Minneapolis Somalis: give us a $48 million youth center and we will stay out of trouble

A Minneapolis youth “communty organization” is proposing a Muslim’s only recreation center claiming it will keep restless youths from seeking gangs or dashing off to Africa for Jihad.  How many times in every city and small town in America have you heard this lament (well the first part anyway, not the Jihad part) as groups pressure local goverments to spend money on them.   Of course in this case, this facility could not be built with taxpayer dollars as it will be only for the use of one religious group.

From the Star-Tribune:

A plan to create what could become the first recreation center in the country designed to comply with Muslim religious beliefs is gaining steam in the Twin Cities.

The proposal for a $48 million Muslim Youth and Recreation Center comes from Somali Youth Action of Minnesota, a new nonprofit organization working to reduce youth violence.

Early sketches of the project reveal separate swimming pools for men and women, separate exercise rooms, an indoor soccer field and a large multi-purpose room for weddings and other events.

By the way, Somali Youth Action(SYA) of MN was one of the Somali groups to back CAIR when CAIR-MN came under fire from Somali family members of some of the missing youths.  CAIR had been accused of blocking an FBI investigation into the case.

SYA representatives say they will serve 150,000 Muslims living in the Minneapolis area and might have to go outside the country to find funding.  Saudi Arabia maybe?

“We’re going to go after it … and we’re going to hope that the local community and donors and foundations respond,” said Matthew Palombo, secretary of Somali Youth Action (SYA). “If they do, then it will move forward.”

Creating a safe place for Somali youth to meet has been at the forefront of community discussions on preventing youth violence.

This is just more of the on-going Somali effort to set themselves off from Americans of other ethnic backgrounds and faiths.   This is the stealth jihad before your very eyes.

LOL!  Can you imagine the uproar if a group of ethnic Swedes in Minnesota wanted to have a recreation facility for Swedes only claiming they needed to be separate because they wanted to worship their Norse gods of old.

Update September 6th:   I just received documents from the Minnesota Secretary of States office.   The Somali Youth Action of Minnesota was incorporated on October 28, 2008 by Abdifatah M. Abdi (also the agent) and Sacudo F. Shaie at the same address, 2101 Washington St., Apt. 313, Minneapolis, MN 55418.    Although above note that they claim a Matthew Palombo as Secretary of the organization there is only a simple one page Articles of Incorporation for SYA and no board of directors listed.

Only in America can a couple of immigrants create a non-profit group from someone’s apartment and then be out trying to raise $48 million the following year.  This incorporation follows the pattern of other Ethnic Community Based Organizations (ECBO) I have been following in our special category on the subject.

11 thoughts on “Minneapolis Somalis: give us a $48 million youth center and we will stay out of trouble

  1. YMCA is for all people. The [bleeping] muslims can not make it for islamists only because that is illegal.

    Allah = Devil
    Mohammad = son of the devil

    God = God
    Jesus = son of God


    1. Would you want me to use the bible as a paper toilet? The hebrew scriptures? or whatever you read or like to read? I hate people who are hateful and racist. Grow up.


  2. As it happens, I know far more about Sharia (some may call it law… I prefer to call it a set of dogmatic misogynist restrictions and medieval punishments) than I wish I knew. Sorry that I think the Koran isn’t worth much, especially for people who don’t use toilet paper.


    1. Well mars and Eh, i can feel a lot of hate and racism on you guys or girls or whatever you may be. Do you want some somali kids(gangs) to be walking around your street and your mother or father accidentally strolling by them, gets killed or injured by them;no, or yes? Do you want me to use the bible as a toilet paper also or send your mother to Africa just because i want hate her? I feel sorry for you. Bunch of racist people still filled with hate, how sad.


  3. I guess I don’t understand why anyone cares if they raise money and build a recreational center. How will this adversely affect you? YMCA stands for the Young Men’s Christian Association—does that make any difference to people of different faiths? Also, I believe the article said that it would be open to anyone—what would be wrong with a family-friendly place where girls and boys swim separately (Any other women out there remember the terror of being subjected to swimming in gym class with other boys?) and have adequate space for sports that interest them?


      1. I usually don’t bother to reply to comments like this, and I loathe those fights that people get into on forums like this, but I can’t help myself. What is your basis for assuming that building a rec center will lead to Sharia law? Do you even know anything about Sharia law other that what you’ve gleaned from forwards and questionable websites written by hate mongerers? Sounds like you just made that part up about the stoning. The Old Testament prescribed stoning for rebelling against one’s parents, and I don’t see the YMCA leading to the death of about 95% of today’s teens. My main point is that there are so many horrible things in this world to worry about, why make new things up?


  4. That inch is now being stretched beyond a mile. Let’s see how far it stretches. Next it’ll be shopping malls for Muslims only then an entire suburb and so forth. They will reach their goal and America is bending over backwards taking it gladly it seems.


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