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Ft. Dix Six (Five now*) found guilty yesterday in NJ plot

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 23, 2008

This story is all over the news so I won’t rehash it here.  We reported earlier on the case here where Muslim immigrants plotted to kill soldiers at the military base in the Jersey Pinelands, Ft. Dix, but were caught before anyone was killed. 

By the way, unlike Weatherman Bill Ayers’ plot 40 or so years ago to attack Ft. Dix that resulted in the death of three of his fellow terrorists while building the bomb,  Bill Ayers is free and hobnobbing with Obama and these guys are going to prison for a long time, but that is another story.  [Update:  note Ron Radosh column making this same point here.]

See Robert Spencer’s article today at Frontpage magazine about how Islamic groups are proclaiming the unfairness of the decision on the Muslims.

This is a prime example of how we extend our generosity to Muslim immigrants, at least one of whom was a refugee from Bill Clinton’s Bosnian war, and how Jihad supercedes our niceness as a Nation.

* One admitted to lesser charges a while back.

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One Response to “Ft. Dix Six (Five now*) found guilty yesterday in NJ plot”

  1. Dinah Lord said

    Wouldn’t you just once like to hear all these Muslim groups proclaim their outrage about the Muslims that are “hijacking the peaceful religion of Islam”??? Instead of squawking about ‘entrapment’ and ‘being set up’ and ‘Islamophobes’????

    Yeah right. When pigs fly.


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