Albany: Iraqi refugee charged with attempted rape

Here is the story from the Times Union:

An Iraqi refugee charged with trying to rape a woman behind the Capital Repertory Theatre on North Pearl Street last month is being held in the Albany County jail on $60,000 bail.

Nehma Walid, 26, appeared today before Judge Thomas Breslin in Albany County Court after being indicted Friday on a charge of attempted first-degree rape, which carries a possible 15-year prison sentence.

Court papers allege Walid struck the 27-year-old woman in the face, forced her to the ground, tore her pants open and tried to rape her as she screamed for him to stop. The incident allegedly happened in a parking garage behind the theater, 111 N. Pearl St., about 3:30 a.m. Nov. 21.

The apparently unemployed Iraqi was sponsored by a church group.  I wonder which of the Top Ten Federal Contractors the Unitarians are affiliated with?

In a motion filed on her client’s behalf, Manley noted Walid came to America in May as a United Nations refugee. She said he has been sponsored by the First Unitarian Society congregation in Schenectady, several members of which were in court to support him Monday.

O.K. so attempted rapes happen all over the place by all sorts of men, but my interest in this was the location—Albany, NY.  We have written on many occasions about how Albany, a preferred resettlement community, is overloaded with refugees.  Check out earlier posts here and here, and see Judy’s post on the unemployment situation for Iraqi refugees in Albany here.  For fun, go to the unemployment map and watch New York turn deep purple.

Incidentally, in this post on Albany, I asked why we were bringing fighting aged young men to America when our young men and women of the same age are fighting for Iraq to be free!

Just an aside:  In benevolent Sweden mobs didn’t wait for the legal system and instead tried to run an alleged refugee attempted rapist out of town, here.

One thought on “Albany: Iraqi refugee charged with attempted rape

  1. This happens all over the world not only in the states . It is not something strange to hear about raping crimes by a refugee or a citizen .But as a refugee , one has to keep in mind that has entered the country seeking protection and during the integrity period he has to do his best or her best to get among the community to understand the culture ,habits ,ways of living and adapt himself .It is not expected from any refugee to act like this to give the desire the lead over Reason .So,if this Christian Iraqi refugee made a similar crime in Iraq where he was before he would have been killed by tribe of the victim or her family and no legal procedures would have been followed either .


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