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More Somalis to Malta: 115 rescued from sinking vessel trying to reach Malta

Posted by Ann Corcoran on August 17, 2009

Thank former US Ambassador Tea Party Molly!   That’s right, a former Bush Administration Ambassador to Malta began a new policy that I believe has now encouraged more Somalis to try to reach Malta in hopes of winning the ultimate lottery—a ticket to the US as a refugee.   It is so obvious that when Molly gave a tea party send-off for Somalis (illegal aliens to Malta!) a year ago tomorrow she only encouraged the flood.   Those tea party recipients went to Colorado!  Where will this group end up, in your town?

Here is the story yesterday from Reuters.

Type ‘Malta’ into our search function for more information.

6 Responses to “More Somalis to Malta: 115 rescued from sinking vessel trying to reach Malta”

  1. Olivier said

    Who can say who can cross man-made borders and who can’t? Whatever the man-made laws.

    “Well, I’m sorry. You’d better born on the other side of the sea. Too bad.”


  2. acorcoran said

    Transitionland, You think you are so clever. If you didn’t know or didn’t understand, what Tea Party Molly did was to unilaterally change how refugee and asylum law functions. Refugees are to seek asylum in the first country they reach, not arrive illegally in Europe and be whisked off to the US. It was a highly controversial move within the State Department and now unfortunately draws even more people into risky human trafficking schemes to get to beleagured Malta. But, I guess laws don’t matter for people like you (and obviously Molly) who are driven purely by your emotions and how many pats on the back you can give yourself.

    So now that the precedent is set, who is to stop more illegal aliens from flooding Europe and expecting to be given a plane ticket to America where they will be dropped off in slum apartments in crime ridden neighborhoods, have no jobs and join the welfare rolls…great demonstration of compassion on your part.


    • So…better to let them drown at sea, right? Maybe that’s not what you meant, but that was the implication of your post.

      Even if “Tea Party Molly” didn’t exist, Somalis would still be fleeing Somalia. The push factors are strongest in this case.


  3. […] Jump to Comments Ann Corcoran is upset that 115 Somali refugees were saved from a sinking boat off the coast of […]


    • Emily... said

      soo are you saying it would be better to just let them drown?
      if you are i think your so selfish.
      if you are saying that put yourself in ther shoes..(even though they probably dont have any)would you like to be just let to drown?!?!


  4. You’re right, Ann, the rescue of 115 people from drowning is outrageous! What will be the effect on the American taxpayer?


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