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Leprosy on the rise in the US

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 10, 2008

Reader Ciccio sent us this informative report from Science Daily about Leprosy on the rise in the US immigrant population.  One of the  major problems is that doctors are so unfamiliar with the disease that it often goes untreated.   Apparently how the disease is transmitted is still a mystery.

Because many of the population in the U.S. affected by leprosy are immigrants in poor communities who primarily seek treatment in free clinics or emergency rooms, the NHDP says that many of those physicians are not familiar with the disease to make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, many physicians mistake the skin lesions of leprosy for a fungus or ringworm and treat it with a topical cream. And, because leprosy is a slow-progressing disease, it can take months, if not longer, before the doctor or the patient realizes that the treatment isn’t working – giving the disease enough time to start destroying the nervous system.

Leprosy is most prevalent in the tropics and third world countries where there are poor living conditions and limited access to medical care. Due to changes in immigrant relocation, leprosy is now being diagnosed throughout the U.S.

“Changes in immigrant relocation” mentioned here is one of the on-going points we make at RRW.  During the Clinton Administration it became the policy of the federal government to spread new refugees to cities and towns large and small throughout the US.  These cities, unfamiliar with immigrants, then struggle to figure out what to do with health issues, schools, housing, etc. causing tensions to build and community coherence to be destroyed.

Oh, here I am, like a broken record,  back to the whole business of change and community destabilization and Alinsky and Obama!

Wait, I just noticed there is a sidebar article at Science Daily whose title looks hopeful.  The rise of TB can cause Leprosy to fade from the scene.   Since TB is also on the rise in the US immigrant population we may soon learn if this is true.   Sit back and watch the battle of the killer diseases.

Check out our previous report on leprosy.

One Response to “Leprosy on the rise in the US”

  1. ciccio said

    Sorry to burst your bubble, TB does not cause leprosy to fade, leprosy so weakens the system that it enables TB to take hold. As with HIV, the sniffles that a healthy person can just shrug off can kill an aids or HIV victim.


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