Blogger power! The blogger who first spotted Communist Van Jones is from New Zealand

Update September 11th:  After reading this post go to Family Security Matters and learn more about “coercive utopians,” here.

I’m going to keep nagging my friends and fellow freedom fighters to start their own blogs and dig for the facts and expose them because the mainstream media has given up its investigative role leaving the job wide open.   Keith Olbermann has announced he is going after Glenn Beck over the Van Jones affair but it seems to me that he will have a heck of a time going after every blogger around the world.   The guy who first discovered self-avowed revolutionary Van Jones is from New Zealand!   Thank you Trevor Loudon!

From Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media:

Loudon tells me, “I began to investigate Van Jones after seeing several separate pieces of information. I first came across the name in the mid 1990s in a New Zealand socialist publication which had a small clip about Van Jones-a Yale educated lawyer involved in STORM-Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement. The name stuck.

While researching the far-left think Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), which Loudon considers the Obama administration’s “ideas bank,” Loudon found a piece by IPS staffer Chuck Collins recommending Van Jones for a top government job. A September 26, 2008 article, posted on the IPS website by Chuck Collins, offered 22 names they thought would make suitable appointments for an Obama administration. He included, “Van Jones, of the Ella Baker Center, to direct the Commerce Department’s new ‘green jobs initiative.'”

Remember that this was before the election.

I’ll be adding Loudon’s New Zeal to our blogroll and start visiting daily!   Here in the US, Gateway Pundit did lots of great work on this too.

What has all this got to do with refugees and immigrants?  The Open Borders crowd is aligned completely with the Communists* (aka Progressives) now seeded throughout our government (Van Jones is the tip of the iceberg), and with the mainstream environmental groups, unions, church groups (the religious Left) resettling refugees and even some big businesses (for a full list of the Open Borders lobby, go here).  The Alinsky strategy calls for the poor and angry to be the fuel for the revolution—immigrants fit the bill nicely.   Immigrants are Alinsky’s “Have-nots” in the battle with the “Haves.”    See previous posts here and here on the subject.  For everything we have written on Alinsky go to our category ‘community destabilization’ and scroll back to the beginning.

* Readers, I’m of the age where the word Communist is almost as bad a word as, well you know!   I grew up being discouraged from even uttering the “C” word in describing anyone, but since Jones and others are now using the word about themselves, I guess its o.k. for us to use it too!  Marxist, anarchist, revolutionary are all back in use!