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Comment worth noting: We Somalis or Muslims will inherit America whether you like it or not

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 7, 2010

Here is a comment from reader Abdi that we received last night to a post I wrote in January, here, about how the UN was sending us 6000 Somalis from a camp in Uganda where they weren’t getting along with other African inhabitants of the camp.

They couldn’t be any clearer.

well, We Somali’s or Muslims will inherit America wether you like it or not this ‘America” is NO MAN’S LAND. Its God’s land and you can not do anything about it. cant you see how empty America is have you been to South, North Dakota or all uper midwes? is American Families having a lot of children? there good Americans who want to share their wealth with the refugees. i am a Somalian refugee i have 2 jobs i pay taxes i am happy to share it with the poor peaple. i ask a credit from God almight i dont weine about i thank God for what he gave me.
my advise to all you
Just Thank God for what you have and share your penny with poor and God will pay you back just be patient.

6 Responses to “Comment worth noting: We Somalis or Muslims will inherit America whether you like it or not”

  1. […] for the US environment, well, we have already noted that Somalis like reader Abdi, here, thinks America is pretty empty and they can just fill it right up by taking over and having lots […]


  2. […] the way, I am reminded of the Somali immigrant who wrote to RRW here earlier this year and said we have a lot of open land in America and they plan to fill it […]


  3. […] will be cut and open-space devoured.  It means parks and beaches will be crowded.   We posted on a comment by a Somali reader last spring in which he said they would  take over America and fill up our […]


  4. jen said

    Where did you get the idea that you are the only culture to give to the poor? Why are you giving Americans advice about it? We are the most generous people in the world — that’s why you’re allowed to be here. There is a term you should learn, to fit in here. It is called
    “Christian charity.”

    Places like the Dakotas are not packed with people for a reason. Americans found that by having women be full citizens and not brood mares, that we would be a richer country for it. Fhat’s why we have the luxury of peaceful lands and do not fight over them like in your old country.
    We like the “wide open spaces” of America and are not going to give it up. Listen to the song “America the Beautiful” to see how proud we are of our land. Listen to “The Star-Spangled Banner” to hear how we defended “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Study our constituion. You might like it better than tribalism and constant warfare.

    Also if you get to know the people in these “empty” spaces, you’ll find that they are very territorial. They are not weak or crazy, like city people often become. They own guns and believe in protecting America.

    There are a lifetime of things for you to learn about America. Some of it will surprise you, as you have some mistaken ideas. Throughout our history, we have had points where we will go no further without taking action. We have strong and smart warriors to keep us safe. Every househoold with a gun is a member of the American “militia,” because that is how our founders set this country up, in order to keep it safe from our enemies.

    Join us and be a proud American.


  5. […] is not the first to tell us they are taking over America, here another Abdi (a common Somali name) says the same […]


  6. BL said

    Yeah okay Abdi, and I bet you probably believe your beloved prophet Mohammed wasn’t a murderous paedophile. Oh wait…you actually DO believe that…


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