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So who the heck is Mark Potok anyway?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 5, 2009

Update April 24th, 2010:  Potok quoted on murder of white nationalist lawyer by black neighbor, here.

Update February 19th, 2010:  Potok singles out the Oath Keepers, here.

And, do you care?

Potok (really, who is this guy?) we know is a practitioner of Saul Alinsky’s Rule 13.    We know he is part of an extreme leftwing cabal at the Southern Poverty Law Center and we know from this press release (of his own work) at the Huffington Post that he is really running scared (or running low on funds).  And, we know he even looks like a looney leftie from his photo (check out his bio, any doubts about media bias this will dispel them!).

Remember Alinsky’s Rule 13,  Obama used it unsuccessfully last week on Rush Limbaugh (I laugh every time I think about it).  Basically Rule 13 is a tactic which says you gotta pick one person on the other side and isolate that person.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

Alinsky says the target has to be a person and one needs to make the person the poster boy (or girl) for evil.   That is what Potok is trying to do here with John Tanton.

At some point, probably later this year, Congress will once again grapple with legislation to reform our broken immigration system. During the campaign, President Obama promised to make this a “top priority in my first year.”

Standing firmly in the path, however, will be the same triumvirate of Washington, D.C.-based organizations that were most responsible for blocking comprehensive immigration reform in 2007.

These supposedly independent groups – the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA – enjoy a great degree of credibility among the media and many prominent members of Congress. They shouldn’t.

In reality, they are part of a network conceived by John Tanton, a man who has been at the heart of the white nationalist movement for decades.

Potok wants to cause these groups to split from Tanton and start to question each other and he wants to place seeds of doubt in the minds of their members.  Don’t fall for it!   You have got them on the run now!  Potok is scared!   Hang tough, and take a lesson from Rush and laugh and laugh and laugh (Rule 5)!

Check out all of our posts on Alinsky in Community Destabilization here.

Addendum February 6th:   I just had a look at the Southern Poverty Law Centers most recent Form 990 (2006).   They sure are fighting poverty—among their Board members anyway.  Their CEO made $334,886 in salary and compensation that year.  Potok made a measly $140,000 in comparison.  

To be fair, I wonder if Obama shouldn’t cap non-profit group salaries too.

The Southern Poverty Law Center took in almost $45 million in 2006, spent millions on lobbying, and its assets are over $226,000,000.  Oh, and their so-called ‘Poverty Palace’ office building cost almost $100,000 to clean that year.

14 Responses to “So who the heck is Mark Potok anyway?”

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  3. Randy said

    So who the heck is Mark Potok anyway? He’s a intelligent, moral, unbiased, great American!


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  8. Pete said

    The SPLC is little more than group of extortionist, and their tool is fear, in this they are aided by the JDL, and ADL. These three have an interesting history.

    Mr. Dees is a strange duck in his own right, google his name!


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  11. acorcoran said

    Hi Dinah, I’ve been away so sorry I didn’t see your comment until just now… Yes, the hypocrisy of these people. I didn’t put all the board of director salaries in but the total board salary is about one million. Imagine how many poor people they could help if they cut those salaries and didn’t sit on the nest egg!

    As for your question about Obama taking on Rush. It was a STUPID move on Obama’s part. It fired up Rush and it made Obama look weak and un-Presidential–to take on a radio talk show host!

    Frankly, I am stunned by the number of Obama errors in just a couple of weeks. I didn’t expect much in the first place, but am completely blown away by the fumbling and bumbling that is going on in the White House.


  12. Dinah Lord said

    “Pocky Potok of the Poverty Palace” Hah!

    There’s just something ludicrous about an entity named the Southern Poverty Law Center sitting on 200 mil of assets, isn’t there?

    OAN: Do you think Obama’s firing an Alinsky shot across Limbaugh’s bow was successful or did el Rushbo just shrug it off? And do you think Obama will tangle with him again?


  13. acorcoran said

    Paul, thanks for your comment.

    So henceforth we could refer to this guy as Pocky Potak of the Poverty Palace (PPoPP).

    In all seriousness, they may have loads of money but they have to keep scaring up even more money so that’s why Potak has put out this ‘new’ report.


  14. Paul said

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is famous for sitting on a huge bankroll, somewhere near $200 million, so Potok’s not worried about money. (Their headquarters building in Montgomery, AL is referred to by knowledgeable locals as “the Poverty Palace.”)

    Of course we can’t know what someone else is **really** thinking. It seems most likely that SPLCers know that their outfit is a lucrative scam.

    But maybe they’re sincere in their accusations. In which case they’re simply hopeless ninnies. One of the things that John Tanton wrote that SPLCers discuss as the smoking gun among smoking guns is something like, “This is the first time in history that those with their pants up may be overtaken by those with their pants down.”

    Tanton was talking about different birth rates in different ethnic groups, and I consider his remark to be simply an example of John Tanton being wry. But these ninnies — how delicate they must be! — have trumpeted this an equivalent to an utterance by Lucifer.

    In fact, when the remark became public, Linda Chavez and Walter Cronkite resigned from the board of, I think US English one of the Tanton-founded organizations, but that just shows that Chavez and Cronkite are ninnies, too.


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