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Archive for February 10th, 2010

Sleeper terrorists among us?

Posted by Judy K. Warner on February 10, 2010

I wasn’t sure whether to post this article from FrontPage Magazine, because I wasn’t sure the man interviewed, Dave Glaubatz, was quite credible.  I’m not sure why; it’s just a feeling.  Glaubatz is a counterterrorism expert and the author of Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America. His son actually infiltrated CAIR as a fake Muslim convert for several months, gaining access to the highest levels. Dave Glaubatz says:

I just returned from DC, MD, PA, WV, VA, and NJ conducting various counter-terrorism (CT) research.  I would like to say that while various realms of our government are doing an outstanding job in protecting our families from future Islamic based terrorist attacks, we have several serious problems.

….I am beginning to see more and more violent material published and distributed to young Muslim children advocating killing Jews and Christians, and how to conduct treason/sedition inside America and to ultimately take our country down as we know it.

CAIR (Muslim Brotherhood) strongly informs its followers to not assist our law enforcement agencies and to not conduct slander and backbiting against Islamic leaders. Within Sharia law there are severe penalties for undermining the efforts of the ‘Islamic Ummah’ (Nation) and their specific target of a worldwide Ummah under Sharia law.

I have been provided hundreds of DVD’s originally videotaped by Islamic terrorist groups while they conducted torture and killings of people (even Muslims) who have helped their enemies (Israel, America, UK, Canada, etc…) to further (in their opinion) oppress the Muslim Ummah.

He provides some of the gory details on those videos, which I am not going to repeat here. Glaubatz says further:

For many years I have tracked the materials coming into America from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan specifically.  Based on my research, these two countries are responsible for distributing jihadi materials, not just to adults, but to Muslim youth right here in America.

The message is clear: “Islam is a religion of Jihad, in peace and in war. Jihad is one of the noblest principles of Islam.” The manual where this message is found is titled, “A Guide for The Young Muslim.” The manual further describes Jihad as being physical fighting against their enemies and oppressors. It is admired to be a “martyr.” This book was found in northern VA, and a CAIR pamphlet was beside it.

There’s more. The reason I decided to post on this is that I am thinking about Iran’s threat to do something big tomorrow, February 11.  I’ve wondered off and on what it could be ever since I heard of it. Then someone sent me this post by Alan Peters on what we should expect on February 11.  Note this:

 Some estimated 40,000 Islamist suicide bombers have been gathered in the USA over the past 15-years, newly trained ones have been entering under a variety of visas in a steady flow during the last few years and are waiting instructins to deploy.

Then he goes into the possibilities of what they might do.

I don’t know any of these people from Adam, and I don’t know what they really know and what is sensationalism. Furthermore, the people Glaubatz is talking about are all Sunnis and Iranians are Shiahs. Are these thousands of stealth suicide bombers going to respond to orders from Iran?  But because these two things I read sort of go together, and because I’m anxious about whether Iran really will do something important tomorrow, I’m posting them for you.  Along with this question: Is it really a good idea to continue to bring in Muslim refugees by the tens of thousands?

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Are volags applying a religious litmus test to volunteers?

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 10, 2010

Update March 10th:  World Relief won’t hire a Muslim, here.

Update March 9th:  Reader defends World Relief, says there is no ‘litmus test’ in Atlanta, here.

Hummm!   Here is a letter in The Argonaut, a publication at the University of Idaho, suggesting  just that.  Is it legal? For new readers, the word volag applies to the Top Ten (now nine) FEDERAL CONTRACTORS that have the inside track and a monopoly on resettling all the refugees (asylees too) that are admitted to the United States by the US State Department.   (Asylees are different, they are not admitted by the State Department, they get here on their own steam and then a judge grants them asylum if they can prove they would be persecuted back home, as in the case of Obama’s Aunt Zeituni).

Back to the opinion piece in The Argonaut:   the student wishes to work for one of the volags (or volag affiliates) but can’t find one that doesn’t ask about her religious views. 

For the last couple years, I have found myself enjoying volunteering and non-profit work more and more. It started during the 2008 presidential election and blossomed from there, and now I am contemplating a career involving non-profit organizations.

Since I’m graduating in a year, I’ve started looking into volunteering and internship opportunities with non-profit organizations, specifically those that help resettle refugees in cities like Spokane. I have discovered a theme in these organizations in that they are heavily tilted toward religious affiliation. I say affiliation, but it is also engrained into the fibers of their entire organization. On their applications they ask you to be committed to their values, which include dedication to the mission of Jesus.

One of the applications for an organization called World Relief had an entire section on their application titled “Spiritual Assessment,” asking about the applicant’s present spiritual relationship with the Lord. They wanted the applicant to describe a situation where they had to be fully reliant on the Lord, and what areas they feel they could continue to grow spiritually. While I understand this particular organization is geared toward missions for church members, it is one of two refugee-oriented groups in the area, leaving those not affiliated with a church little to no options.

Since World Relief is largely funded by the taxpayer, I don’t know how they can legally ask prospective volunteers about their relationship with Jesus.   See World Relief Corporation of National Association of Evangelicals most recent Form 990 and note that they are getting around 62% of their funds from government (taxpayers).  Maybe it’s legal, I don’t know, but I recommend that the student call the ACLU and find out!

To World Relief and your ilk:  if you had remained a private organization funded through the good will of private charity, you would have every right to promote your religious views and run your organization as you wish (within the law of course), but once you take money through confiscatory taxes, then we who are paying for your organization have every right to question your practices.

Note that Friends of Refugees has reported this story too.  Chris Coen goes into the issue of how these “religious” volags at times attempt to indoctrinate refugees, something we know is illegal.

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