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Somali crime story of the day, this time in Canada

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 6, 2009

I was only joking the other day when I said we should have a new feature—Somali crime story of the day!   I didn’t really expect to find three stories in 3 days!  I saw this one last night but was too tired to post it then.  It is from Edmonton, Canada where the eighth Somali youth has been found dead in what is believed to be drug-related gang violence.

A 23-year-old man shot in the head Sunday afternoon as he sat in the driver’s seat of a car has been identified as Robleh Ali Mohamed .

He was known to police but they won’t disclose any others details.

Acting homicide section Staff Sgt. Dan Collins said police are trying to find witnesses to the midday murder but haven’t had much luck.

Mohamed was the eighth young man from the Somalian community to be killed in city in the past 16 months. Collins would not say whether any of them were linked to each other or to Mohamed’s death.

“We need individuals, whether they are of Somali descent or not, to come forward to the police,” he said.

Police believe it took 30 minutes after the murder for them to the called Sunday, even though there were witnesses.

Note that no one in the “Somali Community” is talking except this Somali radio talk show host who wants everyone to know that not all the cases involved gangs and drugs.

The police gangs and drugs section has been brought in to help investigate the homicide.

Jaamac Jaamac, who hosts a Somali radio show in Edmonton, said it’s important to know that not all of the Somali homicide victims have had ties to the drug trade.

I wonder how many Somali refugees and asylum seekers Canada has allowed to resettle in Canada!  Does anyone know?

By the way, I told you about this Somali gang violence in Canada over a year ago (here)—the Somali community was blaming the police for not doing enough to keep their kids out of trouble (yeh, right!).

3 Responses to “Somali crime story of the day, this time in Canada”

  1. Bill Gibbons said

    Isn’t multiculturalism wonderful? We have Jamaican gangs in Toronto, rising Somalian gang violence in Winnipeg (among other places), Tamil gangs in Scarborough, Ontario, Vietnamese gangs in Calgary and even more warring Asian gangs in Vancouver. it will only get worse from here on in….


  2. meme said

    Wow….interesting again…………How ignorant you can be. Not all of these guys were gangs. And the police………………lets not go there. They never do their job right unless they see a opportunity…$$$


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