Comment worth noting: whites escaping South Africa

While the world’s attention is focused on soccer and the World Cup in South Africa—the so-called rainbow nation—we learn from a reader that life is hell for many white people there and the lucky ones are escaping as virtual refugees to the West and to Australia.

Previously we told you about the Huntley case in Canada, where this South African white man sought asylum from the persecution he was experiencing because of the color of his skin.  Last night we heard from a reader, Lee, commenting at this post about her life in South Africa.

Please also visit this post I wrote in April about the intriguing issue of whites being the new refugees.  I wonder will the political Far Left embrace them as they do people of color?

Here is Lee:

Why just the focus on Afrikaner whites? I am a white english speaking South African. In the past two years I have seen and experienced racist acts and policies destroying the lives of me and my husband and the people I know around me. Not one year has passed where my husband and I have not either been mugged, held up at gunpoint, robbed ,racially harrassed (racial harrassment is a daily event!)or been in an event where we felt a great threat to our lives, and most often its a combination of the above mentioned. This has happened at such a variety of places that walking around anywhere in Jo-burg is done with your heart in your throat pumping with fear.

Everyday brings with it a number of renewed major and minor traumas,all of which communicate a clear message that your days as a white person in South Africa are numbered. As we come out of our flat to go to work in the mornings the pavement is lined with the same black people everyday and evening watching your every move. The people residing in the block of flats can not at any time make it obvious that they might go away for more than a day without the garuantee of being burgled (which has happened countless of occasions). We got burgled in the first month we moved in when we slept over at a friend’s place. Quite a few people had faced the armed burglers in their flats. There was a man that lived there who set his alarm clock to go off throughout the night in order to keep watch on his car, due to the continuous car theft and the constant inaction and apathy to address it.

As you leave you will(garuanteed) be approached and asked to give either cigarretes or money or both and meet with an aggressive response should you not have any of these to offer. A general rule is to walk away as quickly as you can because the person is likely to follow you either threatening, scowling, swearing or wailing (THIS IS NOT AN EXAGERRATION!)

Worklife is fraught with racial tension. Both my husband and I was unemployed and turned down in jobs for months due to the colour of our skin (B.E.E -the Black Empowerment equity policy)or being too over qualified. While working at a retail shop, people would on a number of occasions ignore my manager (who was black)and wait for me to finish with a customer which could take up to a half hour in order to ask me for money. Often my husband would express his concern about a security guard at his work who takes pleasure in telling him that he is going to kill him. Another friend of ours has three degrees in law and is yet to find any concrete work because of the colour of his skin. There are numerous friends who are qualified yet face destitution because of B.E.E.

There is no social security in general, if you should lose your job. The U.I.F (unemployment insurance fund) queues are endless and the office turns you away month after month disregarding your social position with impunity, despite you paying monthly installments for years. The degrading situation of being told by a black person that “This is great” because “Its payback time” is a common and daily event (not to mention the other offensive comments that come with it). Paranoia, depression, anxiety and suicide is a normality in our daily social circles.

A large proportion of these mental conditions are also a result of the lawless conditions we endure. In our previous residence, we were bombarded with continuous noise that rattled our windows. Everyday of the week it would start at midnight continuing up to four in the morning. Weekends the noise would start off at three in the afternoon and on holidays it would start at six in the morning both extending around the clock with one hour breaks inbetween. It caused numerous amounts of traumas for various residents arround the area as the offenders grew in confidence with gun pointing, racial confrontation/accusations, threats and assault, due to the inaction of the police.

Not once have the police gone further than filling out statements (which was in extreme cases) and the procedures for some incidences are so packed with beaurocracy that no one has the adequate knowledge, time or resources to follow it through. Many fear for their lives if they speak up because of this and most are silenced by race accussations.

Recently we came to Australia, undergoing the hopefull procedure of attaining residency,. The event was a miracle and this short period has painfully exposed our trauma of South africa, as we constantly find ourselves having anxieties in scenarios this first world presents as perfectly safe. There are an array of tourists that have visited South Africa with mixed experiences. Our story is about the local South Africans (English and Afrikaans) stuck in this reality, many being too afraid to talk in fear of being targeted. This is their story too.

12 thoughts on “Comment worth noting: whites escaping South Africa

  1. Xenophobia: 3 Somalian traders kidnapped and shot execution style:
    “The xenophobic attacks should include whites, asians and Chinese this time. Can wait four the manslaughter to begin, Friday 9:08am via his mobile phone to his own Facebook page … Yes I’m xenophobic and a bit racist at times…’

    A couple of months ago, a brave farmer from SA made a complaint of genocide and crimes against humanity against 12 prominent SA leaders at the ICC in The Hague. He had to flee SA with his family. Of course the liberal PC media would never report on it. The complaint mentions:

    SA President Jacob Zuma
    Julius Malema ( ANCYL )
    Nathi Mthethwa ( Police Minister )
    Bheki Cele ( Police Chief )
    Jackie Selebi ( former National Police Commissioner )
    Tina Joemat Peterson ( Minsiter of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries )
    Lindiwe Sisulu ( Minister of Defense and Military Veterans )
    Siyabonga Cwele ( Intelligence Minister )
    Ronnie Kasrils ( Former Minister of Intelligence )
    Gwede Mantashe (ANC Secretary-General )
    Gugile Nkwinti ( Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform )
    Pali Lehohla ( Statistician-General )

    While there are brave and honest police officers who do protect and serve, you often cannot turn to the police:

    “And cash in transit heists and other violent crimes are often committed using SAPS and SADF weapons such as R4 and R5 attack rifles. R4 is only issued to SA defence force and R5 is police issue only. Other weapons are also sold and some officers have been known to “rent” their handguns to criminals over weekends.” Many are also selling guns that were handed in for destruction, or are part of evidence in criminal investigations.

    “The police say don’t fight back. You must fight. It’s the bullet or be slaughtered…”

    For a sobering, horrifying look at what happens to white in SA, please see this video:


  2. And aside from all this, jihadis are inciting the genocide of whites (in SA). May this be a wake-up call for everyone in the West who wants to protect the rights of those who commit honor killings in Canada, US and UK etc.

    The content of one message, posted by an Ahmed El Saud was as follows:
    “Kill the f***ing whites now!!! If you afraid of them, let’s do it for you. In return, you can pay us after the job has been done… text us… we are not afraid for the whites like your own people… it’s a disgrace … he asked you and you don’t want to… we will do it, Mandela!”

    In another posting he said: “Mandela asked so nice, start at home with food poison, gas leaks, cut the phone lines, kill the babies in the pool, be creative or if you have no nerve, call me and my team … we have 3 000 on standby and can be ready with in 24 hours… think about it now or good luck.”

    Jihadis inciting genocide of whites


  3. Australia should take all the white South Africans, unfortunately if youre white its very hard to get in here, some kind of reverse racism at work plus the government departments have been stacked with non Europeans as a result of affirmative action policies. We are constantly told diversity and multi culture are good for us but all l see is the dimunition of our British/European culture and increasing violence – usually perpetrated by non whites. We will end up with no culture at all, just an empty shell. This is all by design only they never told us what the outcome of their social engineering might be – probably because they didnt have enough brains to think it through.


  4. Reply to Rubymojo
    Spend an hour or so on a few immigration sites and take a look at the procedures in various countries and you will start to relise why many South Africans have to return. South Africans are not recognised as refugees (although you feel like one)so you are seen as an economic migrant. You either have to have a PHD, a ton of money or marry someone(and go through a long and expensive procedure to prove that it is legitimate). Even if you have a job in another country you often have to go through expensive procedures to prove a number of things (and the Rand exchange cripples any South African going through this alone, often resulting in them returning to South Africa with nothing to there name).-And there is a whole shocking story from my own personal life I can write about here of when I was in South Africa in regards to ancestry.

    In regards to “Nuggets hill”, we have been forced to move to numerous places (often two to three times a year)due to the noise abuse and crime threat(ask yourself the question: how many suburbs have completely changed and changed again in demographics in the last five years). Not only was this crippling our ability to keep up with living cost but binding us down with debt.
    In regards to the “tarnished silver plate”, it is rather alarming to realise that South Africans are so set on guilt driven revenge on either their “own white race” or from a view point of black to white, that they have completely blinded themselves to those “whites” that fought the cause with the “blacks”.It seems that all “whites” are now evil colonialists that must pay the price. They have forgotten that all humans have the basic human right to a living without threat to their lives(the reason many “whites” fought with the “blacks”).

    This especially affects my generation, who wasn’t even in the economic world of South Africa yet, at the time of HANDING OVER to the new government. Not all of us come from privilege backgrounds, not all of us are racists. Not all of us espoused segregation and yet took on various (NEEDED)challenges to help people grow in the new South Africa with numerous humanitarian and skill developing projects. I myself were involved in a number of these projects and watched how funding and politics have advanced individuals into occupations I could only wish for (DUE TO MY BACKGROUND!) Laziness has never been tolerated with me or my working environment, you either work and fill extra positions that companies cannot afford to hire staff for or you starve. Laziness in foreign countries(in my experience) are certainly not tolerated with anyone, which is incredibly refreshing!

    I have lived and worked with people from all over Africa(and the world). I have made profound friendships. I have watched how politics tragically came between those friendships. How can the guilt of a previous oppression legitimize a current oppression? How can South Africa legitimize its oppressive regime with a (plus minus)fifty year “apartheid” period, when the world has seen three hundred year oppressions that had worse discrimination on various races-icluding white.(WHAT MAKES YOU SO SPECIAL!) How can South Africa display themselves to the world as a truly “race evolutionized example” when the brutality of its current regime exceeds the previous?(just look at the Afrikaner genocide website and facebook, just look around you and see how your own loved ones are being affected!). How will your mind frame be in a few years time when you are on the street without food or safety and told that you deserve it because you were previously advantaged, Rubymojo- try this idea on any person from any part of the world.

    This is not some “kid-spat” this is peoples lives. It is not my little “hate campaign” and it is not a “boys-scout” competition, it is me seeking my basic human right to survive.


  5. RubyMojo, you’re arguing that whites in south Africa should expect poor treatment and resentment (because of History)?


    You’d have to be absolutely nuts to be a white person and move to South Africa. I suppose it’s one thing to say white south Africans benefited in the past, so it’s fair to pay it back now. But I can’t for the life of me understand why any skilled white people would want to move to South Africa. I actually looked at a job offering there, but after reading a plethora of comments (from white south Africans) along the lines of “Well, of course they are mad apartheid bla bla bla.” Great. But I’m not going to be given a pass even though my ancestors never stepped foot in SA and indeed protested apartheid.

    By all means, you can stay in South Africa and work off your ancestoral debt to black people. But for any white people to willingly take that burden upon themselves is insane. For that simple reason immigration in SA of whites will be mostly in one direction -> out.


    1. At least black people weren’t starving under Apartheid the way this white lady in this “concentration camp starvation photo” currently is… (urgent plea)

      Then please compare with:

      ANC runs world’s biggest welfare state:

      Maybe RubyMojo should read this letter “My stomach turned” about anti-white hate speech and incitement to genocide in SA, which is also an emotional account from an English speaking white South African

      And then for a healthy dose of truth and reality, read “Did Apartheid kill millions?” (written by an honest black guy and the answer is ‘NO’, by the way)

      I suppose RubyMojo will consider these 2 women (mother & daughter ages 57 and 78) lazy racists who deserved to be carved up and tortured to death for over 3 hours with a broken beer bottle by the gardener who then proceeded to write Malema’s “kill the boer” on their walls, using their blood.

      This woman and her children nearly burnt to death in their home. When she woke up and tried to escape, she realised that the door was wired shut from the outside. When she reached out through the window to try to open the door, she was shot at. People came to their aid, but a group of well-armed attackers were waiting and a gun battle lasting hours ensued. In another attack, she was shot at and wounded in the leg. The police refused to investigate, because she didn’t know who the attackers were.

      (BTW, in SA burning alive in bed is also the way people are killed who are accused of being ‘witches’, which is often an accusation made because of jealousy, revenge or paranoia.)

      “We were attacked this morning at 5am on our farm. We shot dead one attacker in the hallway and defended ourselves against another one with a hatchet. Two firearms were found with them. One attacker kept screaming “Mahlungu” and “VIVA MALEMA”. The SABC was here and interviewed us – but then later let us know that they couldn’t broadcast it ‘because they feared that this would increase the political tension’.

      BTW. Malema was quoted as saying “at least the SABC still belongs to us”, in reference to media freedom in SA, which is now in increasing danger.

      And “mlungu”, “umlungu”, “mahlungu” etc. is a referral to whites, according to some translations, ‘white ghost’. Ahead of the the Bloukrans and Weenen Massacres of some sleeping white families surrounded by thousands of Zulus in 1838, Piet Retief & his 69 unarmed men were brutally killed amid cries of “kill the white wizards!”. This was over a century before Apartheid and decades before gold was discovered and thousands of Boer women and children died in British concentration camps. About half of the entire population of Boere in the Natal Great Trek were wiped out in these 3 massacres. Truly a genocidal campaign by the Zulus…

      Brandon Huntley, the white SA refugee from Cape Town who was granted asylum in Canada, was called “white dog” and “settler” when he was attacked.


    1. Dear Rubymojo,I am so happy for your happiness which is a result of you living in a state of denial.Maybe you are on the Ubuntu drug and you became a real klonkie dancing and stamping your little feet to the drum beat of your new masters.Just remember matey, if you are out of rythm,your new master will burn you,you fool.Sooner or later you will have a gun up your snout or a knife in your gut.Dream on but have at least the decency and manners not to label people as lazy-you do not have the savvy or the authority to pass judgement.Happy days


  6. Oh Lee, it is great that you are no longer part of the rainbow nation and that you go off to another country where you are intent on trashing this beautiful country. Yes we have a problems and so do most countries in the world. But we still have ubuntu and many of us love living here and would not think of ever leaving. So you lived in JHB – where about, the bottom of Nugget Hill? Glad you’re not going to be here as you have just made more space for the hordes of South African’s who fled our shores return which by the way is happening daily. Ons het gees in Suid Afrika – Nkosi Sekeleli

    Oh and by the way, why did you not just make mention that you lived a privileged life at the expense of others prior to 1994 or your parents did and like many others, you are stamping your big white feet cause you just can’t get what you want or you now have to work for it. The silver platter has tarnished.

    I am a white SOUTH AFRICAN and English and Afrikaans speaking and was also retrenched but I put my pride in my pocket, degree and all, and did what I had to and am still with my head held high and above water. Shame you are far too lazy by the sounds of it and/or just like to pass blame..


    1. RubyMojo, Amy Biehl was a white American exchange student who thought just like you…

      But unlike you, she never got to finish her degree, because when she went to drop off 3 black friends in a black SA township, she was stoned and stabbed to death while hearing screams of “kill the boer”.

      Would you say she was “far too lazy” to escape or did she deserve this? If you think you’re safe from the same fate, think again. But we don’t mind you staying in SA because there are far too many blind people like you in the West already…


  7. this is one of the most moving and upsetting comments on this blog. Right up there with Khadra’s and Gedlu’s comments. I believe there is a French saying which goes something like: “when I had power I gave you your freedom because that is my principle; when you had power, you enslaved me because that is your principle” .


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