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Somalis win settlement in chicken plant discrimination case

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 12, 2008

Chicken processor Gold’n Plump has been forced to pony-up a settlement in a Somali worker prayer case in Minnesota.  Accomodation of Muslim demands in the workplace continue aided by the folks at the EEOC and its subsidiary, CAIR.  Hat tip:  Janet.   From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

As many as 100 Somali Muslims who are current and former workers at Gold’n Plump Inc. will receive a total of $365,000 in a settlement of federal lawsuits alleging religious discrimination at the company’s chicken processing plants in Cold Spring, Minn., and Arcadia, Wis.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) alleged in a lawsuit filed in September that St. Cloud-based Gold’n Plump violated federal law by terminating Somali workers who prayed during their work shifts. The EEOC alleged in a separate lawsuit that the Work Connection Inc., an employment agency in St. Paul, required applicants for jobs at Gold’n Plump to sign forms acknowledging that they might be required to handle pork.

Many Muslims consider pigs to be unclean and believe the Qur’an prohibits them from handling pork products.

I guess we can expect Swift & Co. to be next.  Remember they fired Somali workers in Greeley, CO and Grand Island, NE just a few months ago.  See our coverage in this category.

11 Responses to “Somalis win settlement in chicken plant discrimination case”

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  3. Tired of the same ol' said

    Hearing of all these descrimination cases is getting old. There have been many other religious people to hold jobs that didn’t allow them to pray and guess what-they had to abide by the rules in order to keep a job. How I wish it was like the old days again when you actually had to work hard to keep a job and didn’t have all these lawsuits to worry about. We are in America, not a different country. So why are we changing our rules and descriminating other people’s rights to accomodate others? This backwards way of thinking must stop and if someone doesn’t like it, you have the right to leave.


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  7. So, each “wronged” worker (Legal? Illegal?) gets more than my annual income? Great, just great.


  8. acorcoran said

    Ciccio, thanks for the laugh on a gloomy afternoon! I’ve often wondered why people on our side of the issue didn’t counter these demands with more ridiculous demands for cultural accomodation of our own (not sacrificing virgins of course!)… you know,just some sort of organized civil disobedience.


  9. acorcoran said

    Thanks Rohan for the comment, I think they are already working on getting the more docile refugees. We are bringing in tens of thousands of Burmese (mostly Karen Christians) and we have promised to resettle 60,000 Bhutanese in the next 5 years or so. Both groups have lived in camps for years and are especially grateful to work for little pay and do the jobs Americans supposedly won’t do.

    BTW, someone with experience with meat packing told me that meatpacking jobs used to pay American workers really high wages, because it is such hard work. But, obviously once they discovered immigrant labor the wages have steadily declined.


  10. ciccio said

    I do wish we could could find some Hispanics that still practice the ancient Aztec religion and get them to insist on stopping work so that they can practice their religion. There is nothing like a virgin sacrifice mid day to brighten up the mood.


  11. Rohan Swee said

    If I didn’t know better, I would conclude that this would make short-sighted companies ponder that maybe this “cheap labor” thing isn’t quite working out as planned. But I do know better. They’ll probably just keep importing and accommodating Somalis until all the non-pork operations are a “closed shop”, where no one but Somalis will be hired. But since Mexicans seem disinclined to tolerate abusive Somali behavior toward “outsiders”, I guess management will have to re-consult with State and the volags about where they can find some even cheaper, more docile “refugees” to handle the pork processing, and further burden collapsing social service budgets.

    I wish I were joking here.


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