the lone muslim woman at a store.Or refugee food stamp fraud,honor killigs,and the like.Maybe the volags and refugees would be better served if they didn’t flood small towns and rock the boat.There are cities and towns that are seeing increased violence,plus they’re on the verge of bankruptcy.
    If you read a little hostility in what I said,Yup-I’m pretty fed up with this mess.I’m paying the bill.If you’re a refugee-deal with it.If you’re a politician or volag- we will deal with you!


  6. One of the anecdotal criticisms we are hearing about is that Somalis are driving carelessly, denting cars in parking lots and leaving the scene and generally causing a disproportionate number of auto accidents. Here is an accident reported just today in Shelbyville, TN. Two of the Somalis in the car were killed when they attempted to outrun a train at a crossing.

    Note: one of the dead is from our home state of Maryland.


  7. Blulitespecial, you are right. The only way to get the attention of federal officials and the volags is to raise hell. Did you notice in the post from Jamerican that the people living in black inner city neighborhoods had no idea where the Somali refugees came from all of a sudden. No one properly briefs the local governments,or the citizens, so the only conclusion one can draw is that the feds and volags want this to be secret.

    Unfortunately, once citizens (black or white)find out that something is being pulled over on them the normal reaction is to get really mad at the refugees. Combine that with refugees refusing to try to be Americans and you have a recipe for more conflict. You only need to look at Europe and S.Africa to know what is in store for the US if everyone in authority is too chicken to start reforming this!


  8. The link is an interesting read.
    In Emporia KS,we still haven’t felt the full impact of the refugee flood,and “most” have left the area!Money is tight-at the City,County,and in the average person’s pocket.There is no Independence Day celebration or parade here this year-no money for logistical support from the city,no corporate sponsors.The Health Department just hired two more nurse practicioners.Not sure what the cost will be,but it WILL come from raising our taxes.They say we have seen a little monetary help,but there is no record of the source or how much(surprise).

    Then there’s the idea of why refugees coming here can’t/won’t “assimilate”.Anyone that’s read this blog(and others) at length already knows what the person at Jamerican Muslimah is saying.Maybe your community has gone through this,too.It’s obvious the refugee programs need to be curtailed,and completely overhauled in the light of day.Since the volags don’t care for the light of day,I say oppose these agencies at the local and state level,and just raise holy hell!That’s the only way you get answers,open records,and results.


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