More Muslim food stamp scammers arrested, Utica, NY this time

Here we go again (and I am sure I’ve missed a bunch of these stories)!  This food stamp fraud story comes to us from Utica, NY where 12 Yemeni Muslims were indicted for scamming us, the US taxpayer, out of $2 million!  What is so interesting about Utica is that there is likely a huge vulnerable refugee population since it is one of the primary cities to which refugees were resettled in recent years.   See this post from nearly two years ago where the Brookings Institution ranked Utica-Rome, NY as having the highest concentration of foreign-born residents in the US.

As a matter of fact, refugee advocates call Utica the “city that loves refugees,” here—  prime territory for Muslim convenience store fraudsters!

The eight Utica residents rounded up in an alleged $2 million food stamp fraud scheme have been released from federal custody and now have until Friday, Oct. 16, to post $5,000 bail, authorities said Wednesday.

Their passports were seized when they were arrested. [and that will keep them in the country?]

In coming weeks, federal prosecutors will meet with lawyers representing the convenience store owners and employees who were indicted Tuesday.

For new readers this is how the basic food stamp fraud scheme works:

Those arrested at six city convenience stores allegedly swiped cards that each held hundreds of dollars in food stamp benefits. They then reportedly handed customers cash instead of food and kept a percentage of the value of the food assistance cards, officials said.


The scheme was carried out over the last 18 months and netted the store owners and employees more than $2 million, according to an indictment handed up by a federal grand jury.

So what might those who got away to Yemen have been—bag men perhaps?  Are your food stamp dollars at work funding Jihadists?

Arrested were: Muteea Alfahdd, 41; Najeeb Abdullah, 44; Hamoud Yafal, 60; Ali Hamoud Yafal, 21; Yaser Saet, 27; Bakri Ali Samet, 33; Setha Samnang, 42; and Rina Samnang, 36.

There are four still at large and believed to be in Yemen. They include: Nageeb Alghaheim, 24; Mohamed Alshuja, 30; Hassan Mohamed Nagi Alshegaa, 23; and Ali Mulhi Abdullah, 36.

I first became interested in Muslim convenience store food stamp scams when it happened in Hagerstown, MD, but I assure you, based on the many reports we have posted here, this is going on in your city too!

By the way, not surprisingly food stamp usage is way up among refugees.  Usage was already up in 2006, here, imagine what it is today!

6 thoughts on “More Muslim food stamp scammers arrested, Utica, NY this time

  1. Huh. 12 Yemeni men indicted for food stamp fraud. That’s a lot. Except when you consider that the refugee community in Utica exceeds 1,000 individuals. That means that of the refugee population, you have discovered that 1,2% of them commit fraud. Those are some real astounding statistics there.



  2. Don’t be so pessimistic, things are looking up. Do you realize that in Detroit 29% of all households with young children ARE NOT GETTING FOOD STAMPS. That’s right, only 70% are scroungers.


  3. Back again and getting Madder in Maine.

    We’ll pay for public defenders and use tax dollars to keep them in jail/prison. Our tax dollars are probably the money they’re going to use to bail out as well. I say send them home. If they can’t follow the rules here, they shouldn’t be here. I have to follow the rules.

    This is another thing that’s really grating my cheese today. I have to budget $100 for our weekly shopping trip that will include groceries for the next week (and hopefully a few things I can put in the freezer for upcoming meals), toiletries, paper products (toilet paper, as I refuse to use leaves even in Maine) and cleaning and maintenance products. I’ve heard of some refugees (of all nationalities) using food stamps to buy grocery items that they then turn over to the resturants and shops their families/friends/neighbors own, to ultimately sell back to us!!

    Mortgage payment due, car insurance due, electric bill due…I still haven’t turned the furnace on though.
    And I’m about to lose another part on my old car…hopefully it will hold out until next payday.

    I guess I have a really big question: Is there anything I can do to help put a stop to all of this?

    Mad in Maine


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