How did we get so many Somali refugees—the numbers are telling

Update October 23, 2016: 9,020 were admitted according to the Refugee Processing Center.

Update October 21, 2015: 8,858 were admitted in FY2015, here.

Update October 26, 2014:  The final tally for FY2014 is 9,000!

Update September 7, 2014:  Found it! FY2013 Somali admissions to the US–7,600!

Update August 29th, 2014:  Finally got around to updating the stats at least for FY 2011 and 2012 (see below).  Couldn’t find 2013 but will keep looking.  We are nearly doubling the numbers of Somalis admitted this fiscal year (2014).  As of July 31, we have admitted 7,326 Somalis to your towns and cities.

Update August 28th, 2014:  I need to update the recent years.  The numbers stayed low for a number of years because family reunification had been closed to Somalis for years due to the huge fraud uncovered by the State Department in 2008, but Somali resettlement to America is on the rise again.

Update November 13th, 2010:  This post continues to be one of the most visited posts at RRW.  I have just now updated the numbers for FY 2010 below which ended on September 30th.

I finally got around to something I’ve been promising to do for weeks (months!) and that is go over all the records of Somali resettlement numbers.

I do want to remind readers that these numbers are only for the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department.  We just had a commenter to another post suggesting that the numbers are much larger then the government statistics indicate for immigration to the US.  I don’t doubt that.  But, again, these are the numbers that the Office of Refugee Resettlement must present to Congress each year for that special category “refugees.”

Much to my surprise, the numbers (and patterns) for Somali refugees admitted to the US are even more shocking then I had originally guessed.

Also, in my last post, I quoted the reporter as saying that the Somalis began arriving in Minneapolis in the late 70’s.  Well, maybe there were a handful, but the largest numbers have arrived here AFTER 9/11!

The Refugee Act of 1980 presumably required the Office of Refugee Resettlement to begin reporting to Congress annually.  The first table I looked at lumped all numbers from 1983-1993.  In those 10 years, 4413 Somalis were admitted as refugees.

Then here we go:

1983-93:   4,413

1994:  3,508

1995:  2,524

1996:  6,440

1997:  4,948

1998:  2,952

1999:  4,321

2000:  6,002

2001:  4,940

2002:   242    (Guesses why this is so low?  9/11 freaked everyone out!)

2003:  1,708

O.K. so in 2003 we had admitted a total of 42,017 Somalis to the US.  In those 20 years each Somali family was having on average 6 children.

Continuing (are you sitting down?):

2004:  12,814

2005:  10,101

2006:  10,330

2007:  6,958

2008:  2,523

2009:  4,189  (on the rise again even though family reunification is suspended still!)

2010:  4,884

2011:  3,161

2012:  4,921

2013:  7,600

2014:  9,000

2015: 8,858

We have reported to you before that the number is so low (relatively low!) for 2008 because DNA testing in Africa showed that the refugee program was corrupt through and through and those thousands coming in as “family” were lying.

We have admitted 83,991 Somali Shariah-supporting immigrants to the US in 25 years [as of when I first wrote this post—ed]   More then half, 43,682, came since September 11th!

Who was responsible and why?   I don’t know.   I do know that African resettlement was not a priority until, according to a report by Heidi Boas which I mentioned here last year, the Congressional Black Caucus got involved:

Anyway, I am getting away from my story. According to Heidi Boas* in her lengthy 2007 paper entitled, “The New Face of America’s Refugees: African Refugee Resettlement to the United States:”

….several of the individuals interviewed for this paper identified the Congressional Black Caucus as one of the most influential groups advocating over the past decade for increased African refugee resettlement to the United States.

I also think that in addition to political reasons that the Black Caucus had for boosting minority voter numbers, that big businesses, like these meatpackers we have been talking about, have been working with friends in the State Department and the Department of Health and Human Services as if those agencies were their employment services.

Do you ever wonder if the Congressional Black Caucus members know what they did to our own American blacks because these immigrants are pushing them out of jobs now?

I know who could answer all of our questions about how and why we took militant Muslims in such great numbers into the US:    Terry Rusch, Director of the Office of Admissions, US State Department could tell us, if she was willing. [Editors note, Rusch has since retired.]

If you would like to check numbers yourself, the best thing I can do is send you to this post as a starting place.   I got these numbers at so many different Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual reports to Congress that it is too cumbersome to put all those links in here.  However, you should be able to use the links I just mentioned and sort it out—you will also find it interesting to see from what countries we are admitting refugees and to what states they are going.

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  1. As said before Not all somalis are extreme! Since your somali don’t you think they should deport you too as a solution?lol your just a hateful person


  2. Hispanic Illegals have been rounde up & deported…Somiles have taken thier place at the Meat Industry plants in the TEXAS Panhandle.Somiles Males are bringing thier wifes & SISTERS. Over 2,000 Muslims & growing . Muslim Mosqiue…Muslim Community center…Clinics with Muslim doctors etc. We are losing TEXAS to invaders not from the sooth but from across the pond. Our Mayor & commisioners also are using the EB-5 vises which means if you have $500k you can be an instant citizen. Not just from Muslim countries…Red China.


  3. I don’t get you Americans, you robbed land and when people come to settle you go on about immigration. Aren’t you the biggest immigrants of all? Go home!
    You might see it as your land and deny vulnerably people the right to settle but the rest of the work has a different view. Cheerio


  4. Wow. Are you affiliated with the KKK(this blog)? Your blog sounds like it has American Neo-Nazi influences-rants. This blog is dedicated to attacking Black folks. Period. Some of your arguments have validity, but you show your true colors by exhibiting an acute hatred for black folks(tipical racist mentality). Now, everyone on this planet know that India is one of the most racist planets on this planet!! We also know that India has a gigantic hatred for Paskistan.
    We have over 40,000 shariah orientated black folks in America you say(don’t pick on the Arabs In Dearborn,Michigan, or the Mexicans(illegal immigrants)in California, Texas, and New Mexico. No, the black man is the big threat(boogeyman). We have been hearing that argument for some time now. Especially after Black Haitians expelled the French from the country.
    Well, only time will tell. If some of the Black Somalians refuse to assimilate, I would recommend that they go back to Somalia(give their kids a chance).
    The militants brainwashed them in Somalia, and Kenyan? Now it’s are turn to brainwash them into becoming American citizen. It should’nt be hard. Human beings can easily be brainwashed!!!!!!
    I read articles on the Nation of Islam web page once a week. Maybe you should read some of the articles. (No, I am not a radical Muslim. I am just a black man in America)


  5. Hi,

    He says my name is Abdi and I’m a Somali Christian! how is that is possible? Your name is Abdi so you must be a muslim or you are pretending that you are a somali christian? I see you are even a Somali! but let me tell you and the all other racist people out there whether you like or not the Somalian refugees will carry on coming to US in future and they are going to expend their already booming businesses in Minnesota and other places in the USA. So eat your heart out.


  6. Obama has just asked for congressional approval to add another – ready- 80 THOUSAND MORE MUSLIMS, Iraqi’s, African muslims. I think he has a preference to relocate them to Texas, but here in Alaska they have brought in enough to build a huge mosque for them. All I can say people is you and your childrens future is truly at stake.


  7. Great posts here! I did a follow up on the goings on over in Shelbyville. I posted it on my blog if you want to take a look see. Your articles were very helpful in ascertaining more information. I kinda had to summarize and hit all the high (low) lights of the last few years up to present. Also, adding my two cents worth, the post ended up being kinda lengthy in my terms.


  8. Bush claimed to be fighting a war on terror while allowing Somalis and Pakistanis and Bangels to come in at the thousands each year, and thats without family reunification garbage. the schools here in Brooklyn,ny are filled with the children of these “refugees” who breed like crazy. thanks neocons for destroying america. I hope Bush’s daughter marries a somali.


  9. am very much suprised with some guys here. most of u here are immigrants or ur ancestors were immigrants whether legal ou illegal to USA. there’s no bloody person who has ancestral background of the americas or is american by bloody ancestral birth. the somalis are immigrants like u guys and they have what so ever rights to practice their religion. there is Jews, Hindu many other immigrants in US who practice bulshet in the states y is it that islam and muslims are related to terrorism? by the way do u know the meaning of JIHAD? JIhad means presenting oneself to be killed for the sake of ur lord. for example i envaded ur house killed ur mum, dad, siblings and worst of all ur beloved wife in this case what do u do? Islam recommends jihad. by the way what could u have done? luk at what is happening in IRaq, Pakistan, Somalia, Afqanistan? y has the USa invaded IRAQ? where are the mass killing weapons that BUSH said are in IRAQ? who is responsible for the thousands of children and women killed raped and even the oil looted in IRAQ? oki if u say that muslims are terrorists what are christains and jews like bush and Isreals are? what do we name them? are they HEROES for killing thousands of innocent children and women? who would counter for the loses that those iraq’s suffer? i think the war on terror in IRAQ means ” WAR ON MUSLIMS” am 15 when i watch the news and i c the young inocent iraq’s and palestinians i feel lyk i have no reason to live.
    some tymes it’s gud to think on humanity basis with out luking at religion or race. luk those are the ppl whom u invaded their land u give them resettlement and at the same tym ur scratching their wounds? it means lyk u killed them their fathers and mums and ur telling them they r terorrists? tha is not even logic. use ur poke common sense and filthy alcohol heards and reason. i don’t thing and i don’t believe killing pple is the altimate solution for every thing but they are alot of ways to kill a rat? today there’s no peace in somalia but tomrow when there’s peace in somali do u think u would have a single somali refugee there? no u won;t have any. we have a beautiful country we can even buy the godam usa but we lack peace but it would soon come. the time has come for change plz change ur godam minds on islam. islam does not accept killing of any body whether muslim or non-muslim. islam respects every body equally with out descrimination and favourisim. i never saw some one killed and i don’t wish to c that happen 90% of my friends are christains and live with them happily. so lets live in unity and peacefuly instead.

    the issue of the taxicaps refusing to give ride to those with alcoholics and poke. i could not have done it my self even if ur giving me billions of dollars bcouse it’s not worth doing and every body has freedom of worship if it doesn’t harm others.


  10. In my view, The somalies and other muslims being imported to the USA will be the officers and soldiers of BO’s “Civilian Army, Stronger and better equipted than the Military” What better soldiers than these blood thirsty muslims to enslave the Americans?


  11. ur illegall acorcorn were da f*** did u get sumthin stupid like dat go back to dat person who told u dat s*** dat they need to shut up. ok somali ppl came here for a better future for dey kids n dem selfs ok. we leave our country because we dont have a choice its only getting worser as it is. bet u would have left yo country if der was a war n wasnt gettin better so plz ppl leave all immigrants alone dey came here for better opportunities n better lives for dem n der childrens


  12. A recent study indicated that 70% of employers surveyed said that they use an applicant’s information such as, criminal background checks, as a factor in deciding whether to hire or not. It is no secret that many employers check out their employee’s social networking sites and in some cases base employment decisions on what they find out about their workers.


  13. Come November it is time for a clean sweep clean out of elected officials. This will include the congressional black caucus and Keith Ellison as well. Fire them ALL, as they are all responsible for the problems the US has presently. It does not matter if they are Dem or Rep, as there is not a pennies worth of difference in what they do. Only elect good people that have NEVER held public office. This will clean out all the special interest cliques that prevent examination of their deeds in office. Then they can be prosecuted.
    Then DHS, DEA, FDA, ATF, IRS can be cleaned out or disbanded.


  14. The cunning of the Islam ‘refugee’ councils is most slick. The only way to deal with these future johadists is to drive them out of our towns, neighborhoods, schools the powers that be will only aid their infiltration.


  15. i am somali, balck and Muslim. I reject Islam to be used as a tool to promote political agenda or personal interest… plz stop spreading hate among this multiethnic and multi religous nation…. islam is a religion of peace… someone like you can;t change the true teachings of our religion… we are proud to be muslims and we will defeat those who defame it like you.


  16. Hi

    i’m somalian realy i shocked when i readed this article coz it’s full of lie and propoganda i’m not talking about the statistics you showed us but i’m talking abt when you defined (somalis) us “islamic militant ” which you mean that we are the enemy of american sociaty and that’s not true…if we talk abt the reality all of us knows that somalia has no any functional government 4 past 20 years and there was clan fighting which coused the anarchy poverty and instability so they have a right to get a place where they can live peacefully and work and that’s what they do when they come in 2 US insha allah i’m also willing one day 2 come in united states so it’s upto you 2 keep writing this heatred articles or ….t.c


  17. The missions abroad to rescue other people with American tax-payer funded NGOs, UN, missionaries, save-the-world people, has left the majority of homegrowns, and others in the lurch.

    Most do-gooders, corps of corporate missionaries that are mostly caucasion, intent upon a few years of do-gooderism before law school, or breeding, would like to keep immigration into this country on auto-pilot. More refugees turned into digits represent more profit for the refugee/immigrant mission industry. Regardless of race, religion.

    Yes, whether we like it or not, more, and more digits(refugees) are adding to the collective American experience, of profit before people.


  18. Its human nature people with deffirent religion and race have livet together in this world. nothing we can do about. by the way people in this country all from some where and somalis are african american and they are here to stay like it or not!!!


  19. Hello.

    This is my first time visiting this website, I came across it while searching for basic statistics to supplement research for an academic project. After reading through the various articles, specifically those regarding Somali refugees, I was surprised and disappointed to see my fellow American citizens support such slanderous and one sided statements as well as make their own in the the comments section.
    I am an American, born and raised, and I am very proud to be. But I am supremely disappointed that, in this day and age, Americans (those born in a country deeply rooted in the idea of striving for equality for all), can be so blindly intolerant.
    Perhaps the readers of this website would be well served to read up on the situation in Somalia, perhaps learn why these refugees are coming to our country.
    One reader commented regarding Somali refugees in the UK, stating that their culture is completely alien to their host country and that Somalis do not belong in the UK. This is most certainly a true statement, but seemingly no one has bothered to do a simple search and see why these refugees are in the UK as opposed to where they belong.
    It is unfair and unreasonable to lump all Somalis into a group with Somalis who have done wrong, would you like to be lumped into a group with all Americans who have done wrong (such as Charles Manson, as a singular example)?
    Somalis under went significant and terrible hardship through the times of colonialism, Siad Barres dictatorship, and the collapse of their homeland. It is outside the definition of refugee to think that any one of them chose this fate. Could you imagine being in such a situation, forced from your home by violence you never contributed to and sent to live in a foreign country where you have no contacts and do not so much as speak the language?
    As Americans, as those who have a stable country, can we please have a little respect and empathy.
    My mother is a Somali refugee who has successfully put two kids through prestigious colleges, and acquired 3 Ph.D.’s herself.
    So come on, do not mistake the individual for the whole (or vis versa)


    (I hope this post is not viewed as any sort of attack, or leftist propaganda, it is simply a plea for understanding and for the readers of this site to take a look at the foundation of their beliefs. )


  20. It is quite bizarre that the USA and UK are letting all these Somalians into our countries!
    Maybe we are forgetting something!
    The New World Order that is being created as we speak!
    Global government, it has got to be part of the agenda that the people behind the governments are putting in place.
    No prizes for guessing how it will turn out!


    1. Carole, Thanks for the comment. Coincidentally I’m working on a post about the New World Order concept. Visit our homepage later today or tomorrow ….and I should have it up.


  21. It is reported that there 200,000 Somalis in the UK.

    Why are they here. Theor values and customs are totally alien and do not belong here one bit. They contribute nothing but headaches. The vast majortity are on Benefits.

    The Labour government postponed the census that was to be held last year ie before the election. Wonder why.


  22. I’m Navajo and I say all you people need to go back where you came from. Except for the whites who play in our casino. You guys can stay. 🙂




  24. It is beyond comprehension the arrogance our State Department has shown the American people by allowing these people to run rule within our society. I have seen their behavior at Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle. Rental car companies are reported to have been paid by the U.S. Government millions of USD to employ them. They entitled to a special added 20 minutes of prayer time during the work day. Christians and other religious groups are not. Management is afraid to discipline them when necessary for fear of them losing their jobs. The majority of them are here to promote Islam, not to work and contribute to society. They have been allowed to use restrooms with very serious disregard to sanitary engagement. The women take water bottles to clean themselves instead of using toilet paper. Likewise the men do the same, and at times wash their private parts over the sink for others to see. Again, the port authority and state health agencies doing nothing. Many have also been heard to promote a socialist takeover of our nation. I would ask for a boycott of rental car companies Hertz, Avis, Budget and National be seriously considered before renting an automobile from them. They are guests in our country, not kings.


    1. most of these comments were made long before i left Somalia, racism and hatred is not the solution. America belongs to All legally residing. You better be quite and mind your business yow


  25. IM sorry, the 1000 per month they somalians get does not include what they make. They get 1000 on top of what they make. Why do they deserve an extra 12000 per year. Plus cheap rent and utilities, food card? We have Americans out of work, lets help them instead. Im all for sending back illegals, and refugess that hate us. Actually, send all Muslims back to. Would they let us go to their country and pull the BS that they do here. No, but them again, none of us would want to go their. Send them back.


  26. Why are we giving our country away? Especially to people that hate us. I work at an international airport. Everyday, I check in people from all over the world, when they give me their passports, the adults have one from their original country, and they always have a new born baby with them with an American passport. Anchor babies their called. This is from every country in the world. Why do we allow this?
    The topic of the Somalians. In Minneapolis,St.Paul area, tax payers are paying for schools which get their text books from Saudi Arabia, which preaches hatred to the west. They also get a government check, i have heard as much as up to or more than 1000 dollars per month, that incudes what they make from the job GIVEN to them, along with, food cards, cheap rent and utilities. This makes no sence to me. Especially to people who hate us. And belive me, they do hate us. We are racist to them from what they told me. I would like to ask them, who do you think let you in here?
    I dont know, I cant go on about it. its way to upsetting. Anyway, does anyone know of an orginization that we can sign onto and maybe get our governemtn to pull their heads out of their asses?


    1. Dean where did you heard goverment check that gives somali 1000 i never heard that i think something is wrong with you you need to go a doctor and check your self psycho, before spreading hate and lie why can’t just enjoy this temporary life you don’t know how long you will live. life is too short just enjoy and lived without hate. i don’t understand why we all human being didn’t understand each other…. let us forget the past and flow with moment with this crazy life… we are fighting our daily life


  27. During Perl harbour you probably had the same problem with Jap in Hawaii, the via-cons during the Vietnam War and it’s so funny how the United States has been prejudice throughout History. Whether it was the Negroes or the Red Indian and today all these groups are among the rest of the American. Now it is Mexicans which you call “illegal aliens” and Arabs I am not sure where Somalis fit in I am guessing Arabs since we share a religion.

    I honestly hope you find a new group to pick on since you don’t learn from your past.


  28. Dewey Lee

    Thank you for being a decent American……..I have read the entire blog and the only one that had something positive to say has been you. This Paranoia or should I say xenophobia is really sad coming from a so called civilized nation. I have been a Somali American since 1988 and after 9/11 was the first time in my life that I felt as a second class citizen. It is in our nature to point the finger when we are at war but it is those that speak the truth that keep the values of America alive.
    Every group has a couple of rotten apples but majority Somalis are decent people. We have a very high University graduation rates and we seem to blend well with the rest of Society. When we first arrive we settle in Ghettos with high crime rates and we turn them in to liveable neighbourhoods.

    If you are XENOPHOBIC I suggest you meet a Somali and have an honest chat. It will help you sleep better at night………lol
    If you have any question what so ever please do not hesitate to send me at email:


  29. Hey Aisha want to bet that we can’t stop them from coming in. None of you have any RIGHT to come here. People write your Congressmen and Senators. We do not need these criminals coming to our country. Find them a place on their own continent.


  30. I only post here sporadically to get the right wing crazies riled up. Then, just as they start looking for my posts every day, I ignore them for a while because I don’t care what they think as they are irrelevant.




  32. wow. you people are races and barrack is not a Somali name is a Muslim name and yes Somalians are Muslims just because we Muslims don’t mean anything OK you leave a comment and who cares you talk s… about Somalians OK what different does it make i am Somalian and i am proud so get to stepping you f…… races bitches if you know u races why are you even reading about Somalians don’t want you. you over here hiding your identity and s… pretending to be Somali talking non sent boy please and get a life you f…… red neck mothf….a BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL BABY. AND THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS MUSLIMS ARE TERRORIST IT AIN’T LIKE CRISTIAN DON’T HAVE BAD PEOPLE IT AIN’T LIKE JEWISH DON’T HAVE BAD PEOPLE SO STOP HATING ON MUSLIMS YOU ALL KNOW MUSLIM IS A KIND TRUE RELIGION AND THAT’S WHY PEOPLE LOVE TO TALK NEGATIVE ABOUT US YOU GUYS ARE JUST MAD AND SELFISH AND IF YOU ARE NOT PROUD OF YOUR RELIGION THEN CONVERT TO MUSLIM IF NOT WILL KEEP MUSLIM OUT YOUR MOUTH OK DON’T THINK YOU ALL PERFECT THEIR IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT YOU F…… RED NECK.




    1. Then Jesica it is time someone in their own country quit stealing the aid that amounts to billions in dollars from AMERICAN TAXPAYING CITIZENS WHO ARE HAVING A HARD ENOUGH TIME KEEPING A JOB, ROOF OVER THEIR HEADS AND FOOD ON THE TABLE. You liberals are the reason we are in the mess we are in today!


  34. For anyone who is interested in learning more about the Somali people and the culture, feel free to visit this website. The Somali Link is distributed by HAND (Helping Africans in a New Direction) and the purpose of this organization is to help new immigrants such as Somalis, assimilate better into US culture. We offer courses in ESL, Financial and Family literacy as well as our after school program for children grades K-12.

    <a href=”” The Somali Link: Helping Africans in a New Direction

    I believe that many of them are doing a great job adjusting, but there are more who need help. If people can just learn to live with each other instead of hating each other, then American businesses can certainly benefit from a relationship with this community. The total buying power of Somali immigrants are estimated to be $216 Million. There are over 120,000 Somalis in Minnestoa and over 95,000 in Ohio and thousands more in other States.

    Just think about it people, more people can equal more money for businesses (Your Business, My Business). Instead of thinking that they are taking the jobs, why not just think that they are adding more power to the workforce? I mean, if other Americans are concerned about job security, then why not educate yourselves further? Get new skills. Competition is good, because it will keep us on our toes. This world is competetive and all the “good” jobs should not be reserved for a specific race or ethnic group, but for whomever can produce and work the best.

    By establishing a relationship with the Somali people, your business will grow. This community is still growing and it will give you the opportunity to expand into a new and unique market. By finding out what these people need and what you can offer them, they will be your loyal friends and customers for life.

    Please visit our website:

    <a href=”” The Somali Link Newspaper

    To advertise your business within the Somali Link, please contact:

    Dewey Lee
    Marketing Director
    4889 Sinclair Rd.
    Columbus OH 43229


    1. While what you say sounds promising, I think the problem most Americans face with accepting these and all other immigrants is the way they are offered better opportunities for free education and free health insurance and free welfare that all immigrants are being handed just for coming to this country. Americans that were born and raised here are not receiving the same preferential treatment that the immigrants receive!!!


  35. Are my own black people, meaning anyone that is not White for some reason some whites well nearly all think black on black prejudice dont exist! listen pal you have a problem with somalis let me tell you this wait let me tell you all if you not native american red indian, you dont belong there either…. so everytime you write about any foreigners in america remember your a foreigner too and same goes to you all!!! GET A LIFE instead of writing great books you write about poor immigrants, hey we nomads am sure one day we’ll leave LOL

    Where have all the men of thinkers gone? what a shame


  36. I can not believe this!

    To the guy who started this topic and the who replied with (negative) views, I am a somali and am I a terrorist? did I lie to get here in the UK? in fact I am a hard working somali I’ve grown up here all my life.

    I remember watching black and white american old films, basically known english as first language, seen no opportunities come my way and I’ll tell you why, because on a daily basis I deal with (white racists) in any where I go acting friendly but really racist. These people could be members of what you might call klu klux klan and no one monitors them, oh and another racists I deal with are my own


  37. To get an idea which immigrants one should allow in, it is best to see how those people have managed their own country, ie the one they owe primary loyalty to. If they have screwed up their own country, it is best to avoid these immigrants.

    Below, ten examples

    1. Somalia
    2. Afghanistan
    3. Pakistan
    4. Bangladesh
    5. Yemen
    6. Sudan
    7. Pali territories
    8. Iraq
    9. Iran
    10. Nigeria


  38. Ayan Roble, Amish people don’t dress like us and have customs very foreign to us; some don’t even speak English very well; but nobody hates the Amish. That’s because they don’t try to make the rest of us adjust ourselves to their habits. I guess Obama led the way with his clever insinuations of racism during his campaign, and now everyone can claim they’re hated because they don’t look like the people on our currency.

    Ayan Samatar, do you think the entire population of Somalis should be moved out of the country to the United States? Countries don’t get “stricken” with poverty, anarchy and war. These things are caused by people. The culture of the Somalis apparently doesn’t encourage them to do things differently, to find ways around what is happening, or to do anything about what’s wrong in their country. They are just passive instruments of everyone else. Maybe that’s why they don’t fit in here. Americans are used to looking at a situation and figuring out how to improve their lot. Instead, Somalis here complain a lot, pick quarrels with Americans, and many have become tools of the Muslim Brotherhood people who are eager to use them for their stealth jihad.


    1. Seriously, Judy, do you read? Have you ever read anything about European imperialism in Africa? Italian Somaliland, British Somaliland? Yeah, see, there was a time when this continent called Africa was taken over by various European imperialists, and when they either left or were overthrown, that tended to throw various nations into a lot of turmoil. Somalia is still dealing with the aftermath of imperialism and subsequent dictatorships, and civil war (European imperialism ended in 1941! The civil war started in the ’90s! RECENT HISTORY MY DEAR). Read your U.S. history, things were pretty terrible and violent here during and following our revolt against imperialism and our civil war. It’s messy! But that’s fine, if you are too lazy to wrap your head around this stuff, you can keep telling yourself it’s all about American ingenuity and non-American failures.


  39. Wow. So because Somalis are predominantly Muslim many people believe that they should be left in a country stricken with extreme poverty, anarchy, and war? Just because they are Muslim? This shows how small-minded so many people are.

    And Abdi Barack, you are so obviously not a Somali. You don’t even know what a Somali last name is, so you use the name “Barack”? Stop posing as a Somali just to justify your racism and be honest about who you are.


    1. Why should we care about Somali Muslims? Muslims want to destry us and our wonderful, superior way of life. We don’t want you here. You have no links with our country or culture. It’s not our fault that your country is poor and backward. it’s the fault of your awful, evil religion taht you are backward just like all mUslim countries. No, don’t come with the “great Islamic civilisation” argument. Most of the people associated with the so-called Islamic civilisation were Jews and Christians. Greek culture was plagiarised and used wholesale. Little of any value has ever come from Islam. The average IQ of a Muslim is 78. The average IQ of a European or Jew is 95. QED,


      1. Hi poster,

        I am Somali; Black, Immigrant, Muslim and my IQ is 136. My people will stay here forever as your grandparents did, and they will thrive in this wonderful land. The faith of my people will flourish to all corners in this country and you will be watching as a hag dog from the streets. To those who hate new immigrants, I will say to you to go back into history books and read how America rolled to be America – with the exception of my Indian brothers/sister, we are all on the same boat (immigrants!) although our time of arrival varies. The issue here as I read it is not about fraudulent immigration but rather deeply rooted hatred against black immigrants and muslims. One more wisdom, All Christians are not Crusaders, and all Jews are not associated with Isreal.
        Peace…… I am proud to be a Muslim American!


  40. Somali people are hardworking tax payers which makes many people like AVI to hate them. One of the haters, mentioned that Somalis are not assimilating, that means why they don’t dress like you eat like you drink like you act like you change religion. You have to learn how to communicate with people who are different than you are regardles of what they are because that will help you to have better live. Don’t be hater. Somali people are nice people just you are full of hate and the perception you have about Somali people is wrong.


      1. May I ask who the ‘We’ at the beginning of your statement refers to? I know it does not refer to the American people otherwise Ayan would not be here in the first place. You have to learn that America is a nation and not represented by haters like you. You take the food your mother feeds you, the home that you never left, the peace and everything for granted. Your contribution to humanity became, then nothing but hate. While you chose to be the bad side of America, there are better and bigger side who go out of their den and see the world and help those who are suffering and can differentiate between militants and vulnerable kids. Those are the ones who gave me the same rights you enjoy, allowed me to work and make pretty close to 6-figure and see me as hardworking as anyone else. Am I or Ayan not welcome? I don’t think so. In fact, I think your hatred is the only thing that is not welcome. For Somalis, there are also people like you who probably hate you or any other for just being an American. I am sorry that you choose be among those that hate but I am sure your mother did not raise you that way – at least I hope.


      2. U go back to England u evil person and i will go back to Africa, Deal?
        ALso, Africa’s only behind because your people were stealing our resources for centuries U evil white people killed everyone, so go back to dry, boring, europe and go eat your pork, beer GM food. hahahahahahahha. Plus living in europe is rather [expletive deleted] u have [expletive deleted] weather, [expletive deleted] food and the most racist and evilist people i have ever seen. Most somalis would do anything to go back to somalia we are just waiting until it is peaceful. Also, if u are living in America, America belongs to the native peoples not white people same with Austrialia it belongs to the Aborigines.


  41. who says they are “militants”? The women and children are too? This is prejudiced propaganda. These refugees are not criminals- the criminals are still in Somalia fighting. Many of these refugees are good people who come here with hopes of just staying alive and escaping senseless war. Stop spreading hate about people you don’t even know.


  42. Actually Mr. Warsame, I think we are making a pretty good case at Refugee Resettlement Watch that Somalis are not assimilating to life in America. And, since it’s an honor and a privilege for immigrants to come to this country, we should be choosing much more carefully which people we admit.

    As a matter of fact, we have suspended family reunification of Somalis because of the high percentage (80%) of fraud cases uncovered this year.


  43. Just simple words to Avi :

    I Guss you are indeed a Wright Wing activist or maybe red-nick , You are accusing all Somalis of being militants, its really ridicules, if they are Islamic militants how did they end up in refugee camps in Kenya,!??? one more thing, do you know that INS checks all refugee for month if not years before they granted resettlement in US?? By the way Mr “Avi” i think you are a Jew, that’s why you hate Somalis,!! all what you are trying to do is collecting different incidents and link them together faultily in order to convene readers, LOl Guss what !!you failed , try again .!


  44. To anonymous, I doubt there will be any move to deport those who lied to get in. However, you would hope at least they would consider DNA testing as a part of any crime investigation involving a refugee. It would then make sense to use that information, if it was found a fraud was committed, to get them out easier.

    I don’t know the answer, maybe one of our readers does.


    1. Section 212(a) of the INA lists the many grounds for exclusion that bar a person from being
      admitted to the US. These grounds for exclusion apply to all immigrants, and with certain
      exceptions, to all refugees. Grounds for exclusion can be grouped roughly into four categories:
      health-related grounds (certain communicable diseases or physical and mental disorders);
      moral/criminal grounds (e.g., persons convicted of serious or multiple crimes, prostitutes, drug
      traffickers); public charge (i.e., persons lacking adequate financial resources, however this is waived
      for refugees); and security grounds (see below). Refugees are given a medical screening to check
      for excludable communicable diseases, in particular, HIV, tuberculosis, and venereal diseases.
      There are a number of other miscellaneous reasons for exclusion including, polygamy,
      misrepresentation of facts on visa applications, smuggling, and having been deported from the US in
      the previous year.
      Security grounds include suspected terrorists, or aliens whose presence in US would have serious
      adverse foreign policy consequences. Security grounds also includes persons who were or are
      members of the Nationalist Socialist (Nazi) Party, Communist Party, or other parties which advocate
      totalitarianism. There are, however, a number of exceptions provided for former Communist Party
      members. Membership in any organization that the State Department has deemed to be a terrorist
      organization is grounds for exclusion. State Department has issued an extensive list of these
      organizations which will be updated annually. The list is available from State Department, or from
      UNHCR Washington. After September 11, 2001 the US government has enacted an additional
      security checks as well which can lead to formal exclusion, or may lead the US to decline to admit a
      refugee on a discretionary basis.


      1. Claire, you are kidding, right? Who cares what some politician says. All they care about is buying your stupid vote. No muslims should be allowed in the US as the goal of islam is to dominate the world. Of course you would have to read something besides liberal claptrap to know this is true. Try getting a copy of the koran by Yusuf Ali. It is an “approved” version (muslims say only certain translations are valid). It may surprise you that muslims are required to wage jihad. For those unable to engage in physical war, they must donate their money and engage in stealth jihad.

        Here is a suggestion. Why don’t you grab a few thousand of your liberal friends and move to some friendly muslim country like Afghanistan. Try to set up a Christian church and spread the gospel. I look forward to your reply when you return. IF you return, which I doubt.


  45. Now that the Africans have been found to be lying about their family relationships — will the ones who lied and those who are not family be sent back to Somalia? I sure hope so.


    1. Anonymous, I bet you hope that those who “Lied” *Note my annoyance at American’s assumption family is defined in the same way worldwide* are sent back into genocide. I work with a brilliant family from Burundi who received their diplomats before coming here (a higher level of education) to work difficult jobs all day, suddenly downgrading their status a ton and heard stories of how the one lady was running from shots, her friend who was pregnant fell because she could not run as fast, and my friend could do nothing to save her and was forced to keep running. I am sure you would want to be sent back into the conditions yourself.

      I understand that they are forced to be deported but to go so far as to say “I sure hope they are” when the government already has a certain number they accept – its not as if this person was an “extra” more than what we would be receiving for the year – is absolutely horrible and inhuman.


  46. Here’s a little something I wrote. It is mostly about Somalis

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s Jihad in Minnesota

    Jihad is the duty of all Muslims. Whether by force or by democratic means, jihad calls for the overthrow of secular governments and the imposition of Islamic rule and law, or sharia. In this future Islamic state other religions will, at best, be subjugated to Muslim dominance. This type of jihad succeeded in Iran and Somalia and is inching toward that same goal in numerous corners of the world including Iraq, Thailand, Pakistan, and Algeria, to name a few.
    In the West, for the moment, this totalitarian vision of Islamic political and religious domination is unrealistic. Here, jihad puts on a more palpable and patient mask. Through a vast network of organizations and institutions, it slowly demands accommodation of Islamic law using democracy and religious freedom as its greatest allies. This stealth jihad is jihad nonetheless and in America it finds its most fertile ground in Minnesota.
    Minnesota has the largest Somali community in the country, mostly refugees straight from camps in Kenya. In the past four years employers and institutions have encountered consistent demands for religious accommodation by Muslims. A few familiar examples will suffice.
    The conflict with taxicab drivers at the Minneapolis Airport in 2006 received national attention. The drivers, Somali Muslims in the main, refused to take passengers carrying duty free alcohol or traveling with dogs. At a Target store in St. Louis Park, Somali cashiers refused to scan pork products and were “reassigned.” Minneapolis Community and Technical College installed wudu fountains in campus bathrooms for Muslims to ritually wash themselves before prayer.
    More recently the Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, a publicly funded K-8 Muslim charter school, has come under further investigation by the Minnesota Board of Education for its dubious practices of school-wide Friday prayers and after school Koran lessons. This spring a school official at TIZA attacked a local news reporter who showed up to interview officials, an act of jihad of the violent kind. This May five Somali women were fired from their jobs at a tortilla factory for refusing to comply with new uniform policy requiring them to wear pants. One employee claimed wearing pants would make her “feel naked.” They are filing a religious discrimination lawsuit against the company and are being represented by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization with its own dubious ties to terrorism.
    These stories make the news and add up to an alarming trend. How many more employers automatically accommodate Muslim demands for fear of being labeled “racist” or “Islamophobic” if they don’t?
    Reactions range from outrage to humor, but these demands have become all too common in Minnesota and should be taken seriously. Viewing them as acts of spontaneous religiosity or harmless calls for religious freedom misses the real goal behind this “peaceful” jihad. Rather, these incidents, along with female head covering, are signs of radical Islam’s penetration in Western Muslim communities.
    Most Somalis came to Minnesota via Kenya where many were exposed to the ideas of the radical Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood. The radicalization of the community started there.
    In her autobiography Infidel, Somali-born Muslim apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali tracks the efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood to radicalize the refugees in Nairobi. They gave talks, distributed religious tapes, established schools, all the while preaching jihad, radicalism and hatred of the West. Hirsi Ali herself became a member. She started wearing head covering and called for the death of Salman Rushdie. She later had to opportunity to personally apologize to him.
    Somalis spread around the world, seeking asylum from a horrific civil war waging in their country. Most brought with them the radical Islamic message they heard from the Brotherhood in Nairobi. In Somalia itself radical Islam has enjoyed an even greater success. Today radicals rule the government and have imposed sharia complete with lapidation, flogging and decapitation.
    The Brotherhood operates in Minnesota through the Muslim American Society housed, not coincidently, in the same building as TIZA. The group has been tied most convincingly to instigating the taxicab controversy at the airport. In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood has links with the Muslim Student Association with a branch at the University of Minnesota.
    Founded in 1928 in Egypt, the Brotherhood has a massive organizational and financial infrastructure, fueled largely by Saudi oil wealth. There is scarcely a school, organization or mosque in Europe or the United States that is not directly or indirectly tied to the group.
    The Brotherhood spells out its plan for the West clearly in Priorities of the Islamic Movement in the Coming Phase published in 1990 by the spiritual leader of the group Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The final goal, Qaradawi makes known, is to reestablish the Islamic caliphate in the West.
    This pitch makes for a hard sell in Minnesota. The Brotherhood, therefore, has softened its tactics and rhetoric in recent decades playing down its political goals of Islamic world domination and carefully covering its links to terror and jihad. The group, however, never rules out violence to achieve its goal.
    In its stead they advocate dawa, or dialogue, whereby its organizations act as legitimate religious institutions and the rightful representatives of Muslim communities.
    They participate in interfaith events and give educational seminars on Islam and halfheartedly renounce terrorism, unless of course it is in Israel. Local and national governments see them as legitimate and turn to them as the community’s spokesmen, thereby ignoring truly moderate Muslim voices who are bullied into silence.
    Minnesota has passed through the first stage of the Brotherhood’s blueprint as stated by Qaradawi: establishing schools, mosques and organizations. We are currently witnessing the next stage, acquiring sharia next to secular law for the Muslim community. In the final stage, when numbers are sufficient and the time is right, Islam will overthrow secular governments, by force or by democratic means, and supplant them with Islamic hegemony and law.
    Minnesota’s famous liberalism and well-entrenched political correctness, with its fear to criticize, have given the Muslim Brotherhood its best opportunity to start jihad and establish sharia in America.
    Ethnic diversity and religious pluralism make America great. But when a religious group of any kind makes demands which fly in the face of our well-established separation of church and state, it needs to be stopped. Religious fanatics of all stripes are never happy with one little concession. The Muslim Brotherhood makes its aim clear. If left unchecked, it can take over a community and a nation with breathtaking speed as it did in Somalia and is doing in Egypt.
    Thus far this stealth jihad in Minnesota can’t stand up to the rule of law. But if recent history is any indicator, another demand for accommodation is just on the horizon. When it comes, it must be met with similar legal efforts and a barrage of criticism from people who believe in freedom. Just because there aren’t planes flying into buildings doesn’t mean it isn’t jihad.


    1. Not to burst your bubble or anything, but your government put into place laws that businesses must make reasonable accommodations for religious groups loooong before these refugees in America were really even a thought. Maybe these practices do not seem reasonable to you, but for a factory with a large number of Muslims, it makes complete sense, especially as they must work withing federal guidelines and the greater number o find ivdiuals of a certain group equal a greater concession. For example, if there were only 5 Somalis working there, they probably would not have int=stalled a wash area. Due to increased numbers, this was possible. It’s not like they are corrupting our government or nation because they are working within our rules the same as you could.

      Also, being a Muslim in Africa is so not as intense as in the Middle East. There is a great respect for religion indeed, but it is very different. I know from experience.


      1. The U.S. government has no business bringing these animals here Claire. We don’t want our tax dollars involved in this horse sh*t. Nobody else wants them, so we take them as usual. And please don’t give me a speech about tolerance and compassion. You can give that speech to the gang of somalis who robbed, then stabbed, a youg college student to death down south. Why don’t you dedicate yourself to the struggling people of this nation if you want to make a difference. The corrupt U.S. gov’t caves to big business who demands cheap labor. And no, I don’t benefit from their labor. I don’t eat the sh*ty processed foods they produce, so no guilt here.


      2. “It`s not like they are corrupting our government or nation because they are working within our rules…” -Claire
        Hmmmm you mean like the Nazis?!? And Claire? If you are the voice of experience, do me a favor and keep your mouth shut…


      3. Claire, why must they have accomodations at work to allow them to pray and continue their religion, we as americans know that when we go to work we are working we reserve our own private time to do our own praying and interacting with our own god. There has to come a point when we have to stop bending over backwards to ensure their happiness, after all 99% of them are on a free ride from our taxpayer dollars causing our government debt to acrue at a much faster rate!!! Send them all back to their own countries, they wouldnt help us if we were in a state of civil war.


    2. This is false premise: “jihad calls for the overthrow of secular governments and the imposition of Islamic rule and law, or sharia. In this future Islamic state other religions will, at best, be subjugated to Muslim dominance.”

      Check any legitimate source on Islam.

      This website from USC gives a brief yet accurate description of jihad for laymen:

      Let’s not spread ignorance and prejudice.


      1. @Krae:
        The ignorance is on the part of usc and you. Just because some liberal college professor says something does not make it true. If you have ever read the koran, you would have known that the koran says muslims are to “fight them until all is islam”. That is the mild version. In many more places it says “slay the unbeliever”. That would be you as well as me as they do not care if you like them or believe (ignorantly) that they are “peaceful”.

        Your comment is just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.


  47. Hi my name is Abdi I am a Somali but I am not a muslim.
    I rejected islam 15 years after I witnessed the bloody and barbaric stoning to death of 5 innocent women in Somalia in 1993.

    Let me tell you this: more than 1000 Somali Christians most of them converts from islam were killed by Somali muslims in Somalia. This is still going on today as we speak. Somalis as other muslims are, are barbaric people and their aim is to impose their barbaric islamic sharee’a on America and what they are doing is stealth jihad and they will continue to do so untill they bring America to its knee. The only solution would 2 things:

    deport all the Somalis in America back to Somalia or to Saudi Arabia and STOP bringing Somalis and other Muslims into the USA.
    Please see those webistes below to see the plight of Somali
    Christians in Somalia:


    1. Not all somalis are extreme! Since your somali don’t you think they should deport you too as a solution?lol your just a hateful person


  48. I think the most important thing is to stop non-family immigration from Somalia (well, its shattered remnants like Puntland) and other Muslim-majority countries. I propose instead accepting, for example, greater numbers of Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, and other non-Muslims persecuted abroad in Muslim-majority nations.


  49. In response to Palgrave, First I am happy to hear that the entrenched bureaucracy is attempting to limit refugees admitted to the US. Aren’t you worried about the volags pouncing on you for that statement?

    But, what legislators? All those I read about like Senators Kennedy and Biden are attempting to force the administration to admit more refugees.

    And, how exactly does Real ID relate to refugees?

    Come to think of it, didn’t we just agree to take oh, about 60,000 Bhutanese over the next few years?

    As for orphaned kids in war zones, I feel sorry for them but I think you can see how quickly these impromptu adoptions could become opportunities for fraud. And, honestly I don’t hear of orphaned kids running around Iraq and Afghanistan so much. Those are war zones. Has this issue of DNA testing come up in those refugee sending countries?

    And, if we are doing DNA testing already, how did the State Department get surprised by the African spot DNA testing results just this year—surprised enough to halt the program from certain African countries.

    You seem very knowledgeable, maybe you could help us with answers to these questions.


  50. @ paula and acorcoran In order to obtain refugee-status through P-3 family reunification programs many people ALREADY rely on DNA tests to show relationship. Still, since the same wars that produce refugees very often produce orphans and separated children, the high number of adopted and fostered relatives (e.g., non-genetically related family members) is not surprising. Further, that “entrenched bureaucracy” has worked very hard to limit the number of refugees admitted to the US—with the help of legislators: see, for instance, the REAL ID act, etc. And, BTW, criminal background checks are already run on most employees of resettlement agencies.


    1. Hey genius, do you assume criminal background checks don’t already happen. Somewhat ignorant on your part, don’t you think? I can promise you they do. Anyone governmentally connected or anyone even working with refugees in a volunteer basis gets background checked.


  51. Paula, I think that is a good point. I don’t know. I think they did it as an experiment and found the results shocking.

    The powers that be (right now) want wide open immigration and don’t want the rest of us to shout any louder than we are about it…open borders is a part of the lefts agenda and they (leftists) control the resettlement agencies and the entrenched bureaucracy of the federal government.

    Even if a President should come in who wants to halt immigration (extremely unlikely at this time), you have long-time federal employees who will work to undermine the White House at every turn to keep their pet projects alive.

    The first one’s I would DNA test are those refugees who came in through family reunification and are now in trouble with the law—just test them and if they got into the US fraudulently, deport them ASAP.


    1. I can tell from this forum, that individuals involved seem to be rather ignorant on the whole refugee process which is unfortunate. Refugees are nothing like illegal immigrants yet you make it sound as though they are when you suggest simply deproting them “ASAP.” First of all, it is more complicated than that those from Africa are simply “lying” about family. African culture has different ideas of what family is. THere is a lot less distinction than in America. If your parents ran away from genocide with someone and since, you have lived right near them in camp, growing up with their kids etc, it is very likely that you are indeed family, just not in the same definitional sense that Americans would consider “only by blood or marriage.” The culture is entirely different. Many in one village together will not put restrictions on who is related and who is not because all older wwomen your mothers age will be called aunt.

      Next, refugees are randomly tested as they come in, it doesn’t happen once already here and settled like with illegal immigrants getting here and then you find out they have no right. Refugees are decided upon by the government that we want to resettle so many. They do not have the capacity to test every single one. Personally I think it was the fault of our government to be so culturally insensitive as to assume that all cultures would have the same definition of “family” as we do.

      These people, though immigrants, are not simply such. halting immigration would not necessarily halt the refugee influx as that goes through the United nations and as there are much different definitions of the two. I personally work with a number of refugees who escaped being slaughtered during the Rwandan genocide simply because they are not Hutu and did not support the Hutu extremists


      1. The definition of family under immigration law is not an “African” or “liberal” definition. These immigration policies violate US law.


    1. Because its expensive to do DNA testing. Right now they are fighting about who should pay for it, thats why family ressetlment is still suspended.


      1. Frankly, if the US taxpayer paid for it and it sorted out the fraudsters it would be a lot cheaper then bringing them all here and having them take American jobs, or worse, go on welfare. Come to think of it, refugees are supposed to reimburse the taxpayers for their airfare, so how about reimbursing the DNA testing loan too!


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