Holy Cow! Now 40 young Somalis are missing in Minnesota!

Note to new readers:  This post, originally written in November 2008, has now become my archive for all the posts we have done on this topic .   The number of missing men is now generally to believed to be about 20.  If you would like to learn about the missing youths, begin reading at the bottom of this post and work your way to the most recent update below. 

 *I’ve got more updates since July 19th, 2009, just haven’t gotten them linked in here—sorry!

Update July 19th:  Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) says US should consider retrieving the Somalis who left the country to join the Jihad, here.

Update July 16th:  Counterterrorism blog:  this is about the international jihad, here.   Youtube clip of American Al-Shabaab telling Obama his charisma won’t work on them, here.

Update July 15th:  Indictments unsealed in this case, here.

Update July 14th:   We hear from Zakaria Maruf’s sister, here.  What do you know, the same thing is happening in Kenya too! 

Update July 13th:  4th Somali-American (Zakaria Maruf) dead in Somalia, the NYT called him the recruiter, here.    See also Judy’s post today about the cultural problems Somalis face in the US, here.

Update July 12th:   New York Times publishes front page story on missing Somali youths, here.   It is all about Allah, here.

Another Somali-American missing boy is found dead in Somalia, here.  Shot in the head.

Update July 11th:  Al-Shabaab leader mocks Obama, here.

Update July 10th:  More on Somalis standing up to CAIR and the Imams, here

Update July 9th:  We do it for Allah, here.

Update July 4th:  Another anti-CAIR demonstration scheduled today in Minneapolis, here.

Update July 2nd:  Fox News is reporting that indictments are imminent, here.

Update June 24th:  MN Somali leader confirms criticism of CAIR directly to RRW, here.

Update June 21st:   Somali community activists defend CAIR, here.

Update June 12th:  Unbelievable!  Somalis tell CAIR to butt out!  See also this excellent overview of the whole story of the missing Somali youths.

Update June 9th:   More on the death of that Somali youth at AP, here.

Update June 7th:  One Somali youth found dead in Somalia, believed to have been killed by al Shabaab, here.   Omar Jamal says US must bring the body back to Minnesota, here.

Update April 16th:   Somali youths have been missing from Minneapolis since 2007!

Update April 10th:  CAIR tries to hamstring questioning of students in Minnesota, here.

Update April 8th:  Canadian missing Somali arrested in Somalia, here.

Update April 6th:  Some missing youths hold press conference in Somalia, here.

Update April 5th:  Does an American play a significant role in recruiting the missing Somali youths, here?

Update April 2nd:   Somali terror recruitment film found by FBI here.

Update March 31st:  MPR reports that relatives of the missing youths are working their contacts in Somalia, here.

Update March 30th:  NPR reported that four missing men have returned, but have disappeared from sight again, here.

Update March 27th:  Canadian youths missing too, here.

Update March 23rd:  Jamal says missing youth spotted at the mall, here.

Update March 20th:  Fox News is reporting that the missing youths have been found, here.

Update March 19th:  Osama Bin Laden encourages Al-Shabaab to fight on and capture Somalia, here.   This links our “youths” to international jihad.

Update March 12th:  My view from the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing yesterday on terrorist recruitment here.

Update March 11th:  Grand Jury hears testimony in case of missing Somalis, here.  Senate Homeland Security Committee holds a hearing.

Update March 8th:   Jamal: He could have blown himself up here just as well.

Update March 7th:  Recruitment methods explored at Minnesota Public Radio here.

Update March 6th:   Senate panel to hold hearing March 11th on missing youths.

Update Feb. 28th:   AP tells us more about how the missing Somali men were part of a terror scare on inauguration weekend, here.

Update Feb. 27th:   Minneapolis mosque holds open house to assure community they are good guys.

Update Feb. 24th:  More on FBI director Mueller’s speech about the Somali youths, excellent reporting at the Washington Times .

Update Feb. 23th:   You gotta laugh!  The New York Times finally gets to this story  3 months after it began.

Update Feb. 17th:  Jerusalem Post reporting today that 500 could be missing!

Update Feb. 16th:   UK fears its missing Somali youths are returning, here.

Update Feb. 15th:  CAIR crying about ‘religious profiling’ as FBI steps up questioning of Somalis.

Update Feb. 12th:  More indepth coverage of the press conference from Dinah Lord.  My post here.

Update Feb. 11th:   Mystery deepens about whether jihadists captured in Somaliland are our missing boys.

Update Feb. 10th:  Press conference held and mosque denies role in missing youths case.

Update Feb. 9th:   Another missing youth story with lots of inflamed commentary here.

Update Feb. 5th:  Somali press conference called and cancelled in Minneapolis.

Update Feb. 3rd:  NPR says missing men are victims, here.

Update Jan. 31st:  Somali writer blames FBI for not spotting this terror recruitment sooner.

Update Jan. 28th:  FBI looking for missing Somali refugees in Atlanta, here.

Update Jan. 27th:  Arrest of Somali man trying to get into Canada may be linked to the missing men and the plot against the inauguration.

Update Jan. 26th:  Well what do you know!   American “terrorists” arrested in Somaliland today.  Could they be some of our missing Somali youths?

Update Jan. 25th:   Newsweek joins the crowd today.  Boy these news magazines are slow!  It is almost exactly two months after we first reported the story.

Update Jan. 18th, 2009:  Los Angeles Times fills in more details.

Update Dec. 30th:   Washington Times puts story on front page here.

Update Dec. 29th: The FBI is paying attention to Somalis in U.S.

Update Dec. 26th:  Scrutinize mosques in the US in wake of missing Somalis investigation.

Update Dec. 23rd:  Financial Times of London is reporting this story now.  Hat tip:  Jerry Gordon.

Update Dec. 21st:   UPI reported that the FBI might be taking a harder look at the local mosque, here.

Wall Street Journal reports that Somali youths are missing from other US cities, here.

Update Dec. 12th:  CNN gets on the Somali missing men story bandwagon here

Indepth reporting by Patrick Poole here at Frontpage magazine.

Update Dec. 8th:  More on missing men in US and Denmark

Update Dec. 4th:   Somali men missing all over the world tonight.  And, missing Somali American man who became suicide bomber buried in Minnesota.

Update Dec. 1st:   Minneapolis mosque leaders not allowed to leave country, here.

Update Nov. 29th:   News Busters says this is not West Side Story.

Update Nov. 28th:  Somali Jihadists say they are coming to get us!  At Jihad Watch today.

Update Nov. 27th:  AP story has gone everywhere, on FOX News here.

Update a couple hours later:  The story is movin’ on up nationally—to ABC now.

Thanks again to the Baron at Gates of Viennawho just sent news that 40 (four-0) Somali young men have disappeared from the Twin Cities recently.   Two days ago we reported the number at about 20. From 5 Eyewitness News today:

Forty young Somali men from the Twin Cities are missing and federal investigators believe they may be back in Somalia training as terrorists.

“We have active Al Qaeda cells recruiting these people,” said Omar Jamal with the Somali Justice Advocacy Center.

Unless he has had some sort of conversion, I wouldn’t trust this Omar Jamal as far as I could throw him!  He has proven in the past to be a master news manipulator (see my post linked above).    Don’t ask me what his game would be in directing the blame to Al Qaeda?   AQ just seems a logical target, so what might he be steering authorities away from?  Be sure to watch Jamal in action on the KSTP-TV film clip.

The big question for us is, are the 40 missing men coming back to share their new found knowledge here in the US.  

CIA Director Michael Hayden acknowledges a growing tie between Al Qaeda and Somali terrorist groups. Federal investigators believe these missing men are training for terrorist attacks overseas, but can’t be sure they won’t return the the Twin Cities someday to carry out an attack.

Or, here is another thought, maybe, just maybe they haven’t left the US.  What if they are still here and our spinmeister supreme is leading authorities astray?  Kind of convienent that the Twin Cities “recruiter” can’t talk (having already been blown to bits).

See yesterday’s post with suggestions for the Homeland Security to check a few other US cities.

125 thoughts on “Holy Cow! Now 40 young Somalis are missing in Minnesota!

  1. thanks, Mark

    I am aware that some Somalis HAVE been deported, but only a couple times and it was very controversial, since legal deportation has to have a reciprocal agreement with the country that they are deported to. The previous deportation of Somalis was very post 911 and usually isn’t done and I don’t think it’s the standard practice.

    For example, we still have no deportation agreement with Viet Nam that I am aware of, despite re-established diplomatic relations. (I could be wrong about this if there have been any recent developments, but I learned this from personal experience).

    However, at the very least, Mr. Jamal should have been sent back to Canada, don’t you think? (UNLESS he was actually applying for asylum from CANADA!!!).


  2. The US does deport Somalis back to Somalia. They take them to the border of Somalia and push them over the borderline. I believe there was a Supreme Court ruling a couple of years ago that approved deporting people to countries with no working government.

    Omar Jamal was convicted of entering the US from Canada and applying for asylum (or refugee status, I can’t remember) without acknowledging that he had first entered Canada as a refugee. He is not mentally challenged. There is envy and resentment among the older leaders that he has taken too much of the spotlight. Jamal is younger and more fluent in English then the other leaders, i.e. more assimilated. Some members of the media kept using him as a contact person and never went to other Somali leaders for input and comment on a variety of issues. Was that Jamal’s fault or were the media lazy?


  3. as far as anyone knows, Omar Jamal was convicted of something or other and ordered deported quite a while back. That hasn’t seemed to stop him (or Aunt Zeituni) from continuing to operate. I think the problem is, since we have no diplomatic relations with Somalia (hell, there is really no goverment there anyway) that we are not able to deport Somali nationals, therefore they are free to remain in the US under very questionable immigration status. Can someone more knowledgeable than me(not hard to find, I hope) comment on this? Also, this is just my guess, but the guy has set himself up as ” spokesperson” and he is fluent in English, therefore the media lap it up and take him at face value.(Let’s face it, they take the easy way to cover a story and we should never assume they do their homework). The guy is a convicted criminal!


  4. My question is who, Omar Jamal brother who do you represent? Whenever some things happens why are you the first person to go the new people? I know for sure you do not represent the Somali Community in Minnesota, because more than 90% of the Somalis in Minnesota think you are mentally challenged, so I don’t even know why the news people are wasting their time to interview you. Brother your facts do not make any sense.


  5. RRW-“I am thinking we should be sending this info. around to every city government that has a large Somali population—just bypass the media generally and get it out to local governments.”
    Good idea! Readers would have to put together a list of local and State contacts.A general”clearinghouse”type of thing by state or region would help.I sometimes email a reporter at the Emporia Gazette,a local radio talk-show host,and various State Reps.Their websites and contact info is already in my”bookmarks”-pretty simple really.I’ve reported a few things happening around the Kansas region to Shelbyville,for example.
    It seems there are a few local reporters that will run with new information,I wonder if they should be on the list.They might be up for it if they know that the MSM would be out of the loop,and would have to come to them or their counterpart in the next State.This might also help keep local government officials accountable,knowing that they’ve been informed.But RRW and it’s blogroll links is already one of the best places to start research for news or an article anyway.


  6. this is a big deal! I’ve always been worried about this. Whether they’ve left the country (I hope) or not, they could be the next big danger.

    I know the reports seem all anectotal, but I would hope some efforts are being made to report their identities to DHS.

    On the other hand , they could have simply gone off to Los Vegas to see Bette Midler.


  7. Blulitespecial, thanks for sending more info. to ABC—good thinking.

    I haven’t had an extra minute, but since the mainstream media generally does not inform the public adequately, I am thinking we should be sending this info. around to every city government that has a large Somali population—just bypass the media generally and get it out to local governments.


  8. I’m wondering… did these guys have American passports? If so, they could be tracked through various airports, could they not? I had a 16 year old son traveling this past summer within the US and he had to show a US passport for ID!

    And, I would also like to know if Somali young men got on planes in some of our other hot Somali cities.


  9. I just sent a bit more info on this to ABC news,including some about the 80% fraud rate of the Somali in the refugee camps.I’m with Always On Watch’s comment(at the other post on this subject) on this one- Yes,the US leadership is stuck on stupid.
    The church vol-ag’s and local agencies are engaging in a cover-up of terrorist activities and they are guilty of treason.
    If the next “Denver Cyanide Somali” succeeds in wreaking havoc on US soil,maybe citizens could knock on the door of the local resettlement agency.Or the refugee contract employment company.Or the refugee “community center”. Maybe they will help you fill out a form.


  10. From multiple sources in the Somali community, FOX 9 has learned eight men are believed to have left on August 1, and another ten on November 4.
    Flight itineraries discovered by their families show they left Minneapolis to take the winding trip back.

    Since the families are the source for the information leading authorities to believe they left for Somalia – I too question whether they left the continental US at all.

    Authorities should post all points bulletin/wanted posters to arrest these men on suspicion of terror related activity.


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