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Greeley Tribune in the tank for the Somalis!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 9, 2008

Update September 11th:   Over 100 workers fired!

Update September 10th:   Talks break down.

Update:   Here is today’s editorial at the Tribune, they just don’t get it.

Thanks to Patrick at VDARE here is part of the explanation about why the Tribune newspaper in Greeley, CO may be covering up the violence by Somalis at the Swift plant on Friday evening.   The paper editorialized just a few months ago about how great the Somali refugees are for Greeley.    What is that expression people use on the internet about rolling on the floor laughing—well that is me at the moment.

The Somalis, like refugees from varied backgrounds before them, have come to Greeley for the opportunities it offers. Their presence, however, is not just about opportunities for them, it is also an opportunity for all of us. It is an opportunity to grow and expand our world. The essential strength of America is the country’s ability to embrace the best of many cultures.

While the customs that come from half a world away can seem scary, they will — like the customs of the Russian-Germans a century ago — enrich our lives. The Somali, and other East African, refugees that represent Greeley’s first distinct immigration wave of the 21st century are fully documented, legal workers. They deserve all the opportunities they get.

And then this:

We are glad — and honored — that Greeley can give people who have survived so much an excellent place to live.

Read it all here and join me on the floor.

A few minutes later:  I’m not laughing anymore as I contemplate how awful it is that our government (US State Department) joined forces with these giant meat packers to import African Muslim cheap labor.  Then aided and abetted by dhimmi newspaper editors like the one at the Greeley Tribune, our communities will be changed forever.

9 Responses to “Greeley Tribune in the tank for the Somalis!”

  1. frank said

    i just went to the beef plant in ft morgan & was denied a job there but at the same time some somalies were there. getting there papers for employment. i dont think this is right where a US citizen cant get a job but a somalie can. this is not the american way.these people hate americans & for what we stand for. heck not even the mexican immigrants have a job most of them have left also. i dont know who is responsible for this but think of your own people here in the states we have our own problems. lets help out our own people first.


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  7. blulitespecial said

    Wonder how many will take Oct 1 off?


  8. blulitespecial said

    I’ve notified Drudge and CNN,and posted at the Shelbyville and Greeley papers.
    In the packing house,you don’t leave the line,and you sure as hell don’t tear anything up and hurt people….. Fired.Period.
    I’ve seen people fired for less.Possibly there will be talks and/or charges filed,so the paper is keeping quiet.Maybe DNA tests are in order.
    Swift-“Interesting times” have come your way!


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