Rohingya Update: Muslim Bangladesh pushes Rohingya Muslims back across the border; meanwhile Burma builds a fence

No Muslim charity here.  From the Irrawaddy:

Bangladeshi authorities have increasingly cracked down on Rohingya refugees living illegally in refugee camps in Cox’s Bazaar* District in Bangladesh and pushed them back across the Burmese border, according to border sources.

Chris Lewa, coordinator of the Arakan Project, said, “At least 1,200 people have been deported to Burma since January, according to our research, and 190 people were deported in two weeks alone this month.”

Speaking to The Irrawaddy, Tin Soe, editor for the Bangladesh-based Kaladan Press Network, said: “I am not sure what the authorities are doing now. They have been arresting and deporting people almost every day this month.”

About 400,000 unregistered Rohingya refugees are living in two camps near Cox’s Bazaar, according to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Lewa believes Bangladesh authorities will push back all Rohingya refugees who are not registered with the UNHCR before Burma finishes erecting the wire fence on its border.

I think its ironic that Bangladesh is worried about environmental destruction from so many refugees, while we (the Leftwing anyway) in the US don’t give it a thought when discussing immigration policy!

Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dipu Moni said Rohingya refugees are a heavy burden economically, socially, environmentally on Bangladesh. The Bangladesh government wants to finalize the repatriation of refugees as soon as possible. 

I first told you about Muslim extremists at Cox’s Bazaar here, in my first post in our Rohingya Reports category.  It’s only a matter of time before Rohingya will be coming to your town.

9 thoughts on “Rohingya Update: Muslim Bangladesh pushes Rohingya Muslims back across the border; meanwhile Burma builds a fence

  1. Well I guess someone could be trying to pass them off as Christians but with the exception of the Nepali/Bhutanese the majority of people resettled at the moment are Muslim. So one would truly have to be a yokel to buy in to that.

    A word to yokels: the internet is a vast wonderland of information.


    1. Knowing, Perhaps you could get us the religious data on the incoming refugees,since the State Department won’t give it to us. WRAPS has it, just not for public (yokels)use. It would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Knowing, It may not be a secret to the State Department and the volags but I know for a fact that resettlement agencies tell local people that the “Burmese are Christians.” One more little deception for the local yokels,eh. I want to scream.

    Last night I was telling a reader that my driving force in writing this blog is that I believe in the principle of good government. How dare big brother arrive in local communities and lie to people. Damn it, if refugee resettlement is good for communities then all the facts should be put on the table and let the local people decide what is good for their community!


    1. Knowing, O.K., not fair! Now you will have to tell us where and how. Did they mix in with Burmese Christians in camps in Thailand as we’ve been told, or are we now taking them after a change in policy?

      You can tell us here! Or, write to me privately here:

      Either way I am dying to know! Thanks!


      1. I would love to know too actually because if they are indeed passing themselves off as Native Burmese and get away with it then they have some pretty dumb people doing the screening and processing. Rohingyas distinctly look different to native Burmese so if they can’t see the difference then honestly they need their eyes checked or need to hone their visual acuity.

        This act alone by the Rohingyas speaks for itself and this doesn’t surprise me as Muslims are allowed get away with anything as long as they seek to dominate or convert us infidels in the West as commanded by their prophet. It’s no damn coincidence that Muslims make up a large proportion of asylum seekers and refugees currently in the world. In many cases they are in this precarious situation because they were persecuted and mistreated by their fellow (not so charitable) Muslim.

        The good news is that judging by the amount of blogs dedicated to the awareness of the advancement of Jihad and Islam in general are numerous. Even more positive is the amount of visitors to these blogs which indicates people are finally recognizing the dangers of Islam.


      2. They are included in the Burmese allotment that the US takes. However, it’s no secret to the US or the VOLAGS when they come. In the group of people from Burma we take are Karen (Protestant, Animist and Buddhist), Karenni (mostly Catholic, Hindu and Buddhist), Chin (Catholic, Protestant and Buddhist), Ethnic Burmese (very few right now, generally Buddhist) and Rohingya (Muslim).

        So when we say we’re taking Burmese that’s really an umbrella term meaning to resettle several persecuted ethnic groups.


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