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Muslim Brothers and Sisters Trucking Company busted

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 22, 2008

You will be outraged by this story!  Ponder it as you zip along a busy highway in your little hybrid surrounded by 16-wheelers traveling at 60 plus miles an hour, and thank ever-watchful blulitespecial for tipping us all off to this story. 

Muslim Brothers and Sisters Trucking is (was) made up of drivers hailing from Somalia and Bosnia (our refugee program supplying labor for jobs Americans won’t do?) who were never qualified to drive a big rig thanks to this scam busted by the US Attorneys Office in Missouri.

A former superintendent of a truck driving school in West Plains pleaded guilty in federal court today to his role in a scheme that provided fraudulent commercial driver’s licenses to large numbers of Somali and Bosnian nationals, said John F. Wood, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri.

Read the whole story here.  It is a detailed anatomy of a scam of major proportion.     Some of those busted are going to prison, but you can bet they never caught all those students who are now spread throughout the US driving a rig on the highway next to you.

And then there is the larger question, what is in those tractor trailers?

3 Responses to “Muslim Brothers and Sisters Trucking Company busted”

  1. […] a Bosnian teen was shot dead trying to break into a home, or this one where Bosnians concocted a truck driving school scam,  or how about the one from Ft. Wayne, IN where Bosnians with AK-47’s are believed to be […]


  2. blulitespecial said

    Sentencing begins-
    1year and one day!….that’s it?
    from the article-
    “May had an agreement with co-defendant Ernest Arnel White, also known as Mustafa, 51, of Kansas City who operated Muslim Brothers and Sisters (MBS), a trucking company that operated a driving training school in Kansas City. May had agreed to give preferential treatment to White’s students.

    White allowed May to let his students take commercial driver’s license driving tests on Saturdays and Sunday’s contrary to the commercial driver’s license testing contract between the truck driving school in West Plains and the Missouri Department of Revenue or state regulations.

    May would receive payment from White above the amounts that the truck driving school was charging others for administration of the commercial driver’s license driving test, keeping the excess payment for himself rather than remitting the funds to the school district.”


  3. blulitespecial said

    The verified DNA fraud rate of 90% in the reunification program brings up this deadly problem that’s on the highway right now.And that’s just one program!60% of the students at the school had mid-eastern sounding names.Great,who knows who the driver of that fuel tanker or schoolbus really is? Oh,and let’s let them cross the borders with a load whenever they want!
    800 bucks and 10 minutes behind the wheel,and you got a CDL with Haz-Mat.Can’t drive?.. Don’t worry,the instructor will drive for you! I’m beginning to think we need to bring back the firing squad for treason.
    More info here-


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