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UNHCR being blamed for continued refugee crisis in South Africa

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 10, 2008

Rains are now making South African refugee camps into a living hell.   We’ve written on many previous occasions about deadly riots in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ last spring that resulted in the mostly illegal aliens being driven into camps for their protection.

Now the government, which had sent its Red Ants Security Service to dismantle the camps, wants the refugees to go back to their towns and reintegrate.   Of course they want to be resettled somewhere in the West.  The stalemate is on-going, and now it is being blamed on the UN which seems to be practicing ‘tough love’ for poor people.

Things got worse for the refugees when the camp was dismantled and all the tents provided by the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) were removed by the Red Ants in October.

Since then, the refugees have been living in makeshift shelters made of blankets and cardboard and relying on food donations for survival after rejecting the option of being reintegrated.

Many foreigners at the shelter said they had given up on getting help and blamed the UNHCR for the situation they now find themselves in, saying the organisation had failed to fulfil its mandate of protecting refugees.

They have asked to be resettled in other countries, but the UNHCR has maintained that resettlement is not an option as it is a lengthy process that could probably take two years to complete for each individual.

According to this report the UN has washed its hands of the situation.

However, both the council and the UNHCR are on record as having said there was nothing else they could do to help those who have refused to be reintegrated into their former communities.

Here is what I would like to know.  Instead of hauling refugees to the US at great expense and dumping them in unsuspecting cities, why aren’t the volags over in South Africa, on the ground, helping people?  Where are all the do-gooder organizations, the ones that advocate open borders?  Where is Church World Service for instance?  Where are the Alinsky (we love everyone) radicals?  Why aren’t they pressuring the UN to do its job.   And, in addition to physically helping them, they should be insisting the South African government help too.    Afterall, it was the open borders policy of South Africa that created the problem in the first place.

Gheesh, since when is it a conservative’s job to tell these people to get some heart!

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