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Church World Service anti-Arizona too!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 3, 2010

Not only did the USCCB and the Catholic Church support this past weekend’s anti-Arizona demonstrations, so too did federal refugee contractor Church World Service.

Here is what John L. McCullough, Executive Director and CEO, Church World Service, said about the law in Arizona that simply mimics what is already federal law—-legal immigrants who have not yet become citizens must carry identification as to their immigration status.  No ID and they are turned over to ICE (by the way, this is how the legal 287g program works too).


“We are deeply concerned about the enactment of SB 1070 as it goes beyond anti-immigrant sentiments and supports racial profiling. This legislation feels reactionary and hateful.


As a 63-year-old faith-based humanitarian organization working with 34 refugee resettlement affiliates across the United States, Church World Service understands first-hand the impact this legislation will have on communities. We do take heart that President Obama has strongly condemned this legislation, and urge his administration to do everything in its power to prevent its implementation and the consequences it will have for human rights.

The legislation “feels” hateful.  I wonder do the residents of Arizona who have suffered due to crimes committed by illegal aliens “feel” scared?  Do those Arizonans have “human rights?”  How about that murdered rancher’s family, how do they feel?  Do blacks and legal immigrants “feel” they are being shut out of jobs because an illegal alien will do the job more cheaply?  Where are their human rights?

I guess I will be asking this question forever:  how do refugee resettlement contractors, like the USCCB and Church World Service, square their support for illegal immigrants and by extension their support for businesses that hire them with their contracted DUTY to find work and help legal refugees get a start in America? 

Forget about feelings for a minute and please answer me with logic because the impact on the community is pretty clear to me—-less illegal immigrants looking for work equals more jobs for poor black and white Americans as well as more jobs for refugees!

Lacking any logical explanation (I’m not holding my breath waiting for one!), the only conclusion one can draw is that this is all about Leftwingers beating Rightwingers and creating a one world socialist government where immigrants are merely the pawns!

4 Responses to “Church World Service anti-Arizona too!”

  1. iamevolved said

    It has already happened. This occurred before the law was signed by Governor Brewer:

    Arizona cops are just aching to require papers for those who “look” illegal.


  2. Duh said

    Actually what the Arizona law does is very different from what federal law does. It requires law enforcement to ask for papers from anyone that they have a suspicion is an illegal immigrant. Now you tell me, what does an illegal immigrant look like? How would you like to be a person who “looks” like an illegal immigrant who is actually a U.S. citizen born and raised in Arizona. You’d have to carry around your birth certificate constantly. Does that seem right to you Ann?


    • native said

      The Arizona law states that they can only ask for an id if someone has already done something unlawful. Then, if that person cannot provide id and is suspected of being an illegal immigrant for reasons other than race, the authorities can jail them and turn them over to the feds, for breaking the federal law. Current law states that police can ask for id from USA citizens, if they are involved in unlawful activities, also. So the Arizona law is merely enforcing the federal laws.
      This makes perfect sense. If someone is doing something unlawful, they should provide id. The Arizona law says nothing about hispanics and specifically states that the law cannot target someone for race.

      So, duh…….


      • mark21281 said

        No, you can be asked for i.d. on the slightest pretext or suspicion. Let’s say you go over to a friends apartment and their children come out to greet you and you give them candy or something. Then a neighbor looking out her window decides you might be a sex predator. She calls the cops and they ask you what you’re doing, ask for i.d., your present address and phone number, check your tags, etc.

        I have to read the Arizona law though as I suspect you don’t just have to merely “look” like an illegal alien, it has to contextual to what you are doing, saying, etc. But from the example above we see that almost anything you do can somehow appear suspicious.


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