UN High Commissioner for Refugees lies!

He says that Sharia law is the reason we have a refugee tradition today!   Thanks to a reader who spotted this story at Gates of Vienna yesterday.   Robert Spencer has more here at Jihad Watch.

How dare the UN perpetuate this myth.  We have pointed out many times how  Muslim countries refuse refugees and abuse, even murder, the ones they have (I’ll remind you below).   And, if you don’t believe me, ask the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI) that lists at least four Muslim countries in its 2009 Refugee Survey that presently are among the worst nations on earth for refugees.

From Adnkronos International:

New York, 23 June (AKI) – The 1,400-year-old Islamic custom of welcoming people fleeing persecution has had more influence on modern international refugee law than any other traditional source, according to a new study sponsored by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

High Commissioner Antonio Guterres said that more than any other historical source, Islamic law and tradition underpin the modern-day legal framework on which UNHCR bases its global activities on behalf of the tens of millions of people forced from their homes around the world.

This includes the right of everyone to seek asylum as well as prohibitions against sending those needing protection back into danger, Guterres said in the foreword to “The Right to Asylum between Islamic Sharia and International Refugee Law: A Comparative Study.”

In the study, Professor Abu Al-Wafa, Dean of the Law Faculty at Cairo University, describes how Islamic law and tradition respects refugees, including non-Muslims; forbids forcing them to change their beliefs; avoids compromising their rights; seeks to reunite families; and guarantees the protection of their lives and property.

This makes me spitting mad!  Let’ s see how decent Muslim countries are to refugees.

*  Muslim Saudi Arabia takes none, not a single Iraqi even, and is busy building a state of the art border fence.   The Saudis won’t take Rohingya either.

*  No Muslim country is willing to take in the Palestinians from Gaza.

*  No Muslim country is willing to take the Iraqi Palestinians trapped at the border of Iraq and Syria.  Those Palestinians have noted the hypocrisy of their so-called Arab brothers.

* In Muslim Egypt refugees trying to cross the border are shot.

* In Muslim Turkey refugees are immediately expelled and some, forced by Turkish authorities to swim across a river to leave Turkey, died in the process.

* Bangladesh, a Muslim country, is sending Rohingya Muslims back to Burma.  Likewise, Indonesia is returning Rohingya boat men back to persecution in Burma.

* Muslim Malaysia has been cited for its abuse of refugees as well.

The countries welcoming refugees are the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, most European countries and a few in South America.  What do they all have in common? They have a Judeo-Christian historical tradition — not an Islamic Sharia history.

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33 thoughts on “UN High Commissioner for Refugees lies!

  1. Wait till their kids grow up and their parents beliefs and values don’t jive with our culture.
    Perhaps they can start there own schools to teach them all about Alla and the shria law. Won’t
    that be wonderful! More muslim schools. Whoppie!!
    Can you say, FRENCH RIOTs… I thought you caught!
    To many, to fast is a formula for a future disaster. Like we need more foreigners who
    hate our guts, living in our back yard.
    There’s no need to speculate, it’s happening here already.

    Oh yeah, you can call me names to.


  2. Syria, Jordan and Malaysia have taken in many refugees. Pakistan took in millions of Afgani refugees during the Soviet invasion. So it doesn’t seem to be that Islam itself prevents people from assisting refugees. Nevertheless, it is a valid issue why so many rich Arabic countries have not taken in refugees, especially fellow Muslim refugees.


    1. none of those countries have ever allowed “permanent” resettlement/integration. Even when refugees spent generations there (i.e. Pakistan).


  3. alix, to rephrase an old saying “it’s the PROGRAM, STUPID!” it’s not about the refugees themselves. While the program has undoubtedly allowed some very deserving individuals to enter as refugees, it continues to allow others who may in fact prove very harmful to our country and way of life. In its present form it also provides a major disservice to the refugees they DO admit. It’s the program that needs major revamping (and no, IRC, it isn’t just a question of more funding!). Do you think that everyone who thinks this programs stinks is a racist?


    1. Lock all your windows and doors and don’t step outside. That’ll keep the other cultures out. Then you won’t have to worry about them threatening your “way of life.” Or you can move to Mars and go about living your “way of life” devoid of the “terrors” of other human beings. I know “terror-phobia” can really be challenging to get over… your cleverness in developing the proper terminology to describe yourself is just riveting.

      You are one of those sad confused people who doesn’t know you’re racist. Here’s a definition for you:
      rac⋅ism /ˈreɪsɪzəm/[rey-siz-uhm]
      1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
      2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
      3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.


  4. Hey I’m really sorry you’re nuts and some one must have dropped you on your bigoted head, but seriously get out of Maryland. We don’t want you here with your crazy nonsensical racism and xenophobia. Please move to Mississippi where you will feel loved and accepted, and where you can heil Herr Hitler and praise the glory days when you could freely lynch the scary brown people ANY day (hallelujah)!


    1. I laugh every time I see someone like “refugeeLovin” profess to be so caring when you appear to me to be a very mean-spirited person—sounds like you hate all the folks in Mississippi! You also have not responded to the points I make in this post.


      1. If by “all the folks” in Mississippi you mean the other racist white people afraid of brown skin, the foreign culture, and other religions, then yes you’re right, I don’t particularly care for them. Your hatred of Islam is interesting considering your own willingness to prevent the resettlement of refugees in the name of Jesus. What these countries do is no worse than America’s practice of sending those not granted political asylum back to their countries to be tortured and killed. The prevailing religions of these countries is as much related to their disregard for the plight of refugees as the U.S.’s prevailing religion is related to its disregard for refugee rights. You can take that as you will, as there are plenty of “good Christian Americans” like yourself who push this country toward continued isolationist xenophobia in an increasingly global world. If your only concern is for “good Christian” Americans, then you are willing to let other people die in the name of Jesus, which is in itself antithetical to the ideology of Christianity. Please take yourself and your followers and move somewhere like Thailand, where they also hate refugees and are interested in maintaining a monocultural society. You clearly do not belong in a country founded by refugees upon the values of change, freedom, and diversity. You and your like continue to hinder this country’s movement toward progressivism.
        So, the refugees can stay; you, on the other hand, should probably get outta town. Just a suggestion, of course. Thanks to these same American values you disregard so readily, you are actually allowed to say and believe whatever you want. But, I’m just saying, don’t complain about refugees if you want to live by the values that allow them to be here.


  5. I actually consider myself fairly moderate, Ann. But I do care a good deal about refugees. And I am appalled at your twisted logic and unAmerican values. Our country was built by Christian refugees from Europe and made better by other refugees since its founding. Nothing is more American than supporting the cause of refugees. I think your rants are unpatriotic and shameful. You have an awful lot of hate in your heart and you should consider moving somewhere where your refugee-bashing would be appreciated (like Thailand or Malta or Egypt for instance!
    Also, I can’t believe you don’t know the difference between a refugee and a voluntary migrant and yet you constantly conflate the two. Why are you so afraid of people who have had to flee terror. Refugees are the victims of terrorism not the perpetrators. In fact terrorists are banned from acquiring refugee status under the Geneva Convention because of the former persecutor exception to refugee recognition. Learn refugee law. Learn refugee stories. You are obviously a smart woman with far too much time on her hands and very twisted beliefs about humanity.


    1. Don’t buy it, I don’t see a thing in this post in which I am refugee-bashing, in fact I am pointing out how although Islam claims to be concerned for the plight of the downtrodden, Muslim countries are virtually doing nothing to be charitable toward their fellow Muslims. How is that being hateful on my part.

      Could you please respond to the points I make in the post or I will tell you, like I have told others to start your own blog—call it Refugee Resettlement Watch Watch if you wish—and call names there. I’ll even link your RRWW!


  6. What was 1400 years occasional event of Islam, struggle for power, war against own people, war against persian, war against kafer (non Muslim) under the name of Allah (God), silencing scholars, and today increasingly has become a way of life in most Muslim countries. From South Asia to North Africa, an entire generation of Muslim follows Islam intellectuals and Trade marks; Sunni, Shias, Wahhabi, Bahai, Suphis .. and if you debate Islam you will end same as Salman Roshdi who guilty of “insulting Islam” and charged to death penalty by Muslim leaders around the world, they are giving death penalty to others under name of their God, Imam (Muslim leader) given Jihad to kill others, Many have already been killed, silenced, or forced into exile. Insulting Islam is a dangerous activity in the conservative nation but Islam Insulting everyone with their own reason. Where are The rights of women, The Rights to Freedom of Thought, Belief, Opinion and Expression? How many more death penalty? Where are united nations?


  7. how about “Terror-phobe”? How about ” destruction of American values/cutlure-phobe”? Unfortunately there ARE a few things to be phobic about!


  8. The point of the UNHCR article was that the underlying tenants of muslim law, jewish law and christian law all dictate that we must welcome the stranger. UNHCR is trying to encourage Muslim nations to act more muslim, to welcome the stranger and care for refugees. How did you miss the nuance in this argument. You know what’s really obvious from all of your posts? You are an Islamaphobe.


    1. In addition to Islamophobe, you forgot racist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot and hatemonger. Have I forgotten any? And, I am really dumb too! I keep telling you all, call me whatever you want if it makes you feel better. But, you should know that I am fully aware I’m hitting a nerve or you on the political left wouldn’t be so annoyed. I love it when you call me names! Keep it up!


  9. The ideology of Islamic law is not the same thing as the law and political culture of countries whose populations or governments are Muslim. Calm down.


    1. Cady, Would you please clarify. Are you saying that Muslim countries ignore the ideology of Islamic law, that they are governing in an anti-Islamic fashion, when they refuse to take refugees. So, when Saudi Arabia refuses to admit a Jewish traveler that is really against true Islamic law? Or, maybe when the strict adherents of Islamic law, al-Shabaab in Somalia, stone a girl to death that is the true Islamic ideology and the present Shariah government is not truly an Islamic one.

      I’ll tell you what, I’ll calm down when you explain how Muslim countries are not following true Islamic law as you know it and tell me where they have gone astray besides being uncharitable to refugees


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