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Violence increases in Grand Island between Somali and Sudanese refugees

Posted by Ann Corcoran on September 23, 2008

Update:  Here is another story about the violence in the apartment complex housing African immigrants in Grand Island.

The apartments may look quiet during the day, but residents say come dark, they’re a dangerous place to be.


Now, before you read this post, please go back and first read about what is happening in Greece (here) where these two longtime African enemies are slaughtering each other with machetes on the streets of Athens.    And, just think about what we have imported.

Apparently the mostly Christian (according to news accounts) Sudanese are in an apartment complex just across a parking lot from the building housing the Muslim Somalis and violence has been on the rise ever since the tensions escalated at the Swift & Co plant in that town.  From the Grand Island Independent:

Two group attacks were reported in the past week in two neighboring east Grand Island apartment complexes in what appears to be a case of retaliatory violence.

In the first, a Somali man reported being beaten Thursday morning by a group of Sudanese men outside his apartment on Yund Street.

In the second, a Sudanese man reported being beaten Sunday morning by a group of Somali men on the stairs leading up to his apartment on Sutherland Street.

The two assaults were part of more than two dozen calls to those two apartment complexes over the past several days, said Capt. Robert Falldorf of the Grand Island Police Department.

“It’s pretty much been an every-night deal,” Falldorf said.

Falldorf said he doesn’t believe the incidents were related to the ongoing dispute over time for prayer at the JBS Swift & Co. plant in Grand Island.

Kind of coincidental then isn’t it, that the violence is on the rise in the time since the Sudanese refused to go along with the Somalis in their demand for special religious accommodations at Swift.

A report from the local TV station says violence is on the rise since the protests at Swift.

Grand Island police say altercations have increased between Somalians and Sudanese at a G.I. apartment complex since protests began at JBS Swift.


Authorities say before the protests, fights between the two groups were much less frequent.

I wish I could find one of those do-gooder speeches at this moment—you know the speeches where we are lectured about how diversity enriches our lives and our communities, and anyone who doesn’t know that is a racist xenophobic hatemonger.    The do-gooders must think that America has some magical power—one step on American soil and a meatpacking job is like a magic wand that will erase centuries of African hatred.

This story thanks to our chief research associate, Blulitespecial, who must be up from his siesta.

8 Responses to “Violence increases in Grand Island between Somali and Sudanese refugees”

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  2. blulitespecial said

    The tactic from the press in Western Kansas seems to be-“If we have a packing house in the area,don’t write any articles about them or allow comments.” News from Hays or Holcomb doesn’t exist.I’m going to plug the Emporia Gazette of Emporia,Kansas for being so forthcoming and supporting the news,public meetings,reader comments,and honest reporting.There are reporters and State Representatives here that the big packers and vol-ag’s had better not feed a line of crap-They’ll tear you apart!
    More from Grand Island,NE-
    A letter from a former Tyson worker says there were even threats against management at a now-closed plant.

    “Tyson eventually gave in and even built them a prayer room which most didn’t use. Instead they would be sitting there talking on a cell phone or outside smoking.”


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  4. blulitespecial said

    The Grand Island,NE apartments where all this is happening are going downhill.Changing owners,shutting off utilities to get people to move,vandalism,assaults,fights,even rock-throwing by the kids.This story seems to repeat itself from town to town wherever the vol-ag’s decide to “enrich” your lives.Ft Morgan,you’re next.In Emporia,we’re still cleaning up the left-over mess,and trying to pay for all the “extra services” now in place that are no longer used.
    “Not only were there too few trash bin, but the ones that were there weren’t dumped frequently enough.”

    “It’s a disgrace to Grand Island,” said (my edit-a worker nearby), who works in the nearby Cherry Park Apartments. “There’s trash and windows broken, and the whole place is a mess.”

    Police are called to Autumn Wood “every day, and one day they were there seven times,”

    “Last week, Grand Island police Capt. Pete Kortum said, officers were called 31 times for assaults and disturbances. Two included fights between Somalian and Sudanese men.”

    “Once a property starts to go downhill, it attracts the insects, that’s for sure. By insects, I mean the two-legged ones,” said Sgt. Dennis Osterman, a PRT member. “Once a property begins to fail, you get the … kind of criminal-type class.”

    “It’s worse than a ghetto,”

    “Lewis said it appeared to him that the landlord had purposefully shut off the gas for hot water in an attempt to evict the tenants.”


  5. Reg Cæsar said

    A Minnesota Somali I know well (at least on the surface) informs me his countrymen absolutely hate working for someone else, and will take the first opportunity to go into business for themselves. This is probably why they’ve gravitated to taxi driving and other airport service jobs– you decide yourself when your breaks are. (However, after 15 years or so of successful driving, some new imam can blow into town and make you stop transporting the duty-free scotch you’ve been carrying all along without a problem.)

    In my experience with them, I’ve found Somalis are among the easiest to handle of all Africans, and of all Moslems. So if they’re causing problems, it’s a good sign we should stop importing any Africans, and any Moslems, of any kind.


  6. acorcoran said

    Our friend Janet just sent us this article about a CEO in India being killed by a mob of fired workers:


  7. jim said

    I will say again and again bus these muslims to the state dept employees who are giving the green light to the volags to send them here. Then identify and obtain the addresses and #’s of the legislators who have signed onto this sick joke..


  8. blulitespecial said

    Grand Island Independent Police Reports here-

    You’ll have to click on each date,but you’ll see the escalating disturbances and felony assaults.It’s under the tabs of ‘home’ then ‘news’ then ‘record’.


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