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Writer takes Mark Steyn to task over avoiding the question of what to do about Muslim immigration

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 16, 2009

Although I received this from Paul this morning just before I saw Janet Levy’s brilliant piece at American Thinker, I think it’s a good follow-up to Levy’s article.  (Read Levy before proceeding)   I admit I’ve been a great admirer of Steyn.  I read “America Alone” and recommend it to people new to the movement, but it never occurred to me that Steyn really doesn’t ever call for a halt to Muslim immigration, although he clearly sees the writing on the wall.

Indeed as we have noted on many occasions at RRW, most people on the established rightwing of American politics are scared to death to even mention the subject and others are actively promoting Muslim immigration—notably Grover Norquist of the Americans for Tax Reform.

Lawrence Auster writing at his blog View from the Right, the politically incorrect right, had this to say yesterday about Steyn.  I’ve been meaning to tell you about Christopher Caldwell’s book anyway and so this post will kill two birds with one stone.  Go read what Steyn says about Caldwell’s book (links below) then read Auster who begins:

For the last several years I have taken Mark Steyn to task for remaining stone-cold silent about Muslim immigration into the West even as he was writing dozens of articles and a book on the Islam threat inside the West, a threat that could not exist without Muslim immigration. I’ve also pointed out that Steyn has never advocated doing anything about the Islam threat, except for his pet notion that Westerners should strive to replicate Muslim birthrates. But now, in an article about Christopher Caldwell’s new book, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West, Steyn at long last addresses the issue he has assiduously and silently avoided for so long. Evidently this “brilliant” leader of “conservative” opinion couldn’t broach the issue of Muslim immigration, until a respectable member of the conservative mainstream had done it first, thus making it ok, or, rather, unavoidable, for Steyn to talk about it as well. 

In some ways the article is remarkable, with Steyn admitting things about immigration, and about his past evasion of the issue, that he’s never admitted before.

However, according to Auster, Steyn squishes out at the end going back to his old saw about birthrates.  And, oh well (wringing of hands), what’s to be done about that?  No answer from Steyn.

Read it all.

3 Responses to “Writer takes Mark Steyn to task over avoiding the question of what to do about Muslim immigration”

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  2. Great article by Auster.


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