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It’s time for the IRS to investigate the money-laundering Tides Foundation

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 7, 2010

Of course they won’t, not while Obama is President anyway—the IRS works for him.  This article that Judy just sent from American Thinker reminded me that I needed to tell you that Eric P. Schwartz, Assistant Secretary of State for Populations, Refugees and Migration is part of the Tides network having been director of Connect US Fund a spinoff of the Tides Foundation which receives staff support from the Tides Center.

Here we have the Tides Center announcing Schwartz’s appointment to the Asst. Secretary job.

Quoting liberally from, American Thinker author Clarice Feldman reports on the Tides Foundation and how it operates differently then other Far Left foundations (Rockefeller, Pew and so forth).  It pulls together secret sources of funds and distributes them to groups they basically incubate.  Feldman concludes:

It’s way past time that the IRS thoroughly investigates this sham operation and Congress end the practice of allowing such money laundering.

Consider this then Part II of my initial report on one-worlder Eric P. Schwartz. 

Connect US Fund which Schwartz directed before coming to the State Department is a Tides Foundation creation, that itself funds projects using this money first laundered by Tides.  Consider it kind of a second wash.  Before Obama’s election, Connect US Fund was busy influencing Obama’s foreign policy positions and they probably still are!

By the way, I wrote about the Tides Foundation here last June.  I noted that the International Rescue Committee (one of nine federal refugee contractors) has received some of the freshly washed money flowing out of Tides.

Hail, Hail, the gang’s all here.

Now check out Muckety and the connections between Drummond Pike (Tides Foundation head honcho), George Soros, the Center for American Progress (here the CAP wants to airlift 100,000 Iraqis to the US), the International Crisis Group and the rest of the extensive tangled web of advocates of a borderless world and one-world government.

Pushing for more refugees and immigrants to come to America is all about politics for this gang and that is why we see little interest in complaints from us and others around the country that their pawns (the refugees) are living in deplorable conditions.  It is not about the individual human beings—the refugees are expendable afterall.  It is about the war of the “have-nots” against the “haves” (see bring us your poor and angry, here).  They need to keep their pawns poor and angry and that is why we are seeing no reduction in the  numbers of refugees resettled in the US this year when there are no jobs and no hope for them.

10 Responses to “It’s time for the IRS to investigate the money-laundering Tides Foundation”

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  2. […] Progress, see this post about how they wanted Obama to airlift 100,000 Iraqis to the US, or this one where CAP is a leader in the gang of one-worlders, and here is CAP’s head honcho Podesta in […]


  3. […] Posted by acorcoran on November 10, 2010 His topic of course is international migration.   Schwartz for those who don’t know is the Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration and was appointed to that position by President Obama.  He oversees the Refugee Resettlement Program and is, as we have noted before, one of the many George Soros puppets spread throughout the government.  See here, here, and here. […]


  4. […] to his appointment to the State Department, Schwartz was an active participant of George Soros’ (Jew) Tides Foundation, (Bronfman family involved as well), an advocacy […]


  5. […] to his appointment to the State Department, Schwartz was an active participant of George Soros’ (Jew) Tides Foundation, (Bronfman family involved as well), an advocacy […]


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  9. Gedlu Metaferia said

    Ann, Thank you for giving the forum to express my views. Is the right immune from having such incubated foundations. I think the epidemic of foundation and government compassion abuse and influence peddling are from the right and left. My personal advocacy is to save foundations and government contracts from 2 extremes of cronyism. In that way foundations, government contracts and non-profits will concentrate on the uplifting of humanity, human conscience, alleviation of poverty, reaching out to crisis, building sustainable solutions to problems in the areas of governance, prosperity, housing, education, health, research, economic growth, peace, productions and hapiness. There has to be a mechanism to measure the input and output of non-profit money. For example, America has erradicated its childhood diseases due to immunization, sanitation and advances in public health and not because of solely health foundations. The mortality rate in the US is low because of car seat belts, alcohol level abuse laws etc… The point is the Congress has to develop measurement systems to weed out erring non-profits and foundations and seed in the beneficial ones. The Congress and GAO have to police Government contracts, foundations and non-profits in the 21st century. Truly speaking regarding contracts, foundations and the behavior of some non-profits,…I wonder if I am not living in Medieval Erope contrary to a civilized democracy. Oh, no! It is not medieval Europe, it is the late ice age. Gedlu


  10. […] It’s time for the IRS to investigate money-laundering Tides Foundation […]


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